A Modest Proposal


We invite King George III to come back and resume the throne. He could dissolve the Union, arrest the negro in the White House, and round up our so-called “representatives” in Congress.

In exchange for an apology and a promise to never misbehave again, we get lower taxes, a less intrusive government, secure borders, and an end to all the madness that has flowed from the “self evident” idea that “all men are created equal.”

What do you say?

Update: In 1776, America had the lowest taxes and highest per capita income in the world.

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  1. The King wasn’t so bad. The Parliament OTOH was not acting properly. They should have given the colonies a few seats, then let that grow at a reasonable pace, then part ways amicably.
    The focus on “Farmer George” in Revolutionary history is comically sad. The real problem was Westminster. I understand he was not at all Ill disposed toward Americans. Bed probably have emigrated himself if he could.

    Cromwell very nearly did emigrate to Mass.

  2. Dixie – a true Aristocracy is the protectors and defenders of their People. Not mere high-end welfare leeches. Edward I, Elizabet the First, Leopold I of Belgium -these were real Aristos. The Genuine Articles. We had ‘em once. We can breed ‘em again.- Denise

    I fear, my dear, you are the only poster here who gets the idea first posited in this blogpost. We find a MORAL, RIGHTEOUS NOBLE who cares for his people as his children, is of the same BLOOD, RACE, and RELIGION.

    I’d go for Prince Harry- especially as he was man enough to wear a swastika uniform, and has red hair- indicators of a ‘free-spirited Celt.’
    But, alas, he is his father’s son, and will probably end up a drunk living a life of dissolute Aristocratic abandon, without a country to rule.

    No, the Orthodox- and not the Roman model- of an Autocratic Ruler who cares for the welfare of ‘his own’ is what we need. The fourth of July is for my family and I, a requiem for a nation that became an idea, that died in 2008, with the election of a Nigger as bantu king.

    But then, if we had a moral leader, WE’D all have to strive to be moral, as well. Something most bubbas (whether northern or southern) just can’t wrap their white trash heads around…. sadly.

  3. I wish you no I’ll Joe, but your contual ragging on here is a provocation. Where else but the Confederacy lies the answer to the Negro problem?

  4. My autospell is giving wild rewrites to my posts.

    He’d have probably emigrated himself…

    Wish you no ill. Continual ragging.

  5. Agreed, true leadership inspires all to strive towards achieving the ideals even when it is human to fall short. It is better to try and to have ideals, than to devolve into self-serving gratification like the Marxists have wrought.

    Aristocracy, at its core, also celebrates and upholds the history of a people through the recorded lineage of its leadership, the battles it chose, and it is a representation of the culture and rituals held in esteem by the people.

  6. you should learn more about prince harry he’s a raging leftist, pro queers and everything else you’d hate; helps sometimes to have dated and English girl

  7. Harry should marry into the Norwegian, Swedish or Danish family lines. I hope he’s got some ambition beyond ladding around in a military uniform. The Scaninavians are not a bad looking group.

    Short of that he might want to think about the Spanish royals or just find a lanky Beach Volleyballplayer.

  8. I’m not sold on even a well-selected progenitor of a new royal dynasty. Monarchy is too Roman, too eastern, incongruent with our nature. Equality among equals is not wrong, but natural and right. Rather restore the Republic, the Tribe and the village community.


  9. “(Y)ou should learn more about prince harry” is good advice.

    The true direction of the march of Western civilisation is toward our Freedom from EVERY form of wicked, anti-Christ tyranny!

  10. @John
    I honestly have no idea as to the answer concerning blacks in the USA. I honestly don’t know. I have no problem with the Confederacy (or secession) really. I wish Southerners well. My posts– taken as a collective whole– show my support for Southerners. Personally, I think a return to Jim Crow would be great. Returning the blacks to africa would be even greater. Still, I think it’s too late for either to occur. There’s way too Americans– of all stripes, even in the South, who would stand opposed. If you Southerners manage to pull it off– the more power to you. I wouldn’t be opposed in the least. If secession were to happen, I just hope and pray that it doesn’t come about through war. I’m not a pacificist at all. It’s just that too much white Caucasian was lost over this issue as it is. That’s all I’m saying.
    ( in the meantime, i like spoofing teevee shows. i spoof ’em all. i’m very non-discriminatory about my spoofing. there’re just teevee shows after all).

