South Africa Must Reform “White Dominated Economy”

South Africa

The world’s first “rainbow nation” … gears up for a “second transition.”

“”The structure of the apartheid-era economy has remained largely intact,” Zuma told several thousand ANC delegates.

“The ownership of the economy is still primarily in the hands of white males as it has always been,” he added.

Without giving details, he called for a “dramatic shift and giant leap” in coming years to spread the country’s wealth more equitably, mentioning the distribution of mineral resources and land ownership as areas which needed to be overhauled.

Zuma said this proposed “second transition” was necessary to complement the negotiated end of apartheid in 1994, when he said “certain compromises” over economic ownership had been made to ensure a smooth political transition from white minority rule.”

Note: Technically, Saint-Domingue under Touissant L’overature was the first nation in world history based on racial equality, bu that changed under Jean-Jacques Dessalines in 1804, when Haiti won its independence and massacred the French population.

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  1. Stealing farms from whites is one thing, but I would be very surprised if those Rothchilds types, are going to let them monkey around with their mineral rights. Mineral rights is serious business.

  2. The Afrikaner mistake was the same mistake our Southern brethern made: they want their national life AND cheap, near-animal labor.

    Can’t have both.

    There is a lesson here, somewhere.

  3. “The ownership of the economy is still primarily in the hands of white males as it has always been,” he added.

    Similar to the western left, they hate white (straight ) males.

  4. Afterthought, the comparison of North America to South Africa is not correct. In SA, there were only a small number of Afrikaners in a sea of black Africans. Here, in North America, there are tens and tens of millions of us.

    Our ancestors were here before the U.S. Govt and we’ll be here long after the U.S. Govt.

  5. Your rights to life, liberty, and property are eroding away in BRA just as surely as SA whites are being dispossessed and prepared for genocide.

    It only takes a few anti-white whites to energize the “black and brown” coalition here.
    They can elect a President, overturn immigration law, and tax you to pay for their health care. They can bind law enforcement and reverse judicial decisions. Your rights are forfeit whenever they decide to make it happen.

    The mistake would be to sit still and take it. The corruption in our political system is a fatal poison. The antidote is nullification and secession.

    Deo Vindice

  6. There are almost 300 million white people in the USA and Canada combined. We’re never going to be genocided here. Not ever again.

  7. we already are Chris, through “soft” programs like immigration and making children so expensive which only negatively impacts Whites because of high investment style of child raising/ production

  8. “In SA, there were only a small number of Afrikaners in a sea of black Africans.”

    Untrue. When the Dutch arrived the Cape was essentially unpopulated. As the settlers moved east in search of better farmland they encountered the Xhosa at the Fish River who were moving southwestward into the same area.

    Rhodesia was the colony where the small 5% white minority was surrounded by a sea of blacks.

  9. @ 313Chris and Stonelifter, on whether + 300 million North American whites can NEVER be genocided: Depends what is meant by genocided, and whether a very SLOW (like over a century of ) elimination of whites is considered. Look at the demographics and do the math.

  10. The White demographic in the US has dropped by at least 30% within fourty years. Probrally even more. Hispanics and Arabs are often counted as being White.
    Do the math and see what the White demographic will be in another forty years.

  11. I’m prepared to believe that Cape Town and much of SA was very sparsely populated.
    What whites do is create wealth through commercial farming and industry. This allows and attracts blacks to multiply. They live off our surplus.

    The impending genocide of the Afrikaner is the result of the Afrikaner feeding the Bantu. The Bantu is like the Horse Leach. It attaches itself to the throat of the horse and bleeds to poor noble animal try. The Horse Leach is insatiable. Gibsmedat!

  12. In forty years whites are a minority in their own homeland. It’s already happened in a sense as enough whites vote against their own “default”ethnic party the GOP.

    Effectively speaking liberal Americans are so far gone that they may as well be considered honorary black.

  13. Rudel – I was CLEARLY talking about the timeframe when the Afrikaners handed power over to blacks and not the situation when the Afrikaners arrived. Don’t just argue for arguing’s sake. Especially when I very clearly said “SA” as short for “South Africa” and there was no such entity at the cape in the timeframe you are speaking of. There was, however, an entity known as South Africa at the point in time I was clearl speaking of. Does one really need to explain this?

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