DREAM Act Rallies


The “mighty, mighty students” are “fighting for justice” in California:

Note: This is the price we pay for the preservation of the Union: a federal government that deliberately allows foreigners to invade the South, a federal government that labels anyone who opposes this policy as a “domestic rightwing extremist,” a federal government that taxes citizens to redistribute their wealth to aliens, a federal government which actively encourages the invasion for it can enfranchise enough welfare state dependent Hispanic aliens to nullify the votes of the White working class natives.

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  1. There should be no doubt to anyone that if o’nigger is re-elected, all illegals will be legalized in very short order.

  2. Thank God Romney has promised to stop the downward spiral of multi-racial America and perfect it for at least a generation!

    And to think, this thing was about to go under!

    Thank God for Romney!

  3. I am no fan of Romney, Joe, you are probrally right about that.
    If he did, he would subsequently be sealing his own defeat come re-election time in 2016.
    But o bama will definelty, 100%, legalize all illegals and flood the US with immigrants via refugee status if re-elected.
    The refugees in my area are of African descent now. More of them then mexicans as of late. Not coal black niggers, but the lighter Muslim types.

  4. Romney said it will make immigration reform more difficult. He did not say he would reverse it. Romney is more anti-White than Obama. Obama doesn’t hide it. Romney does. Romney is worse.

  5. No matter who wins, illegals will be legalized within the next four years. War in Iran is also inevitable. Once the election is over things will pick up rapidly.
    New war, illegals legalized.

  6. I’m torn this election. I can’t decide which is the most pressing. Voting to end Obama’s reign or voting to marginalize the Republican Party.

  7. Why are these idiots rallying? There’s no need, it’s been determined by fiat.

    Oh, I see, to rub whitey’s face in it, to let him know in no uncertain terms that he has lost the country of his ancestors. It will never pass to his descendants.

  8. @Sean
    I agree with you.
    I’ll probably vote for Romney ( luck of the draw, like in poker lol).
    Or, I might just sit the election out. Not sure yet. I’m waiting to learn more about what Romney has to say about things as we get closer to the election time.
    Didn’t vote for Obama before, certainly not going to vote for him now.

  9. I could never cast a vote for a nigger. I am on the fence as well if I should even waste my time and gas going to vote this year.
    A vote for Romney is usefull in the sence of having a White face as President. But further than that, he won’t be much differant than obama.
    This nation has been targeted to be ruined by those with real power and the President does not wield that power, nor can he stop it.

  10. I figure it this way, if BHO is reelected things will get worse in a certain predictable ways.

    If Romney get’s elected things will get worse in certain predictable ways.

    I use to think a guy like Romney would buy White men more time to prepare for the collapse. I’m now no longer that is true or that more White men will wake up.

    Where screwed either which way. I think the thing to do is have a long term plan that isn’t thrown off by who is elected, and a ready answer to peoples problems which include showing them the problem isn’t necessarily them, but BRA/ WRA.

  11. War in Iran, indeed. It will be for our ally (Isreal) but also to keep gullible whites focused away from the fact that their sons and daughters are targeted to be 2nd class citizens in the very land their fathers built for them. Whites have fallen for this old trick for 40 years or more.

  12. I’ll lay a hundred down there will be no war with iran in the next 4 years. or the next 10. Not a us lead war. The jews might act on their own but we will not take on iran with Russia backing them. The stakes would be to high.

    I’m fair certain one day we will regret not smashing iran flat in the 70’s, but that will be another10+ years down the road, and we won’t want to fight them because they’ll have nukes, and we won’t want to help Europe because it will be even less White and more anti US

  13. It’s worth adding that Obama and friends are just itching to imitate their fellow marxists in Europe and flood the country with Muslims. The liberals here have an inferiority complex when it comes to Europe. What they don’t realize is that European liberals hate their own countries as well.

  14. Syria is lingering, soon after the election it will be in full ruin and a puppet installed endowed to the IMF.
    Next up to bat, Iran.
    I have no doubt Iran is on the IMF/Juden chopping block next. No doubt at all.
    All these wars of aggression in the ME have the same goal of complete destablization and paving the way for a new currency under the house of the Rothschild. Lybia is such a clear example of this as well as the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt now taking intrest backed loans from the IMF. A muslim nation that has laws against intrest/ usuary.
    They have nothing to do with human rights or any of that garbage they sell to the gullible public or the military.

  15. Romney:

    “I believe the status of young people who came here through no fault of their own is an important matter to be considered and resolved on a long term basis so that they know what their future will be in this country,” Romney said. “I think the actions the president took today make it more difficult to reach a long term solution because an executive order is, of course, just a short term matter than can be reversed by subsequent presidents.”

