Romney To Speak At NAACP Convention


Roland Martin thinks it is a great idea because the Republican Party “is as white as it could be”:

“It’s a safe bet that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will not garner many votes from African-Americans in November.

Not only is he running against the first black president, Barack Obama, the GOP has done such a lousy job of cultivating black voters over the past 40 years that it has pretty much given Democrats an easy path to winning 90% and more of black voters.

Yet despite the long odds, Romney’s decision to speak to at the NAACP national convention in Houston next month is a smart move, and one that could be beneficial to his candidacy and the future prospects of the party.

Let’s face it, the Republican Party is as white as it could be.”

Undoubtedly, Romney will go to Houston and praise MLK for his glorious vision of “colorblindness,” which no one in America but “I Had a Dream” conservatives has ever believed in.

The blacks will then turn around and 95 percent of them will vote bloc for Obama in November. Obama will get at least 65 percent of the Hispanic vote.

Meanwhile, Romney will probably get 55 percent of the White vote like John McCain in 2008. He will lose the presidential election because Whites are demoralized and can’t find a compelling reason to vote for him.

BTW, a “wave election” (like the Tea Party election in 2010) is when White voters are enthusiastic and turnout to vote 60 to 65 percent for Republican candidates. As of June 2012, there is no sign of another Republican wave coming in November. Why isn’t Romney crushing Obama who has collapsed to 35 percent with White working class voters?

It is because the Republicans need to run up ever greater margins with White working class voters to remain competitive, but because the Republicans are the pro-business party, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Party, it can never cater to the interests of its own White working class base.

Obama has relentlessly pandered to blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, greens, liberals and other segments of his core leftwing Democratic base.

What about Mitt Romney? He plans to speak at the NAACP convention, wants to pass a permanent version of the DREAM Act, expand legal immigration, build a “virtual fence,” and start new wars in the Middle East, etc.

He’s a “businessman” with “private sector experience” who is going to fix the economy with the same GOP talking points of the past thirty years. Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS will spend a gazillion dollars trying to put Mitt Romney in the White House to rubber stamp the U.S. Chamber of Commerce agenda.

Romney 2012 is feeling more and more like McCain 2008.

Note: Mitt Romney lost the election when Obama came out for gay marriage and unilaterally passed the DREAM Act and Romney sputtered in front of the camera.

He could have swung back and fired up the conservative base, but he chose not to, thereby magnifying his problem with the already sketchy and demoralized White working class base.

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  1. So Romney will speak to a racially based organization who represents a racial group who will not vote for Romney.

    Next Romney will ok the legalization of 1 million plus illegal aliens which will piss off Romney’s main voting block. Can someone explain this political strategy?

  2. I think you’re underestimating the anger and resentment of average white folks in 2012.

    They don’t actually like Romney – who does? is it even possible? – but they fear and loathe The Black Master, more by the day.

    November is far, far away and a lot can happen, but the reality we’ve got is an angry white electorate which, at a gut level, understands that life as we’ve known it is simply gone and never to return. The only question is how bad it will get how fast.

    Romney will at least bring total ruin slower than Obama – a lot slower. Given the choice between a pathologically dishonest far-left narcissist black power mulatto who’s shredding the Constitution, and a rich guy and representative of the corporate class, center-right variant, who is typically white in his personal life … what choice is there? More people get this than you realize. It’s easy to get trapped in the WN/Dixiephile cocoon here.

    In America in 2012, GOP candidates must deliver we-love-blacks boilerplate to race hustlers – I hate it too, but it’s how it is. It’s a small price to pay to get HNIC and his NBA-like entourage outta da White House.

    Right now, Romney is being bland and uncontroversial and letting Team Obama implode. That’s all they have to do, and that’s all they’re gonna do.

    And they will win. Believe NO polling this year. Whites have learned to not tell press and pollsters what they really feel.

    Romney is the classic least-bad option for us and, unlike McCain, he actually wants to win, badly. And he will.

    PS You need to ditch the Virgil Goode kick. He may mouth the right platitudes, but those of us who lived in VA when he was a Rep recall him as a deeply corrupt hack politico with his hands in inappropriate places. Not our guy, trust me ….

