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Briefly, this needs to be corrected: HAC has been spreading this pernicious myth around the internet for years.

“Historian (mainly of science) Doug Fosnow called for the USA’s “red” counties to secede from the “blue” ones, forming a new federation. This was greeted with much skepticism by the audience, who noted that the “red” federation would get practically no seacoast.”

The Gulf Coast and South Atlantic coast of Dixie is the longest coast in America with the best harbors: Houston/Galveston, New Orleans, Mobile, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Charleston, Norfolk, etc.

Note: 7 out of 10 of the busiest ports in America are on the Gulf Coast alone. The widening of the Panama Canal will also open the Gulf Coast to trade with Asia.

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  1. The rest of Derb’s comment is even better:

    “Did Doug really think such a secession was likely to happen? No, he admitted cheerfully, but anything would be better than the race war he does think is likely to happen, and it is intellectuals’ duty to come up with less horrific possibilities.”

  2. That’s funny that the main objection was to losing the coastline. I know there are important military reasons to want a coastline, but I pictured a bunch of people thinking, “But where will we go to the beach?”

    Either way, it shows a lack of imagination. If you really could take all the red counties and turn them into their own nation, it would be an enormous improvement. The drop in crime alone would be worth the loss of time spent sunning by the seashore.

  3. Quit smoking crack! The South will never rise again. By 2050 all of the southern states bordering the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico will be majority black. Some of them like Maryland, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi have already hit 30%. If you think flash mobs are bad now wait till you’re a white minority. It’s time to get the hell out of Dodge as HAC correctly says. Same thing for whites in the Southwest. Every border state from TX to CA will be Mexican majority by 2030. New Mexico already has a Mexican majority. The Southest (New Nigeria? Ebonia?) and the Southwest (Aztlan) will be going their own way in the future. What’s left of Uncle Sam’s carcass will be ripe for a White Republic. Get the latest at Get out of these areas now while you can still make a profit on selling your house and get out alive. I now live in Indiana after escaping the former Confederacy

  4. Why would anyone from the South want to move to Oregon where 60 percent of Whites voted for Obama in 2008? Why would anyone from the South want to move to the North which voted as a solid phalanx for Obama?

    As I have already shown several times now, the South is actually whiter today than it was 100 years ago, and states like Mississippi and Alabama are changing slower than the so-called “Northwest Republic.” Plus, the only real migration of Whites going on is all the Whites who are moving from the high tax Blue states like California and New York to Texas and North Carolina.

    If we were ever forced to emigrate from the South (not an inconceivable scenario, considering that half of Northern Whites support Obama, which is the pivotal fact that is driving our national decline), we would have no incentive to join you people, who are the primary authors of this disaster.

    It would make much more sense to emigrate overseas to some foreign country like Uruguay or Argentina or New Zealand or Australia and leave you to all the Mexicans and Asians you have let in and all the niggers you have glorified for almost two centuries.

    I will say definitively that I will move to New Zealand, Uruguay, Chile, or Argentina before I move to any Northern state.

  5. aztlan isn’t coming to pass, both because mexican demographics have played out(births in mexico have stopped combined with fertility among hispanics here being concentrated in the 1st generation), and because of a crippling resource shortage that will work to depopulate the states, especially of recent economic migrants. Likewise blacks fertility is down, and again, the coming resource crunch will be especially unkind to them.

    asian and african chain migration are the two to watch for, but as our economy grinds to a halt even that doesn’t seem likely to go on.

  6. “….Sen. Pat Leahy of Vermont is on CNN right now talking about how great Obamacare is for America….”

    Again, second generation. Irish-Italian Grandparents. (Yes, I stick near the theory that the Welfare Statism is just romanization of the u.s., and the main whites hated are germanic and wasp, but now, that hatred is being visited on the children of the chief perpetrators, which —on a level— would then be what they deserve)

    That aside—– how many officials have even been in the country four-to-six generations?

    That would only take them to the War between the States, which still nixes them having any Oral History and Tradition related to the revolution.

    Maybe they’ll make me Queen of China, since I have all the right credentials, having never been there.

    They work Demographically and Generationally, to be sure.

  7. —- Same with Durbin’s speech—- which had more to do with his Lithuanian mama than mexicans.

    Not only are these pro-immigrant officials exposing themselves as self-serving, (on the score of wanting their own immigrant business “legitimated,” but mama’s boys’, too (winning it for their immigrant mommies).


  8. I’d stay in AK full time before bailing overseas. A lot of those places you listed Hunter are in a bad way, in there own way and there is a lot less personal freedom in Oz and NZ, and the crime in South America is hard to fathom unless you live there. However, if you have 2 mill or so US….things are much different with money

  9. The South is the only part of white America with a real future. Yankees are too addicted to self-annihilation. They are a spiritually barren people.

