Limits To Growth: 3 Trillion Barrels of Oil


How do you know American policymakers are asleep at the helm on the energy question?

“While the chattering classes yammered on about American decline and peak oil, a quite different future is taking shape. A world energy revolution is underway and it will be shaping the realities of the 21st century when the Crash of 2008 and the Great Stagnation that followed only interest historians. A new age of abundance for fossil fuels is upon us. And the center of gravity of the global energy picture is shifting from the Middle East to… North America.

The two biggest winners look to be Canada and the United States. Canada, with something like two trillion barrels worth of conventional oil in its tar sands, and the United States with about a trillion barrels of shale oil, are the planet’s new super giant energy powers. Throw in natural gas and coal, and the United States is better supplied with fossil fuels than any other country on earth. Canada and the United States are each richer in oil than Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia combined.”

How disturbing is it that a 31-year-old layman blogger in South Alabama out for a walk at 3 AM knows the difference between “conventional oil” and “unconventional oil” whereas Walter Russell Mead and his army of interns at The American Interest are seemingly unaware that the Alberta tar sands are not pumped out of the ground?

Note: This is happy talk that suits Mead’s “Game of Thrones” geopolitical fantasies.

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  1. and peak oil will wreck Oriental nations as well. Gook chicks will be in just as much need, gook chicks the chinks think are much more attractive then White women. that you look past that doubles down on how over valued White women hold themselves

    remember other men have noticed your hostile to White men. I’m just the one more willing to engage. I do value White men and I want them to notice how poorly White women think of them so they can make an informed decision on engaging with them

  2. “Rarely, to the point you can say never, do women say “this is our share of the problem”

    False. If you would ever bother to read my posts, you’d see I heap much of the blame for no new nuke plants on the WOMAN Helen Caldicott who started Physicians for Social Responsibility.
    This hysterical fool, hysterical BECAUSE she is a woman, is largely responsible for the anti-nuke feelings in America.
    Sure there have been nuke accidents. But coal-fired power plants kill more people (men, mostly) every year than EVER died due to power plant meltdowns. But she does not think logically, even though she is a trained physician. She thinks with her emotions, like any common fuzzy-headed woman.

    The cause of the failure to mitigate Peak Oil is this WOMAN’s fault.

  3. “peak oil will wreck Oriental nations as well. Gook chicks will be in just as much need, gook chicks the chinks think are much more attractive then White women. that you look past that doubles down on how over valued White women hold themselves”

    No, Stonelifter.

    Much of China still does work with animals, as if it were 1850. Peak oil will be much less devastating to them. There the men/women imbalance in the countryside is less acute, but still exists. Rural China is not built around the car, as is America.

    Even in the cities, unlike America, public trans (which can be powered by nuke plants, which China IS building) is usable because China is pro-Han. Japan is pro-Japanese.

    China with its nuke plants and its manufacturing and its low-energy-inputs farming and its excess young men, is positioning itself to be in an excellent position to conquer America as soon as we are too weak, weakened by our NAM parasites and lack of energy and lack of White warrior skills and lack of replacement parts for our war machinery (!), to fight back.

    And the victor ALWAYS takes the women.

  4. “Chinese are almost always Chinese Supremacist.”

    My anecdotal counter to that is the essay on the web somewhere by the Asian kid raised in America angry at his parents.

    Raised in America, he likes White women, particularly blonds. But since he’s Asian (therefore beta) haughty White women won’t give him the time of day.
    He can’t get a (White) girlfriend, so his folks now suspect him of being gay.
    But he can’t get a (White) girlfriend because growing up his folks pushed him to excel in school, never giving him time to develop social skills, sports skills, muscles, “Alpha” attitudes.

    If an Angry Asian Man says this, I’ll take his word that Asian men prefer blonds (as seems to be universal the world over) over your insistence they don’t.

  5. I just really realized something, Stonelifter.

    You are a man. I am a woman. Therefore we will NEVER understand each other.

    It’s the nature of the sexes that men think of themselves first. Women think of the children first.

    “A man will run back into a burning building to save his wife. A woman won’t leave without the kids.”

    My concern about Peak Oil is, what’s life going to be like for the White boys in 20 years?
    Your concern is how angry you are at White women.

    I guess there’s no basis for you and I to further engage. What I say, you will not consider it on the merits, but only dismiss it because I, a woman, said it; that, and being hypersensitive, finding slight where when none was intended.

  6. ah there is the shaming language women are so well known for. Can’t refute so you insult. Twice in the same short post. You are just like feminist.

    If women thought so much about children why do they divorce so much for no real grounds outside of being unhappy? Another lie by women. Child abuse stats and child murder stats also prove that to be a lie

    1 incident where you blame women doesn’t change the rarely to the point you can say never. it fits the rarely part.

    yes gooks raised in the usa think White men are pretty; they were raised with that ideal of beautify. Chinks in China are not raised that way. Peak oil would wreck other non China Oriental nations. Nations like Korea and Japan where from a China-mans point of view has better looking women.

