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  1. What a scum-sucker. No mention at all of border control or employer sanctions. It’s pure amnesty. Despite his craven pandering to the Republican right-wing to get nominated, there is no doubt in my mind that Durbin expresses the true feelings of Romney on immigration.

  2. Since the vast majority of illegals in Arizona are Mexicans, the probability of a Mexican in Arizona being an illegal is higher than for any other significant racial or ethnic group.

    Thus, by necessity, looking for illegals means looking for Mexicans, disproportionately.

    Yet, to Durbin, the mere act of looking for lawbreakers in a manner that results in a higher probability of finding them is to be condemned.

    Personally, I doubt Durbin and his ilk believe half the political bile they vomit for mass consumption, but this country is filled with people that will believe his warped logic without question.

  3. From the Unamusement Park blog, this reply explains what Durbin is actually saying:

    “what they want is a quite deliberate double standard where blacks are allowed the racial consciousness whites are denied”

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Stop complaining about a double standard, and see the truth.

    For the left, there is no “double standard”; there is a single standard, universally applied, and it is this:

    Fuck you, whitey. No matter what the facts are, no matter what the circumstances are, just fuck you, whitey. Die, white man.

    That is the core of their belief. They are not your loyal opposition, with whom you can argue in good faith. They are your deadly ENEMIES, who want you exterminated from the face of the earth. And they don’t care about any abstract principles; their only true principle is to exterminate YOU. They are more than happy to pretend that there are outside standards or principles of fair play, because so long as you believe that, they have the advantage.

    Remember: whenever a leftist/liberal/anti-racist opens his mouth, all he is really saying is: Die, white man. Fuck off and DIE.

  4. John II (above) is correct that there is no double standard…there is only a single standard.

    From a PR and propaganda point of view, publicly complaining about a double standard is helpful because most of the diverse white Americans hold strongly to the idea of a single standard and understanding the double standard helps free them from the hold of the multiracial ideology now holding sway, having killed the multicultural ideology about a decade ago. So arguing it is a useful topic for public presentations.

    From a reality point of view, there is only a single standard with the least rights and privileges allowed to the diverse white Americans on up through those rights and privileges allowed to gays, women, yellows, browns, and blacks…the latter have an almost unlimited range of rights and privileges…freedom from arrests for behavior that would have us locked up and humiliated in the media, etc.

  5. The Legality is not the point, not really… is it? People should just get off that legal thing.

    The underlying assumption is that Generational Americans (they could be “traditional” or not) —the people who date back, have skin in the game, have ten or more generations under their belts, the American Revolution, the Lost Cause, whatever—
    LIKE their culture.

    They LIKE their language. They LIKE their foodstuffs. They LIKE their dances. They LIKE they way they look. They LIKE…

    Nobody is telling Mexico that they are going to make it 80% Chinese in 50 years. That they are just going to start importing Chinese and seeding them into rural Mexico, and setting things up, so that Chinese is the “second language” of Mexico. (Etc.)

    If Mexican officials started importing Chinese, and criminal Chinese, and war-torn Chinese (like the lost boys of Sudan)—- and printing papers in Chinese, and letting Chinese vote in the Mexican elections, and on and on—– it would be called Genocide.

  6. Durbin is an example of why it’s not the greatest idea to elect first generation-identified immigrants.

    His mother was Lithuanian (other side Irish Catholic but American born)—- so he actually identifies with “immigrant.”

    He’s clearly a Mama’s boy— defending his sweet immigrant Mommy. Fine, “I’m sure she was very nice as a person,” (lol). HOWEVER, he’s supposed to realize he’s in a public office, not a thumb sucking contest.

  7. —- He really is of that dinosaur demographic (age and ethnic) that just sucks up that hackneyed “melting pot,” lingo.