  3. I’ve come around, in-full, to the idea that the economy must crash-HARD-before Whites wake-up. I can see and feel this reality all around me … my God I can even see it in my mother and father and brother.

    We can search, in vein, for the positives, but our enemies so thoroughly own the power in this country that we will continue to fool ourselves as we crumb snatch. The only way to loosen the liberal death grip is an economic calamity.

    I hope sooner, rather than later.

    I wish it weren’t true. But we all know it is.

  4. More important than Romney losing, is for it to become conventional wisdom that the GOP cannot win without radical whites: Ron Paul types, White Nationalists, Infowarriors. Any attempt to remain competitive by “broadening the coalition” by adding even more anti-whites” would only accelerate the wake-up of the rank-and-file white.

    For that it is important not to be demoralized by the death of what can never be, but hypermoralized by the birth of what could be.

    Folks need to explicitly state that they are carving electoral chunks out of the corpse of the GOP via third parties in order to build the future and kill the past.

    An explicitly white social-political movement could get 80% of the white people; at which point vote counts wouldn’t matter no matter what the scenario.

  5. The strategy is to combat the “they’re all racists” line from the left. Whether they actually think it will work or believe in it, I don’t know or really care anymore. It clearly doesn’t work but the GOP will never get it or won’t admit it for various reasons.

    I think some in the tea party finally got it after all the racism name calling but most are still in denial. All the pictures in the world showing you with a black person holding a gadsden flag won’t stop the liberals. The lewinsky affair being the best and most obvious example of that. They kept on supporting Clinton and kept on calling anyone not in lockstep with feminism, sexists.

  6. “So Romney will speak to a racially based organization who represents a racial group who will not vote for Romney.”

    Exactly. There is absolutely no reason for Romney to address those anti-White bigots. His visit is nothing more than self flagellation … a genuflection toward the false Gods of the liberalism designed to remind us all of our inherent White wickedness.

    I’m not voting. I didn’t vote last year, either, because I could not, in good faith, vote for Uncle John.

    They’re traitors cowards, political concubines of the left.

  7. I thought nothing could make me dislike Romney even more, but this made it possible. He is so pandering and will say anything he thinks is going to help him get elected it’s unbelievable, he has no principles whatsoever. While I wasn’t a fan of Michele Bachmann, at least she had principles and was somewhat honest, even if she was a bit of a loon. Romney just plain sucks, the GOP must be insane thinking that having this pandering empty suit is going to win the election, more and more I think we ought to just write in a candidate, wouldn’t that be crazy?

  8. I think George Carlin said it best about politicians: forget about them. They are there to make you think you have a choice. You don’t.

    This applies particularly well to Republican politicians. Until a radical shift in the political paradigm occurs don’t expect the anti-White direction to change.

    As far as I can see the Mantra and Mantra thinking is the only thing that will cause the radical shift.

  9. In 1988, Bush Sr. got 59 percent of the White vote. In 2004, W. got 58 percent of the White vote. In 2008, McCain got 55 percent of the White vote. In 2010, Republicans got 60 percent of the White vote.

  10. You people have to remember that the current president has been attacking whites and their institutions – from family farms (e.g., organic dairy farmers), to businesses with the wrong labor policies (e.g., Gibson guitars), to impressionable youth (repealing dadt and allowing gays to corrupt young recruits away from home often for the first time), to law enforcement (attacking those that seek to do something about illegal immigration e.g., arresting cops on made-up civil rights violations). You vote for the status quo and you doom some more whites to the malign actions of this president and his handlers.

  11. Romney – cough, McCain, cough – will make up for his lack of enthusiasm among White voters – punting on the DREAM Act and gay marriage – by winning over Hispanics and African-Americans.

  12. Reagan did it. And did it beautifully.

    I’m ready to disown Romney if he turns to the febrile egalitarianism of his father. But I wonder how he’ll address the NAACP. We get to see him underfire.

    Reagan said, “I didn’t come today bearing promises of government handouts.”

