Amurrica Series: Barney Frank’s Wedding


It is a strange land full of strange people who have little in common with us:

Note: Secession threads flaring up at Kosher Republic here and here.

BOSTON (Reuters) – Democratic Representative Barney Frank wed his longtime partner, James Ready, on Saturday, becoming the first sitting congressman to enter into a same-sex marriage.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick officiated the ceremony and added some levity by saying Frank, 72, and Ready, 42, had vowed to love each other through Democratic and Republican administrations alike, and even through appearances on Fox News, according to Al Green, a Democratic congressman from Texas.

“Barney was beaming,” said Green, who attended the ceremony. He added that Frank, a champion of gay rights and the sweeping reform of Wall Street, shed a tear during the ceremony….

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  1. “This is why the military spends so much time training men, so they will react in the correct manner. And why they spend so much time testing men and making them proves themselves, so they already have a measure of their strength and ability.”

    —– Idk— isn’t the whole u.s. thing that if you “serve,” you get to be documented? Which means a mexican military, right? One that accepts women, gays, etc. And has a number of people in it living pretty ‘high’ on a disgusted public— the real definition of aristocrats.

    Also, much of the military seems to just do computers now. The last few I met were as “metro-sexual” as any in humanities programs.

    Just my experience.

  2. The military has been recruiting niggers and wetbacks for some time.

    Many of their commercials are aimed at them.

  3. Good point outlier. And let’s not forget that the brainwashing system is very EXPENSIVE!

    Its also very FRAGILE – once the truth about the so-called Holocaust becomes widely known it will bring the brainwashing system down like a house of cards. It’s the reason why there are Holocaust denial laws and the JDL fight it so hard.

    The thought process of many brain washed soft liberals is: ” I don’t want to oppose that group because that’s what the Nazis did/were, and I don’t want to be like them”. But the Nazis really weren’t like the depictions in Hollywood movies or History Channel documentaries.

    The thing I’ve noticed when raising this issue with various people is that the people under 50 yrs seem open to this information; but the people older than 50yrs are not – probably because they have fathers or uncles that served, so they have a deep emotional buy into the propaganda: they have to believe, otherwise, their relatives are not war heros, but war victims and cannon fodder – this is a bitter pill.

    Also, I only bring this up when people talk about the Nazis or the Holocaust so they don’t think I’m a nut.

  4. Kievsky, I’ve started a small gardening project this summer, based on your urging. It’s not going well. The strawberries are great, and the beans look promising, but I planted sweet peas not knowing they only bloom flowers but give no peas! Hah hah! I can laugh, but I am planning on expansion next year, with lessons learned.

  5. niggers, beaners etc don’t go into the branches were men get tested and built up through trails

  6. Wow. 72/2+7 > 42. I supported Barney Frank’s marriage until that last detail came out. Disgusting.

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