The Export Crisis


IMO, this will be much more effective than state based immigration laws anyway. We have already seen that the biggest deterrent to illegal immigration from Mexico was the collapse in housing prices and the decline of the “growth” based economy …

“These side effects can be seen clearly in the oil export dilemma. Dallas geologist Jeffrey Brown has depicted this in his Export Land Model, which states that exporting states with declining yearly production and growing domestic consumption of their own oil will necessarily see their export rates fall dramatically in the years ahead. Many of these exporting nations – Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Mexico, et al. – have very fast growing populations. They run more cars every year and subsidize the price of gasoline in their own countries. In Venezuela gasoline was selling for 12 cents a gallon in the spring of 2011.

Mexico is the poster child for America’s import problem. For years that export land was our number three source of imported oil. At current rates of domestic consumption and rapid depletion, Mexico will be out of the oil export business completely before 2015. All of their own oil production will go to satisfy their own needs and America will get nothing. There is no discussion of this dilemma in the American news media or the political arena. The net effect of the worldwide export crisis will be less total oil available to all the importing nations. The United States, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, France, China, India, and many other import lands have a big problem …

The oil export crisis has a disturbingly close horizon. Under the Export Land Model net exports from all the oil export lands will reach zero in nine years as one by one, the export lands cannibalize their own export capacity. Note: the United Kingdom went from being an oil exporter (from the North Sea fields) to becoming an oil importer in only six years. The United States imports 12 mm/b/d, more than two-thirds of our total consumption. We will not be able to compensate four our losses of conventional crude from any combination of tar sands, shale oils or other unconventional (more expensive) resources, as I’ll discuss below.”

This is the strongest argument for Obama’s reelection.

An Obama victory in November would be the equivalent of strapping a thermonuclear bomb on the back of our first black president and sending him blindfolded into a minefield. There are so many catastrophes lurking over the immediate horizon which a president is now powerless to prevent that only a fool would actually want to be in office when they detonate.

If Romney wins the election in November, we will miss all the fun of getting to watch Obama’s self destruction over the next four years. Bush’s self destruction in his second term would be mild by comparison.

Note: OD has been blogging continuously for most of the past four years of the Obama Depression. I have no reason to doubt that we will be around for the rest of the ride.

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  1. I look for advantages; the up side to obama winning is, “they” get more blame for the mess. the up side to romney is… maybe there will be a chimpout? Hell I’m not sure if there’s an upside to romney outside of he isn’t a negro

  2. The global forces at work will make any president (even a good one) completely at the mercy of external events for which he has no control.

    BTW Jeffrey Brown is all wet, Iraq, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia (to name just three examples) will still have reserves far, far in excess of their own needs for a lot longer than 9 years.

  3. i’m betting against a chimp-out. they seem to have lower and more realistic expectations for this election

  4. While I would love to see everything blow up in Obama’s face, weren’t we arguing, not to long ago, that worse ISN”T better? Isn’t that the retarded vanguardist position? Sit around and fantasize about “collapse”, etc. Am I missing something?

  5. Yes. Every day both the news from near and far and people’s personal experience indicates that societal collapse is in fact occurring at an accelerated rate.

  6. Hunter,

    That’s the argument.
    You just swung my vote.
    It would be fun.

    I want this to be known as the Obama Depression.

  7. I don’t know what to say about a collapse. It will suck, many good White men and White children will get hurt/ suffer/ and our death rates will go up.

    However, I’ve spent 28 years doing the things a man should to see his kin through it, and I can’t see White men fixing this shit until the pain/ suffering is wide spread and deep. From my stances, now is the time for the fall, while I am still strong, still have my wits and able to do my best for my blood

  8. I gather from this thread that more are now deciding to do a sabotage vote (for Obama) or a non-vote of some kind, rather than vote Neocon.

  9. As important as the GOP imploding is for it to be conventional wisdom that it was because they lost radical whites.

    When the comfort-seekers are fully exposed to the brown tide they will get radicalized; isn’t that how most of us got to this point ourselves?

    A radicalized white population will have little need for electoral mathematics.

  10. Voting for either candidate is a self-destruction vote. BRA collapses on Oturdma his base of retarded black racists go wild, and you fine folks must admit, next to every DWL/SWPL a few blocks over is a whole brood of BRAstapo waiting to bash whitey. Why do you see articles about white liberals running to “nice scenic places?”

    BRA finances collapse under Mitt the Wimp the cities burn, and Daily Kos throws nalpalm on the fire as their base of white liberal welfare workers and professors drops the pretense of peaceful progress for, ” burn it all down I just lost my cushy tax payer funded gig.”

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