A Modest Proposal


We invite King George III to come back and resume the throne. He could dissolve the Union, arrest the negro in the White House, and round up our so-called “representatives” in Congress.

In exchange for an apology and a promise to never misbehave again, we get lower taxes, a less intrusive government, secure borders, and an end to all the madness that has flowed from the “self evident” idea that “all men are created equal.”

What do you say?

Update: In 1776, America had the lowest taxes and highest per capita income in the world.

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  1. you know as well as I we were never meant to have a democracy after we replaced George the 3. While not perfect, our Founding Fathers and Founding Stock were to wise for such nonsense and “democracy” has become the calling card of the marxist, since marxsim fell flat in most of the world

  2. There’s a difference between a reigning “constitutional monarch” (e.g., HBME2R) and an actual, ruling monarch. The UK hasn’t had a real king since (Catholic) James II/VII was kicked out by his own parliament and replaced with the Orange usurper and his traitor wife.

    The so-called “Glorious Revolution” that toppled the Stuarts was the finale of the genocide of England’s Catholic population begun by Cromwell forty years before. It gave us the modern, rights-oriented, parliamentary state and paved the way for all the flaccid (Protestant) non-kings and non-queens since.

    Vivat Jacobus Rex

  3. While I am not at all opposed to being taken back by the UK, my own fantasy wish would be for an independent Confederate States that had worked its way into the Commonwealth and shared common cause with Britain, Canada, Australia and the English speaking world. Our culture would have remained distinctly British with an American accent. Hyper violent american football would be replaced by rugby and horrible basketball would be replaced by soccer. Baseball would be replaced by cricket. Winston Churchill’s brilliant ‘what if’ about this very thing even postulated that a league of English speaking peoples could have brokered a truce to the First World War before it became suicide and thereby prevented the Second from ever happening. The border between US and CS would have allowed free negroes to seek their fortunes north and true copperheads and other allies to move south.

  4. Can you send over a division of Red Shirts Zuarves and Irregular cavalry to clean up the Pakistani groomers?

  5. Had the Union failed in it’s bid to crush the Confederacy, I doubt Germany would have united as a Reich nor tangled with the French. The shining example of the Union armies laying waste to the Confederates was taught to every German staff officer from 1865 onward. The Franco Prussian War, Shlieffen Plan etc etc all stemmed from Grant and Sherman’s grand strategy.

  6. American military thought would have definitely changed had the Union failed. American warfare theory is still based on attrition which is simply out kill and out produce until the other side stops–and we can see the death throes of that theory now in the debacle of Vietnam and in Iraq and Afghanistan. Britain in its imperial wars never attempted such an inhuman thing.

  7. The Brits prefered only fighting those who were armed with sawn off bananas and sharpened Guava halves.

    It’s only with profound regret that the British military takes on a comparably equipped army.

    The Staff College in Prussia was heavily indebted to the Union. Sherman was of particular interest. Strategic offence, take the war into the enemy territory, target civies, target railheads, target infrastructure…things a gentleman might have qualms about.

  8. I like white fantasies as much as the next guy but realistically speaking lazy aristocrats bring their own set of imperfect baggage. Call it original sin but there is no government system that fully protects man against his own folly.

  9. Jack, Churchill was a bloody saber rattler and enthusiast for both world wars. You should read Buchanan’s “The Unnecessary War”.

  10. Irving doesn’t think much of Churchill either: “a pointless war”

    ” David Irving presents his book Churchill’s War ” 93 min

  11. The 4th of July is the inheritance of the South. It’s the Yankees that have rejected its values. The 4th of July honors New World Whites that laid down their lives against foreign tyranny. The Union and now BRA have no legitimate claim to this grand day.

    Happy 4th to my Southron and Copperhead friends!

  12. “if so where?”

    Well the Dominican Republic maintains a small white aristocracy, zero tolerance for abortion, militarized border, anti-Negro policies, low taxes. Being pro-America is no longer wn option for a NWW but there are bastions in the western hemisphere.

  13. No BRA is the logical conclusion of the Revolution. Jews directing a horde of blacks. It’s just that the Gentleman’s club couldn’t think things through.

    What Tyranny did the Crown really inflict on America? It shot the Injuns flat booted the French out and protected a thriving commerce.

  14. Mencius Moldbug noted that the current Jacobite heir to the British throne (the descendent of the deposed James II, the last real king as Robert Oculus points it) is Prince Alois of Lichtenstein (well really some old geezer in Bavaria who has no interest in politics, but his eldest daughter is married to Alois), who actually has some governing power there. I don’t know much about him but I’d take him over any candidate either major party has vomited forth.

    Also, it seems to me that joining the rebellion was, in hindsight, one of the worst mistakes the South ever made, and that this should have been obvious by the 1860s, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Southerner say this.

