Europe Slashes Global EBT Card


H/T Walter Russell Mead

Anyone who read Pat Buchanan’s 2001 book The Death of the West and James Howard Kunstler’s 2005 book The Long Emergency saw this one coming a mile away.

In 2012, there are over 1 billion people in Africa. It was developments in Europe and North America that caused the population of Africa to grow 5x from its 1950 level. I believe we’re still on track to make the problem much worse by 2030.

The “Green Revolution” and half a century of European largesse is what made 1 billion Africans possible. Progressives assumed that this was permanent condition that would continue indefinitely.

Buchanan and Kunstler explained why the endless streams of European largesse and the cheap imported food would turn out to be a passing phase.

Now here we are:

“In the year 2010-11, Spain cut its aid budget—the sixth largest in Europe—by nearly a third.

Greece cut its much smaller programme by 40%, according to the Data study, which was published in association with the campaign group ONE…

Over the last decade the trend has been for aid cash to rise.

European countries account for just over half of all global official development assistance…

He said: “The countries we’re worried about are mostly in Africa – for example Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi.

“At the moment they need aid and its saving lives on a daily basis.”

Note: In theory, South Sudan alone could feed the whole African continent, but as we saw in Zimbabwe, which used to be “The Breadbasket of Africa,” Africans lack the capacity to preserve civilization.

Unfortunately, Europeans and North Americans will have an increasingly difficult time preserving civilization too, as the West reaps the whirlwind of its decadent culture, the aging crisis, financial collapse, changing racial demographics and resource challenges.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in Africa and its Caribbean extensions as the foreign aid dries up and global food prices rise.

Maybe the black scientists in Tuskegee, AL that we have heard so much about on television will come up with a solution before it is too late?

Step 1 was kill the White farmers. Step 2 will be the sequel to Africa Addio.

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  1. Omdurman was also the exact sort of battle we need. Three victories or so and all the mineral wealth and farm land is ours again.

  2. Sean off all people, wrote on another thread, on this wonderful blog (approximation):

    “Africa has an absolute mind boggling wealth of natural resources, and half of the best farmland in the world. Only African could figure out a way to starve, in such a land”

  3. A lot of good, level land, true, but a lot of it too dry or subject to sporadic extreme droughts. Pest and disease pressure is generally high. Not farming paradise like some places in the temperate zone.

  4. Should ethanol from grain and other commodity crops be encouraged to raise the price of food? Or would this only encourage increased emigration out of Africa?

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