Trucklers – Hicks From the Sticks Betraying Our People

We encourage our people to read Wilmot Robertson’s The Dispossessed Majority.

Dick Lugar Wanting to be Liked

Wilmot Robertson lists 5 types of White American traitors to our people:

1) Pussyfooters
2) Gracchites
3) Trucklers
4) Old Believers/True Believers
5) Proditors

Today we will focus on #3 – Trucklers, those White American members of the middle and lower classes who “go with the flow”. Trucklers take the anti White side in order to advance their careers, gain or maintain their own personal wealth. They have known poverty, known what it is like to be looked down upon. They’ve toiled in the minor leagues, been dismissed as “hicks from the sticks”. But they’ve gotten a glimpse of the good life, seen a bit of the lifestyles of the rich and famous in power centers like Washington D.C. Manhattan New York City, in state capitals, or in progressive university towns like Chapel Hill North Carolina. Trucklers are looking for wealth, security and most of all social status and they’ve learned, or instinctively sensed that being accused of being “RACIST” will destroy their careers, take away their good, easy life and throw them back in to the poverty and social marginalization of their family’s lower class past.

Dick Lugar – hick from Indiana, Orin Hatch – hick from Utah and Mike Huckabee – hick from Arkansas are good examples of Trucklers. None are exceptionally bright, none come from aristocratic, upper class families. But, none have any compelling reason they should promote Black Liberation Theology Presidents or implement brutal sanctions against White South Africans. Why do these three ostensibly White “leaders” promote genocidal, anti White policies? Why did Orin Hatch become such close friends with Ted Kennedy? Why did Hatch support the Kennedy 1965 immigration transformation of the White European American population? Why did Mike Huckabee – the Huckster champion the cause of Mexican illegal aliens flooding in to Arkansas?

In a 2003 radio address Governor Huckabee likened America’s treatment of modern-day Mexican (illegal) immigrants to the supposedly terrible way White America treated Black African Americans:

“We respect those who want to provide a better life for their children and grandchildren. For decades, we treated our state’s African-American population poorly. The Hispanic influx gives us a second chance to prove what kind of people we really are.” (Source Vdare February 5, 2005 )

The answer to the question “why” is…

we’re dealing with Trucklers – lower middle class White Americans looking for praise and social acceptance from wealthy and powerful liberal, anti White elites.

The most destructive and infamous American Truckler was LBJ – US President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

LBJ - America's Most Destructive Truckler

In Robert Cairo’s brutal biography of LBJ (the Path to Power), LBJ showed little or no interest in his early Texas political life in anti White issues such as Black Civil Rights, opening the flood gates to NW, third world immigration, encouraging the Black underclass to riot and loot and destroy American cities. LBJ’s early life in Texas presents the image of a back slapping Texan, looking to make deals, do favors and expect favors from White Texans. But LBJ changed his policies after he became immersed in the wealthy, East Coast, Washington D.C. Liberal elite world of the Washington Post/NY Times.

So what do we do with White Trucklers? How do we defend our imperiled people from the horribly destructive actions/policies of the likes of LBJ, Dick Lugar, or Mike Huckabee?

The answer to the Truckler disease is to understand the sickness. It’s not an intellectual problem, we cannot use sweet reason, facts, sound arguments to defeat Truckler traitors. It’s a wealth, social status, power game. We simply have to change the facts of life where lower middle class Whites can not achieve wealth, power and social status by betraying our people.

And the news isn’t all bad with Trucklers – LBJ fled Washington in 1968 a beaten man and had nothing more to do with anti White politics. Dick Lugar was taken down, it’s looking pretty good for the end of the pathetic truckler career of Orin Hatch – the hick from Utah. Mike Huckabee…. the Huckster? Well, he’s no longer a big force to transform the Arkansas population to majority Mestizo Mexican.

So our advice to OD readers is to always be on the lookout for lower class White Trucklers in your local life – they will always be looking to betray our people for 30 pieces of silver and gain a few steps up the social status ladder. When you see truckler social climbers, knock over the ladder.


  1. Immigration is the best stick with which to be the trucklers at least in this stage.

  2. Rivers of Blood

    LBJ may have been a Truckler, but Enoch Powell guy from the same era wasn’t. He would have been 100 years old today. Enoch: not to be confused with the liberal Eunuch.

    Enoch Powell still speaks to us today – Telegraph UK

    Enoch Powell was, until the rise of Margaret Thatcher, the most famous politician in Britain. This was because of his “Rivers of Blood” speech in April 1968, in which he warned of the effects of mass immigration. No single speech since the war has caused greater controversy.

    At the time, Enoch (as with Boris today, friend and foe alike referred to him by his unusual Christian name) was a polariser. He had fervent supporters and violent – sometimes literally violent – opponents. Luckily, this no longer applies. Powell died in 1998. He would have been 100 this year. The 21st century can consider him in the perspective of history.


