District of Corruption

It seems that every day now provides fresh evidence that the Union is our misfortune: Obama’s DREAM Act executive order, the Supreme Court stripping Arizona of state sovereignty, the Obama administration’s announcement that it will discontinue enforcing immigration laws, etc.

Obama has refused to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act, he endorsed gay marriage, we even have gay pride events at the Pentagon now.

If the Union did not exist, none of this would be happening. Among other things, we also have the Union to thank for the Immigration Act of 1965, the Voting Rights Act, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

What’s standing between us and total destruction within the Union? Nothing but Mitt Romney. An unreliable, unprincipled, flip flopping Northeastern Republican liberal. A “businessman” who wants to be president.

BTW, what happened to all the crooks and swindlers on Wall Street who torpedoed the U.S economy? Did Eric “My People” Holder ever sue them? They got a $7.7 trillion dollar bailout by taxpayers!

If Thomas Jefferson had sat down to write a novel about a dystopian nightmare future of a totally consolidated and tyrannical central government, there is no way he could have topped this.

No one could have imagined that White people would become so degraded by the 21st century that they would work themselves to death to pay taxes to Washington to subsidize millions of idle negroes on the EBT card. The Black Undertow riots in convenience stores and department stores and makes our cities uninhabitable. That’s not even on the table as a “mainstream” issue.

Well, almost no one …

“They published a special broadside as “A Farewell to the Subcribers of the Charleston Mercury.” Though the son signed the statement, in fact his father wrote it for him, and it echoed all of the elder Rhett’s ideas and spirit.

The South now lived under a despotism of consolidation, the states and their sovereignty abused by Washington. With universal male suffrage it would only get worse. “Swelling the multitude of voters” would not make liberty but be its downfall, while the military Reconstruction now in place attempting “to put the half-savage negro over the civilized Caucasian, may not be forgotten or forgiven.” History would remember it as an act of abject hatred and bigotry. The South, a more tolerant and congenial region, did not like change and revered the past, while the North, “fond of novelties, misnamed “progress,” was the slave of its own dogmatism.

“There is no ground for forgetfulness – no possibility of forgiveness, with these black, moving memorials of our wrongs, polluting our sight, crossing us in all walks of life, and vaunting their consequence as the tools of our tyrants,” the newspaper’s “Farewell” concluded as it condemned “a despotism of vagrant white men, and ignorant, filthy negroes.” Even Kentucky was now feeling the heel of Reconstruction, her sympathy with the other Southern states greater than ever before, and a spirit of resistance was growing throughout the old Confederacy, refueling “the hatred and regional unity that will one day regain Southern freedom and power in national counsels.” The Union was destined to fall apart from its own corruption one day, and then “the people of the Southern states will be a free and great people.”

“Grant won the election, of course, which convinced Rhett now more than ever that, “the blessings of Free Government can only be obtained by the Southern people ruling themselves.” All of the governmental offices in the South were filled with corrupt Republican partisans, he believed … He wanted to see in the region a Southern party condemning the old Constitution, with its now perverting amendments proscribing former Confederates from holding office while giving the right to vote to the blacks, and instead organizing Southern power for a day of deliverance. They should stop submitting voluntarily to Reconstruction laws…

The South would rise again, not just to achieve its own independence but to save free government and political liberty for the world. They had but to will it to see it accomplished. For this reason among others he would never be one of the thousands taking an oath of allegiance and seeking the return of his full civil liberties.”

“There never had been and never would be a people of the United States, but rather two distinct peoples, Northern and Southern. Democracy existed only in the states themselves and not in the national government. The Union had no sovereignty, republican free government was dead in America, and despotism reigned.

When the South fell, so did that free government that he always capitalized

All his life Robert Barnwell Rhett had seen a “yonder star” that others would not see, and his dream had died. Yet to the end he expected that those who followed him would one day see his vision anew and take up his cause to make it a reality. The South would rise again, and it would be free and independent and dedicated to principles that would vindicate him and his struggle.”

Obama is the ultimate, black moving memorial of our wrongs.

There is only one solution to the problem: disunion. This is happening for a reason. The people who support the status quo and who are driving our racial and cultural decline are not a random cross section of the population. Specifically, it is the Northeast and the West Coast that are indisputably in the driver’s seat, who are pulling the entire country along behind them.

OD is the only racialist website that identifies the Union as the problem. Cut the umbilical cord between Dixie and Washington and the decline grinds to a halt. It will even go into reverse as we develop laws and cultural norms more congenial to our own national character.

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  1. Bring on maximum degeneracy! The whole thing will crumble that much sooner! Worse is better for now!

  2. A good read dealing with “Milestones” and America’s decline is Thomas Chittum’s “Civil War II.” It is a political trestise written by a common man who served as a merc in Yugoslavia, another tri-party clusterfuck with a corrupt elite milking a universalist ideology.