  11. Hunter;
    Democracy has always been two wolves and sheep deciding on what to have for dinner.

  12. What do I say? No freaking way!

    I see what the British royalty have done to Britain, Rhodesia, South Africa, and Canada. And, anyone on this site who does not believe old queenie does not have a say in British rule today needs to keep an eye on David Cameron and his weekly, unrecorded and unpublished, meetings with sourpuss Elizabeth. There is no such thing as royal blood. Just a never-ending supply of suckers who believe in it.

  13. … TomKat appears to be brewing up as a battle between Hollywood Jews and the Hollywood Trauma Center Scientologists.

  14. I can’t believe some of the comments on this thread…

    I’m not going to get into an ugly exchange over them, as everyone is entitled to their own feelings, and I’m having a pleasant, albiet steamy, holiday.

    As for myself, I’m eternally proud that I’m a native-born American, and I will NEVER apologize for being born a free man, or for inheriting the wild dreams and noble struggles of my forefathers.

    To all the TRUE patriots out there, Happy Independence Day!

  15. There is no liberty or freedom without a stable society.

    If there’s a lesson from the Great Democracy Experiment, that’s it.

    Democracy eventually creates such an unstable society that the only freedom comes in being super-wealthy and having armed guards.

    Otherwise, you’re beset by criminals and a parasitic government.

  16. “Instead of aristocrats, we have Hollywood celebrities…a real improvement.”

    Of course there are better choices for intelligent men than: (1) Royalties and (2) Hollywood celebrities.

    “Is there a liberal democracy which hasn’t gone downhill?” But even the most stable monarchies of ancient Egypt and Chinese dynasties also finally failed. Let’s strive for the freedom of our people.

  17. As Brett points out, democracy encourages factionalism, which undermines society as factions compete with each other, resulting in corruption and an overall loss of liberty, and a marked decline in culture.

  18. You don’t know shit about Prince Charles full stop. Prince Charles is a talented artist, philanthropist,linguist, gourmand, organic gardener, appreciator of architecture, steward of the environment and avid sportsman. As a royal he constitutes a check on the commoners and their shortsighted policies, for instance his opposition to the Iraq war. He embodies Britishness and is part of the living breathing culture of Britain.

    Royalty isn’t right for the new world, that doesn’t mean it is without place in Europe.

  19. Here, here Chris. I’m nobody’s property. Not DC’s, not some king’s. It’s my fight to remain that way. There’s one thing an Anglo loves, and that’s elbow room, and he’ll ride a cramped schooner, a packed Conestoga wagon or a tin can spacecraft to get it.

  20. “(D)emocracy encourages factionalism, which undermines society as factions compete with each other, resulting in corruption and an overall loss of liberty, and a marked decline in culture.”

    A constitutional republic with many “checks and balances” is another choice we have besides royal dynasties, celebrities and liberal democracies.

    “Egypt had a good run of thousands of years!” I also mentioned (above) the equally long-enduring Chinese dynasties. ONE YEAR of freedom would be better for us than even a MILLENNIUM of “sustainable” tyranny.

  21. Stability and endurance, like might, do not make right, and by analogy, the Papacy has also had a very long stable run, but I think will fail in the end.

  22. “We find a MORAL, RIGHTEOUS NOBLE who cares for his people as his children, is of the same BLOOD, RACE, and RELIGION.”

    You’re right Fr. John. While there are no guarantees, on the average I believe that is true. Degeneracy creeps in no matter what. We are only human. Monarchy is still infinitely superior to what we have now in BRA, ruled by an openly hostile elite.