  3. Wouldn’t the majority of modern day country music heavyweights be classified as trucklers?
    I think another element to the truckler behavior is that it makes them feel superior to the ones they left.

  4. “…I think another element to the truckler behavior is that it makes them feel superior to the ones they left….”

    Their egos are really battered. It doesn’t help that they were –at times– the most attacked— The small town lower middle who would have gone into teaching, public schools, small-town counseling, (shrinks), media, nursing (national health)– the very socializing professions that would have been helpful in a different society, but that Antonio Gramsci’s ‘march through the institutions” was most calculated to effect and “change.”

    That includes women –totally un-acclimated to the work world and overwhelmed by it—

    not to make excuses for them. But they are hurt egotists, usually. The promise of the country, somehow inexplicably taken away, who –given what they were working with—felt pressured to “sell out,” imo. And who often are very confused about their real position in society.

    In some ways, we have a Hegemony of Trucklers. These are the “intellectuals,” really. The talking heads on t.v., very often. The sort of Hannity Horatio Algers— either seeing their “success” as proof –however arrogant– that the other little people can “do it,” or trying to distance themselves by their “hickdom” by being the best possible anti-white imaginable, to prove they are not the hick, or really trying to emulate some mythical upper class they are imagining, and so on.

    The Middle Class isn’t really being ‘wiped out.” The KIND of people who occupy that space, (who at least have the visible life once thought of a that) have changed. The nature of the classes has changed, is changing (things parse out as warfare, welfare, business/corporate or strict socializing (teaching, media, public relations, communications, preaching, etc.)

  5. Women were doubly affected— because when they HAD to go to work, they were seriously inclined to still go into work that previously had been for women, and that could still help them with their roles in the home— nursing, teaching, communications. And these were also the main areas focussed on to disseminate ‘ideas of change’ from the 60s on. They’ve had a real ‘learning curve.’

  6. Oh, actually—

    Even in the “New South,” the city working class transplants are much more clear about things for those reasons. The saving the world for democracy types, do-goodisms, trucklers tend to be from the lower middle class, usually some ‘advanced’ education, and strong multi cult signifiers.

    One way to change it— is simply for that to be said more, to be common knowledge, among them. The last thing they like to be is lower class, or out of fashion, or ill perceived. Usually narcissistic, too— concentrated on appearances, (even if a studied affect of NOT caring about them), but unaware of it, not onto themselves.

  7. Well said Dixiegirl and thanks to everyone who made solid, comments that addressed the Truckler problem.

    The key with Trucklers is that they are mostly “going with the flow” – for whatever political, social cause is “in fashion”. We have to change fashions so no lower middle class White American can ever advance his/her career, advance their social standing by betraying our people.

    We have to make it a reality that promoting anti-White causes, anti- White politics is a career killer and they will be thrown back, thrown down, forced to work as some minimum wage chef at a truck stop if they do what LBJ, Dick Lugar, Orin Hatch and the Huckster did.

    Thanks everyone.

  8. does the why matter? seems to me its enough to ID the enemy and go after him.

    Wayne I agree that the majority of modern day country music heavyweights are trucklers. Its part of why I no longer listen to them. Across the board, if they are in the entertainment business they are anti White to some degree or another and will use the money you give them to support causes that hurt our people. lest wise the successful ones

  9. I used to think that British MP George Galaway was an opportunist (aka Truckler) until I read a report that he has secretly converted to Islam 10 years ago, although he denies it. Either a way, he ‘s a classic Truckler. He even made a flotilla trip to Palestine after the first one was shot-up and several passengers went to paradise. Many in his riding are Pales and muslims.

  10. Carrie Underwood, ‘country’ music singer, is a truckler since she came out in support of sodomite ‘marriage’.

  11. Stonelifter says:
    June 17, 2012 at 6:29 am
    does the why matter? seems to me its enough to ID the enemy and go after him.

    Jack Ryan:

    Yes “the why” matters. Because different groups of Whites have different motivations for betraying our people. We must diagnose the sick patient and come up with a cure for the specific sickness.

    With Trucklers it’s best to present them as “sell outs” to the local, good, regular Whites. These Trucklers go off to the corrupt national capital and betray the White people, the White culture, the White heritage of the regular folks they grew up with.

    Certain Trucklers like Harry Truman revert back to being regular Whites on the White side if they get away from Washington D.C./NY Times/Washington Post.

    Harry Truman reportedly turned strongly against MLK and the Black Civil Rights Movement after Truman retired from politics and returned to Independence Missouri.

  12. I have the cure, brass knuckles and .308 lobotomies. You won’t cure those people. they don’t have a physical aliment; their soul is dead and their mind corrupt. You can never trust a traitor or a rat

  13. I guess, even Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are Trucklers to blacks after they went to Az to protest Az’s proposed immigration laws that would have targeted Mestizos. Mestizos compete with blacks for many low-end jobs and, at the moment. blacks have a higher than average rate of unemployment, but that never seemed to be important to Jessie and Al – but being in the media lime light was.

