Move Them Niggers North


H/T Larry Auster

Ever hear the “that’s impossible” or “you can’t do that” argument against White separatism? Well, Israel is flying them all the way back to Africa!

Note: If Israel can airlift negroes to South Sudan, why can’t we “Freedom Ride” them to Vermont? Let them disembark in Howard Dean’s front yard?

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  1. Israel refers to it as ” Operation Going Home ” – it has a nice, warm, fuzzy, puppy dog, milk-and-cookies sound to it. Who can argue with this Operation? Outstanding marketing and public relations.

  2. yankees set them free and yankees made the laws to make negros the “equal” of White men so it seems only logical to send niggers to live with yankees

  3. I posted that “Colonel Sharecropper” tune in a comment a few weeks ago, and now would you like to hear Captain Race Morgan’s response to that in “The Great White North”?

  4. Re: “it seems only logical to send niggers to live with yankees”:

    But another (NORTHERN) logic leads to another conclusion, as in the cited tune: “Send them all BACK (to Dixie) !”

  5. “Sadly I roam,
    Still longing for the old plantation home
    When shall I hear the banjo strumming,
    Oh darkies, how my heart grows weary
    far from the old folks at home”
    “Mammy, my dear old mammy”

  6. Whatever happened to the plan to “send them back to Africa?” A popular slogan when I was young in the 1950’s.

  7. I wonder how many planes will crash of the coast of Mogadishu. These returnees would be good shark chum.

    Israel Announces “Right of Return” …to the landfills of Kinshasa.

  8. Our zionist brothers show us the way. Mark if you’re reading this, why can’t you be like them good jews in Israel?

  9. They are not good. Just Chauvanists, that is all. No better or worse than anyone else. However they appear to be the only people on earth allowed to be like this.

    Mr Wise, if you are reading this, what is it like to have your cake and eat it too? If you are proved wrong you can always bugger off to Tel Aviv. Joe Bloggs can’t. He’s stuck with your stupid effing mess.

  10. LOL this is too damn funny. They are ACTUALLY putting them into camps and/or shipping them back to Africa.

    Now whenever an evangelical Christian or anybody objects to deportations we can meet them with WWID? (What Would Israel Do?)

  11. I think the issue is setting up a new Liberia.

    Call it Kingland. Capital is Marleytown. Second city should be Birmingham. The currency the Jackson and the first university Sharpton U. Make Wright their Archbishop.

    Then they are finally free of us all.

  12. Those Beckite Premillennial Anti-racist Tea Partiers MUST be shown what WHO they support does to poor black refugees.

  13. JayZ could be made King of Kingland.
    Sean Combes could be Chamberlain.

    Where Everyman, or woman is a sovereign.

  14. Go figure …..

    Israel Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial attack: Three held – Three ultra-Orthodox Jewish men have been arrested in Israel, suspected of defacing the national Holocaust memorial with anti-Zionist graffiti. – BBC June 26, 2012

    One of the slogans daubed in paint on the walls of the memorial read: “If Hitler had not existed, the Zionists would have invented him.”

    The suspects have admitted vandalising the site, a police spokesman said.

    Suspicion for the attack had fallen on radical ultra-Orthodox Jews who oppose the creation of the state of Israel.

    A small number of extremists believe the myth that Israel’s founders conspired with Hitler to bring about the Jewish state.

    Myth ?

    I guess they and then BBC never heard of “The Haavara Agreement” aka “The Transfer Agreement” , which is a title of a book written by a Jew.


  15. There are other similar suggested songs on youtube …

    Example ..

    ” Run, Nigger, Run~Gid Tanner & The Skillet Lickers (1926-1927).wmv ”

    The text intro states …..

    Warning: If you live in a small pathetic world that revolves around the Phony Ideology known as “Political Correctness”…”Don’t listen to this song”…It will only Piss you off!!…Like it or not, this is part of our American Music History and Heritage, regardless of what color you are. If you consider it Racist you evidently have never listened to the hate lyrics of some of the current Ghetto Rap music…

    So true !

