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  1. Re: Transplants

    Texas, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia are proof of why so many Southerners are wary about transplants. Let’s not forget that California was the original transplant state.

  2. “Like it’s so trendy-edgy, and white say “n” just like the “n’s” do, like Hey, “Samuel Jackson is my best friend!” It’s like bragging about going to a black church or something, in a way. He seems so ny-yuppie, in a way. And the Dead “N” scene, to me he says it so self-consciously, lol. ”

    Oh yeah, Tarentino is the epitome of “phony-edgy”. But “phony-edgy” sells so that’s why his crap works. If people wanted real edgy, Hunter Wallace would be hosting the Oscars.

  3. Tarantino is tolerable because he puts a few self referential elements in. Filmic references and such. He also liberally drops the N word all over. Which I like. He likes it too.

    Tarantino’s a douchebag who hates Southerners. He saw a negro go into his mommy’s bedroom every night and it fucked him up for life. He’s probably a homo, seeing how he’s the one who put Travolta back on the map. He uses “nigger” in his movies to shine a light on White racism, because of his black daddy issues.

    And he’s a hack who made all of two good movies.

  4. @Lew

    Much of that land actually is owned by local whites. The Detroit Free Press did an article a few years back, about the recent phenomenon of “modern land barons” in Detroit — people from the Metro area, all of them white I might add, who have bought huge swaths of vacant land all throughout the city. These people can see what’s on the horizon.

    I don’t have a problem with decent white families who just want to work hard, live responsibly, and keep to their own. But I much prefer people with whom I share a common history. I have a HUGE problem with nomadic, opportunistic, WN scumbags who fantasize about building some twisted New Munich on my homeland.

  5. Hunter, thanks for knocking the scales right off my eyes, again.

    My apologies, Chris313. For all my bitching about the liberal Yankee transplants who run down here, I see now that you are actually one of the few good men that choose the thankless task of staying to defend against the dark horde with the expectation of rebuilding what was lost. May you achieve the complete resurrection of your once fine city and homeland.

    Any suggestions as to what we do with your former countrymen here now despoiling our land again? I suspect that hanging is too good for them.

    Deo Vindice

  6. @Apuleius

    No worries. We’re cool.

    Truthfully, I probably won’t live to see Detroit restored into what I’d always wished it could be. The spectre of imminent, massive, civil unrest looms over America and Europe, and I’ve made my peace with the possibility that I may not survive what’s coming. But I’ll stand my ground as long as I’m able to stand on it.

    I think this is a better example of white people in Detroit, and what our home means to us: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omz0Emla0SE

    As for the locust-Yankees down there, I dunno… gator-food, maybe? Alligators will eat pretty much anything, won’t they?

  7. Chris that is a strong realization. When you know it won’t happen in your life time… it changes your thinking and lets you truly do what needs to be done for the generations after you you

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