    As a Jacobite sympathizer, the current royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (renamed Windsor to hide their origins) are illegitimate usurpers. The first usurpation was the so-called “Glorious Revolution” of 1688 that removed the Stuarts. A whole series of “wee German lairdies” followed. Foreign kings not of the folk.

    Ironically, the rightful king through proper lines of succession is actually Max of Bavaria. I suppose this only points to the fact that when the ruling class degenerates it ultimately results in the degeneration of the nation. Britain became an overreaching empire that is now in the final throes of its own suicide.

    All of this may suggest that Plato was right, after all, and that a Republic based upon a clearly defined social hierarchy would be the ideal form of government.

    He was certainly right about Democracy as the most unstable form of government, eventually devolving into Tyranny.

    The evolution is from best to worst:

    Plato also understood that small scale government was the only practical one.
    Large empires are inimicable to any notion of good government.
    That is a large part of our problem today.

    The CSA was somewhere between a timocracy and an oligarchy.
    That Albert Pike nonsense is pure shit.

    Deo Vindice

  23. No government can transcend the second law of thermodynamics.

    All things run to ruin in the end. Life is drawn ineluctably towards Death.

    We live in a house on fire. The end is simply unavoidable.

    There is a mystic understanding that sees the only escape in the Spirit that proceeds from the incarnate Love that proceeds from the unnamed, unknowable divine essence or Godhead. Called by some the Paraclete or Holy Spirit sent by the Son of God.

    I defer to the more competent among us such as Fr. John to provide a more articulate explanation than this. It was an article of faith for generations of Western men who embraced this alternative to pagan despair.

    Deo Vindice

  24. And yes, my atheist friends, I am certifiably and completely bat-shit crazy.
    The darkness (and negritude bestiality) will consume everything you hold dear.
    Sue me.

    Deo Vindice

  25. Caesar Apuleius Has Spoken. Thus It Is So! For Caesar Apuleius Knows Everything There is To Know. There’s no such thing as freemasons or any kind of secret societies.
    There’s no intrigue in the realm of government or finance. No dirty deals. It’s all out in the open. Read your local papers for the real news. Or better yet, simply hang on to every word Caesar Apuleius Pronunces and Announces to us. All Hail Caesar Apuleius!
    Son of the Gods of Our Forefathers From The Tribe of WeeGermanLairdie-mites!
    All The Information You’ll Ever Need To Know! The Answer To Everything : Caesar Apuleius! Benjamin Philp Judah and Albert Pike were true-blue Confederates*, as per Caesar Apuleius. Thus It Must Be So !
    Sag Mal Apuleius! Sag Mal! Tell me Apuleius, Tell me Oh Caesar Apuleius!
    Apuleius, Oh Great Son of Troth! I await Your next Pronouncement and Announcement with Eager Anticapation– I Await The Truth Of The Gods!
    “Opie” Dei ( the Work of God), or is it Opus? No.It’s Opie : Apuleius Opie Dei :Doing The Work Of God!
    * true-blue Confederates, and/or true-blue Americans– as per one’s viewpoint about Confederate/American issue.
    Kill and Deport the Timocracymites! Long Live Opie!

  26. The Paraclete Shines On Truth ; “Opere Et Viritate” : In Action and Truth.
    Not “Obscuris Vera Involvens” : The truth being enveloped by obscure things. Though the Paraclete Reveals All Things Of Darkness. In that sense, The Paraclete does very much reveal the truth and needs to be prayed for: It will only come to us through prayer : And “Laborare est Orare” , and Work is Prayer.
    Not obfuscation- obfuscation is not prayer ; It is not of The Paraclete. Obfuscation is just darkness: The very exact opposite of The Paraclete.

  27. Aw, shucks, Joe, you’re making me blush…

    But don’t forget to mention Andy. You can’t have Opie without Andy.
    Nice to see I haven’t yet lost my touch when it comes to kicking the anthill.

