Southern Baptists Get First Black President

Southern Baptists elect first magic negro president


Fred Luter Jr. was already “the first black vice president” of the Southern Baptist Convention. Now he is going to be the “first black president” of the Southern Baptist Convention.

“The first black” precedent is usually a reliable indicator of the decline of a city, state, nation or institution.

Jean-Jacques Dessalines was the first black president of Haiti. Nelson Mandela was the first black president of South Africa. Robert Mugabe was the first black president of Zimbabwe. Coleman Young was the first black mayor of Detroit.

Obama was the first black president of America. NASA quit going to space when Charles Bolden became its first black administrator. The arrival of the first black family in your neighborhood heralds the inevitable collapse in property values.

“The first black” almost always means … the turning point when something started turning into shit.

Serious Bible scholars will tell you that God cursed Ham’s swarthy descendants to be the servant of servants. I don’t know if there is any merit to that theory, but divine wrath is the most plausible theological explanation for the existence of black people.

To be perfectly honest, I am thrilled that Fred Luter Jr. is going to be the first black president of the Southern Baptist Convention. I have never thought much of Baptists and hopefully this move will start killing them off in Dixie like the Methodists and the Episcopalians.

The South was regrettably evangelized by Northern missionaries who spread their diseased low church faith here in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Southern Baptists only ballooned into their present size because of the credit they got for defending slavery in the nineteenth century.

Churches rise and fall. The egalitarian Baptists grew at the expense of the more hierarchical Anglicans who benefited from the collapse of the still more hierarchical Catholics. Christianity in the South will be strengthened by the decline of Baptists and Methodists.

In the short term, the evangelical sects will benefit from the collapse of the Southern Baptists, but in the long term hopefully a more enduring church – the Church of Dixie, something like the old school Anglican Church – will emerge from the wreckage.

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  1. Hunter: Great article. The church is just aping the Republian Party and Tea Party, looking for a minority skirt to hide behind because they are afraid to stand up for their beliefs as white people.

  2. Re: “The South was regrettably evangelized by Northern missionaries who spread their diseased low church faith here in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries”:

    The mention of “low church faith” caught my eye. The paradigm of “high church and low church” should be rejected, because in truth there are only Biblical churches and Un-Biblical, heretical, apostate churches. The latter are common, and the former exceptional. and the Southern Baptist certainly among the former — and their black new pope is scandalous proof!

    May true Christian revival now sweep over the South — and the north, and the west — that will NOT establish any new “high” and heirarchial denomination but rather cause BIBLICAL congregations to gather and grow, all across the land!

  3. The “High church versus low churches” paradigm explains denominations and churches by average intelligence and social and economic status of members, but it DOES NOT explain what churches are truly Christian, Biblical and orthodox.

    Hunter does not identify the “disease” brought by missionaries to the south.

  4. It’s all connected to 501c tax break for the churches, and how the ministers and priests love their tax break, so they’ll preach whatever uncle sam tells them to preach, and they’ll do whatever uncle sam tells them to do.
    That’s a perfect example of the mercenary spirit I was talking about.
    @ Mosin Nagant
    Christianity, and it’s “holy” book , is under the rubble of the bombed- out cities of Europe in WW2.
    If there were any “true” “real” churches around at the time, why did the white race have such an incredibly destructive internecine war?
    And if christianity is so wonderful how is it that the religion doesn’t have any affect on the mercenary aspect that runs deep in the white race? One would think that with all the true Christianity in the past, this problem would have been solved a long time ago.

  5. “And if christianity is so wonderful how is it that the religion doesn’t have any affect…?”

    Yes, where IS the true religion, and where are it’s effects?

    It’s very hard (for any of us) to live the faith, Joe, but VERY EASY to profess it.

  6. Nobody seemed to be living ” the faith” during WW2 ( or ww1 or the war of 1861). After 2,000 years of christianity ( that is so wonderful) there would have been a great reluctance to get involved in yet another internecine war, I would think.
    But all the christians got up and marched when their respective governments said, “March”, as they always,always do.
    It’s true the jews were kicked out of alot countries, it’s also true that eventually they were always let back in– usually by christians in the church(es) and/or the government.So that is bullsh*t.

  7. Joe, what kind of churches and their clergy TAUGHT white cousins to slaughter each other in all those wars? Must have been those high, heirarchial, heretical apostate kind that are CALLED Christian.