  3. I was given a parishioner’s copy of Ward Kendall’s book, ‘Hold back this Day.’

    I would advise everyone who has not read this, to do so, especially in this election year. If ever there was a piece of fiction that upheld the White Human spirit, and contrasted it with the utter plodding nature of Multiculturalism, so much so that most any brain-dead adolescent could ‘get it’, without being ‘preachy’, this is the novel to read.

    That the last name of the ‘great satan’ of the book is YEHUDIT (jew) isn’t (in my view) a coincidence, either. Excellent novel. Full of the human spirit, visionary, etc., etc. As we contemplate our secession from the Obamanation/WorldGov, nothing could more clearly focus our energies, than some ‘light summer reading.’

    Two thumbs up. Five stars. Go thou, and do likewise.
    “No greater love hath a man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” – John 13:15

  4. I saw some military fag opining on CNN this am. The hairpsray-poisoned “hostess” had earlier gone into tizzies of outrage over:

    1) Justice Scalia’s ringing and brilliant rebuttal to the JudenHag “decision” on AZ’s right to self-defense and sovriegnity (“Justices are suppposed to insert themselves into politics!” Direct quote)

    2) Some mongrel slant named Ann Curry, as the hostess of the ABC good monrning show. Ann’s getting booted cause the audinece is not apparently ready to go full Asia (Judeboy Matt Lauer is the “male” host) before coffee. Ann just can’t get over the fact that people son’t seem to like her ,and the 2 hags on CNN were whining about poor Ann getting her feelings hurt (“She’s a human being too” another direct quote from the BRILLIANT staff at CNN) – even theough she’ll wind up getting paid $15,000,000.00 to go away. I’m much more obnoxious than Curry. I’d probably get a hundred million to go away…..

    3) CNN Hag was DROOLING over Young Military Fag.

    Now I know I’ve said that I have had loads of gay friends – but they were all connected to the Arts. Not the military.

    CNN Hag and Fag were chattering about the Pentagon’s “event” not being as “rowdy” as other Gay Pride events aka mind-boggling public depravity. I thought, “Well – yeah. They can’t show the homos in a Daisy Chain, swinging fomr the Pentagon chandeliers, in public, just yet – but I’m sure it now goes on behind the scenes, and now the almost strictly Kosher “US Military” will go Full Travolta casting couch, for any career advancement, in the very near future.”

    The “Union” is absolutely unsustainable. The Fail is gonna be bigger than ANYTHING the world has ever seen. You’ll see the Union end, Hunter. Faster than you can imagine.

    Kill it with fire. NOW.

  5. They won the war so they and their children could all be slaves, (and take any dissenters down with them).

    Has anyone in Europe ever lived in the way we used to? Europe seems all Welfare states and warfare states, fascism and communism. Would the people who came from there more recently (within the past seven generations) even understand “freedom” if they saw it?

    What on earth would they DO if they had any “freedoms?” —They are all on Warfare checks, Welfare checks, EBT (even the europeans), or doing drone work administering all these redistribution payouts. At best, they’ve climbed the system and have a spot in some bank where they can really dick people, or in media where they can produce some lady gaga bullshit for a few bucks.

    The people who fought for the Union were mostly europeans, and they like SLAVERY. They LOVE their little warfare-welfare states that are just like what they came from over there. At least the Puritans had ideals about perfecting things, (stupid and gross though it is)—- but now it’s just greasy corruption openly milking it.

  6. “My Antonia” by Willa Cather.
    A very warm and moving account of immigrant family life on a praire farm in 1880’s Nebraska.
    One can learn about loyalty, discipline, dedication, hard-work, and the eternal struggle trying to discern the best way to live one’s life in a fallen world.
    It’s a simple, down-to-earth story, yet touches the heart in it’s depiction of family life amidst the hardships of breaking sod.
    It was first published in 1918 when the author looked back upon her childhood and wrote her memoir in tribute to her kin and to her folk.

  7. “The Spiritual Teachings of Marcus Aurelius”
    “Dig inside; inside is the fountain of good, and it
    will forever flow, if you will forever dig”.
    A very spiritual work, but not at all fey or pretentious. And no mixed messages.
    There is much common-sense wisdom set forth in a manly, straight-forward, honest way.

  8. Savitri Devi’s works are transcendant. Many of her books are out of print and almost impossible to acquire.
    One can get a glimpse of her remarkable intelligence, however, at the website in her honor:
    ” savitridevi” (.org)

  9. “The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You”
    by Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952)
    He was a very well-respected religious leader ( Hindu) in India who studied Christianity and had a deep love for Christ.
    He wrote of Christ with great respect and reverence. Being a Hindu, he brings another way to see Christ, to intuit Christ.
    While there’re some things he mentions I disagree with, I’ve never read any book about Christianity written by a non-Christian author who wrote with such reverence and respect — In terms of reverence for Christianity, his work equals that of the Catholic mystics.
    Like the Catholic mystics, he brings us to a deeper level of understanding to the nature of Christ and to The Light of Christ.
    The book ( two-volume) is still in print. Last copyright was 2004.
    If your local bookstore does not have it in stock , ask that it be ordered.
    It’s a very perceptive and illuminating work.