  15. “….The so-called “Glorious Revolution” that toppled the Stuarts was the finale of the genocide of England’s Catholic population begun by Cromwell forty years before. It gave us the modern, rights-oriented, parliamentary state and paved the way for all the flaccid (Protestant) non-kings and non-queens since….”

    But Catholicism certainly doesn’t seem to have helped Europe. In France, the genocide of the protestants was just that. Literally, in the rest of Europe, the protestants have been good and truly eradicated.

    Once conquered for an IDEA, (the dogma of ‘the only true path to God’ and killing anybody who doesn’t tithe the pope, and confess to his priests, setting themselves up for blackmail, and so on)—- then it’s easier to roll over for another IDEA where you are all uniform and kill heretics, the way all those nations rolled over for communism.

    One thing about monarchy— at least it REFERENCES blood. Idea-based societies CANNOT ever really do that.

    And whatever the case in the past, nothing could be browner than the catholic world, (although the protestants run close behind nowadays). The protestant-born are hardly responsible for the Anti-Anglo (code for protestant) doctrine of ‘liberation theology.’ No wasp would have made that up and handed it to brown people…right?

    I truly have some Hungarian catholic relatives who would say what I just did, too, btw.
    But then, they LEFT as it went commie.

    Even if todays monarchs don’t care about blood— they are our only even REFERENCE, really, to rulership by race. Everything else is just HAMMERING people into “one IDEA,” and really, just how dumbed down can you stand to be.

    There is an inverse relationship between race-based society (or ethnic subgroup) and freedom to THINK. The more homogenous, the more based in “A People,” not an idea, the more the people will be free to THINK.

    As the u.s. became more Federalized, diverse ethnically, and based in AN IDEA (PC, and with other groups now vying for THIER ONE IDEA to be theeee imposed idea, arguing about whose IDEA is best)—- the less innovative, creative, generative the common people have become.

    NYC is now running it top-down (the way IDEA societies do)—- and always gabbing about “creating jobs,” and “importing foreign talent” as a way to “stay competitive.”

    Back in Reality—- the Pioneer and Founding stock, based in a people, not an IDEA, were an endless fount of creativity, imo, (real literature —suppressed in schools today— music, inventions, etc, a real outpouring.)

    King George would be a step up from this crap, without any doubt, and he costed less, tax-wise

  16. Such a very little of Europe is protestant by comparison—- to go on about cromwell (who killed others, too, not just catholics) is questionable. Do you really have nothing for the peoples who created so much of what people DO recall as worthwhile in the now defunct amerika? If not… really, shame on you.

  17. “….I like white fantasies as much as the next guy but realistically speaking lazy aristocrats bring their own set of imperfect baggage….”

    But what IS “aristocracy,” really?—– Don’t we mostly mean, at least in popular parlance, those people LIVING OFF OF US, taking the work of our hands, against our will?

    I vote the Amerikan Military then as the new “aristocracy.

    They spend MORE of the collected wealth of the people than the Trayvons.

    In addition to paying for their airhead wives, fat-sit-at-home homeschooling lifestyles, moralism that they are the greatest saviors in the world, ect, etc, (NOT TO MENTION, all the “Public Service Announcements” to remind the paying public daily of how important, useful and indispensable they are and HOW LUCKY the public is to pay for them.)

    So, the airhead middle class military people— getting their discounts at Box Stores, just because everybody is so lucky to pay for their lives—

    Isn’t that “aristocracy?”

    In addition to the Welfare end of the Warfare-Welfare Statist Deal.

    “Aristocrat” is ANYONE who claims they can collect the work of other people’s hands, against their will, (or to make them PRETEND they like it through propaganda), and then they live off that. Right?

    The Miltary + Trayvons are Amerika’s “aristocracy” then.

  18. A king is stuck with his peasants. They can’t be replaced. Grasping burgers and lords are Expendable.

  19. Thats one way of looking at it, another is that we could have gone the SA route had we stayed with GB: they flood in labor to work our industries being developed(from india, china, africa, and so on), and then later demand that we turn our country over to them. All things considered, it could have gone vastly worse for us all.

  20. believe me you do not want the american military as an aristocracy. The problems with that are legion and there isn’t enough hours in the day to work through that one. Unless you limit it to 0-3’s Captains and under; E-6 and under on the enlisted side

  21. Speaking of regrets, it seems our white and jewish BRA elite are having second thoughts of the turd world keeping trust of their resources. At Kosherrepublic I found a piece that Conrad Black (a tribester) wrote a piece for NRO about the failures of non-white governance outside of a few powerful Asian countries to be defamed later.