    Deo Vindice

  10. “Why would anyone from the South want to move to Oregon where 60 percent of Whites voted for Obama in 2008? Why would anyone from the South want to move to the North which voted as a solid phalanx for Obama?”

    Because Oregon is still white. I find it most congenial as the blacks are situated almost entirely in North Portland and the far Eastside of the city. On top of the shear joy life takes on when surrounded by fellow members of ones own race (regardless of political affiliation) Oregon is a beautiful place with clean air, snow capped peaks, and beautiful beaches. Plus it has one of the least church-going populations in the entire country which is always a plus in my book.

    As for the “solid phalanx” in the North. That was the electoral map. Many of the Midwest states are swing states this time around. If you look at voting patterns in the rural counties of “blue” states you find a vast swath of them are “red” politically. It’s certainly true in Oregon.

    Good luck gaining residency in New Zealand. Its like Switzerland, almost impossible unless you are a multi-millionaire.

  11. Yeah, Oregon is still White.

    America was almost 90 percent White in the 1960s. Now it is down to near 63 percent White. Oregon and Washington are both considerably less White than they were in 1970. Yet the White majority in both of those states votes to make an already bad situation even worse!

    Anyone who moves to Oregon and Washington will be disappointed to find out that the White population there is determined to follow in the footsteps of California. Washington is already well on the way there and Oregon isn’t trailing that far behind.

    If I ever have to pick up and move somewhere, I will make damn sure that it is not among the people who pulled the roof down on my previous home, which means it is highly likely that I would move to South America.

  12. @Rudel

    Sure. Private message me your name and address on my Twitter account, and I’ll fly out there and break your fucking neck.

  13. “Sure. Private message me your name and address on my Twitter account, and I’ll fly out there and break your fucking neck.”

    No need for a pathetic system like twitter. Just email me when you get here and we’ll set up an immediate meet & greet.

  14. Why is a Canadian WN homeland not a possibility? It seems to me a prime destination for white flight, and the population is so small, that a mere couple of million racially aware whites could cause a massive shift rightward in national politics.

  15. I’m against any ideas that involve the mass-migration of white people to some new location to establish a ‘homeland’. White-flight of any kind is just no longer a viable option. The forces that are destroying our race and civilization, must be confronted and forceably opposed in the open.

  16. Fine Chris, just stay where you are. When you or your family get their faces smashed in by negroes maybe you’ll sing a new tune. When we moved to highly monocultural southern Indiana (10o? blacks in a city of 13K) my mother in law didn’t want to follow us and leave her old home in Virgina. Two Affrikun-Merikun “youths” who mugged her made her change her mind. I had to return with the You Haul to bail her ass out. If I had stayed in Newport News, VA my kids would be going to a school that’s 70% black and be learning about ‘black history’ from September till June because I can’t afford private schools (segregation academy). In Indiana my kids go to a PUBLIC school that’s 2% black (ie 98% White) and they are learning things at an earlier age than I did back in Virginia in the mid 70s. I think that anybody deriding me now will be singing a different tune 20 years from now when your southeastern state has a black majority and your kids, when not being beat daily by black kids at school, come home and tell you that blacks landed on the moon in 1966 in a modified coupe de ville. Or wait till your 16 year old daughter admits she’s pregnant and Tyrone is the father. Forest Gump is a great mascot for the south: “Stupid is as stupid does.” Anybody who says that race minded Whites shouldn’t congregate in some area of the country and pool our talent, firearms, money, etc is psychologically challenged (but not quite insane) and on the wrong side of history, more like the dustbin of history. As your Dixie goes down in a black sludge you can be sure that Hunter will be rearranging the deck chairs on the deck. Crude comments can be sent to me directly by brave individuals at Cowards may post them here and smear me behind my back. Say what you want but you will be food for negro cannibals long before 2050. Since I lived south of Richmond for most of my life I have the authority to talk on this matter. You will either take a life boat or go down with Dixie singing “Beating slaves and picking cotton, good times there are not forgotten GULP!” (sound of drowning)

  17. Re: “(W)e moved to highly monocultural southern Indiana”: That is a good place, if I know Hoosiers.

  18. Re: johnking

    (1) If you are physical coward who would run away from your own home because you are afraid of negroes, why would you ever fight for your adopted one?

    (2) What fool would think to himself: in order to solve our racial problems, we should surround ourselves with as many physical cowards as possible, and then count on them to make a stand?