  8. Many here are obviously trying to avoid answering some very legitimate questions and are constantly evading the real issue. The points I make are legitimate.
    It is obvious that there are many here who can not answer my questions in an honest,straight-forward manner.
    The discussion is finished as far as I am concerned.
    The readers can decide for themselves what they think about the debate.

  9. Joe: I’ve already pointed out your “mercenary spirit” theory is pure bullshit. Whites are not more prone to that as any other race. What we are prone to is having a hostile, alien minority who looks but has no loyalty to us living amonst us. And what we are prone to is a sense of fairness that tends to, regrettably, lead us to trust those not like us.
    Our values are twisted and used against us at every turn. I just read America’s National Defense Strategy, published each year by the President. Guess what? I never ceases to talk about “living up to our values”. It’s nothing but a club to bash us over the head with.
    BTW, Bush’s read the exact same way. Not a nickel’s worth of difference.
    I agree with the 501c tax breaks for churches. It is a deal with the devil.
    You should stop bashing whites. While I agree with many of your good points, keep in mind that the average Joe (no pun intended) still believes this is his country, and the government represents him, and that his work in the military promoting liberal democracy. It’s not all their fault. They’ve been propagandized for 60+ years. Propaganda works, Joe, that’s why all those companies pay so much for advertising.

  10. Joe, I’ve been answering you. That said, exactly what IS your point?? We’re all confused here, Joe. Do you want to see whites remain a majority in their own nations? Do you believe that America was intended to be a white nation? You are all over the place.

  11. It should very much be a white country, but it is way too late for that for all the sell-outs in my own white race,which brings us back the the mercenary aspect of the white race.
    And no, I am not all over the place. My posts are very pro-white. But we do have faults. Our enemies know our faults to the T, but there is alot of resistance here when I mention our faults in such a way that we can give it some real thought and maybe change things.
    I was very clear and articulate about that throughout.
    There wouldn’t be so many non-whites here in the very first place if it weren’t for this fault in our race, and yes it runs deep. That’s exactly why it’s so important to confront the issue in an honest and straight forward way.
    Please keep in mind that when I write posts, I also intend them for readers who may be coming to “OD” for the first time or surfing around. They need to hear this as well.

  12. OBTW, Denise is exactly right. We need to kick yell and scream about these things. Silence is agreement. We need to say what’s on our mind, exercising some of the few freedoms we have left. What have we got to lose? Get up and walk the hell out the door when Mr. Pastor starts bloviating on minorities or Jews. You might be surprised how many others will respect that.

  13. Joe: Thanks for the info. Whites didn’t invent slavery. It’s a state common to all races everywhere. It exists today and will always exist. However, whites were the first and only race to ever put the power of their Navies and Armies to work erradicating it. American whites were the only peoples to fight a war amonst themselves on behalf of a foreign race, over 600,000 white men died in the War Between the States.

  14. @Wayne
    I have walked out of churches over all the matters dicussed here. I was sure to tell the priests and the ministers why exactly I was walking out and that I will most likely never be returning. I also mentioned their love of 501c tax break. Love to throw that in. LOL
    Yes. You and Denise are correct about the importance of speaking up for ourselves, for our race.

  15. Joe: Why would anyone coming to this sight want to here again, from us, that the white race sucks?? Don’t you think they get enough of that through the MSM? Don’t you think they go to movies and take in Hollywoods shit? You make a few spot on good points, but then turn right around and bash whites. Joe, we get bashed everyday by our enemies, politicians, the piss stream media, etc. We don’t need to hear it again here from our own kind.

  16. Moreover, we all already know what are weaknesses are. Every people has them. How do we overcome them? Yes, we get fooled a lot, we fool ourselves a lot. Yes, we sell ourselves down the river with do-goodism. Yes, we import turd world aliens to do our work for us because we won’t pay our own enough and because we want a quick buck. Without whites going along, our Jew “friends” could not have done anything. So now what? Hunter says disunion. He may very well be right. Do you have any other ideas or are you just here to cause dissention?

