Amurrica Series: We Are Americans … Just Not Legally


I’m including the cover story of the latest issue of Time magazine, Jose Antonio Vargas’s “Not Legal Not Leaving,” who you may recall from last summer’s grandstanding article in The New York Times Magazine, in the Amurrica Series:

Time magazine cover story: "We Are Americans, Just Not Legally"

Note: I will say again that it is time to dissolve the Union.

Vargas and the rest of his fellow illegal aliens from 25 different countries can have the United States. Obama can be their president. The Southern states ought to secede from America and form the Republic of Dixie.

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  1. I oppse free trade for the same reasons Pat Buchanan does, but it boils down to, it doesn’t help working class White men. Nations get rich with economic nationalism and go broke with free trade. Look at the USA before free trade and after free trade. Buchanan does a much better job of laying out the anti free trade argument then I could ever do.

    LOL Brutus, common ground. north or South few people like the newly “rich”. I know many old money Southron families who have no problem with poor Whites, interact with them, treat them with respect, talk about hunting or NASCAR etc but can’t stand the new “rich” who put on airs. Same for the poor White men I know. They don’t break it down clearly in their bitching, but I can tell by who and what they are bitching about that they don’t care for the same. In my AO, that’s often enough transplants. Makes sense now that I have your side of it, because the folks who move down here are chasing money/ jobs / easier retirement 1st and foremost and probably didn’t have strong ties to their families and towns up north because…. all the stuff you mentioned

    For the record, I am part of the new “rich” and I get along well with most of the old money families, no one has snubbed me for anything other then we don’t get along, because I don’t put on airs. No one likes that. No one.

    We have our own busybodies, but normally they want to interject into your personal life and they often have a very shallow version of Christianity they tow around with them, justifying there busybody-ness. A version now referred to as churchanity. Any rate, they are almost always middle and upper class White women with not enough kids or grandkids to keep them busy and they while away their free time by being busybodies

  2. The new rich are good people. Rough round the edges perhaps but class mobility is a positive. I know you Southern folk dig aristocracy but I support meritocracy through and through. That cultural divide is primarily why I see the South as foreign – and why I respect your desire to secede.

  3. no one begrudges them making money or success. read my post, its the putting on airs that folks dislike. From Brutus’s post, it seems the same way up north

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