Rep. Luis Gutierrez on Arizona’s SB 1070

District of Corruption

If you are elected to Congress, you can debate this Puerto Rican – like Obama and Durbin, he is also from Chicago – on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Note: Alternatively, you can watch pond water here in Alabama. The mosquitoes are less aggravating.

I’m trying to think of an argument for the preservation of the Union. Nothing comes to mind. We have more in common with foreigners than Durbin or Gutierrez.

I would imagine that Southerners who serve in Congress like Jeff Sessions and Mo Brooks must feel like ambassadors to a foreign country.

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  1. Why isn’t this beaner picking vegetables?

    Who is Hairaldo Ribberah?

    Why’d the beaner call Scalia, a good conservative wog an Anglo?

  2. I wouldn’t waste my time arguing with someone who either can not or will not be intellectually honest about the fact that our southern border is with mexico, and the vast preponderance of foreign nationals that have come here are in fact mexicans.

  3. The Congressional Black Caucus is going to walk out tomorrow because Eric “My People” Holder might be held somewhat accountable for his treachery in Gunrunner. Let’s hope they do, and they keep on walking, and walking, and walking…

    The CBC and this clod above are basically from “short bus” gerrymandered districts that the Republicans in state legislatures gave them to keep black-Hispanic-Democrat voters from poisoning the politics of white Congressional districts.

  4. This beaner is almost 60 years old; He still can’t think clearly or form coherent arguments. He is a child minus the innocence and hope for the future. DNA is racist against him. His entire ‘career’ is a failure, not least of which his opposition to NAFTA which places his kind where they belong: in the fields.

  5. The only substantive argument for the union is federal money. As far as most Republican scallywags are concerned, that seems to be good enough.

  6. After this display by Gutierrez I’m almost relieved Rangel won the primary yesterday. He was being challenged by a Dominican “community organizer” with a scruffy army of white college democrats and cleaning ladies. Gutierrez is known as the MLK of Beaners. He has the peabrain and the public’s attention, all he’s missing are prostitutes and plagiarism.

  7. “Gutierrez is known as the MLK of Beaners. He has the peabrain and the public’s attention, all he’s missing are prostitutes and plagiarism.”

    It’s pretty apparent that he, or someone exactly like him, writes his stuff.

    Gutierrez: Too stupid to plagiarize.

  8. I think I’m going to call Holder’s profiling hotline and with my best beaner accent complain that Taco Bell refused to give me more than 10 packets of fire sauce. I’ve got kids to feed, dammit. Dat sheets profilin’ holmes..

  9. Speaking of Chicago, I was listening to WLS this morning, some white guy called in regarding Representative Jesse Jackson Jr’s absconding with a blonde bikini model and said the government should use eminent domain to pave over him and his, I quote, “White whore”. I lol’d.

  10. child minus the innocence


    But I can’t understand his English. Or recognize the t.v. stars he uses as examples; whoever he is, he must watch way more t.v. than I do.

    And if racial profiling is so bad, why does he keep profiling “Parker” and calling people Anglos and “anglo males”?

    Also— If I JUST GO TO MEXICO, do I become “Mexican?” the way all the foreigners become English? (lmao)

    If half the population of MEXICO was replaced by Africans tomorrow are Africans “mexicans?” If 90% of the population of Ecuador was replaced by Chinese in 50 years are they the “real” Ecuadorians?

    Obviously— their folkways and such are gone.

    And no… NO normal person thinks all this garbage t.v., hollywood shrinks, victim narrative literature, the “NFL,” the debt economy, the foreign parades the tax payers fund, etc— what these foreigners are told “american” culture is— has anything to do with real American culture.)

    Anyway, it’s genocide and he knows it. He is pro genocide.

    The language here about not being “real”— the “real Americans,” and being “able to pass,” (like his obsession during his hollywood “stars” slide show), speaks louder than words how illegitimate he knows it all is.

    Why do guys like that want a place among others so badly?

  11. —- idk… I’m still processing it.

    Is this guy really in the government in the u.s.?

    Like, ok… intelligent taxpayers pay him to stand in nice rooms in washington, giving ridiculous collegiate 101 narratives, with slide shows of hollywood that any community college teacher would reject.

    never underestimate the power of the blind, stupid, and self-servingly arrogant.

  12. IF a person is a) darker than I am, b) non-Anglo, and c) can’t speak English widout an ak-sent! = he’s not an American.

    Gutierrez, by his name alone, is not, and never can be an American.
    End of Story.

    Thought for the day. I’ve seen the term ‘Founding Stock’ bandied about in talking about we whites who are Anglos. Someone should copyright that phrase, and sue anyone who demeans those of us who are ‘Founding Stock.’ If Trayvon’s mom can do it….. (just sayin’)

  13. If any more evidence is needed that this government is illegitimate, I don’t know what it is. Any White person that can watch that and think they still have a country is beyond delirious.

  14. Denise said:

    “Hunter – have you seen this yet”

    Barb says: I deny responsibility.
    Duluth is too far away from me to drive. And I don’t fly because I don’t enjoy gropes and haranguing by fat, black lady naggers.

  15. Barb – I had nothing to do with the …well… it’s not actually defacement. It’s a fundamental correction of the billboard. I was nowhere in the vicinity of this edit, and can prove it.

    Never-the-less – Top Kudos to whoever did do the wonderful edit!

  16. Denise- Glad to see this sort of fighting back against the “state religion” of Negro as Saviour, posing as God.

    I’ve said it before, and one needs to post it on Duluth and FAG-GO bulletin boards.

    The massive flooding in Duluth is a DIRECT CORROLLARY of GOD’S WRATH being visited on this Caucaphobic, and Christophobic HATE of God’s Adams, because of this mayor’s ‘anti-white’ campaign. You’ve heard it said, ‘Anti-racist means anti-white?’

    I say unto ye, ‘Anti-White, means Anti- Christ. For Christ is the LAST ADAM, and that means HE shares our caucasoid humanity, and NOT the god-damned curse of Ham.

  17. It seems to me the “caucasoids” brought the “negroids” upon themselves. The “negroids” were in africa minding their own business — The anointed members of the race of “jesus” are the ones who brought the “ham” over here in the first place.
    You whiteys crack me up.

  18. Adesso viene il bello,
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    isoletta di pescatar
    nord ritornerai
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    Inghilterra, Inghilterra,
    la tua fin segnata e gia

  19. I hold before two pictures; one of a white family at the pool and another of a van full of sweaty, scared, hispanics found near the border with backpacks and water containers. Which ones are the illegal immigrants? I don’t know? Both groups could very well just be on vacation in their native countries? Hahaha

  20. “I’ve seen the term ‘Founding Stock’ bandied about in talking about we whites who are Anglos. Someone should copyright that phrase, and sue anyone who demeans those of us who are ‘Founding Stock….”

    that’s the thing—- the redefinition of terminology, and trademarking.

    I like “Generational American” (since “traditional” seems to shut so many people out), and I use that one. Just keep repeating the terms and they will catch on, if others find them useful and see the logic in them.

    Stock, sounds a little like soup, and may even set one up for “melting pot” references. Founding Folks, is maybe too folksy. “of the ethnic group of the founders.”

    — A good word is needed for “oral tradition” —- a pithy way that just gets across what Founding Stock carry in their collective memory—- why you can’t just transport Africans to Asia and have them be Asians. (or EVER be “asians” in the same way as Asian-Asians).

  21. I like stock. It’s a good strong word and it implies breeding, a breed, farm life etc, and generational could be two generations

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