  17. @Wayne
    Everything is just great about the white race,that’s why we are in a big mess all over the west, but it has nothing to do with our faults as a race, it is always the fault of some other race, or other religion, etc.
    None of the problems are of our doing, of course.
    Your enemy(ies) never mentions the mercenary aspect of the white race.
    Only one is for the white race will mention this truth. Especially as I did so in the spirit of improving our race, not in the spirit of bashing.
    Just like Wallace Hunter has articles about the various types of white sell-outs.
    I am saying the same thing as Hunter Wallace, basically, just putting my own perceptions and some little bit of insights to the discussion.
    Got a problem with it, go tell Hunter Wallace. He’s the one running articles about white sell-outs.

  18. I spoke with some Southron Baptist friends of mine, they are leaving the church. Funny enough, I left my last main stream denomination church over… them welcoming mexcians and reaching out to negros on mlk day.

    I found a small store front church; pastor is a retired paratrooper; very righteous man with very little fuzzy thinking in him and full understanding of God and what it means to be a man. I couldn’t be happier in my run down looking church where the pastor is set on building men of God and not a fancy building

    Christianity has been under attack and weaken since darwinism came on the scene. Our leaders, church and political, did not fight back. I do not know why, but White people, we’ve lost our strength since we lost our faith in the Almighty. We as a people where at the height of our power when our churches were full on Sunday, even if most men didn’t have a deep, life altering faith. We did not conquer the world as pagans or secular atheists. We’ve gotten weaker as the church has gotten weaker. The meme about it was Christian leaders that lead us into WW1 and WW2 is false. Our “leadership” had bailed on faith before then. Which is clear if you spend some time learning about the key players of the wars and how our culture was already turning Godless and progressive.

    If faith is part of our decline, why is it that men and women of faith produce the most White children? Are the ones with the most guns, the lest debt, and in general, the most strength as we use to define it? Even with in churches it’s the most devote with the largest families. The Almighty is our strength and we are weak because we have left Him. Heck when I go to strongman and power lifting events they are damn near church revivals with very few secular men. God is strength.

    Most atheists are the most anti White militants; the most secular the most liberal, progressive, marxist etc and the harshest critics of Western civilization. The neo pagan thing really makes no sense to me outside the fact most of them don’t know Thor was a cross dresser and all the other stories along those lines. I think most neo pagans do it as a quest for masculinity since our churches are weak and effeminate and all the traditional masculine pursuits are reviled these days.

    The meme that White men down range are banging every brown skin native in sight is false. It does happen but not nearly as often as folks think. Can’t say about navy pukes, but it’s been rare in my experience. Most White men don’t what to plunder every random pleasure hole that walks by.

    Who was at the fore front of driving hajjis out of Europe? White mercenaries. They drove the hajjis out of the Holy Land and conquered the New World. The problem today is there are few noble/ terrible/ dangerous demanding etc efforts to pour that spirit into. We don’t duel to settle differences, we can’t club bay seals, or go settle new lands etc etc. Which is another reason I encourage young White men to spend some time in the Army as a grunt or Ranger etc. it will 100% change your life for the better, let you learn and feel the power of White men working together like nothing else will.

  19. Thanks, Stonelifter. You nailed it. I been swinging and missing all day long.

    When TSHTF, I’d be glad to have someone like you on my right flank.

    Deo Vindice

  20. As for the neopagans, I had never encountered them in real life before until I started attending WN conferences and moved to Virginia. Now some of my friends are neopagans.

    IMO, the fact that there is no institutional setting for racialist Christians combined with the degeneration of most Christian denominations is what has fueled their growth.

    It seems like it would be easier to start an underground racialist neopagan group than it would be to find and join a pro-racialist established Christian denomination.

  21. Atheists are all across the map – there are intellectual atheists who find creationism scientifically implausible, people like John Derbyshire, and there are lifestyle atheists, mostly homosexuals, who reject Christianity because it conflicts with their preferred way of living.

    There are also milieu atheists who adopt an atheist posture because it is dominant in their social circles or line of work. The only thing that atheists have in common is disbelief in the supernatural.

  22. Thanks Apuleius, coming from you that is high praise.

    The neo pagans I know all have delusions of Vikings and long ships and are almost always come from weak families and are themselves soft and weak in the ways it matters. Granted I don’t know very many of them, but usually they don’t count for much and know almost nothing about the stories they hold in high regard. I only know one who doesn’t fit that profile and even he wanted to take a swing at me when I was telling him about Thor, but he did at the end of the day have to admit Thor wore lady clothes, got his ass kicked etc etc. Who can worship a guy in a dress?

