Caribbean Project: Review: The Racial Dystopia

Brazil: The Racial Dystopia


In the final episode of Black in Latin America, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. travels to Brazil, the second largest black country in the world, and the “post-racial” dystopia that BRA seeks to emulate.

Cliff Notes:

(1) 4.8 million slaves were brought to Brazil from Africa – a number that dwarfs the number of slaves brought to the United States. Almost half of all slaves brought to the New World were brought to Brazil. More slaves were also brought to Jamaica and Haiti than the Northern American colonies.

(2) The plantation system came to the Deep South via South Carolina which was colonized by Barbadians who built the sugar industry in Barbados on the Brazilian model.

(3) There are 75 million people of African descent in Brazil. There are 42 million African-Americans in the United States.

(4) Brazil was the last country in the Western hemisphere to abolish slavery.

(5) There are over 100 racial categories of blackness in Brazil.

(6) Black slaves weren’t treated as harshly in Dixie as in Brazil. The Portuguese controlled the slave trade in Central Africa. The distance between Brazil and Congo is also much shorter. As a result, slaves were cheaper in Brazil than North America.

(7) Salvador in Bahia used to be one of the richest cities in the world.

(8) The lack of Portuguese women promoted miscegenation in Brazil.

(9) Race is not a barrier to miscegenation and bastardization. Marriage is the real barrier. In Brazil and Mexico, racial bastards were recognized as the legitimate offspring of Portuguese and Spanish fathers, whereas in the English colonies mulatto bastards did not inherit the legal status of the father – all mulattoes were counted as black, there were no shades of gray.

Note: Sometime this fall, OD will be taking a more in depth look at the free negro in Brazil and other countries in South America.

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  1. (7) Salvador in Bahia used to be one of the richest cities in the world.

    Once rich, now poor, blacks to blame. That’s your standard narrative. But it can be badly misleading.

    In this case, you’re referring to a level of wealth achieved over 100 years ago. Salvador at this time compared very well to other cities. It no longer does. But does that mean Salvador is poorer today than it was then? Definitely not. The world economy, Brazil’s economy, and Salvador’s economy have all grown tremendously in the last 100 years. The average denizen of Salvador is incomparably wealthier today than he was 100 years ago.

    Hell, the average Ghanaian of today is as about as economically well off as the average Englishman of 1800. (That’s economics. I’m not referring to the cultural or scientific attainment of society as a whole, just economics.) May not sound like much, but England in those days represented the pinnacle of economic achievement. Yet for all that, per capita GDP was no higher than $2000 1990 international dollars, and many economic historians (not uncommonly of a Malthusian bent) would put it at about only half that figure. Say what you will about Ghanaians, but their per capita GDP is what it is.

  2. 100 categories of black?

    Coming to America If BRA does break the back of YT. The blacks will begin to turn on one another and Haitize their own if white minority status comes to pass.

  3. That’s definitely the rule: abolition was a catastrophe in Haiti, Dixie, and the British West Indies. For now, I am focused on the Caribbean, but down the road I will start researching blacks in Brazil and South America.

    Brazil is such a huge and important country that it warrants being dealt with separately.

    I say the rule because there are exceptions: in absolute terms, Haiti is far poorer in 2012 than it was in 1791. Somalia is poorer in absolute terms than it was in 1965. The Democratic Republic of Congo is absolutely worse off than it was in 1960.

    OTOH, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Antigua and other black Caribbean islands are seemingly wealthy, but my research suggests this is explained almost entirely by Western tourism, money laundering, and tax invasion.

    The Caymans were a backwater and dependency of Jamaica until quite recently.

  4. The presperous Carib islands copy Jersey and the Isle of Man. They are unregulated tax havens. The corruption in Jersey is likely to end soon. So the Caymans and Bahamas and Bermuda are being set up as a failsafe option.

  5. Give the Ghanan an option to live in London today and he’ll take it. And, he does.

    Silver, WTF are you talking about with 1800 Britain? If you want to get specific: Things were actually quite bad at that moment with the pressure of the Napoleonic/Revolutionary wars as well.

  6. BTW, the fortunes of African countries rise and fall with booms and busts in commodity prices: right now Africa is experiencing a commodities boom because of Chinese foreign investment and demand for natural resources.