  13. At least we can now openly mock the “dog whistle” strategy. You can go to any conservative or political site in general and mock it. It also helps that the taboo of whites speaking out positively for whites is decaying (recent poll finds whites by a large majority think that they are the most discriminated upon group).

  14. “(recent poll finds whites by a large majority think that they are the most discriminated upon group).”


  15. I don’t want reopen a settled debate. But, in looking back on the great “mainstreamer versus vanguardist” debate of 2010/2011, I think it’s fair to say the vanguardists have been completely vindicated in their critique of the GOP and conservatism. They predicted the White wave election of 2010 would lead to naught. It did. We didn’t get nearly as much as I’d hoped at the state level either. It’s not the fault of the voters; the leaders stabbed them in the back.

    Romney will deliver more of the same in 2012. The sheer dishonesty of the national GOP is mind boggling. Romney’s reversals, his outright lies to White voters, make him a far worse choice than Obama. The man’s actions have proven beyond all doubt he is an enemy and liar, except he pretends to be our friend. Such a person is far more dangerous than an open enemy.

    If Obama imposes a dictatorship, which I doubt, that might be the best thing in the world. The mask would drop.

    We are living in under a form of government that is close to a de factor dictatorship anyway. Challenging Stalin in the Soviet Union would probably have had a greater chance of success than challenging the USA’s ruling class today (the anti-White coalition and Wall Street/Chamber of Commerce).

    This is not to say the vanguardists were right about everything they said in that debate. I don’t think they were. But they were definitely right about the futility of trying to use the national Republican party as vehicle for change.

  16. “Challenging Stalin in the Soviet Union would probably have had a greater chance of success than challenging the USA’s ruling class today (the anti-White coalition and Wall Street/Chamber of Commerce).”

    This is the sort of idiocy that repels any sane White person who is interested in our cause.

    Have you heard of the Cheka? NKVD? GULAG?

    Twenty million-plus murdered. Just like Obama’s USA, in every way.

    I don’t doubt that the lefties secretly fantasize about putting all recalcitrant honkys in labor camps, but it’s not happening just yet. Hell, I’d love a no-kidding race war, we’ve got a lot more guns than they do.

    Keep the stupid false analogies to yourself, they help the other side, not us.

    And if you buy into “worse is better” in American politics, you may well get to find out. I don’t think you’ll like it. Talk is cheap, especially online.

  17. Re: Vanguardists

    (1) If memory serves, the “mainstreamer” argument at the time was that it was possible to work within the system, and that we should do so when it was clearly to our advantage.

    (2) It was possible to work within the system … Arizona passed SB 1070, which inspired Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, and South Carolina to pass similar laws. The Supreme Court is expected to uphold Arizona’s immigration law next week.

    (3) In 2011 and 2012, Alabama went beyond Arizona. As I said at the time, Arizona’s immigration law would spread across the Union, and it would inspire imitators in multiple federal appellate court jurisdictions, thereby forcing the Supreme Court to enter the fray. That’s exactly what happened.

    (4) In 2011, the Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s E-Verify law. What happened between 2010 and 2012?

    Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina now have mandatory E-Verify for all or most employers. Virginia and Florida have passed more limited versions of E-Verify.

    (5) Voter ID laws have proliferated across the states: South Carolina, Mississippi, and Texas passed new Voter ID laws while North Carolina and Missouri passed Voter ID laws that were vetoed by Democratic governors.

    (6) The spread of Voter ID laws prompted heavy handed Justice Department intervention in Texas and South Carolina.

    (7) The Justice Department sued Arizona, Alabama, Utah, and South Carolina over immigration laws. It sued South Carolina and Texas over Voter ID. This has successfully polarized Whites against the Democratic Party and Washington.

    (8) From 2010 to 2012, Republicans have won control of all the state legislatures in the South with the exception of Arkansas, Kentucky, and West Virginia. The Arkansas legislature will fall in November.

    (9) From 2010 to 2012, virtually all the Blue Dog Democrats in the House and Senate have been voted out of office or forced into retirement.