  8. We really do need to kill and deport everyone whose ancestors came here after 1840.
    I’m beside myself with disgust that our elected officials are not rounding up everyone whose ancestors came here after 1840.
    Do our elected officials work for us ?– we, goddamnit , are the ones who pay their salaries and we ‘re the ones who elect them after all — one would think they would have killed and deported everyone whose ancestors came here after 1840 by now.
    It’s a disgrace. Oh my. I’m getting angry. It’s usually not like me– I’m usually very friendly and easy-going. All my neigbors say so.
    Very old-time founding stock– quite sterling really– goddamnit!
    Excuse me, my mexican cleaning lady– Esmeralda– just broke my precious china. Crapola!
    It was passed down from generation to generation. I’m really not quite sure how many generations really.
    Am I still eligible to be a white nazi nationalist? Oh dear. I just can’t remember how many generations my family has been here.
    I can assure you, however, it must be at least since the time the puritans massacred the injuns up near Marblehead.
    We have a family compound there.

  9. This nation was built by pioneers not freaking immigrants (and my all four of my great-grandparents were immigrants). I can’t stand it when people say we are a nation of immigrants. We should all stop them in their tracks. Does ayone know if this scumbag Durbin is a Jew on mama’s side? I always find Eastern European ancestry suspect. He sure acts like a hebe.

    Anyway, all we can do is wait on the sidelines until this freakshow blows. Then we should all try and meet up with this trash who sold us out making sure that each reaps what they have sewn.

    I am getting very, very thirsty.

  10. Durbin’s mother is 1/10 ukranian ( they’re quite volatile you know), 1/5 french ( you know how they are), 1/3 slovakenian ( useless from what I’ve heard) and 1/3 luxembourian ( quiet types, you can’t trust ’em) and 2/5 jewish from upper siberia soviet union ( dreadful!).
    I bet his mother did a number on him alright.
    That explains it all. What a mess we’re in.

  11. @Dave: This ploy is purposeful and is called a “double-bind”. It is a specialty of Durbin’s YKW handlers. They define the situation so that two ideals are in conflict – e.g., sovereignty and anti-racism.

    If we achieve one (sovereignty), we are accused of violating the other (anti-racism). Note that it doesn’t stand up to analysis and is really in the nature of a spell or magical incantation by which they are trying to control us in an almost occultic manner. There is no truth in their semantic ploy, only self-interest so we should dismiss it out of hand.

    Anyways, in this particular situation, the law enforcement decisional criterion is “citizenship”. The fact that many of the people that may be deported are Mexican has nothing to do with the racism of law enforcement, but is merely an accidental consequence of the law enforcement occurring where Mexicans are routinely violating the border. Law enforcement are deporting non-citizens who only happen to be Mexican. If the Mexicans stopped crossing the border illegally, there wouldn’t even be an opportunity for the alleged “racist” law enforcement tactics.

    It should also be apparent that this semantic ploy also includes an element of projection whereby Durnbin is projecting his malign intent to Arizonans. Durbin is saying that anglos are discriminating against latinos and denying them living space and self-determination, when in fact it is the Mexican invaders that are denying Anglo Arizonans living space and self-determination by invading their state. Durbin is a traitor to his oath of office for aiding and abetting this invasion.

  12. “We really do need to kill and deport everyone whose ancestors came here after 1840.”- Joe.

    Gee, thanks Joe. Since Minnesota didn’t even become a state until 1858, and was helped in that effort by Scandinavians, Germans, and some Celts who came AFTER the 1848 European revolution (in Germany) and the Potato Famine “In Ireland, the Great Famine was a period of mass starvation, disease and emigration between 1845 and 1852” – in short, after your ‘cut-off’ date and right before the Civil War (we folks never had a dog in the ‘slave’ issue dialogue, so our noses are clean….)- yet your bigotry would have over half the indigenous White Population deported?

    And who would you have to stand by your side in the fight against the Dark Lord’s dark hordes?

    Insanity. Utter Insanity. I’d at least make the date far later, like after 1960.

  13. I ignore Joe’s comments as of late, scroll right past them.
    He is supposedly an Italian, Italians would not be qualified to live/remain here if Joe’s edict were to be applied.
    The cut off would exclude him and his family.
    I conclude Joe is not serious or genuine in his writings here. He is making a mockery of this site and is not to be engaged and his nonsense should be ignored.
    In shory, Joe is a jew

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