    The DRC experienced a boom until the bust in copper prices in the mid-1970s. Ghana’s economy busted when the price of cocoa and coffee fell. This proves nothing other than the dominance of foreigners in determining Africa’s fate.

    Africa was relatively peaceful and stable in the 1980s. Yet over half of all African countries were devastated by wars and coups in the 1990s. Rwanda, for example, was the poster child of Africa right down to the genocide which sparked World War Africa in the Congo.

    Ivory Coast used to be “the Ivorian miracle.” Senegal used to be cited as the proof that democracy could spread across Africa. The one constant of postwar Africa is its ability to defy optimistic narratives.

  7. If, just to pull your point apart a bit Silver, Britain was suffering from inflation around 36% in 1800. The worst ever. Indication of a crisis to me.

    Why are you comparing Ghana today with such a specific moment and place in history? Prima facae retarded. What political economist would compare the two and why?

  8. There was miscegenation in America, Mexico, and Brazil. The difference was that racial bastards typically did not inherit the legal status of the father in the English colonies.

    In Charleston, a mullatto was simply black. In New Orleans, a mullato could be a quadroon or some other more refined racial category. What’s more, the anti-miscegenation laws banned racial intermarriage between blacks and Whites, and nothing was more taboo in the English South than white female/black male fornication.

    Over time, this cultural difference created a massive racial difference between Dixie and Brazil: all the bastards and mullattoes became black in the South because miscegenation was considered illegitimate, whereas they intermixed with the White population in Mexico and Brazil.

    Interestingly enough, I am learning that Cuba was a very racist country. It had an anti-miscegenation law like the Old South. The Spanish also came as settlers in Cuba which really wasn’t the case in the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico.

    Most of the White Cubans immigrated to Florida. They are not typically mulattoes like Puerto Ricans.

  9. Cubans in Miami are easy enough to identify:

    white refugees from a despotism run to benefit black exslaves. Simples.

  10. I Want To Go To Miami And Party And Pick Up Some Hot Senoritas!
    Fourteen Words!
    Remember The 14 Words!

  11. Quoting from Fr John’s blog article (see pingback link above): “The Whites of England/America grew from strength to strength, as long as they held the Law of God as supreme in their lands.”

    Yes, “from strength to strengh” as “typically Celtic Christian” religious revivals occurred periodically through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries across Britain, most spectacularly in Wales, and spread to America and across the Empire, and still have echoes and effects remaining today in our countries, many generations later.

  12. Oh my ! I just don’t know what to do. Should I hire a black cleaning lady ?, then I can never fire her if she gets into my liquor cabinet. I’ll just never be able to go back to the nice people at the maid service company and complain.
    I would hate to hire a mulattoe, you know how it is– god doesn’t want us to associate with “them”.
    Before I was born again, I had a dominican, Consuelo, she was so lazy. I caught her watching teevee once — I had returned from the country club sooner than she had expected– she was watching a soap about some mulattoes and their love problems. Later on, I noticed that she had forgotten to vacuum behind the couch. Too lazy to move the couch most likely.
    Well, I’m just beside myself. Good help is so hard to find and I have my spa appointments and then there’s the luncheons at the club.
    My mexican lawn man just ruined my roses. I told him to be careful about pruning. I actually had to stop what I was doing– I was on the phone with my BFF Cindy planning my next trip to Cabos– and had to go out and show him how to prune properly. Can you imagine. He still managed to ruin my beautiful roses.
    Well thank you for warning me about blacks and mulattoes. Would it be acceptable to hire a cleaning lady from the new wave of pakistanis coming over? I heard they’re very poor so I won’t have to worry about them asking for a raise.
    Consuelo always had her hand out.
    What would Fr John do?
    I do very much want to do right by jesus.

