Feeling Deflated? Arizona and Obamacare


“The one great evil from which all other evils have flowed, is the overthrow of the Constitution of the United States. The Government of the United States is no longer the government of a confederate republic, but of a consolidated democracy. It is no longer a free government, but a despotism. It is, in fact, such a government as Great Britain attempted to set over our fathers, and which was resisted and defeated by a seven years struggle for independence.”
-Robert Barnwell Rhett, The Address of South Carolina to the Slaveholding States of the United States

Let’s take our country back. It was lost in 1865, not 2012.

Note: We’re experiencing a surge of interest this morning. Southern national consciousness has been aroused by the recent Supreme Court rulings. Lots of talk about pulling down the Star Spangled Banner or flying it upside down.

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  1. I donated to the LOS this morning. I can’t pretend that this country is following the constitution any more or that it is following anything other than mob rule and graft. I suggest all other concerned parties do likewise.

  2. Friends, this is not a dictatorship. The fact is that no one can make you do anything you don’t wish to do.

    If a law requires you to do something immoral, simply ignore the law.

    If a fine for ignoring the law is imposed on you, ignore the fine.

    When they come to arrest you for ignoring the fine, ignore the arrest warrant and make them drag you to prison.

    If they require you to work in prison, refuse and let them slam you in solitary.

    Solitary. That’s it. That’s all they can do to you.

    I’ve been there. It’s not that bad.

    Of course, doing all this will destroy your life and the lives of your children, but better that than to comply with an immoral law.

    If we are determined to avoid suffering in this life, we are slaves of the Devil. God never said His people wouldn’t suffer for His sake. He said “pick up your Cross and follow Me”.

    If it falls to us to bear the cross, let us bear it in silent dignity and show them how a White, Christian man suffers. Let s show them that we cannot be broken no matter how heavy the cross.

  3. @ I’m a Colorado boy out west, but I tell ya if you good people of Dixie ever pull off the secession bit, I’ll be on down the first chance I get. Down with the Union!…

    I’ve never heard so many people outside the South becoming interested in white Southern life, issues, history, heritage and points of view, as it seems now.

    After being hated so long in all the movies, it’s really sort of strange, lol.

  4. @Dixiegirl

    I have roots in Oklahoma via my maternal grandparents, if that counts. Ultimately, the way I see it is that the South is really the only part of America that created a way of life that was worth a damn in the long run.

  5. These decisions are just two more nails in the coffin of the Yankee BRA empire.

    Some people may remain convinced, or try convincing themselves, that the Yankee empire will remain inviolate. Increasingly insolvent, the government will continue to levy tax upon tax whenever and wherever it can. The ship of state will continue to sink.

    Resources are finite, after all. Prosperity is simply the existence of excess resources. That time is over. The era of predatory government is well under way.

    I could easily see the following scenario:

    The Yankee empire became increasingly confiscatory and tyrannical. Following the financial crisis of 2015 , the government mandated shutdown resulted in chaos. Law and order completely disintegrated. This was not entirely bad.

    White southerners, who had remained in control of state legislatures, banded together again and seceded from the federal government. The large cities, dependent upon federal largesse that no longer existed, could only protest, then submit. So a free and independent Dixie emerged after 175 years of tyrannical submission.

    The whites who chose to remain in the union had a somewhat different fate. Initially disappointed by the federal government’s inability to stop the secession, they soon settled back into complacency after the Economic Reorganization Act was passed. This act allowed securing additional economic support from China in return for the cession of all military bases and assets on the Asian continent.

    Funds were desperately needed to quell the civil unrest in urban areas. Many cities had been reduced to smoking ruins from repeated civil rights demonstrations following the financial collapse. To end the instability, President Romney was quickly impeached for having made racist remarks. Following the Supreme Court ruling on voter fraud in the 2016 election, Obama was reinstated as President in 2017 for an unprecedented third term.

    He immediately passed the Reparations Tax Act, which provided tax emempt status to all non-whites, making whites the only eligible taxpayers, now called “privilege tax providers” in the media. Whites were reminded that in the interest of social justice, they were simply paying back the debt they owed to the “black and browns.”

    At this point many in the north lost their faith in BRA and began to travel south.
    A free and independent Dixie, the last and best hope for white civilization.

    My crystal ball is sometimes hazy. Sometimes not.

    Deo Vindice

  6. Don’t forget the rest of us not living in Dixie. This continent in the nation that was once called “America” is chock-a-bloc with Rednecks. Even New Jersey and New York has more than a few.
    Many of us are not Southerners (I am loosely) but we are close in a lot of ways and aren’t damn Yankees. It might be good to have allies. Let the Liberals rot.

    Oh and as the note, I wonder of the rest of us ought to show solidarity and fly the Stars and Bars?

    Lastly, Texas is politically right now more part of Dixie but the young people there are 3/4 Black and Mexican (with a smattering of Asians)Unless that issue is dealt with Texas, minus the oil fields will have to be let go. Its not going to stay Texas in another 30 years, even in the D.Y, lets it.

  7. Is anyone here going to the CofCC conference next week in Nashville? I am considering it.

  8. do not be disappointed at all about this. Anything that brings the Empire closer to the precipice of collapse is a good thing for us.

    I count this as a victory, as more people will start to be shaken out of their complacency.

  9. Dixiegirl writes:

    “I’ve never heard so many people outside the South becoming interested in white Southern life, issues, history, heritage and points of view, as it seems now.

    After being hated so long in all the movies, it’s really sort of strange, lol.

    I dunno about that. Gone With The Wind is one of the most popular books and movies of all time and ex-Confederate soldiers are the vast majority of heroes in the Western movie genre.

    As a teenager during the centennial commemorations of the War Between The States I remember popular sentiment seemed to be with the Johnny Reb even in the North where Confederate generals were considered superior to Northern ones, although in truth this is probably not the actual case. Nevertheless the tactics of Nathan Bedford Forrest are still considered the touch stone of modern wars of maneuver a la Guderian, Patton, and Rommel versus bloody trench warfare and frontal assaults.

  10. Re: Hunters map of a modern Dixie. You should probably include The Ozark region of Missouri and the “butternut” counties in southern Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio on the northern banks of the Ohio River in your map.

  11. “Lily Della Valle says:
    June 28, 2012 at 6:14 pm
    Is anyone here going to the CofCC conference next week in Nashville? I am considering it.

    Lily!!!!!! Come to the Conference!!! It’s going to be wonderful. I had a very, very long session on the phone last night, about events, and plans – it will be wonderful!!! I’d be thrilled to meet you. You will have the time of your life. Please come. Gosh – that would be just splendid. We will have so much fun. You have no idea….or perhaps you do…. ; }!

    I knew you were coming Hunter….heard it through the grapevine.

  12. I’ll be giving to the LOS as well. Hunter, they could definitely use a guy like you to help them lay out their case. They don’t seem to even believe themselves that secession is a possibility (I could be wrong, I’m just judging from their website). I’d like to see some ideas for a new constitution for example. There’s a decent starting point with the US constitution but obviously there will need to be some changes to prevent this from happening again. We need a groundwork that’s the equivalent of Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” to really start reaching the masses and making the case. The inevitable economic collapse will be a great time for this to happen but the case should be made by then for it to be a possibility.

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