    (10) The long and short of the story is that the two-party system is breaking down in the South, Whites are becoming completely polarized against the Democrats, and polarizing conflicts between the states and the federal government (most recently with Florida over the Voting Rights Act) is hardening racial attitudes.

    (11) The Pew Hispanic Center has shown that the Hispanic population in most of the Southern states – Texas is the big exception, Oklahoma is another – has been dropping as the illegal alien population has started to move to other states.

    (12) The core “mainstreamer” argument was that White racial attitudes were hardening and that it was possible to start closing the gap between “mainstream” conservatives and racialists.

    (13) The GOP establishment elites might be selling out the conservative base (that’s nothing new), but after two years, the conservative base sounds far more like the average White Nationalist (especially on black crime) than was the case just two years ago.

    (14) In 2012, the typical White Southerner is more alienated, more racialized, more polarized, and more pessimistic about the future of America than was the case two years ago.

  18. What about the vanguard?

    The vanguard is exactly where anyone who was following that debate two years ago expected it would be two years later: HAC has written another fantasy novel that no one read, there have been dozens of more Radio Free Northwests, Greg is now doing his second $25,000 fundraiser, Linder is still posting bon mots on VNN Forum, Bill White was released from jail only to be apprehended in Mexico.

    Did the vanguard launch a violent revolution? Edgar Steele went to prison. Joe Snuffy went to prison for attempting to blow up Spokane. J.T. Ready offed himself in a murder-suicide. As for the NSM, Jeff Schoep’s mudshark wife gave the NSM membership list to One People’s Project.

  19. At their base, the major parties are not remotely the same. Compare the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street.

    If the Republicans and Democrats sound interchangeable, it is because they bend together toward the top of the pyramid, the Beltway, because the big money donors fund the entire corrupt enterprise.

    Mitt Romney in the general election has changed from Mitt Romney in the primaries. How come?

    Obviously, it is because Romney now has to compete in a national electorate, where Southern conservative voters are not nearly as powerful or influential as they are in the GOP primary, which itself is a national primary.

    If the election was only being held in the South, Romney wouldn’t be the nominee, and the nominee wouldn’t sound anything like Romney does today. The vast majority of liberals in America live in the North and West and having to compete in a national election drags the entire electorate to the Left.

    This is what the vanguard doesn’t realize: while America is lost at the national level, a movement is still possible at the state level. If the states could be polarized and provoked into open conflict with Washington, we might have a chance at a separate autonomous existence.

  20. Good point Hunter. But in the same way the parties bend towards each other at the top, they bend geometrically away at the bottom, which makes getting an agenda across on the local level on either side near impossible. At base it’s a diametrically opposed vision of how people see God. So any remotely traditional moral issue is off limits. Yet it really is the moral issues that count. It’s either moral issues or money issues. And since we can’t agree on morality, it’s all about money. So one way or the other, the money wins. Besides, the money interests are the only interests vested enough to keep their eye on the ball or pay people to keep their eye on the ball. They are always there. They suffer the malcontents because they’ve seen them all before, and they’ve seen them go.

    Basically because we’ve lost the moral fiber to fight for the moral issues, we’ve become slave to the money interests. And we’re too fractured to rebuild a moral fabric. So there’s no way we have the capacity to kick the corruption out of the temple. We no longer have a common definition of what corruption is.

    Anyone who gets involved, even at the local level, comes up against the money players. And they will outlast you. I think the healthiest thing for whites to do is go outlaw, and focus on the very local level. As in family. It’s time to give the Party, and the system, the finger. It has to happen eventually, does it not?

  21. Even at the farmer’s market level, or the block meeting level, there are ideological differences that people used to be killed over. Let alone at the party level.

  22. @SDB

    As with the Soviet Union under Stalin, there is about 0.0% chance the USAs national ruling class can be removed from power through the ballot box or by peaceful means. Anyone repelled by this statement would necessarily have to be a pretty ill informed person. I never said the US was like the Soviet Union in all respects.

  23. Romney’s constituents loathe gay “marriage” and immigration; but his clients think otherwise.

    Mitt knows what side his bread is buttered on.

