The Legitimacy Crisis


The legitimacy crisis of the American political class is illustrated in the latest Gallup poll: 52 percent of the public has “very little/none” confidence in Congress, 38 percent of the public has “very little/none” confidence in television news, and 32 percent of the public has “very little/none” confidence in the newspapers.

Note: It is even worse than it looks.

The Rasmussen polls have repeatedly shown that African-Americans and the political class are the only two segments of the population that are happy with the direction of the country and still have a lot of confidence in the future.

Who believes that life has gotten better over the last decade? Gays and lesbians (55 percent), the upper class (48 percent), Hispanics (44 percent), immigrants (41 percent), and African-Americans (33 percent).

Who believes that their overall quality of life has declined? Young adults (54 percent), Whites (38 percent), seniors (55 percent), middle class Americans (64 percent), and working class Americans (70 percent).

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  1. Yes it’s much worse here in the US for Whites. The university of minnesota should at this moment be under attack from Whites. That cesspool must be closed down and it’s members brought up on charges and then executed.
    That mayor or who ever fired the Sanford FL police chief should himself be fired and imprisoned or worse.
    Whites must not allow any more degradation of the White race.

  2. But only 38% of all Whites (however they define Whites) believe their quality of life has declined! Whites are characteristically optimistic.

  3. Jesus calls us “to render unto ceasar what is ceasar’s” for we are “washed in the blood of the lamb” (Paul to the Occidentials) and have everlasting life (Paul to the Europemites), and this world is just an illusion for our real home is in heaven (Paul to the Optimisticals). Br. Joe +

  4. For some, such as Freud, who said God is just an “illusion,” the Word of God and true religion are subjects for jesting.

  5. basically all university’s should be closed and the faculty tried for enciting-propigating/ profiteering from genocide. even in the extreme north university’s (on purpose) filter in coupious amounts of africans on students visa’s none of whom can compete on a college level, add this to the smiling nigger next to white female visual propoganda and naive young ladies. aside form the niggerloving reducation camp aspect, these schools get tax money which they spend on diversity programs and ” culutral anthropology”, which is wordsmithing for cash.

  6. African-Americans and the political class agree the country is moving in the right direction. So tapeworms and roundworms agree the environment for parasites is improving. Did I miss anything?

  7. Whites should leave and or not attend any school that doesn’t recognize Whites as intelligent, deserving of respect, and as the founding race of this country. Whites are fed up with this bullshit being thrown in our faces.
    To hell with the blacks, browns, yellows, and red. Go back to your own countries and wallow in your shit.

  8. @ conchobar: You obviously didn’t benefit from any education; why not let someone else more capable give it a try?

  9. @George

    You are representative of exactly what is wrong with society. You cannot look deeper or see a person beyond the triviality of skin color. You notice negative things about other races so much because of their skin color. You fail to notice that white people are exactly the same. Whites commit the same crimes. You somply notice the crimes of people of color because you focus on race and skin color. You have the intellectual maturity of a flea. Thankfully people like you are on the way out. The world and civiliization will be much better.

  10. really? seems to me the less White Europe and the USA has become the worse of a place it’s become. We didn’t have these problems when we were vastly White and now….

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