    Now the sidekick conservatives at NRO would join an anti-white lynch mob in a heartbeat, but let a rich jew agitate for endless involvement in the affairs of non-whites outside our borders and suddenly the damned little darkies need the Great White Father to bring the whip.

  22. Dixie – WE are the new Aristocracy. Don’t kid yourself.

    The JooSA Military is merely the enforcers of ZOG. They are not an artistocracy – they are thankfully a DEGENERACY. I’m not slating the millions of good and honest servicemen and women, of all Races, who have been deluded into to forced, due ot economic circumstances, into serving ZOG. I’m talking about the ZOG Machers themselves.

    The USA Upper Echelons are staffed with Hebes, Homos, and Race Traitors. They are filling the ranks of Middle and Lower Management with Dykes, Fudgepackers, and Orcs. They stil have fabulous weaponry, and are mean and crazy as Hell – but be their very DNA and dysfunction they are doomed.

    Whatever out regional and ideological differences we possess – we are the Ones that See. We care about our Race. We may be frustrated and despairing and disgusted by what we witness every day – but we still care.

    We still care about those 14 Words.

    So we are the White Aristocracy. The neophyte, fledgling, struggling to be born Aristocracy. The White Race will be reborn through our ranks.

    Don’t kid yourself. The birth may take centuries of “labor” – or not – but We are It.

  23. The opinion and practice of the CSA was to retain the Fourth of July. By arguing against the Fourth of July one spits in the face of not only the American Revolutionaries but the Confederates that honored them and indeed furthered their legacy.

  24. Dixie – a true Aristocracy is the protectors and defenders of their People. Not mere high-end welfare leeches. Edward I, Elizabet the First, Leopold I of Belgium -these were real Aristos. The Genuine Articles. We had ’em once. We can breed ’em again.

    Read up on Leopold. Alas, he’s been largely lost to history. He was flawless. A real Steward to his people. He was everything any White could want a White to be.

  25. Project what you like on my opinions. We have 150 odd years of experience that none of them had about their laws. Be empirical.

  26. The problem in this country is that democracy is a fraud. The ruling elites use the logo ‘Democracy’ and the Constitution for propaganda purposes to bestow legitimacy only. A real democracy has (1) total free speech and (2) a multiparty system. A “democracy” without a multiparty system is simply an oligarchy with two parties to put on a Punch and Judy show for the public. This is the modern US with its ruling Democrats and their manufactured fake opposition in the Republicans. The elites own both parties and real dissent has no legal channels towards power or even representation.

    A “democracy” with a multiparty system but no free speech is another plutocratic oligarchical scam because then when real opposition parties when elections the elite can try to criminalize them (see the Vlaams Bloc). They don’t want a real democracy because libertarians, traditionalists, white nationalists, and other heterodox thinkers could actually have representation and shape policy.

    Mr. Wallace, I understand your frustration , I feel it too. http://abcnews.go.com/International/georg-friedrich-prince-prussia-germany-set-royal-wedding/story?id=14389085#.T_RhF5HHkng Here is Georg Friedrich, descendant of Kaiser Wilhelm II, Queen Victoria, and George III. I am sure if we made him emperor of America he’d do a better job then our “democratic” leaders (hell, who couldn’t?) but he would not be a white nationalist or anything innovative.

    We really need some sort of controlled democracy where lefttards and other swine are simply not aloud to run for office or control media as they are doing to us, the real opposition, right now. Alternatively, some sort of party dictatorship of white nationalists, such as the fascist countries had, could be viable.

  27. I’m fair certain my fore fathers didn’t much care about the politics of the revolution. Very little of what was going on affected them. I gather from reading, mostly they were happy to have the chance to kill Englishmen. US Ulster Scots hold a grudge and like to brawl

  28. The Afrikaners were granted Dominion status. They were given a free hand.
    The only reason they collapsed was the pressure from equalitarians in America and Europe. They have always been up against the pressure of a Vast black majority though. Imperial pretection kept the Zulu off them at least even if it did lead to Rhodes
    battering the Boers for a while.

  29. Not a bad idea – but be real careful with British royalty dreams – instead of getting some White warrior king – Aragorn, son of Arathorn, we’re more likely to get some old Brit Queen, like the current monstrosity that has been aiding and abetting the destruction of White Britain (not to mention destroying White Rhodesia, White South Africa) since the end of World War II.