  24. Nobody has been able to tell me specifically what Romney would do that would benefit whites. I can’t think of anything. He would certainly not address immigration, the wolf closest to the sled, in a favorable way. On the other hand, Obama’s anti-white stance in nearly every aspect of his administration does seem to be alienating whites, which is good. The sooner brain dead whites begin to see their sons and daughters passed over for university slots in favor of “vibrancy”, the sooner they realize their hard earned taxes are going to people contrary to them, the sooner they get the picture that they have lost the nation their forefathers built for them, the better the chances will be of gaining more power at the state levels. Romney winning will kill the imperative at the state level.

  25. Hunter Wallace: “If the Republicans and Democrats sound interchangeable, it is because they bend together toward the top of the pyramid…”

    You can think of the two parties as being merely a means to bend two widely disparate constituencies into supporting one party line, dictated from the top.


  26. The Republican Party, in it’s current form, MUST go. It is obstructionist to everything conservative. It is a bigger threat to us than Obama and the Democrats.

  27. “Have you heard of the Cheka? NKVD? GULAG?

    Twenty million-plus murdered. Just like Obama’s USA, in every way.”

    Have YOU not noticed they need NONE of that???

    The real and brutal truth s that Stalin and all the others like him drastically OVERESTIMATED people. They did not need to “liquidate” millions. Today you sure as hell do not need to. And the jails and prisons we have are more than sufficient to handle the handful of radicals we actually have.

    Hell, people in the US today are terrified of getting a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. Death camps are not needed.

  28. @Brutus

    Yes. Good points. They don’t need the NKVD on every corner. US gov has surveillance technologies that go beyond Stalin’s wildest dreams. Plus, if they don’t want to jail the radicals who might be a problem, they can call down a drone strike to kill pretty much anyone, anytime, anywhere. Obama is boasting about his drone assassinations on the world stage. Obama also signed the NDAA and renewed the Patriot Act. In point of fact, there are a number of strong parallels between the US in 2012 and the Soviet Union.


    You can think of the two parties as being merely a means to bend two widely disparate constituencies into supporting one party line, dictated from the top.

    Well put. The last few years I’ve started to notice how the Democrats and mainstream liberals use a form of dog whistling to their base. Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Axelrod and the rest of them use rhetoric and words that make it seem like they oppose corporate power, the Chamber of Commerce, and Wall Street oligarchs much more than they actually do in practice. The net effect of that is that it blunts meaningful change from the left.

  29. @Lew

    I didn’t mean that there is no need for death camps and NKVD squads because of modern surveillance technology or the existence of drones, I meant that is just plain isn’t necessary because people are far more meek than was realized by Stalin and the like.

    You don’t need a .44 Magnum when a harsh word will do.

  30. America in 2012 is in no way like Stalin’s USSR – saying it is marks you as an idiot who cares nothing about facts.

    However, the USA today is a lot like the USSR in its last decades, long after the Stalinist period, when the GULAG system had been dismantled, only a small number of dissidents were imprisoned (and then usually in “psychiatric” prisons because anyone who dissented from socialism was obviously “crazy”).

    More importantly, dissent from the system was handled by loss of job, apartment, social ostracism. The system effectively made dissenters non-persons, which was why exile was the best option.

    Sound familiar?

  31. No, you are wrong. Stalin was entrenched and couldn’t be removed by democratic means. Neither can the USAs ruling class. In this respect (which is not to say all respects), they are exactly alike. There are many ways they are not alike too. The Soviets had Gulags. We don’t. I never said otherwise. I could have drawn the same parallel using a Roman Emperor or an early British monarch. You couldn’t vote out an Emperor, a monarch, or Stalin. The parallel with the USA is there in each case. You didn’t respond to what I wrote either time. I’m not sure why you’re being such an asshole. Quite frankly, I don’t care. I won’t read or answer your comments again.

  32. Name-calling – very classy.

    Excellent service to the cause, well done.

    People who use stupid arguments which make WNs sound dumb and/or hysterical, then turn around and casually use abusive language against brothers are either incredibly uneducated or agents provocateurs.

    Which are you?

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