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  1. The c word here is not for ‘collective amnesia” but for Culloden 1746 A.D and Cromwell and cahoots.

    In the War of the Succession 1789 A.D. the debts of the Scottish Convention of Estates in cahoots with the English Parliamentarians settled the debt for Cromwell’s New Model Army with which the Puritans overthrew Magna Charta in England and the Declaration of Arbroath in Scotland and the monarch Charles I. This debt was owed to the Jews of the Synagogue of Mulheim and their Amsterdam Wisselbank. The terms of the loan for the New Model Army and the Civil War which the Jews of who owned the Amsterdam backed was “all estates”. All estates of Ireland, Scotland and England would be forfeit to the Jews upon the victory and ‘regime change’.

    The War of the Succession began with the invasion of Prince William of Orange who was the front man for the Wisselbank. He was the man for the Puritan Parliamentarians in Ireland, Scotland and England to settle the debt.

    Once Prince William as ‘King Willie’ had exercised the Royal Perogative to found the Corporation of the City of London and the Bank of England (an extension of the Wisselbank), they had the financial instruments to monetize the debt of a United Kingdom to the Jews. King Willie took the War of the Succession of Ireland to settle the debt over the Bank of England’s claim to all the Irish Estates. And then a few years later that war marched into Scotland.

    The Jacobites loyal to King James II put up a terrific resistance – it took over 50 years to settle the Corporation of the City of London’s claim over all estates in Scotland. But after Culloden 1746 A.D. it was over. The Highlands were cleared with burning, looting, rapine, enslaving and great losss of life. And Scots were bound over on the transports for the Carribean.

    The people interviewed in this film are the descendents of the Jacobite Clans. These are the people whose kinsmen and women did not kiss King Willie’s loof. Their chiefs are buried with full battle honours in places like Killiecrankie, Sutherland, Kin Ross and Culloden. An independent Scotland should repatriate them with all the honours due to their illustrious ancestry.

    They are the flower of Scotland.

  2. FYI

    A breaking News story from New York: Magic Negro surgeon chimps out and kills girlfriend, probably white.


    “BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Surgeon Timothy Jorden saved the lives of patients with gunshot wounds, lived in a big home by Lake Erie and owned four vehicles. He was a product of a working-class neighborhood who became an Army officer before coming home to earn his medical degree.

    Now the healer is linked to a killing.

    Police across the country were on the lookout Thursday for the 49-year-old trauma surgeon in connection with the shooting death of his ex-girlfriend in a building at the Buffalo hospital complex where they both worked. Police say the former Army weapons expert may be armed and should be considered dangerous.

    But she and others also said the affable and accomplished doctor seemed different lately — thinner, not quite as friendly and less meticulous about appearances. Friends of the victim, meanwhile, offered glimpses of a much darker side.

    The search for Jorden began Wednesday morning when 33-year-old Jacqueline Wisniewski was found shot to death in a stairwell on the campus of the Erie County Medical Center. Police say she was shot four times.

    Heather Shipley, a friend of Wisniewski, told WIVB-TV that Wisniewski feared Jorden and that he wouldn’t let go after she left him because she believed he was having affairs with other women.

    She said Wisniewski told her the doctor had put a GPS tracking device in her car and once held her captive in her home for a day and a half, wielding a knife…”

  3. Magic Negro surgeon chimps out and kills girlfriend, probably white.

    May be a coalburner/golddigger ? One step up from a mudshark/trailertrash.

  4. Back on topic, quote from the BBC video: “The lust for gain in this society, especially among the elites, was quite extraordinary.”

    Where is the vaunted Christianity of the Anglo-Celt “nobility”? Enslaving all those Scots, then importing Africans, all to become greater and more powerful, to live in greater luxury and make great FORTUNES — and not because sugar was necessary! Not sugar but filthy lucre. Scripture says: “The love of money is the root of all this evil.”

    After emancipation, German farmers came who work well with their own hands. They also formed agriculturally-based “colonies” (as they call it themselves) in other parts of the Caribbean such as the Dominican Republic, wherever there is sufficient liberty to do so (not in Haiti) and they enslave, underpay or defraud no one.

  5. These Caribbean Whites are an endangered minority that needs to be protected so they don’t go extinct. There needs to be a cultural center built for the and a caucus group.

  6. These Caribbean Whites are an endangered minority that needs to be protected so they don’t go extinct. There needs to be a cultural center built for the and a caucus group.

    It happened before …… about 17,000 years ago.

    ” First Americans Were Caucasian ”

  7. The main thrust of my comment above: “Where is the vaunted Christianity of the Anglo-Celt ‘nobility’?”

  8. @ tony

    As the say in Jamaica “No problem”.

    You should also check out the other clips suggested by you tube on that topic.

  9. The “vaunted christianity” of the anglo-celt nobility is in a bank in the middle of the “city of london”.

  10. The British who settled the West Indies were sojourners, not settlers – this is an important difference, one that is not appreciated. Most of the British who came to the Caribbean were there to make money and return home.

    In the North American colonies, Whites came to stay. In the West Indies, which were commercial colonies, the emphasis was on profit. Most of the people who lived there didn’t think of Barbados as their home.

    In any case, White identured servants were tried in Barbados, Jamaica, and Virginia. There were even indentured servants in the Northern colonies. That model couldn’t sustain the plantation economy and was replaced by African servitude in the late seventeenth century.

  11. Scots’ hide isn’t designed for long hours time in the sun.

    Red hair and intense UV don’t go together. Do they ever tan?

    Blacks are superior slaves in tropical climates.

  12. @ Hunter: “There were even indentured servants in the Northern colonies.” Some northern Pennsylvania counties have a lot of descendants of white runaways from Indenture in New Netherlands. Lacking white women, some of the Netherlandish runaways interbred with Indians, hence all the local Anglicized Indian names.

    @ Outlier: “Blacks are superior slaves in tropical climates” is a key, central theme of this website, but begs the question of who are the superior, more productive agricultural workers, and the empirical and historical evidence is for the superiority of white German farmers.

  13. The Old-Order Mennonites ( German-Swiss heritage) that I know in Pennsylvania can grow a wide variety of crops in the jungle ( they are doing so in cental america and south america, have been for awhile) and not have any problems or complaints about it whatsoever. Best farmers anywhere.
    They all help one another put up barns and bale hay,etc. They all help one another and look out for another in every aspect of life.
    I have alot of respect for them.

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