    Face it, you tried to slam White men, most likely without even realizing it because you anti White man biases is so ingrained, then you did so again latter on. You’re pissed because a man dared to call you on it. Just own up to the reality of how you view us

  7. There are plenty of problems with Barb’s scenario, but then most of them go back directly or indirectly to peak oil in any event. Still she is assuming in the scenario that they’d have unlimited energy and we’d not, which isn’t quite correct about what would happen.

  8. We often criticise women for not being racially conscious. Then we tend to run em off over trivialities. The body, brain and psychological make-up of a woman is wired differently. We should understand this reality and refrain from jumping on them like a chicken on a bug for every slight real or imagined.

    Let’s not forget the intense cultural brainwashing we’ve all been bombarded with 24/7 for many decades. Women are much more susceptible to media manipulations and more easily conform to societal trends. It’s a wonder there are any women any where who are still amenable to our positions and not completely hostile.

    We should cut em some slack.

  9. Thanks, Sam.

    I’m trying to understand the men’s complaints. A whole lot of ’em are absolutely legit, so far as I can see.

    I’m also trying to be pro-White, including White kids and White women. Women certainly deserve gigantic heaps of scorn, particularly single mothers.

    But you can’t have White kids, which is who we are striving to get a White nation for, unless White women and White men get together. The Stonelifters alarm me, because they are telling White men to just stay far away from White women, rather than what they should be saying, and which old men have told young men since time immemorial: “Be careful. There are gold diggers out there. Look twice before you leap. Don’t marry just for looks, because 10s are sluts and sluts don’t make good wives.”

    That Stonelifter is unhappy because I don’t focus on the shortcomings of women on this blog, well, for instance, this post was Peak Oil, not causes of divorce.

    I’m also trying to think logically. Logic is often unkind. I’m also a woman, so logic is something I’m less facile at than a man of my IQ. Often, while trying to be logical, since it’s a struggle, I forget to be empathetic, particularly to White men, for whom it’s long been ingrained in me since childhood even, that White men are strong and can take the cold logic.
    In fact, one of the assertions of the manosphere or misogynists in general is the tendency of women to react hysterically, the inability of women to “take it,” when the cold hard facts and logic is unflattering, which implies by comparison that men CAN “take it.” I’m still often caught by surprise (I’m a slow learner) when an MRA gets emotional.

    Chinese unlimited energy:

    China is using its checkbook to buy up future energy supplies, to lock them up before they hit the world market. China is building nuke plants. China has the largest source of energy this side of the sun, the 3 Gorges Dam.
    U.S. is doing none of this, just happy-talking that America will become the next Saudi Arabia.
    So when unmitigated Peak Oil cripples us, China will have relatively unlimited energy, relative to us, and “relative” is what counts.

    I don’t know all the reasons women divorce. Some of it is vanity, no doubt. Some of it is must be manhating feminism mental illness which is rampant, and catching, in anti-White America. Some is undoubtedly one of the three unforgivable As on the part of the husband: adultery abuse addiction.

    My own sister’s divorce was husband’s infidelity — she came home early from a trip with my mom and caught him in flagrante delicto. She moved home with my parents, he drank himself senseless, moved in with the homewrecking skank and lost –for lack of collecting the rent — half the property that, thanks to my father teaching brother in law the business, they had acquired during the marriage.

    The rest of us girls have stayed with our men through thick and thin, all of us married more than 25 years, now..

    A nephew’s wife divorced him because he decided he wanted to go to law school, and she didn’t want to move up socioeconomically. Which is weird, but is a data point in contravention that all women are status climbing Alpha hunters. No kids, no property loss in that case.

    The nieces are faithful to their vows, so far as I can see.

    My own daughter is just now reaching marriageable age.

    So, based on my own experiences, I just can’t take Stonelifter’s word for it that we women are all inherently evil.

    Some divorce is undoubtedly due to a mismatch.
    I would prefer most everyone, particularly the mismatches, stay together for the sake of the children. In the old days, before anti-white men laws, the common wisdom was, it was the husband who abandoned the wife. Now it’s reversed. It all sucks.

    To force the mismatches stay together requires change of divorce laws. My own very red state, which has had woman’s suffrage for 150 years, has some of the least anti-men divorce laws in the country.

    Stonelifter got screwed to the wall, obviously. I’m sorry. But it’s not good for White people for him to say stay away from White women.

  10. Stonelifter, I was one of those ball-busters you so detest. I became a feminist, because I came of age at the time when the term Displaced Homemaker became so ubiquitous and I didn’t want to rely on no stinkin’ man to take care of me. And no fault divorce first became law in Oklahoma long before Betty Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique.

    What neither a misogynist like you or a misandrogynist like me don’t get is where we are today was carefully planned by TIIC. Not that either of us are stupid, but like most people, we are more aware of the symptoms than the disease itself. No fault
    divorce and feminism were supported by elite White groups like the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation so that working women could place downward pressure on working men’s wages AND so that they could expand their tax base. The inflationary policies that eroded one salary’s purchasing power did the rest and the family suffered from all the pressures of a family when both parents work, without at least one to take care of hearth and home.

