Bruce Bartlett on Obamacare

District of Corruption

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Bruce Bartlett, the Republican author of Wrong on Race: The Democratic Party’s Buried Past,” is on record scoffing on Facebook:

“A government with the power to force us to buy health insurance can also force restaurants to serve black people.”

Very true.

It was Lincoln who established the principle that the federal government can unilaterally confiscate your property in the Emancipation Proclamation. The federal government also has the power to overthrow elected state legislatures, burn cities to the ground, steal everything you own, legislate “racial equality,” and kill you to “preserve the Union.”

“Constitutionally,” of course.

Note: Southerners are experiencing their own version of “snapback.”

Nothing has really changed about the federal government in the Obamacare decision. It already has the power to integrate every private business in the country, integrate all the public schools, get involved in births and marriages, pick racial winners and losers among government contractors, transfer wealth to favored minority groups, impose legal penalties for “disparate impact,” etc.

The only thing has changed among conservatives is the delusion that there is such a thing as “limited government” in America.

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  1. The dimwits don’t get it.

    Blacks are racists.

    Whites are waiting for a white guy to say:

    “No more money or chances Negro. You are cut off.”

    what don’t the bobbleheads understand about this?

  2. Tucker sits there opining about why blacks don’t vote GOP. I may have an answer.

    Tucker, the nigger wants to take everything away from you and then abduct your wife.
    They hate you for what you are. They want to see you in chains.

    Blacks vote Democratic in lockstep because that is the quickest, crudest, laziest way to take everything away from you.

  3. What does being a Republican even mean anymore?

    Republican: Wants to represent Baphomet WITH fake deference to conservative social issues.

    Democrat: Wants to represent Baphoment WITHOUT fake deference to conservative social issues.

    All these people clamoring over each other to the top of the dung heap to see who can best package the absolute representation of evil on the planet today. One wonders if it can get any worse. Then tomorrow happens.

  4. By the way Hunter I’ve been hearing great things about Alabama recently. I hear the factories there are very well run, as evidenced by Aerbus’ desire to manufacture there. Also, you’ve got a US Rep there (who was on Alex Jones today) fighting the TSA. Way to go. Alabama is an up and comer. I did not know this.

  5. “A government with the power to force us to buy health insurance can also force restaurants to serve black people.”

    Outrageous! Do I have to sit next to them? Next thing you’ll tell me is that they can now sit at lunch counters and eat a hamburger.


  6. Marcie’s back, with typically sub-moronic comments! (Isn’t great that American “universities” and “schools” have turned into employment sinecures for the mentally and socially challenged?)…….

    Marcie – why don’t you come to the Council Conference? We can take you to very multi-culturally diverse places, and you can eat with to Negroes, to your heart’s desire. I’ll throw in a case of bath salts…..

  7. If a restauranteur does not want to serve anyone for any reason, so be it. That is freedom. What the Marxists economic and cultural want to do is Win, i.e. destroy the white male, reasons are tacked on later, if at all.

  8. Marc,

    they ruin everything they touch. Open a completely black burger joint. See how long it lasts. The associated insurance costs in a vibrant area are also a business killer.

  9. Marc Ferguson no more wants to sit next to blacks in ghetto restaurants than anyone on this site does. He only wants to sit next to well dressed and well behaved blacks who act like he does.

    He is actually little more than a smarmy former KKK member.

  10. “Outrageous! Do I have to sit next to them? Next thing you’ll tell me is that they can now sit at lunch counters and eat a hamburger.”

    I can’t wait until we can pass a law forcing liberal professors to associate with white racists, oh wait, they already can’t help themselves…

  11. Case in point the local St Louis Y, luxuriously built at considerable expense.

    Nearly all white for a year. Peaceful, quiet friendly. Then the blacks discovered it. Cut rate memebership free bakkaball for sprogs. Every single day I go there now there’s a wallet stolen, a Trayon getting frog marched out, cars broken into. Now there’s a permanent police presence. Metal detectors to follow I expect.

    There will be a killing there in the near future, or a dramatic rape. They are compelled to shit on good things and then ask why everything stinks. Watching it first hand is very instructive.

  12. “Freedom is outlawed because integration can’t compete with segregation in a free market.”

    HAHA! Brilliant! This is why I come here.

  13. “We can take you to very multi-culturally diverse places, and you can eat with to Negroes, to your heart’s desire. I’ll throw in a case of bath salts…..”

    Tell the cannibals to fire up their tiniest kettle!

  14. Ha Ha Ha! Mr. Ferguson has been monitoring the OD blog to see what us buck-toothed, inbred, banjo-strumming hayseeds are up to!

    We are all sure that he is developing racial consciousness based on this fine blog. But the regime hasn’t shown any sign of changing direction yet so Mr. Ferguson just can’t resist some status-whoring to prove his bona fides to the ruling elite.

    Mr. Ferguson, we know all about you disingenuous white liberals who are always claiming that they just love Love LOVE their minority brothers and are always willing to share a lunch counter with them.

    What we really want to know though, Mr. Ferguson, is what is the racial make-up of the tony little enclave where you live, and when do you plan on sending one of your precious children on the Amy Biehl memorial tour of South Africa? If you live in a white enclave and have no intention of sending your children to South Africa, we commend you for not being insane! On the other stick your double-minded hypocrisy where the sun don’t shine.

    Just keep in mind that every time one of you dwls bloviates about some PC bs, the satanic opposite of Clarence whispers in the ear of one of your darlings encouraging him or her to commit mayhem against a poor white working class stiff who can’t afford to escape from the undertow like you have.

  15. Mister Ferguson is obviously aloof to the concept of freedom of association which has been a cornerstone of every free society i can think of. But if blacks will demand an all black place for whatsoever I am 100 percent sure Mr Ferguson will wholeheartedly support their demand.

