Miller vs. Alabama

District of Corruption

Paul Kersey has the definitive wrap up on Miller v. Alabama: the other Supreme Court ruling yesterday in which Kennedy was the decisive swing vote.

It is the same story as Arizona: a state government doing one thing, only to get slapped down by federal courts, thereby providing another illustration that the existence of the Union is squarely the problem.

The Union was established to promote the general welfare, establish justice, and provide for the common defense – it is no longer capable of discharging any of these constitutional functions, and it even aligns itself with foreign nations like Mexico to facilitate the invasion of the states.

So what does the Union do for American taxpayers today? It provides $7.7 trillion dollars worth of bailouts for Wall Street and European banks including a fiesta for Goldman Sachs who was Obama’s largest campaign contributor.

Note: For those who are keeping score, the GOP appointed Earl Warren, John Paul Stevens, David Souter, Anthony Kennedy, and Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court.

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  1. Don’t forget John Roberts and William Brennan.

    My bet is they will uphold Obamacare.

  2. Good observation. It is effectively an international coalition of Mexico, the Obama administration with regime supporters including assorted NGOs and adjacent federal appointees versus the people of the United States. The people are deliberately being economically and socially victimized by this international coalition.

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