Live Thread: Supreme Court Watch

District of Corruption

Arizona and Obamacare rulings are expected early this morning.

Update: Oh BTW, the neocons have finally gotten what they always wanted. Democracy has triumphed in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood won the election.

Note: There is a chance the titillation will continue until Thursday. If so, this thread will be taken down again.

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  1. I bet Pat Buchanan LOLd at that one. I was always perplexed by the neocon democracy crusade. It seemed to me that democracy would work to the advantage of Islamic fundamentalists.

  2. Jewmax is freaking out about it ….

    ” Israel Jittery After Brotherhood Victory in Egypt ”

    I read on some site months ago, how there’s talk in Egypt about a million man protest march (of civilians) from Egypt into Israel – that should be interesting.

    And what is it about Arabs celebrating stuff by firing guns into the air?

    Gunmen fired automatic weapons in the air, and mosque loudspeakers reverberated with prayers. Some revelers handed out candy on street corners.

    The celebrations were marred when one person was killed and six others wounded by celebratory gunfire.

  3. I laughed out loud, when I heard about the voting results in Egypt. Too funny!

    I know Muzzies are bad news, etc – but they actually just want every-one to convert. They don’t want to kill your soul.

    The Yids, on the other hand….”jittery” Jews are always an impending sign of Satan working overtime….

  4. HW says in part, “I was always perplexed by the neocon democracy crusade. It seemed to me that democracy would work to the advantage of Islamic fundamentalists.”

    I think “democracy” was a smokescreen and one that would sell to the American public and military. If we examine the countries that have received the “treatment,” we note that they almost all fall within three concentric circles with Israel at the center of the circles.

    Possibly when we hear “democracy,” we should substitute “destabilization” because that has been largely the result in Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, etc. Iran and Afghanistan are outliers from that concept of concentric circles, but the destabilization of the states deemed to be enemies of Israel seems to be a satisfactory substitute for democracy when the smoke clears.

    It is odd that the remaining two monarchies (Jordan and Saudi Arabia) are exempt from the movement to “democratize” NE Africa, South Central Europe, and SW Asia, because logically a monarchy would be the first target on the road to democracy.

    Even Serbia can be taken as an example because of the almost 1000 acre military base the USA has now in Kosovo called Camp Bondsteel, a perfect location for radar monitoring of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, etc.

    If the USA ever turns on Israel, and it could, the ring of protection for Israel could well become a ring of punishment for Israel.

  5. Just read slip opinion syllabi……Arz law struck down largely on Fed Supremacy grounds. In other case, justices ruled life without parole for murder for juvenile killers is cruel and unususl punishment and violates eigth amendmnt.

    More proof that we need to be done with DC and US…..typed on blackberry excuse typos

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