Where Is George W.?


Black Run Amerika ... visual aid

He’s gone to Zambia to build health clinics for African women …

“There, Mr Sata, known as King Cobra for his sharp tongue and quick temper, told the 66-year-old Texan that his charitable efforts represented “payback time for colonialists”.

Mr Sata, 75, also complained about “the young man” Mr Bush being late for their meeting, adding that were he not bringing money to Africa, he would not have waited.”

Debasing himself before a country we never colonized and which in all likelihood never exported a single slave to the United States.

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  1. Its a Christian and Universalist thing. Everybody is important to God, all men are created equal all that. Throw in a hint of colonialism , helping the wogs as part of the status whoring and you have a recipe for much wasted time.

    To make sure these memes (in which I was raised as well) don’t return I identify myself as a Folk centered (or Folkish, Folkist whatever ) when asked . I don’t actually care about anyone not of European extraction.

    And note not a tribalist. I don’t have a tribe (yet anyway) and am not one of the hippier than thou types with a meaningless yet oh so fashionable arm tattoo

    Now to be literal as this does put Gypsies (who are ethnically Asian) and Ashkenazim (who are Semite with some small South European admixture ) in the bag but no one said I have to like everyone.

    On the drill down I am also a White Nationalist and am starting to become a separatist as well. Not there 100% yet but I am at the point that if the South left I’d cheer them on.

  2. W. is a Yankee from West Texas.

    Midland, TX is part of the West, not the South. It is about as much a part of Dixie as South Florida or Northern Virginia.

  3. Magic negros – like the doctor – should all move back to Africa permanently to help try run the place.

  4. So the ex-president of the (still) most powerful nation in the world goes, cash in hand, to a single-export backwater country which has been stagnating since the British left. The average life expectancy there is 40 years, and they spend even less on health care (hence the cash) than most African countries (which has to be really saying something). In response, their leader insults him and suggests that the cash is just a good start.

    And somehow the ex-president doesn’t get back on his plane, with the cash, and leave immediately. The US ambassador doesn’t announce that all foreign aid and purchases of this country’s single export will cease immediately. Diplomats and guests from that country in the US aren’t expelled. Neighbors of the offending country aren’t encouraged to conquer it. Instead, the ex-president smiles and eats the insult, and when he gets home, he probably demands more cash to take the next time.

    How did we come to this?

  5. I must admit, it’s painful watching people prostrate themselves before niggers (vile, worthless, junglebunny niggers). It’s only ever whites I see doing it though. I can’t really manage to picture a Chinese or a Mexican doing it, particularly not while the rude african ape insults him. God, I hope like anything white Americans rise up and ‘payback’ the fucking nigger animal with all accumulated interest. If not, (<–not the if), then I hope white americans are wiped out asap before their niggerlover disease already infecting the rest of us reaches the same terminal stage.

  6. Oh wait?

    Niggers were oppressed, right? No European set foot in Zambia until Stanley and Livingstone in the late nineteenth century. It was poorer and more technologically backward back then than it is now.

  7. Why did the colonialists take your minerals? Because otherwise your country is full of niggers and is thus worthless. It is not like you had the capacity to develop a copper industry … or even the wheel, LOL.

  8. Bush is a pathetic wretch of a man! I can’t hide my utter contempt and total disgust for FOOLS like him. These clowns never contribute their energies and considerable wealth to alleviate the sufferings of White people anywhere in the world.

  9. “How did we come to this?” – Someone who would take offense never would have gotten on the plane to go there in the first place.

  10. Good sign. It mean that 20tieth century luncay start reaching its culmination point. The mainstreem consrvatism is as cultural marxist as the left. At least here in Europe. And people here also starting understand that they are all the same. In the USSR btw were also liberals and conservatives, Stalin most known. They at least undersood that when they kill everybody and destroy everything, then will be nothing or nobody to rule. That was one reason, why Stalin started his rush to the power. To not let liberas to kill and destroy all. Widhout nothing is impossible to invide in Europe and launch world revolution.

  11. If you read the comments at TheBushCenter YouTube channel where this video is located you’ll find fawning comments about how great Bush is/was. Presumably the channel comments are heavily censored.

  12. This is excellent!

    Mr Bush reportedly interjected: “Mr President, I don’t wanna be argumentative, but America was never a colonial nation. France might have been a colonial nation, Britain might have been a colonial nation, but not the United States of America.”
    Mr Sata fired back that the Americans’ role in the slave industry made them equally culpable: “The Americans did not physically colonise us, but at the same time, the Americans still have scars of slavery,” he said.
    Amid nervous laughter from their assembled entourages, Mr Bush replied: “No question about it.”