  30. How would Andy and Aunt Bee handle the 4th ? What would Opie do? Will Opie put red-white-and blue bunting on his bicycle? Or, will Opie go to a civil war re-enactment of the rebel invasion of Gettysburg, Pa.? Will Aunt Bee bake an apple pie for the 4th? Or, will Aunt Bee go to a Daughters of the Confederacy meeting on the 4th and sing “Dixie” in rebellious agitation against the schmoozies on-the-potomac?
    Will Goober let Mayberry’s town drunk out of the jail cell for the 4th to watch the fireworks? Will there even be fireworks? Will Goober go fishing with his buddies? Or, will Goober take BettyLou to the church picnic?
    Or, will the town drunk stay in jail and read Robert E Lee’s memoirs of days long by in the bye-and-bye? Will Aunt Bee wear her new church hat for the 4th? Or, will she wear the Cap-of-the-Rebel in honor of the Confederate fallen?
    Be sure not to miss the next episode!

  31. The lack of enthusiasm for the Fourth of July here saddens me. Leopold? King George? Huh. What is this horseshit? Are we New World Whites or just hapless fetishizers of Old Europe? Go to the beach, bring de Tocqueville. Try to enjoy yourselves today guys.

  32. The Ulster Scots came from the border region between England and Scotland. Attraction to desolation and frontiers is in the blood.

  33. Three niggers just ran out the St Louis Galleria with arms full of clothes.

    This place is full of feral niggers.

    Happy fourth Joe.

    Deshaiqua is celebrating the 4th with a smash and grab.

  34. Joe really ought to be introduced to reality. Maybe it will kick him in the arse.

    May the pavement rise up to me meet you Joe
    as the knockout king fist rains down on your skull.

  35. That too John, that too. I often find the harsh places in the world the most beautiful, besides the Appalachian mountains. I think the love of that place is also encoded in my DNA since I spent more time living on Army forts then in the hills. The summers there when I was a child had a damn near magical affect on my soul, and they still have that same affect 40+ years later.

    I’m actually going to visit some of the Old World places my kin folk hail from this fall. I hear tell many places around Gen Jackson’s kin lived there before going to the new world. Plus I need to test myself on Scotland’s clach cuid fir, esp the Inver stone and the Dinnie Stones

  36. @John
    Happy 4th of July to you also , and to everyone– problems and all — it’s still the Anniversary of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence, however one defines independence. Respect should be shown to our Founding Fathers today. They weren’t perfect ; Then again, no one is. Big shot or not. Still, they gave us the gifts they were able to give according to their light . Our Founding Fathers came from both the South and the North. They figured out a way to work together, at least in 1776. Unfortunately, the force of history rendered a perforation in America. There seems to be a force in history that seeks to undermine and usurp everything good.
    That is not code for jews. It is a force, a power, that transcends all of us : Christian, Jewish, and otherwise.
    May the Holy Creator bless our land — North, South, East, and West — that She will endure come what may, secession(s) or not. Though we hardly deserve it for our collective behavior over-all . Only by His Grace.

  37. I know all about reality– I grew up in the Bronx at a time the South Bronx was torched to the ground. I’m very capable of protecting and defending myself– having learned to do so in the Bronx. I needn’t suffer any physical attack to learn about reality — nor will I ever allow it. That’s for sure.

  38. We all have to deal with integration. If I had my druthers we would return to Jim Crow. But I have no say in Washington. Just like you @ John, just like everyone else who posts here. In the meantime, your wish that I be physically attacked because we live in an integrated country (as if I’m the one who is responsible for it) is never going to happen. It would be better for you to dream more lofty visions. For your sake — not mine. I’m doing fine.

  39. “Succession” is a word too freighted with baggage.
    If the liberty lovers were smart they would repackage their desire for independence under a quest for “Dissolution” through a ConCon (Constitutional Convention). The formation of the federation was through the agreement and voluntary membership of the states, and can be dissolved the same way – in a non-martial solution.

    Individual sovereign states would have the right to determine who constitutes a “citizen” of their state and the full privileges thereof.

  40. “So we have a choice between being ruled by Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? And that is supposed to be better than a king and an aristocracy?” There WAS a third choice in the primaries, but mostly ignored, not ideal but considerably less evil.
    Monarchy would be two steps back, the Presidency is approaching it now. Our ancestors struggled for centuries to limit the tyranny of Caesars and restore the republic. I assume this post is ironic.

  41. Roger:
    14 words
    “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children”

    The Marxists call it hate speech. Only the white race alone is not allowed to love and cherish their history and culture. Many reasonable people disagree.


  42. Amen! As a monarchist, I note that Liechtenstein remains a genuine monarchy, and is extremely well governed. Recently the people voted down, by a 3/4 majority, a measure that would’ve restricted the ruler’s powers, despite the hankering of democratists.

    I have always thought our rebellion against our rightful monarch, King George III, was unjust, and now think our independence was an early step in the de-Europeanization of America. George III, or even the aged Elizabeth II dragged over to the states, would do much better at governing this country than Obama and the rest of the pinheads the sheeple have elected.

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