    Romney’s big objection to dream act by fiat is it will make things harder on the illegals. Wow, what a stinging rebuke. With friends like these…

  16. I’ll put up hundred up on that. Not Iran (yet), but Syria. I say Syria will be infected with global currency (IMF) this time next year.
    Within a year, Syria will be taking intrests backed loans to reconstruct. The borrowers will be under the thumb of the lenders.

  17. We won’t be fighting Iran or Syria because the Russians won’t allow it. They have nukes more than capable of hitting anywhere and while they have no desire to use them in a 1st strike, they won’t allow themselves to be crushed by us either. They can hurt us if they wish as they have some fairly new military gear we don’t wish to tangle with or could just shut off natural gas and oil exports via Gasprom

    Also Europe has no interest in this war, its strictly a Neo-Con/Israeli interest so we have no allies in this thing.

    So we are kind of bottled up.
    The warmongers need another war though and of course there is Yemen which is poor though it has a lot of small arms, per capita as many as we do.

    What will happen is that the various powers will try almost anything to prevent the global system from dying. It will be mostly deceit and money printing but anything else is always possible.

    As for the topic at hand, electing a new populace is getting harder by the day. Not only are many youngsters going to be skipping university indoctrination (its too expensive and no one wants to be a debt slave) the demographic shift down South of the border (population growth is shrinking) the economy (even illegals are having trouble finding work) and sooner than not, upcoming social cuts are going to make staying home look much better.

    There is as we can see certainly going to be a push for more illegals and more amnesty. This is 100% to be expected. Also this mitigation doesn’t change the need to shrink the nation and split it, a lot of countries including some you would not expect such as Belgium are just to big as configured.

    The US is simply to large to be as it is and more than anything needs to split. This is possible (c.f the Soviet Union) and if it does, will allow people actual political freedom.

  18. ‘A vote for Romney is usefull in the sence of having a White face as President.

    A White person back in the White House will assuredly cause more Black riots! (look in the OD archives for all sorts of “Black Mob’ attack stories from the last year)

    This will in turn cause more Racial Polarization, which will help to usher in more members to the Pro-White and White Nationalist causes.

  19. lol that’s not my bet. My hondo is on we will not directly interfere with Syria or take on Iran. We’ll run some low key ops against them but we won’t push the Russians very hard.

    What the IMF will do is outside my area of expertise.

    Seems like mexicos economy is improving and they are starting to reduce their birth rate and all. maybe more beaners will self deport as things change

  20. I’m not sure a White face leading the nation when it crashes and burns would do us any good. If the wheels fall off in the next 4 years, it would be much better to have a negro at the head of things. Even if its a figure head. In fact I know it would be better to have a negro as a figure head for the crash because the figure head will take most of the blame.

  21. @ The liberals here have an inferiority complex when it comes to Europe. What they don’t realize is that European liberals hate their own countries as well….

    That’s true and interesting— think it’s a strange result of having fresh-off-the-boat non-european teachers. There’s nothing stranger than –once very brash well-educated– American people genuflecting and worrying over euro ‘intellectuals’ of the sort who often never even made any sense at all, like Louis Althusser or something.

  22. —that really was a moment in school. Althusser was truly mentally ill, and did in his wife, but the teacher kept going on about how his career had thankfully been saved, (his books are nonsense and even he admitted he didn’t understand himself before he passed)— anyway, the whole room of students just sat there nodding, and scribbling fast notes, faces so intense.

  23. And Romneys family IS mexican. So expect nothing there.

    The erasure of the remnant of the Children of the republic will be completed- so, everything else will just follow from it.

    Already, atheist-materialists antiwhites think that is what “christianity” is. The erasure of history —pure Trotskyism— is seen as “moral.” 90% are making money on it.

    A spot on the news showed the beneficiaries of the “Administrative Amnesty” talking about how great it is.

    —- Have they no care that they are saying “It’s GREAT to live in a dictatorship.” Don’t they consider that it may not always be one that will suit their desires?

    Once all the money is corralled— the Redistributionists usually get a little tighter with it, after all.

  24. it would be good if the US and EU proposed some sort of migration pact. Or at least if the GOP proposed one it would be a step in the right direction…

    the Mestizos will always be hostile to the gringo. It’s a manageable hostility but they have no incentive to side with YT on a the federal or national level.

  25. that assumes John we want more Europeans here and I say we do not. Way to many Godless leftist in the old world, and your ways are not our ways. We need less foreigners of all stripes

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