    Let him not have his noblesse oblige conception of himself; take away even that fig leaf! Everyone despises traitors and toadies!

  13. Junior bush is with big daddy bush tag-teaming & diddling little boys in Urugauy. Mommy bush is at the Dallas Walmart Superstore giving the katrina negroes pointers on how to be “real” Texans: That’s ’cause mommy bush “has a beautiful mind”. I know that’s true ’cause she said so. I know it’s true ’cause mommy bush was a 1st lady — the 1st first lady to be married to a president as well as dropping off a president for these united states. So it must be true. Yes sirre bob. It’s all very beautiful.

  14. Yes, George Bush represents Black-led Amerika, and I doubt very much that he earned any of the cash he distributes in Zambia, while trying to make White people look as if they are guilty and deserve punishment by Blacks. He is a mockery of decent manhood, and deserves to be scorned by all White people who do not accept Black-led Amerika.

  15. What’s that black band under Bush’s watch in the photo? What he got after a medical checkup screening for HIV? TB? A hundred other third world diseases?

  16. Is it only me, or do others here think George Bush Jr. – George “Dubya” Bush is the twin of “Jethro” from the Beverely Hillbillies?

  17. Lol @ the black guys standing next to him, wearing white gloves—- afraid they might touch him? And GW looked like he was about to crack up at points. He mentioned some company at some point, who knows what money is going where.

  18. A right-winger’s first instinct is to pile on Bush harder because he’s a Republican and a “Texan” and therefore “conservative.” Not that conservative really means much.

    But as Hunter points out, he’s a New England Yankee posing as a Texan. And he was never a conservative, either. So we should resist the temptation to treat him differently than, say, Al Gore or Bill Clinton. He’s no different, except for his party affiliation. If NCLB and his gargantuan expenditures aren’t enough, just look at what he calls the low point of his presidency; some nigger calling him a racist over Katrina. That is not even remotely the sentiment of a conservative, or a White man with a spine.

    It’s garden-variety liberalism.

  19. Amid nervous laughter from their assembled entourages, Mr Bush replied: “No question about it.”

    After a moment of reflection the former president then defiantly added, “My real regret, however, is that my ancestors didn’t completely exterminate you worthless pieces of shit. Back then, few people would have cared. As things now stand, I can only hope indirect forces cause the same result. Go AIDS, go Ebola! “

  20. @ Hunter Wallace and Svigor
    Thank you both for mentioning the Bush family are not Texans. Alot of people don’t know that. The Bush family is an old-line, old-time yankee family from Connecticut pretending to be tough, down-to-earth Texan cowboys. Barabra Bush comes from an old-time, old-line yankee family as well. Her family hails from New England ( New Hampshire originally). One of her ancestors was a president: Franklin Pierce { 1853-1857}. They’re yankees to the core pretending to be “down home” texan cowboys. They’re so full of shit it’s not to be believed.

  21. Bush is a pathetic, worthless ‘man.’

    yep bush is a yankee from yankee stock just like obama. it’s “Texas cowboy” thing was always a weak facade

  22. It’s not just about Bush, or where he’s from. If we had any leaders with a semblance of backbone, an insult like this to any American (he insulted the entire country after all, not Bush personally) would bring some kind of retribution. If not bombs and pillaging, then at least — at the very least — the immediate cessation of all the money we send to prop up their crappy little country and make it possible for them to have things like airports on which planes loaded with foreign aid can land. But we can’t even expect that much defense of our honor, from anyone in charge in either party or from any region of the country.

  23. Political Correctness in all its manifestations ends in “Militant Stupidity” and when “CONservatives” take to the latest PC that is a sign post that Militant Stupidity has been reached.

    I wouldn’t be suprised that the DWLs abandon darkie uplift because this doofus is over there carrying on like a madman.

    It was the same with the Blank Slate Theory once the CONs took to shouting those slogans the DWLs became afraid to admit they bought that crook Jared Diamond’s book or listened to that crank jew Gould.

  24. I used to think it was impossible to be simultaneously both evil and stupid, since I thought evil implied a modicum of intelligence.

    But George W. Bush proves me wrong: he is both deeply evil, and deeply stupid.

    A self-respecting America would land a C-130 right in front of whatever shit-pile they call a Presidential Palace (probably some half-nice building left over from the bad old days, built by the horrible colonialists) and march a squadron of fully-armed Marines up and down their capital’s main avenue for the afternoon, daring them to do anything about it. Then march back into the C-130 and zoom off again, without having hurt a fly.

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