Barack Bilbo

District of Corruption

Here’s a real howler of a “mainstream” conservative article by Jeffrey Lord in BRA’s Spectator:

“I intend raising hell with the money lords, the privileged few, the men who hold 90 per cent of the wealth of the nation.” — Ku Klux Klan Member, Liberal Democrat, US Senator-elect and former Governor Theodore Bilbo of Mississippi, 1934

Barack Obama and Theodore Bilbo agreed on two things.

They hated the rich. They judged by race.

Race is the base. The rich are the hitch. Identity politics is all.

First, last and always.

Over time, Americans have learned the hard way that when dealing with progressives or liberals — the Left — the race may change. What defines “rich” may change. The century, the decade, the year may change. What never changes is the elemental component of identity politics.”

Note: In the Jim Crow South, the White working class had real representatives like Sen. Theodore Bilbo and Eugene “Bull” Connor who understood the Negro Question.

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 changed that overnight. Now there is a black vote that nullifies the White working class vote. The Republicans supported integration and reaped a political windfall from the backlash against the Democrats.

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  1. Yes, it’s OK for a once great nation to go the way of ancient Persia into Brown Out just as long as no one messes with one’s Federal Reserve Notes.

    The rank-and-file whites need to remove the shield of protection from the elites and fully expose them to the multi-cult. They will then, Romney-like, change their positions to suit the times. Gotta get the shield around the money back up no matter what!

    Of the 20% of whites that cannot be reached, a goodly proportion are well off.

    I fear Romney will win, when we could have had a racial 9/11 instead. The triple irony is that anger over Obamacare (which is really anger over funneling yet more white money to blacks and mexicans) will lead to

    1. the victory of the author of Obamacare


    2. Obamacare will still be law of the land in 2016.


    3. Romney will “take the hit” and drive through Amnesty.

    The alternative is a conscious rebellion by radical whites, but I don’t sniff that in the air. Unreason drives this, as it always does. And getting the nigger out of office is all that matters. Then they can go back to sleep, dreaming that the last 4 years was an aberration caused by the special ineptitude of GWB, rather than the 20 year prolog of a minority white America. My gorge rises at it…

  2. Can we not forget the Great Southern American Dixiecrat, Huey Long?

    How different than the traitor Lying Bastard Johnson, who ordered our Air Force back home to protect the Zionist regime in Palestine who had just murdered our seaman on the USS Liberty, not to mention all his “Civil Rights” nonsense?

    Forget FDR, the communist – Huey Long was the one who would have stopped us from turning commie and would have truly helped the White Working Class.

    Huey Long was murdered by Carl Weiss, a Zionist.

    Don’t forget – Obama’s best campaign commercial will be Romney giving his Romney-care Powerpoint speech, laying out the exact same plan as Obamacare, then called Romneycare.


  3. That a “conservative” writer can describe a Ku Klux Klan member as a “liberal democrat” is astonishing. That his audience accepts that description and will repeat it is mind blowing, infuckingcredible.

    If anyone truly is actually interested in what is wrong and how things came about, THAT is your answer. Far too many white people are stone stupid.

    None of these groups or movements should have gotten off the ground, much less came to power and domination. Not the Yankee utopian. Not the Jew. Not any of the others. They should each have been stopped dead in their tracks after no more than a week of initial action. They should have been first laughed out of town, and if they persisted, locked up in a mental institution.

    People blame these “Groups,” but they only do what is expected of their nature. A nature all adult whites should well know. The situation is exactly analogous to that of a known, piece of shit, petty thief with a long record. If you leave your fat wallet out on a table and go to the bathroom when he is standing right there, and when it is gone when you get back, you are the dumb fuck idiot. Period. If you don’t know a leopard cannot change its stripes and go around talking about “well they ought to and we ought to hang them and we ought to…and they ought to…and it ought to be…and it should be…and it ought to be this way…and it…” then you are going to have all that you are getting.

  4. yea they always play up the negro and athletics but it will be a White taking the Gold in swimming, shot-put, hammer throw, heavyweight Olympic Lifting, wrestling etc etc.

    I recall reading White men take 70% of the medals in the Olympics but I’m not sure how’d you verify something like that

  5. Spain just humiliated a black superstar playing for Italy. White guys showing poise, skill, teamwork, intelligence, cooperation, tactics, strategy, grace etc

    Italy lost 4-0. Football is the world’s Truly competitive sport and blacks don’t tend to thrive in it.

  6. The knots that party true conservatives tie themselves into trying to prove they are “unwhite”.

    Cain was humilatingly stupid.

    Obama isn’t like the Klan at all, he wishes to destroy via a slow genocide the founding population of America. The Klan ( the actual historical group) was just a stop gap in dealing with post war anarchy. Depending on how you look at them They were freedom fighters or terrorists.

    Obama represents something else entirely. He’s the next to last nail in the coffin of a white population that is rapidly being bred out of existence.

  7. It’s always been about race. Race trumps class, education, occupation, even religion IMO. Every successful state or social/ political union has been built on loyalty to one’s own people, not loyalty to a proposition such as “all men are created equal”.