  16. Israeli terminology: “illegal infiltrator”;
    American (leftist) media terminology: “undocumented immigrant”

  17. “I’d love to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing this song A Capella”.


    Funniest shit I’ve heard in quite a while.

    Made my evening, thank you very much!

  18. “Illegal infiltrators”. I like it—-I think that’s going to be my preferred term for illegals here.

  19. The Johnny Rebel version is the best. He also has such classics as Some Niggers Never Die They Just Smell That Way, Louisana KKK, Nigger in the Woodpile and others.

  20. Re: “to hell with yankee logic”:

    How about GREEK logic, as in Aristotle’s. Can’t we agree on A is A?

  21. @ “peanut butter and stop lights”: Good. I had posted the last one here a few weeks ago in a “Music Break” thread. But what’s with your moniker?

  22. Outlier, thanks for the Gid Tanner link. Those guys were phenomenal!

    Move Them Niggers North, LMAO but everything he said is true.

  23. ” UK ready to take on Israel over fate of children clapped in irons ” June 27, 2012

    ” The Foreign Office revealed last night that it would be challenging the Israelis over their treatment of Palestinian children after a report by a delegation of senior British lawyers revealed unconscionable practices, such as hooding and the use of leg irons.


    Hooding and leg irons ?

  24. Tractors are a weapon of oppression …

    Caterpillar cut from social index over Israel ” Al-Jizya June 27, 2012

    MSCI, a US investment firm, has removed Caterpillar from three of its popular indexes that track socially responsible investments, citing concerns about the Israeli military’s use of the company’s bulldozers in the Palestinian territories.

    MSCI said in a statement that Israeli practices were one of the “key factors” in its decision to remove the US manufacturer of machinery and engines.


  25. As we observe how Israel gets rid of HER ‘unwanted’, may I elucidate American Christians as to OUR ‘unwanted,’ and why the AshkeNAZIS may show us our own ‘final solution’ ? Thank you…

    “Two points (in this discussion) can be taken as self-evident and axiomatic:
    1) “All wars waged at the behest of American Jewry on (FAKE) Israel’s behalf are wars of disaster, that can in no way be regarded as beneficial to America. The shameful fiasco in Iraq and the spectacular defeat of America in Afghanistan (its new Vietnam) are obvious examples. American Jewry is one hundred percent to blame for these disasters.

    Pay no attention to the ad hominem slur that this self-evident truth is an “anti-Semitic canard.” That won’t wash any longer.” (Jews aren’t “Semites” nor anything else they PRETEND to be: “Sem” is just Greek for Shem, Noah’s White son, and “Jews” are Edomite Canaanites NOT the Israelites, Hebrews, nor Judahites of the Tribe of Judah. Nor are Jews “victims” of Gas Chambers in Germany, for there were 488,000 MORE lying Anti-Christ “Jews” alive AFTER WWII was over. They have “deceived the whole world” exactly the way Revelation said The AntiChrist would do in the end).

    (2) “The more obvious it becomes that American foreign policy is being run by American Jews in Israel’s interests, to the detriment of America, the clearer it will become that America has fallen under foreign domination, i.e., that it has become a Jewish colony.” – Skip Baker

    Next, confirmation of the heretical nature of jews- Sacrificing chickens to Satan

    Kapparot is a bizarre ritual performed on the eve of Yom Kippur when chickens are sacrificed to Satan. The animal-rights groups PETA, estimate 50,000 chickens are killed in Brooklyn alone.