  16. Mr Ferguson: You’ve been duped, sir, led down a primrose path that will see your children (assuming you have white children) be hated minorities and second class citizens in the land your betters built and defended FOR THEM. Moreover, they will willingly GIVE AWAY their rightful inheritance and spit on you and the rest of thire ancestors as they do it because they have addled minds, infected by Marxist, left wing, anti-white fungi such as yourself.

  17. Mr. Ferguson: I know you are a lefty Yankee bullshitter working for some Northeastern Marxist indoc center, but try to follow some common logic here.
    The MSM was caught flatfooted trying to spin the Trayvon Martin story into an anti-white meme. Nailed purposefully doctoring video, mislabeling persons involved and trying with all their might to vilify and isolate whites. They were only caught thanks to the internet and mass media doing a end-run around their stranglehold on the news. Now do you really, really believe this was the first time they had ever done this, or just the first time they got caught? I challenge you, sir, to revisit every “struggle” of the Civil Rights movement. Read what the residents of Selma experienced during the “freedom bus” years. Their story was never told. Take a look at that famous lunch counter propaganda. See how those blacks are dressed? Does that look normal to you, REALLY? Be honest. The little white-clad black girl being escorted into the school. Do you really believe it happened like that, or maybe, just maybe, we were propagandized? Rosa Parks? What do you know of her? Marchin’ Lootin’ Fraud? How many lies have been foisted upon us to make us whites feel guilty and roll over to every demand?

  18. Mr. Ferguson: You are not a historian, you are a spokesmouth for the leftist narrative. Were you a true historian, such as Herodotus or Gibbon, you would seek to understand both sides of the story and record facts and statements as you find them, with qualifiers stating who told you what. But you don’t do that, do you?

  19. Huntef. amd Jim, and Wayne, and Brutus, and the Rest of Our Crowd,

    when we do regain control of our Nation, in whetever variation on Gvernment you all choose – I respectfully request that I be allowed to serve, in one role:

    I want to be BossWoman in Charge of Appropriate Justice for Die Juden, and the Marcie Fergusons.

    That’s all I want.

  20. Wayne – I LOVE your posts. I really do. Your posts, trying to appeal to a Marcie Ferguson – they’re heartbreaking.

    I know there is a North South divide here-in – but not really. Marcie IS the YankeeLoonie – the de-racinated, willfully delusional and proud of it, neutered – and proud of it – spineless, un-natural Cottage Cheese Creature Yankee School Marm…uhhh…”man” ….that the Southerners here-in innately, viscerally, righteously loathe.

    You are attempting to appeal to the Thing in a principled, and sincere manner. Your posts reveal flares of honor. You are exhibiting honor, in your appeals to the Thing.

    My dear fellow – my wonderful, good, decent, honorable NOBLE man – you move me to my marrow. Rare pearls, my dear, cast before honest swine, would make more sense than what you are attempting to do.

    The Marcie Thing is an un-natural, unclean ghoul. Manly honor, reason, intelligence – these things do not exist in Marcie’s sphere of experience, and never will. A virus is more likely to develop an appreciation of ethics, and decency, and higher principles, than a Marcie Ferguson.

    Waste not your wonderful tallents and energies – but abandon Marcie F to it’s well-deserved and certain Fate. I know many farmers. Farmers are all de facto geneticists, keenly and remorselessly practical, about all things. A tried and true maxim, among farmers, runs along the lines of “You can’t save everything”. Meaning that some creatures are simply not up to snuff, and never will be, and don’t wasote one second of precious time and energy oon something that’s doomed ot fail at the outset.

    Marcie is destined for a climatic and irrevocable encounter with It’s own Mahogany Mob. Marcie self-designated Orc Meat. An Army of Private Trayvon’s await. It’s Fate is sealed; leave it to it’s Fate.

  21. I’ve noticed negros don’t want to sit next to you when your 300 pounds and have our flag tattooed on each shoulder. Not as good as segregation by law but hey, a man takes what he can get

  22. Denise,

    You have a beautiful gift with your words.

    I would love to assist you in your future endeavors as BossWoman in Charge of Appropriate Justice for Die Juden, and the Marcie Fergusons should you desire an assistant.

    With my deepest appreciation,


  23. Hunter et al,

    DWLS like Marky Ferguson don’t have to worry about sharing integrated lunch counters and enjoying rich, vibrant encounters with diversity, because we HAVE NO Waffle Houses in DWLand, any White area in Yankee territory.

    We don’t have Lester Maddox guarding access to fried chicken from Negros. We avoid any such confrontations by carefully designing our restaurants, our menu and the very music that we air so the combination functions like a repellent to Negroes.

    Check into any non-black restaurant and you are bound to hear classical music being aired. Most Negroes can’t stand classical music. The menu doesn’t have fried chicken. It’s broiled with some kind of sauce with sauteed vegetables, for example. The decor is set up like a library. In many cases, there are books around. The exteriors are beautifully landscaped, but are not designed to be placed where you can hang out and chill with your homies. They are more like woodsy hiking trails.

    Mr. Ferguson will tell you that classical music, formal decor, highly priced wine lists, expensive, lightly seasoned, broiled and sauteed food, and woodsy decor are designed to keep out the riff-raff, and no Negro is kept out if he can afford the menu and WANTS to eat there! Ha, ha, ha!

    You see, with the Fergusons of the world, keeping people of color out of an eating establishment based on their race or the color of their skin is low-brow, trashy behavior. BUT keeping people of color out of an eating establishment based on their ability to pay AND by making sure said establishment is so WHITE BREAD it is obnoxious and uncomfortable for people of color is perfectly acceptable.

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