  13. joe you should hire a nordic-blonde lower caste white woman, she would probably be able to score you some meth for when the wife’s out of town, and then you’d be doin’ your part (and who know’s maybe you could practice “game” on her LOL)

  14. There’s no such thing as a lower-caste nordic-blonde.
    Nordic blonde chicks are GODDESSES!!!!!!!
    That’s what Denise says, so I know that’s true.
    You should know that by now Conchobar — come on dude.
    I only do some weed now and then and every once in awhile a shot or two of jack daniels. ( right now I’m just drinking coffee. It’s still morning here in sunny California. I don’t start up until evening time lol).
    I’m having a very good time spoofing the bullsh*t. LOL

  15. If the white race– in this case Spasnish and Portuegese Caucasians– race mixed with the indians in south and central america and with the blacks that were shipped over to the new world ( by Caucasians) how is it that we should look down our noses at the race mixed people?
    The reason that they exist in the first place is beacuse white Caucasians race mixed. It is not the fault of the mulattos. They hardly had any say in what happened.
    But the Europeans, our ancestors had a say, and what they wanted– with full will and volition– was a race mixed world.
    It is not the fault of the indians– they were minding their own business — white europeans weren’t minding their business. Europeans sailed over from europe and entered their world, then race-mixed with them.
    It is not the faults of the blacks– the blacks were in africa minding their own business. Europeans took them out of africa, brought them to the new world, then race mixed with them.
    Now that we have a race mixed world– because of he actions and behavior of the white race.
    Now have religious types telling us that these race mixed people ( who are race mixed because of caucasians desire to race mix, first and foremost) telling us that these people are not quite human. The bible comes out and we are tld that god sees white people as somehow superior to the race mixed people.
    If we are so intrinsically superior, why was there so much race-mixing in the first place? And considering that there was so much race mixing on the part of white men, why should we take it out on those who are race mixed?
    It’s all very phony and mendacious and mean-spirited.
    I am against race mixing. I have no problems with those who are warning their fellow whites about race mixing.
    But, I am opposed to the agenda of looking down our noses at the mulattoes and the religious agenda encouraging us to see the mulattoes as less than human. It is disgusting.

  16. “I am against race mixing.”

    Yet apparently not averse, as a Med, to flirting with or trying to date (which are the first steps toward full-blown miscegenation with) Celtic and Nordic women, Hispanic senioritas and presumably other non-Med intra-racials and extra-racials. Remember that even extra-ethnic INTRA-racial miscegenation is unnatural and harmful, and sets the stage for inter-racial miscegenation.

    In the Bible that is “always being brought out” here, the Hebrew was commanded to marry not only within his nation but even within his own TRIBE, which may be very reasonably considered a principle pertaining to all peoples.

    You say we have a race-mixed world all because of the white race — but at least you agree it has not been a good outcome.

  17. Cubans in Miami are easy enough to identify: white refugees from a despotism run to benefit black exslaves. Simples…..”

    —-Maybe but I will never visit there again. They are still a different people, their colonial experience different, their religion different, their experience abroad different, their customs, folkways, experiences around other kinds of slaves and also revolutions, and so on.

    Sub-groups are still a distinct thing, as said above. Also, they have transformed south florida in a way that feels alien—- not a big fan of the food, either. And spanish is my least favorite language to hear spoken. It sounds like loud clicky-clack sounds.

    Nothing personal. Lord knows we have all heard (on and on) about the horror of southern accents, german accents, the stuffy anglo-saxon manners, the blunt honesty that people can’t stomach, coupled with a “politeness” that is hard to read. Their weird meat and potato meals. You know. There are about a thousand movies on it.

  18. The reason that they exist in the first place is beacuse white Caucasians race mixed. It is not the fault of the mulattos. They hardly had any say in what happened….”

    Sounds like you watch too much t.v.

    It was pretty much like now in a lot of places. Probably, especially with wealthy planters, there came some perks if you slept with one. Wouldn’t that be more likely? And they were clean, probably some of them good looking, and rich… right? Oh yeah, women never are attracted to those things… they’d never flirt, they’d never smile, giggle, carry on….

    The whole idea of “slavery” is so unreal. A generational system of economic life, with births, deaths, emotions, entertainments, etc, was going on. People forget that.

    The movies and school books always assure us— that the only inter-racial things that happened were rapes by big white masters. Does the ring true?

  19. I know that my teevee is wrong about race mixed people because all of central america, south america, and most of the caribeaan islands are full of race mixed people originally sired by white men.
    Not to mention all those here in the states race mixed with indian blood originally sired by white men.