    Deo Vindice

  28. Re: “All of this may suggest that Plato was right, after all”: Also consider the Peripatetic’s observations of balanced or mixed (does not mean mixed racially, ethnically or culturally) Greek polities.

  29. If we had any religious leaders worth a damn, they would be telling us about the Paraclete, and darkness, and obfuscation, and how to truly pray for The Light.
    But all our religious leaders do is obfuscate, confuse, divide, and lead us down blind alleyways to darkness ; Or very dim light — very dim light ,at best — that’s all they know: dim light . That’s all they want to know. They ain’t worth a damn.
    “Vocatus atque , non vocatus, Deus aderit”
    “Invoked or not, God is always Present”. Our actions are greater than words. Work And Action Are Prayer. Not the words of preachermen : Especially those preachers who constantly divide those of us of the white race through use of biblical Scripture.

  30. Leave the ants alone Apuleius. They ain’t bothering anyone. Plus, the ants work together more harmonously than the human race does. Forget the whole human race– the ants work more harmonously than the white race even. Please don’t “blush”. Adam blushed– and there’s been nothing but trouble since then.
    Deus Lux Mea ( God is my Light).
    No, not the god mentioned on our fiat dollar bills–that’s the god of ancient egypt the money-printers, and all those involved in secret societies : All of whom worship the money-printers,the freemasons love and adore the money printers. I reject the god on our dollar bills. And the oblelisks in Rome, London, and Washington DC ( as well as the one in New York City — the lesser known obelisk in Central Park, NYC. Secret societies have got to go if we’re ever to truly solve the problems that plague our nation.

  31. Let us not forget that the British had a Jewish prime minister in the nineteenth century called Benjamin Disraeli. Do you really want to be ruled by a nation that would have a Jewish leader?

  32. prince harry supports every left wing ideal there is like unending immigration, queer marriage, environmentalism, the massive welfare state, disarming free White men etc etc etc. he’s no freind of the White man. That tamer of mice thinks’ he’s swell should be enough to condemn harry in most White men’s eyes

    The whole thing is funny to me because all forms of govt suck, all have strength and weakness, expect democracies. That’s all bad and our Founding Fathers wanted no part of it. Folks go on about a monarchy but look where it took the UK, and that place is way less free the usa. Most kings have been ok to/ for their people a few have been great and a few more horrible, but when they are horrible they are horrible

    In practical terms, we were a freer people with George the Third then we are today just like we were freer before universal suffrage. Who knows what will happen once the union breaks. That it will break is 100% certain because all nations fail. Personally I don’t care what type of govt takes over as long as it’s Southron, based on Patriarchy, White Supremacy, Christianity as our religion, the right to own personally/ private property is held sacred (including firearms) and limited representation in govt for free White men only. As in the people who make the laws and enforce the laws are White men over 25, with 5 or more kids, property worth 300 pounds sliver above their debts, who are in the militia, (organized or unorganized), member of good standing in their local church, who have passed extensive background checks and a rigorous test on history, economics etc etc.

    patriotism towards the union? You mean the union that invaded my homeland, killed our men, raped out women, stole our livestock and property, and burned our farms and cities? The union that starved our kids, set the negro menace lose on us? Twice! The union that flooded our nation with other Whites to reduce the value of Founding Stock labor in yankee factories? The union that made negros citizens, then our “equals” then elevated them over us? You mean the union that has gone out of its way to destroy stable marriages and families? You mean the union that has opened the border to a soft invasion of brown skinned people to replace us? You mean the union that has put White men at every possible legal disadvantage, blamed Southron White men for all of the unions problems and elevated negros, beaners, queers, women etc over us?

    To hell with the union and everyone who supports it.

  33. The Bible has a record of Monarchy, that the people sinned by asking for a king, and that the kings they received nearly all did evil.

    Yet I have a fondness for our old island fatherland, wish we were still a part of it.

  34. I merely suggested he marry into a Scandinavian royal house. That’s all.


    This recent immigration rhetoric from him is freaking insane. He’s the last Pharoah.

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