  14. Outlier says:
    June 17, 2012 at 3:03 pm
    I guess, even Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are Trucklers to blacks after they went to Az to protest Az’s proposed immigration laws ….

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Robertson’s 5 types of racial traitors, only apply to White Americans and their affinity or eminity to the traditional White British American “majority”. Yes, of course you are right Jessie JackAs* Jackson and the Rev Al are screwing over their own working class Black Americans when they work for open borders immigration of low skilled Mestizos who compete with Blacks for jobs. But, these Black “leaders” are motivated by hating our White American “majority” and will support anything that they think hurts Whites.

    So never try to reason with these hate Whitey Black hustlers/leaders. They stick it to us, we’ll stick it to them. OK, Jessie, you like mass Latino immigration, we’ll redistrict Black Congressional district in Chicago that is now your son (need a paternity test there) Jessie Jackson Junior’s Congressional District.

    The only way to deal with uppity, hate White Black “leaders” is through power, force, never try to appeal to their sense of fairness and hoping they’ll try to do what is best for Black Americans and be fair to Whites.

  15. @ jack ryan

    Its worse than just competing for jobs.

    Street drugs are doing far more damage to the black community than white community, so Jessie and Al should have an keen interest in opposing anything coming across/under the border, and many illegals are drug mules. They should be pushing for the longest and highest border fence, lots of armed drones, lots of snipers, lots of border police, CCTV, etc.. ……. and zero immigration from Mexico.

    But, they are so blinded by their hatred they would completely destroy their own people just to get one over on whitey.

  16. Black Trucklers: Jessie and Al (con’t)

    Actually, the black Trucklers’ behavior is even more puzzling when one considers that, it appears, that Latinos are gradually ethnically cleansing the blacks on the west coast

    This clip covers the whole issue (i.e. killings, job competition, growing political power, growing demographic imbalance), and there are other you tube suggested clips.


  17. You can never trust a traitor or a rat…”

    True— but I hold out hope for younger ones. You can see this in people who have “switched careers” or whatever… where there’s success (they aren’t just losers) but there’s also movement (they catch onto the game and keep trying to do some form of flight).

    It’s not really their fault that advanced education might try to turn them, an education that is often not even explained to them (this is the fault of their elders who are supposed to tell them things). Or even nice fat perks in the work world when they have come from little or been battered a bit, when they are trying to find a way in the world, and so on. Here, people are caught between a rock and a hard place.

    And it’s fine if they say that later. “Back in school, I felt caught between a rock and a hard place. I didn’t really believe that crap, but had to get the grades and there were no other better options….” The whole point is that each and every education is a thing that must be outgrown, not that one shouldn’t attempt them in the first place

    But if there’s no attempt to leave… or real success at the bad thing until there was “too much to lose”… well.

  18. W&C – Carrie Underwood is surrounded by sodomites, and Hebes. THEY control the “Entertainment prop” world.

    She marreid a White MAN.

    Judge her not too harshly

  19. We need to try to reach Trucklers FIRST. Tell them that they need to support their own – cause they will end in disgrace, and unhappiness. That The Devil promises all kinds of pretty things – but you are always destroyed in the process.

  20. Thanks Denise. I agree that we can’t give up on Trucklers who have temporarily gone over to the other side.

    In this way, I think we need to learn from the successful marketing system of the Judeo Christians who try to “save” a “sinner” – instead of just damning the sinner/traitor.

    We need to give Trucklers and all forms of traitors except the proditors some option to escape the anti White side, and come back to the love of our White folk.

    Say a woman has a mixed race child when she is young and rebellious and has fallen in with a bad crowd. She can renounce her sin and sin no more – marry a White guy and have some healthy White children and spend the rest of her life living a positive White life. She’ll of course have to live with the burden of having a mixed race child grow up, maybe he/she will be an Obama.

    Again, the key is to find some real benefits for people to come back to the White side. McCaine sort of did this in his last US Senate race when he had adverts with a tough White border patrol guy showing a border fence and the advertising copy was “I’m back on your side” (something like that).

  21. Say a woman has a mixed race child when she is young and rebellious and has fallen in with a bad crowd. She can renounce her sin and sin no more – marry a White guy and have some healthy White children and spend the rest of her life living a positive White life.

    I think she’d have a difficult time finding a white guy to support a half-breed kid. Its tough enough being a white single mom without that “complication”.

  22. I recommend a better book about LBJ: A Texan Looks At Lyndon by J. Hailey Evetts. I’m sure you can obtain a copy for a buck from Amazon + S&H. Vanity published in 1963 shortly after JFK’s death. Johnson was so utterly corrupt it will make your head spin.

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