Sanctuary State


As California goes bankrupt, the pandering to illegal aliens continues … surely, this will provoke a federal lawsuit. /sarc

“SACRAMENTO (Reuters) – The California Senate passed a bill on Thursday that seeks to shield illegal immigrants from status checks by local police and challenges Republican-backed immigration crackdowns in Arizona and other U.S. states.

The Democrat-led state Senate voted 21 to 13 to approve the California Trust Act, dubbed by supporters as the “anti-Arizona” bill. It blocks local police from referring a detainee to immigration officials for deportation unless that person has been convicted of a violent or serious felony.

“Today’s vote signals to the nation that California cannot afford to be another Arizona,” Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, a Democrat who sponsored the measure, said in a statement.

“The bill also limits unjust and onerous detentions for deportation in local jails of community members who do not pose a threat to public safety,” he added.

The bill has the backing of about 100 immigrant rights groups, police chiefs and mayors. It has already passed the Democrat-controlled state Assembly in a 47-26 vote and will go back to the Assembly for a concurrence vote following the summer recess before heading to Democratic Governor Jerry Brown.”

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  1. really this is awesome news; california is making it easier on mexicans as other states make it more diffuclt on beaners. This will cause beaners to leave places that matter and flood someplace worthless and weak. AWESOME news for us

  2. Sounds like a damn good place to raise a litter of anchor bambinos. Gift certificates for full body massages would be a good draw, too.

    Keep up the good work, Bear State. Your efforts are bound to bear fruit.

    Now if those states in the Northeast would turn it into a competition, then the rest of the states wouldn’t need Arizona/Alabama type laws for dealing with the illegals.

  3. Are they going to tear down the fence that they built? remove environmental “protections” limiting the development of housing for illegals? They are speaking out of both sides of their mouth, as usual.

  4. Bambino is Italian for “baby”. Italians have babies, but Italians don’t have “anchor babies” to gain citizenship. Never have.
    The Mexicans have babies as well. Mexican babies are called niños. Mexicans have “niños anchor babies” so they gain easy citizenship. Italians don’t have “anchor bambinos”. They just have babies as usual and is natural. Italians do not use their babies as political pawns for conquest or colonization of the USA — or any country.
    By the way, when Mussolini ordered the Italian military to Ethiopia, there was great mutiny in the Italian military ’cause Italians are opposed to empire-building*. That’s why the Italian soldiers would hardly lift a finger to fight in Ethiopia.
    * The Romans were a long time ago and much history has passed since then. Modern day Italians are only remotely related in blood to the Romans. No posts about ” what about the roman empire?”. Please. It has no bearing.

  5. Already, it’s difficult in the U.S., of course, for anyone who retained a sense of being connected to “place” (your region, area of the country), or extended kinship group.

    But why do people most LIKE being Statist Subjects?—- where they are more like “worker units,” bred to have no ties to extended kinship, no interest in a balanced sense of history (seen from many angles), bred to travel without any real home, bred to transience (urbanity), and so on?

    Don’t they wonder what it would be like to THINK more about things? To be more of a full human being?

  6. “Now if those states in the Northeast would turn it into a competition”: Perish the thought. Again, whites who live north of the Mason Dixon Line are denigrated.

    A better thought: Establish SANCTUARY STATES, and sanctuary counties and preservation zones in all states for conservative constitutionalist Christian whites, based on our approaching endangered status forecast by demographic statistics.

    Still better thought: Just take our country back.

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