    The “conservative”, “colorblind”, multi-cult proposition state promoters are gasping for air. Their fantasy world is collapsing around them. This is the latest meme: I’m not “for” any race; I’m just against “racists”. But we all know “racists” always turn out to be White people.

    The “conservative” multi-cult types have no qualms about sacrificing every last White person to their colorblind fantasy world. Their new found love for MLK is a dead giveaway.

    But they will not succeed. A lie never succeeds in the end.

  8. Thought experiment on race.

    You are a soldier defending a position. You are out of Ammo. You are injured, all other men in your unit are seriously injured. The enemy stoke up a flag of truce and a megaphone asks you to surrender.

    Would you prefer to have a white enemy to surrender to or blacks? Which would be safer?

    I would not accept surrender to a black unit. I’d flip a coin with whites but contemplate surrender.

    It’s a serious question. It’s also a metaphor for what European nations and Americans are currently doing to themselves. Does anyone really think the black gives quarter like the white does?

  9. Basically means that the paid hacks of mainstream conservatism who are paid to gaze upon the Left’s moral superiority and to bury any real opposition have come face to face with BRA.

    I myself encourage the mainstream hacks to racialize anything and everything in their attempts to reset political time when MLK was “colorblind.” Think about it folks a century from now will BRA historians picture sweet saint King as colorblind or racial avenger ? That is the trajectory, and I like it.

    Now is the time to bury traitors, first thing we must never ever accept the moral superiority of the Left, especially if the directive is coming from the “conservatives.”

  10. My favorite 20th Century politician is the Progressive, antiwar, philosemite (two out of three ain’t bad) James K. Vardaman:

    Governor Vardaman, who took office January 19, 1904, was the first governor inaugurated in the New Capitol. Governor Vardaman was a “Southern progressive” who advocated government regulation of large corporations. He personally led the fight against the convict lease system under which state prisoners were leased to planters and railroad companies as laborers. He also strongly favored a child labor law. Later as a United States senator, he was instrumental in the passage of a federal law restricting employment of young children.

    Governor Vardaman is best remembered, however, for his extreme views on race. He did not support public education for blacks beyond the most basic moral instruction and vocational training because he believed blacks should remain in economic servitude and that education was unnecessary for the kind of work they would do. He recommended the closing of black public schools and the repeal of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the U. S. Constitution, which gave blacks the right to vote and hold office.

    After he left office, Governor Vardaman edited a newspaper in Jackson and prepared for another bid for the U.S. Senate. In 1911 he was elected. However, his strong opposition to America’s entry into World War I and his opposition to President Woodrow Wilson led to his defeat for re-election in 1918.

  11. I reject the notion that I, as an organism, am not allowed to judge my surroundings in an effort to safeguard myself and my interests. If an observation, or a series of observations, leads an organism to a set of guidelines that it believes helps it survive and prosper, why is that wrong? In our case, judging by the color of skin can be a valid observation and survival technique. Instead we must always worship the noble savage.

    In an effort to come up with a good example of geographically isolated species that were related I thought of the bear. When the black bear was hunted to oblivion in Europe, the white polar bear didn’t send an army to save it. This is little more than a novel example and really is full of holes, but it sounds nice doesn’t it?

  12. Geller is a real piece of work isn’t she?

    The only reason anything is being islamized at all is our toleration of her own people here, and their clownish aping of white culture. They flinch from a crucifix like vampires. Very well learned attorneys, what symbol other that that should adorn our public square?

    The only thing left is the Crescent.

  13. RobRoy: Awesome post as always! If I don’t take anything away from this site all my time spent reading Hunter’s articles and the excellent OD comments will have been well worth it for this simple rule: Don’t EVER surrender the moral high ground.

    But surrender the moral high ground is exactly what the faileo-conservatives and Republitards constantly do. It’s what they are best at. Their job is to shut the door and turn out the lights after the left has totally wrecked the house.

  14. More of the Same: Beautifully put, sir! I’ve tried to reach several Colorblind Conservatards over the past few years with zero success. Their heads are buried so far up their asses it’s just plain pitiful. I’ve discovered that when debating/discussing with them you cannot use logic or plain evidence. You are not trying to persuade a person thinking logically, but a person wrapped in a extreme leftist religion who only acts on faith. They have bent the Biblical definition of faith demanded of believers to a perverted, obscene religious faith in equality, tolerance and diversity. They will follow it to their deaths if necessary.

  15. The Colorblind Crowd could also be known as the Culture Crowd, or the Skin Color. It’s not race, it’s culture to these conservitards, therefore all these Somolis in Norway are going to grow up to be perfect Nordics, defending and promoting Norwegian culture and heritage. When you talk to these people they will often use “skin color” in place of “race”. Watch for it. They really, really truly believe (again, with RELIGIOUS fervor and no basis whatsoever in logic) that there are zero differences in the races aside from skin tone. That a Nigerian is a Dane with a deep tan. Amazing.

  16. Huey Long was murdered by Carl Weiss, a Zionist.

    Indeed. Long was murdered by a Jew at the height of his popularity. It has been speculated that FDR might have been involved. Long was gearing up for a presidential run and planned to challenge FDR from the left in 1936. Long felt (correctly) that even though FDR talked liberal, he was too rich and too close to east coast banking interests to be a true champion of the working class (all White in those days).

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