    (3) That’s what happens when cowards abandon the weak and defenseless members of their own family.

    (4) The public schools in Indiana teach the same multicultural curriculum that is taught in Virginia.

    (5) Why move to a Northern state? What would that solve? You would be relocating to live among people who support the present system, who think it is great, and who think we need even more “equality.”

    (6) Why not move instead to a foreign country? Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina?

    (7) Because for starters a man who would abandon his own home and mother to be assaulted by negroes is unreliable?

    (8) The South is less black than it was 100 years ago. The presence of blacks isn’t the problem. The character of the White population has declined. That is the real problem.

    (9) LOL … “Save White People.”

    That’s exactly why I am not a “White Nationalist.” Just because someone is White doesn’t mean they are on your side. They could be your worst enemy. Vermont is the “whitest” state in the country. It is also the most anti-White state in the country.

    (10) People like you will run away from any confrontation. No one can count on you in an emergency situation. You will fold under pressure.

    (11) Why would anyone jump on your lifeboat? One might ask a logical questions like: where is this so-called lifeboat headed? If these people won’t stand up for their own homes and families, are they going to make a stand with total strangers?

    What sense does it make to go live among the people who are responsible for the status quo? Why wouldn’t those people just replicate the problem?

  19. Hunter, what about the Falklands? You haven’t given up on the Falklands now, have you?

    No wait, they’re going to be invaded again now, aren’t they? And the British won’t beat them off again, this time, will they? And the isles will be re-named and not in English.

    Whites need to continue to occupy those barren, windy, lovely isles in sight of the Aurora Australis. I suppose if I ever had to move I’d take my stand there in Ragnarok almost literally at the end of the world.

  20. Hunter, rural southern Indiana IS a good place. But I agree, its better and manly to stand UN-MOVEABLE in one’s own, dear white homeland, with family and friends, and history and the graves of ancestors.

  21. I make an exception for cities. Cities are not HOMELANDS. We may abandon them to their fates.

  22. I’m sure it is and encourage people like Matt Parrott who were born there to fight for it because their lives are invested in Indiana. Chris thinks Detroit is worth fighting for too. That’s fine and wonderful.

    Settlers fight. Sojourners won’t fight. Its that simple. If you are not really attached to a place, you will choose to abandon it and avoid confrontation, and you will find yourself doing it over and over again. That’s why I dislike the migration idea.

    A bunch of total strangers gathering in one place who share nothing but ideology and who have all abandoned their own homes doesn’t sound like a group that is going to put up much resistance.

  23. We must hold on to Detroit at all costs . The Iman Mahdi is planning to visit Detroit “313” on Yawm-al- Qiyamah.

  24. I always thought Ragnarok was a viking-valhalla type sorta event.
    I didn’t know Ragnarok applied to the falkland islands too.
    Gee– let’s all move to the f*ckland islands and then the english and the argentinians can bombard us simultaneouly while they duke it out.
    Great plan for white America. Let’s do it! Go for it!

  25. In looking around at America, what all of us regard as a nightmare dystopia most other White folks regard as utopia. My liberal friends, family and colleagues, which adds up to pretty much everyone I know IRL besides my Dad, are ecstatic about the latest developments, Obamacare, the Dream Act, Arizona getting overturned, justice for Trayvon, you name it. They think it’s definitive proof is America is on the right track. Every pathology in the black and latino communities is ultimately traceable to white people. They’ll say things like “how many black CEOs of Fortune 500 companies do you see? Whites are doing that bad. Get real!”

    They love diversity. They love multiculturalism (though none live anywhere near it of course). They believe race is skin deep, that all humans are interchangeable, and in upholding equality and egalitarianism as society’s highest value. The believe these things with the zeal of the religious fanatic. None of them are outright malicious. Many liberals, especially the powerful ones, are intentionally and deliberately malicious. But many simply believe the bullshit and have enough personal affluence to navigate the problems.

    My “liberals,” I know they’re not malicious because I know them personally. These aren’t stupid people (engineers, solid state physicist, business owners, lawyers, etc.). I honestly don’t know what it’s going to take to get the bullshit out of their heads.

  26. @Lew

    The bullshit will only get out of their heads when they either cannot navigate anymore, or when they realize that is what they are doing.

  27. Also, @Lew, have you tried to debate the issues with them? I feel pretty confidant that I could convert virtually everyone I know if I had a few solid hours to talk to them about it. My problems are more that I can’t really risk coming out of the closet. I feel like when I get into a debate online with someone, I always win, but I can’t do it in person.

    One thing we need is a comprehensive guide to refuting anti-white arguments all in one concise source for reference and review.

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