  10. The South 2012 –

    Resources –
    45% of all US oil refineries are in the south
    We have oil, how much is up for debate
    High-tech factories
    Educated Workforce
    Mind-boggling high-tech agriculture with LOW OIL INPUTs
    Can be Biodiesel center of the world, best oil trees grow here like weeds
    Can be food independent (If the midwest goes with us we are food independent)
    Most of the nations military forces (again around 45%) are from southern and midwestern states

    Time for the southern split, we will be just fine 🙂

    Need some more gold and silver thought to back a new currency.

  11. The problem is alot of the South’s best fighting men are overseas fighting and dying for uncle sam.
    Southerners are going to have to stop joining uncle sam’s military in such large numbers if they want to secede– if they want even a hope to secede, white Southern men are going to have to stop joining the military.
    One can’t fight an enemy while simultaneously joining the enemies’ military.

  12. I can recommend Gregory Kay’s the ‘Third Revolution’ series. It is four volumes and spins an entertaining and educational yarn about a revolution in the South that ends in independence and a restoration of a dominant white society.

  13. “Judaism’s Strange Gods” by Michael Hoffman is an important work. One can learn a great deal more about judaism. Not the ostensible everyday type judaism. The deeper aspects of judaism– at as it is seen and understood by their rabbinical leadership (on a very high level of rabbinical leadership).
    The high leading rabbinical leadership in judaism is kinda/sorta like how the vatican works, except there’s no actual central temple.
    But the jews do have a type of religious heirarchy –just as catholics and protestant churches do– nonetheless.
    Like the vatican leaders in the catholic church, the big-shots make the rules, and then the rules get filtered down.
    Just like most catholics are unaware of what actually goes on in the vatican, most jews are unaware of what goes on with their their top leading ruling rabbinical elite as well.
    On another level, both the jewish big-shot rabbis and the big-shot christians– catholic and protestant–work together to a very substantial degree. It has been this way in the west for a very long time throughout history– even when the catholic church was ostensibly anti-semitic. On a high level, the popes (and protestant big-shots) worked in conjunction with the big-shot jews.
    Our respective leaders indoctrinated us to hate one another and to point fingers at one another, while our respective leaders were working hand-in-glove together to make things miserable for everyone– christian and jew.
    They come together through freemasonry and all it’s branches and chapters of secret societies. Freemasonry is the nexus point for the big-shot jews and the big-shot christians to make their plans for us– the average, working-class, middle-class people of the world.
    Hoffman also has many books on his website about freemasonry and the role of secret societies in the governance of our churches, synagogues (for jewish readers), schools (all levels from grammar to university), military, and government.
    Excellent website. I greatly admire his work– Hoffman’s quest to find truth, and to share what he finds.
    Michael Hoffman’s: “revisionisthistory” (.org)

  14. As the anglos sold us down the river to the jews in 1913 (for 10 cents on the dollar, no less), and the jews are currently in the process of selling us down the river to the chinese (at top price, of course) , a very timely book has just been published:
    ” The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook”
    by Gloria Bley Miller ( sounds vaguely founding stock to me)
    Who knows? Some of us may get lucky and be house niggas for some hot-shot chinese massa. Massa want good cook .
    You can find me out in the rice paddies. I’m just a guido.
    fortune cookie say ” whitey not as smart as think”

  15. ” Of Royal Bondage and the Heirarchy of Blood”
    An interesting take on the royals of buckingham, and all that rot.
    The article is at:
    ( check out the crazy hat on the bishop– same kind of crazy hat the popes wear).

  16. “My Dog Skip”* by Willie Morris
    A very heartwarming memoir of a boyhood spent in Yazoo City, Mississippi back in those better days:
    A boy, his doggy friend Skip, and all the adventures they manage to get themselves into it.
    A very touching story.
    Magnolia trees. Lazy Sunday afternoons, baseball games (yes of course, Skip is on team), tree-climbing (even Skip gets into the action), boyhood daydreams with a loyal friend by his side, barbecues, cotton candy, chasing fireflies, going barefoot, swimming down at the river, swinging from a rope tied to the bridge and jumping into the cool clear water, long walks in the woods– the good ole days down South. The way it ought to be.
    Back in the good ole days when life in the South was like paradise compared to what it is today.
    It touches the heart and makes one want to sing Dixie Unto Eternity.
    ( Random House: 1995)
    * Skip is very cute fox terrier- simultaneously quite typical for his breed, yet Skip aways retains his own unique personality and character. Skip’s loyalty and faithfulness to his family shines through. Ya’ just gotta’ love dogs.

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