R.I.P. Navigators


Mike Adams explains the consequences of the Obamacare decision:

“Note, carefully, there is NO LIMIT to this “taxing” power. If you bring home a monthly paycheck of, for example, $3,000, the U.S. government can now mandate that you spend $2,999 of that on various products and services that it deems you must have “for your own protection.” You no longer control your own take-home pay! The government can force you to spend it on things you don’t want or even need!”

Note: In other words, this puts an end to the “navigators,” which is actually a huge political victory for disunionists, although it will have devastating economic consequences for White America.

“Navigators” are the most numerous class of White Americans. They are self absorbed individualists who focus exclusively on their own lives. They don’t confront the system. They focus exclusively on “navigating” through life. They are indifferent to the terminal decline of civilization so long as it doesn’t intrude too much into their own little personal world.

Everyone knows a “navigator.” A “navigator” is someone like your mother who notices that the cost of gasoline has exploded, that African-Americans are destroying the neighborhood, or that the food at supermarket has become far more expensive. They respond by searching for ways in their own personal lives to “navigate” around the obstacles.

Now there is no escape from a totally consolidated central government bent on micromanaging every aspect of your personal life. Did I mention that America now has its first black president?

The first black president took away ALL your freedom. Remarkable, isn’t it? Who could have predicted that?

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  1. It’s settled then. I’ll vote Democrat in every single election from top to bottom. Ill let you know how it gets better.

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