    My maternal grandfather had a PHD in physics and he thought evolution was to improbable to believe in. In fact it was the holes in evolution that lead him to faith and salvation. I never could follow his argument because I’m simply not smart enough, but it proves two things, IQ’s do regress to the mean, and there are good arguments against evolution.

  23. The Anglicanism of the Planation South was always dominated by the “diseased low-church faith.”

    There were no “smells and bells” the services were plain and the churchs were controlled by vestry boards not Bishops.

  24. You’re probably better off joing the coast guard if you’re looking for adventure and comraderie.
    It’s a lot better than being a grunt in uncle sam’s army and getting stuck in some thirld world shithole and being ordered to kill people who never harmed us. All this so the rockefellers, the rothschilds, the duponts, and other billionaire families in the world can have an empire. It is not in any way our empire ( not that I would want one).
    It is their empire. We, the average citizens, mean nothing to them. We are just cannon-fodder to them.
    To volunteer your services to an enemy government is not anything glorious.
    To give your arm, or your leg, or your hearing, or your vision, or your very life ,for a government that is communist – Washington DC is now a communist government and ipso facto your enemy white America — to hand yourself over to an enemy government for any reason, especially to be used like cannon fodder, in wars that don’t even have any affect in making life in the states better — the wars only wind up making life here in the states worse, does not make any sense.
    If you have fighting spirit, are looking for comraderie and adventure, at least join the coast guard. You can have all these things without having to get stuck in a thirld world shithole — A grunt.
    Grunt = Cannon Fodder. That has always been the meaning of the word.
    Before joining the military, please do your homework. Go online and read as many websites as you can about military life and the present situation in the US military.
    Go to alot of veteran websites and hear every side of the story, the good as well the lousy and negative aspect of the military.
    Make a decision based on as much knowledge, facts, and information that you can gather before making such a big decision — the decision ultimately boils down to whether you are willing to die for uncle sam : That’s what a grunt does, that is the purpose of a grunt.
    Please get informed before making this decision.
    When looking into the different branches of the military, please don’t overlook the coast guard. It is the branch least tied into uncle sam’s empire building and making war against people who have never done this country any harm.
    Spend your time having adventure and comraderie helping your fellow americans in the coast guard, than going overseas to give your life to uncle sam like a grunt.

  25. Clarification: I mentioned in this thread of commentaries that Wayne and Denise are correct to say that we should speak up to our church leaders and others in our defense.
    I failed to mention something, it was getting late and I was a bit tired.
    Do not speak up as Denise does calling people names (“kikes”, for example) and “bloviating”. ( sounds kinda like puking)
    No one will want to hear what you have to say– I don’t blame them. You will come off looking like an idiot.
    Make your arguments and points without using derogatory names. Make your argument and your points with intelligence and confidence.
    “Bloviating” and name-calling ipso facto means that you do not feel confident about your argument.
    Knowledge coupled with loyalty to your family and heritage will give you confidence.
    Refrain from name-calling and “bloviating”. It is a sign of stupidity and lack of knowledge.

  26. Lincoln did not have the full backing of the Northern people. to be blunt, most Northerners supported Southern secession, because they did not want your Negros up there. Southrons like Hunter do not understand how disturbing Northerners found the idea of millions of Negros in the South. It was a Haitian scenario in the making without an ocean separating the South from the North.

    Once agricultural technology made slave-holding obsolete and the Southerners finally freed their Negros, where the hell do you think those Negro freedmen would head? Don’t you think we knew that?!

    Open dissent was dealt with harshly. Habeus corpus was suspended. Many prominent Northerners with secessionist sympathies were damned as Copperheads and thrown into jail without trial for the duration of the war. The draft was imposed. Draft dodgers were executed. The ONLY way the populace was remotely pacified was that they were given the the implicit promise that every single Negro in the damned country would be rounded up and shipped back to Africa. Then and ONLY THEN did they sign on.

    Now, AFAIC, Joe is right AND wrong. WNs like most posters on this board always underestimate how much in bed certain treacherous groups of Whites can be. Even though history consistently has shown how often rich Whites will throw poorer Whites under the bus in favor of Non-Whites. Even though Hunter put up an illustration of this with Barbados’ Red Leg film.