    Rabbi Dr. Israel Drazin, writes about the Kapparot ritual and how it orginated as a sacrifice to Satan in his 2008 book, “Maimonides: The Exceptional Mind:”

    “Many Jews currently practice the kapparot ceremony on the eve of Yom Kippur. A fowl is waved counterclockwise around the head of a man or woman and words are recited requesting that the person’s sins be transferred to the fowl. “This is my exchange, my substitute, my atonement. This rooster shall go to its death, but I shall go to good, long life and peace.” The rite concludes with the slaughtering of the fowl.”- page 197

    “Originally, the ceremony was seen as a bribe that was offered to Satan, similar to the Azzazel bribe described in Leviticus 16. A rooster was chosen because (1) it was an animal that was not allowed to be sacrificed to God, and therefore an appropriate sacrifice for a devil and (2) the masses thought that this bird resembled Satan: it had horns like Sa tan and its feet resemble the demon’s feet. The rooster was slaughtered with the sacrificial formality of laying of hands so that it would be accepted as a suitable sacrifice/bribe by Satan.”-page 199

    More Jewish authors confirming its a ritual sacrifice to Satan:

    From 1970: “… there can be no doubt that the Kapparot-ceremony, especially as it was performed in the earliest gaonic time with a horned animal, ram or goat, or with a rooster, was a revival of the ancient ritual of sending a goat to Azazel. And like the goat for Azazel it was a sacrifice to Satan.”- Studies in Jewish Law, Custom, & Folklore, by Jacob Zallel Lauterbach

    From 1975: ” The kapparot ceremony was originally, according to Lauterbach, part of the tashlikh ceremony now performed on Rosh haShanah. It consists of substituting fowl for humans: a rooster for a male, a hen for a female, or both for a pregnant woman…. Lauterbach discerns in older versions of the recitations and address to Satan and other fallen angels. “Such a ritual was tantamount to worshipping Satan by offering him a sacrifice and praying to him and could not, of course, be tolerated. It was incompatible with Jewish teachings, hence the total or partial rejection by it by various rabbinical authorities and the various attempts at charging or modifying it on the part of those who retained it.” – The Jewish Year, by Isaiah Shachar

    From 1976: “And like the goat for Azazel it was a sacrifice to Satan, a sort of ransom or bribe sent to him to persuade him to desist from accusing the people whom he would claim as his prey.” – Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion at One Hundred Years, by Samuel E. Karff

    From 2003: “…the kapparot is a ritual killing of an animal for expiatory purpose… the performance does look like a sacrifice intended for Satan” – The impact of Yom Kippur on early Christianity, by Daniel Stökl Ben Ezra

    (from an email I got from a Rev. E. James)

  26. I’m wondering if this story is getting any attention in this country. I don’t own a tv, but tune in Limbaugh, Hannity, and other shows. Have not heard a thing. Where are all the lefty jew groups on this issue? *crickets* Where is the media outrage and condemnation? Hypocrites! If it were any other country the story would go nuclear. Oy! The inhumanity!

    We should send these links to our representatives and ask them why we can’t do the same as the most holy chosen ones they all admire so much.

    Update and link from a site I’m not familiar with.
    Exodus: Israel to drive Africans from Holy Land
    Israel has initiated the first stage of a controversial “emergency plan” aimed at interning and deporting an estimated 60,000 African immigrants. Officials believe the presence of the Africans poses a threat to the “Jewish character” of the state.
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who believes immigrants are swamping his country, has claimed the African migrants “are seen by many Israelis as a law and order issue and even a threat to the long-term viability of the Jewish state.”
    The Prime Minister promised that in order to stop the hiring of illegal Africans the legislation would be strictly enforced.
    Israeli authorities are ready to grant 1,000 euros to any African who agrees to freely leave within five days. Some immigrants have agreed, while others are going to be repatriated by force.
    Over a hundred African men, women, and children, mostly South Sudanese, have been reportedly detained in the Red Sea port of Eilat.
    Senior immigration official Yossi Edelstein reported on Israel Radio “We have arrested about 140 infiltrators up until last night, the main portion of who are South Sudanese.”
    The handcuffed detainees were brought to the Saharonim detention facility in the Negev Desert.
    According to Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai, the first to be deported are going to be 1.500 refugees from South Sudan, who fled the civil war that split their country.
    “The next stage is the removal from Israel of all the infiltrators from Eritrea and Sudan, whose number comes close to 50,000 people,” the Interior Minister said.

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