  20. @Mosin
    You are grabbing at straws desperately trying to avoid all of my solid historical points.
    I will not engage in nonsense debates with you.
    It’s none of your business who I date and who I don’t date.
    No one else who posts here gives a litany of their dating history. Neither shall I.
    My words speak for themselves and my words stand on their own merits.

  21. The Spanish language is a white Caucasian language. It came about as it was the way the Visigoths heard and interpeted the Latin language after they had wound their way down into the Iberian peninsula. ( as Rome was in decline).
    The young single white Caucasian women, in Cuba, Spain, Argentina, and wherever one may meet them, are referred to as “senoritas” in Spanish.
    One can say that one wants to “pick-up”, “date”, or “go out” with a “senorita” — it does not necessarily follow that one is talking about race-mixing.
    It’s all good dude.

  22. @Moisin Nagan:

    “Yet apparently not averse, as a Med, to flirting with or trying to date (which are the first steps toward full-blown miscegenation with) Celtic and Nordic women, Hispanic senioritas and presumably other non-Med intra-racials and extra-racials. Remember that even extra-ethnic INTRA-racial miscegenation is unnatural and harmful, and sets the stage for inter-racial miscegenation. ”

    You seem rather hard-core. I can’t see where your stance makes sense in White America. Where do we have any ethnic enclaves anymore? One of the reasons the Fair Housing Act was instituted by the government was to destroy them and scatter the White ethnic residents hither and yon.

    I am a classic result of this. I claim biological ties to four tribes; Gallic, Slavic, Germanic, and Celtic as a result of this. With further “intra-racial miscegenation,” thanks to the initial ethnic enclaves being destroyed, we’ve added both Scandinavian and Southern Italian bloodlines. So, in my family, though we have not engaged in any interracial miscegenation with the Indians, Asians, or Negroes, we run the gamut of Nordic to Medis. Indeed, when they were babies, I took my little blond, blue eyed fair-skinned nephew out in the stroller with my brunette, olive-skinned, brown eyed niece. They both had heads of loose curls that made them look like cherubs that were photo negatives of each other.

    With all due respect, because ethnic enclaves were destroyed rather than preserved, your ethnic purity stance would not work here. I can understand your viewpoint if you are say, a Scandinavian in Scandinavia or a German in Germany, etc. And, as an American “Euro-Mutt,” I wholeheartedly like the idea of visiting Europe and seeing my diverse European cousins shining like gems in their own peculiar settings. When I visit France, I want French there, for example.

    Joe, to me, it isn’t an either-or situation. I don’t think that Mulattos or Mestizos are subhuman. I don’t think they should have to pay for the sins of their White fathers. They didn’t ask to be born. The Mestizos HAVE managed to create their own separate race and should be encouraged to maintain their own separate country. It’s too bad the same was not done with Mulattos.

    I am against penalizing people who were miscegenated through no fault of their own, but I am also against encouraging more miscegenation, especially more racial miscegenation. And that is precisely what our government and so-called intellectual elite seem to be implementing; an aggressive program of forced racial miscegenation which is going to be disastrous in the end for everyone.

    Hybrid vigor is a big lie where interracial miscegenation is concerned. The Mestizos may be almost five hundred years old as a people, but they have many, many health problems, primarily diabetes. Organ and bone marrow transplants are most successful with North American Whites who have proved highly resistant to miscegenation.

    IMO, short of outlawing it, every disincentive imaginable should be put in place to discourage this practice. One way to stop this is to make sure that no Non-White can prosper or advance with a White spouse and vice versa. Barak Obama was as fascinated with White women as any other Negro, but he was smart enough to marry a Black woman rather than another Heidi Klum type.

  23. @Clytemnestra and All Readers
    I never said,nor even in the least bit implied, that race-mixed people are “sub-human”.
    Go reread my posts. I spoke up on behalf of race mixed people stating that we shouldn’t blame them as it was white men who got the race -mixing ball rolling in the first place– that is blatantly obvious if one reads my posts with objectivity and in a fair-minded way.
    It is not I saying that race-mixed people are “sub-human”– others here implied it. Go direct your concern to them.
    And before you twist my words around again– it was very clear in my post that I, like you, am opposed to race mixing.
    If you continue to twist my words around to give the readers the impression that I said the exact opposite of what I truly said, I will continue to call you on it. That’s for sure.

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