    The average White is being bludgeoned by a nasty stool with one leg being the endless wars for Israel decimating the White fighting male, the jobs being insourced and outsourced to skilled and unskilled Non-Whites and the imposition of Orwellian speech codes to silence any working class White dissent to effect Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” dystopia.

    IOW, we have a hostile White elite – and this is nothing new; in my book, the White elite has always been hostile, because they never had any problems about gorging themselves in mansions while allowing their people to starve in hovels and hanging them if they had the temerity to “poach” a rabbit or deer from the elite’s private forest – colluding with powerful rich Jews to create a Latin American caste system in this country.

    I don’t know if any of you watched the “Red Legs” film from start to finish, but I did and it was very telling to me that the conclusion of the movie was an “upbeat” ending with a Red Legs woman who had miscegenated with a Negro Barbadan and was proudly boasting about her granddaughter being the first member of the family to go to college. Those people were marginalized to the point where the only way out offered to them was to fully assimilate through race-mixing with the Negro majority.

    Whether we like it or not, the White elite have made their own separate peace with Anti-White forces. Look at who Clinton and Bush and Trump’s daughters have married. There is no hope whatsoever for any relief from THEM.

    I believe the goal is to destroy the White middle class and marginalize the working White class to the point where young middle class Whites will HAVE to mix with Asians and the lower class Whites will HAVE to mix with Negros and Mestizos to have any upward mobility as clearly illustrated by the Red Legs Film’s conclusion.

    We will then see a White-Jewish elite, an Asian technical class, a White-Mestizo military class, and a Mestizo-Mulatto working class if Whites do not wake up and purge the treacherous White elite from power. Because those bastards WANT a Latin American racial caste system so badly they can TASTE it.

  27. The coast guard has plenty of “manly” type jobs. Go online to the coast guard website and see what the coast guard offers. Go to websites of coast guard vets also and hear what they have to say about it.

  28. @ Apelius
    “Molding cultures and nations” is a “propositional” thing, isn’t it? And to think I always thought they were organic things that grew naturally.

    No, they are not propostional. They grow from the populace, the human beings that make up said culture, not the religion that they adhere to. The rest of what you wrote is an indignant emotional outburst.

    “I really shouldn’t bother to respond to your and others anti-Christian remarks.”

    Why not? This is a blog that allows debate and free exchange of ideas, is it not?

    “You’re bereft of any self-control. Think about it my friend. You have not a qualm about insulting your own racial and cultural kind and in a way that is as fundamental as is possible – attacking their faith with blithe contempt.”

    Oh please. Stop with the histrionics. Is the New Testament fundamentally egalitarian and communist in its outlook or is it not? A few quotes from the central figure of christianity himself (according to the New Testament):

    “Judge not, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and ith the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

    Translation: Dispense with your god given discrimination, only look at your own faults and don’t judge others, like Negroes and other assorted muds. So if no one can judge others, who is supposed to rule over his own domain?

    “You have heard it said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth’ But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well.”

    Translation: Be a big giant pussy and let others walk all over you. DOn’t fight back, just like all of those whites being attacked by groid mobs. Perfect christians, they are.

    “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”

    Translation: Give to the govt whatever it wants, no matter how unjust or how much they persecute you. Turn the other cheek, remember?

    Now, please explain to me how chrisitianity, in light of these quotes, allows white people to fight the onslaught of the mud hordes and still follow these teachings.
    Also explain why your churches and your leaders welcome this onslaught and have done nothing to stop it, nay encouraged it?

    All modern, christian churches, are without exception:

    1. Egalitarian and Anti-Racist. The Evangelicals actually just came out in SUPPORT of Obama’s amnesty, not to mention what the Catholics have been doing for the last century.

    2. Anti-male: They denigrate the masculine and elevate the feminine. The natural male traits of aggression and discrimination are mocked and denigrated, backed up by the aforementioned quotes from the NT.

    Tell me how this is helping white people? And leave the childish religion shaming out of your replies. Yes, I know a lot of whites hold Jesus close to their hearts, but a lot of whites also hold anti-racism and feminism dear to their hearts and I don’t have a problem mocking them.

    Also tell me how you can support christianity for saving the white race, when your own leaders flat out contradict you? And when there are a billion non-whites that contradict you?

    Please answer these questions and leave out the emotionalism and indignation.

