The Cost of the Union: Obama’s New Coalition


Do you remember when Pat Buchanan was fired from MSNBC for promoting ideas that were “unfit for the national dialogue”?

“Choosing not to vote for the president or choosing anyone but him — such as a nominal candidate, or a convicted felon on West Virginia’s ballot — is an affirmative act, said Lara Brown, a political science professor at Villanova University. . .

Obama rejects this narrative, Brown said.

“For him, the issue is not class but race and ethnicity,” she said. “He and the Democratic Party have decided that the best way to ‘win the future’ is to win over ethnic and racial minorities because whites are shrinking (in number).

“In short, they are trying to create a new map that allows them to win every state that has a large and growing immigrant population and/or a large percentage of African-Americans. Doing so would, of course, make Obama a historically important figure in terms of the Democratic Party.”

But, she noted: “He has to win a second term to claim this legacy.”

Obama’s issue isn’t class. It is race and ethnicity.

The Democratic Party is the anti-White party: it wants to flood White areas with non-White immigrants, enfranchise as many non-White voters as possible, and raise taxes and expand the size of government in order to destroy White freedom and redistribute the wealth of White people to non-White racial voting blocs.

Note: The existence of the Union is what makes the Obama strategy possible. If Dixie was an independent nation, the border would be secured, the welfare state would be dismantled, the negro would be disenfranchised, we wouldn’t have to spend our entire lives worrying about any of this, and our major cities might actually become habitable again.

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  1. It’s interesting how academics can say exactly the same thing as a fascist old Irishman (substancially the same at least) and get away with it. She’s applauding a politico-ethnic genocide and gets to keep tenure and get fat sinecures in news organs.


  2. Good post, Hunter, on the new race-based plan replacing the old class-division plan followed since FDR. The article link is extremely useful for sharing with non-racialist, racism-hating Tea Partiers and Republican party activists. I would like to see MORE documentation here on the development of Obama’s racist victory plan.

  3. Paul calls us to patience and forbearance. Intolerance and restlessness is the sin of the pharisee, and not becoming to us who have new life in the creation.
    “Lift up thine eyes to where your redemption awaits” Br. Joe +

  4. “The Democratic Party is the anti-White party”

    How is the Republican Party any less anti-White?

  5. “For him, the issue is not class but race and ethnicity,” she said.

    —that false dichotomy has always been the most stupid endless repeater. “It’s about race, not class… it’s about class, not race…” Either way, it’s a false dichotomy that only cares about redistributing stuff people worked really hard for and did without, in order to save some.

    race or class… race or class…. class or race… The whole wrong question.

  6. St Paul calls those who belong to Christ to adhere to the holy faith. Whereas the sin of the Pharisee is to make the Word of God to none effect by tradition, nit-picking gnat straining and legalistic minutiae.

    Keep wanking your schmeckle, Br Joe*.

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