  29. joe, you can’t read I didn’t say no jobs for men, I said very few. I don’t need to go online because I lived the life, and I know some coasties

    it says turn the other cheek, not let someone take over your nation and rape your kids. see the difference about not making big deals over minor offenses vs being a pussy? Christ also used a whip and drove money lenders out of the temple and… told his people to sell their second set of clothes to buy a sword. He says He doesn’t bring peace but a sword, will come back to unleash terrible things on folks…The Bible also says to put God and His law 1st and a whole host of other things, but you elect to use a hand full of verses vs looking at the whole thing.

    Most people are anti God because it puts a limit on their hedonism then figure out other reasons to explain why. However I don’t think anyone minds honest questions but the none sense ramblings of others

  30. You said “few”, I said “plenty”.
    I know how to read. I read what you had to say, and I am refuting you.

  31. I never told you, Stonelifter, to go online. I suggested to the readers of “OD” to go online and get more information.
    You are not the only one here. There are other readers as well.

  32. All the military branches are being opened up to women now. Even submarine crews, combat positions,etc. That holds true for all the miltary branches, including the branches that include the “grunts”.

  33. Re: “there are intellectual atheists who find creationism scientifically implausible”: There are Christian theists who also do so. The “creation science” of the Evangelicals is as bogus and ridiculous, I think, as their Premillennial eschatology. I’m not atheistic and I find no conflict between serious, intelligent, honest Bible study and natural science.

  34. @ To All Interested In Joining The Military
    As all the branches of the military are being opened up to women, you will be with women in any military branch. Might as well be with women in the coast guard helping your fellow americans than being in the military overseas–with lots of women around also– getting your arms and legs blown off or getting killed for uncle sam’s empire.

    As women are in all branches now,

  35. @ Anglo Protestant American: Good link, sets the matter straight about the colonial Anglicans.

    @Clytemnestra: Very well said, though I still think you understate the non-Christian Judaeo influence.

    @Hunter: Yes, I agree it’s easier to find and join a Neopagan group than a racialist Christian denomination. As I wrote above, there may be no such denominations at the present time, but let’s not beg the question of whether it’s possible to find and join, or FOUND and maintain, a racialist local congregation.

  36. there are branches of the military that have all masculine service branches; there is unlikely to ever be female grunts and the like because the standards would be so watered down. the coast guard has watered down all its standards to accommodate women and their will be limited challenges to over come and develop young men

    joe you need to study all night to work your way up to retard. you don’t under stand masculinity, challenges, dangers and how it benefits young men to over come them. Not your fault really your of the generation where even the “men” have become women.

  37. Re: “your of the generation where even the “men” have become women”:

    What is this manliness? There are African negro tribes where no man of any age is considered truly male and ready to have a woman unless he has killed at least one man. Only after one has successfully hunted and killed another man, usually in a neighbouring village, does he become recognised as “a man” and women will accept him. Otherwise he remains a child in everyone’s eyes, considered foolish and untrustworthy, regardless of his age.

    And then there are: “The GAELS are the people that God made MAD, FOR ALL THEIR WARS ARE MERRY, and all their songs are sad.”

  38. but either way, he’s a man. Reliable and proven that he can do the hard things in hard times. I wouldn’t want to say that route A is better than route B on that one. It’s about how your culture heritage define it, but the common historical factor in that is over coming challenges, hardships and life threatening dangers

  39. Joe, rest assured the USCG is fully involved in joint military operations. You have no idea what you are talking about regarding the Coast Guard. It’s smaller than the other services so more out of sight, but it does have the ability to arrest. It’s a law enforcement agency as well.

  40. Joe, please read what I post. I never said we whites didn’t have any problems and I agree that our primary problems come from our own behavior. Hunter points out the traitors among us, he names the enemy for us, helps us define the enemy. And it’s NOT the white race altogether, just elements of it. He also proposes solutions, namely dissunion. You, on the other hand pose no solutions besides “don’t join the military”. How the hell is that constructive. And if you are not seeking to be constructive, but rather destructive, then you are simply anti-white and an enemy of my people.
    I also think that the judicious use of derrogatory words are reasonable and effective, just as Denise does. We can’t continue to let the left control our language. This includes using “sodomite” instead of “gay”. I no longer care about hurting feelings, nobody cares about hurting ours (that is, white people’s).

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