    Because I am heterosexual, I had love-hate relationships with the men I was involved with. I only genuinely fell in love with the White Man the moment my blonde-haired, blue-eyed nephew was born. I have considered myself an advocate for the White Man ever since.

    Barb, a lot of what you predict is plausible, but you underestimate how many people of color, Asians in particular, want to acquire White genes. Erego, you also underestimate what a precious genetic resource White guys represent to people of color. For example, what is the best-selling export from America? White male sperm. I kid you not. Who is buying all that sperm? There can’t be that many infertile White couples in America. My theory is that it’s a lot easier to breed a Eurasian superrace with White sperm than White ova. You don’t have to take a White male out and wine and dine him or marry him to get his sperm. You just go to a sperm bank and make a withdrawal. Judaism will accept the offspring of a Jewish woman and White male than vice versa, keeping in mind that old saying, “Mama’s baby, Daddy’s, maybe.” I imagine that they are not alone by the way the elite families all over the colored world seem to be brightening from generation to generation.

    A few years ago, I read an article by a mainland Chinese official that promoted White and Asian intermarriage, stating the Asian’s high IQ, but the White’s creative genius and beauty. Many Asians are actively encouraging their daughters to marry White men, because there is the greatest chance of success at acquiring a White spouse there.

    I think genetic theft is the issue, here. Even during my most rabid, man-hating stage, I did not date out, prefering White men. I never found Negro or Asian or Mestizo men sexually appealing. No other male can compare in masculine beauty or sensitivity or artistry or diversity to the White male.

    I would take the most Beta White Male over any Alpha male of color. Moreover, the loud, blatant chest-beating aggression of Negro and Mestizo thugs makes us overlook the quiet, laid-back White guy who constantly amazes the world with his theretofore unsung heroics, like the everyday guy who dove into the icy potomac river to rescue the freezing, drowing woman. Or Sulzenberger bringing down a plane into the New York harbor without losing a passenger.

    I am not that worried about White betas who were raised by single mothers. When the chips are down, White men are quick studies and always do what it takes.

    In the meantime, I hope the gentlemen on this board take more of an active role in mentoring the younger men especially those with no immediate access to their own fathers. Though I don’t agree with everything you post on this board, you also have very intelligent insights and I have learned a lot from reading your thoughts.


  11. “For example, what is the best-selling export from America? White male sperm. I kid you not.”


    “Even during my most rabid, man-hating stage, I did not date out, prefering White men. I never found Negro or Asian or Mestizo men sexually appealing. No other male can compare in masculine beauty or sensitivity or artistry or diversity to the White male.

    I would take the most Beta White Male over any Alpha male of color”

    I *absolutely* hear ya. Only in a starvation situation where the Asians have food and nobody else does, are White women likely, on a large scale, to swallow their gorges and make nookie with the yellow man.

    And, no.way. is Sully a beta. That guy is a *hunk*!

    “am not that worried about White betas who were raised by single mothers. When the chips are down, White men are quick studies and always do what it takes. ”

    Agreed that always in the past, White men have been quick studies to do what it takes. And past history is the best guide to future behavior.

    But White men being raised by single mothers on a mass scale is happening for the first time ever. We can’t assume it’ll all work out. Especially since TPTB will do all they can to keep the young men isolated and enthralled to video and porn, so that they barely notice what’s going on, until he himself is against the wall. But you can’t fight back by yourself, particularly if you have no previous training.

    This aspect of single motherhood was preplanned and plotted for, just as much as feminism.
    Jews, again. Jews know that the only demographic capable of producing kids who can compete with their own spawn for the plum spots of society are White folks. Keeping young White men distracted and anesthetized is absolutely part of the plan.

    Meanwhile, the Chinaman does what he does: waits, and bows, and scrapes, and learns, and supplicates, while he bides his time and lets events play out. When the odds are overwhelmingly in his favor, he strikes.

  12. If any people are going to be starving and prostituting themselves for food, it will in fact be the Chinese. They have far more people who they need to feed than we do, and if their colonization of Africa fails (and it will) then they’re going to have to choose between using their lead-poisoned land back home for growing food, or continuing to build gaudy high-rises that sit empty, and an imperial navy with one dated, junky, Soviet-era aircraft carrier.

    China itself is also being is rapidly being colonized by niggers — there are officially over 10,000 in Guangzhou alone, and God knows how many illegals there and in other parts. The Chinese government, for all it’s bluster, hasn’t shown any signs of mass-deporting them, and probably never will. Let’s see how well the heir-apparent does on the world stage, with the Black Undertow growing in it’s basement.

    China is never going to be a world power capable of stealing our women and genes from us. That kind of stuff is a little hysterical sounding. If anything, China looks like it’s on track for a huge social and economic catastrophe, and will end up begging the exhausted West for aid, like everyone else does.

  13. “they’re going to have to choose between using their lead-poisoned land back home for growing food”

    Chris, I actually agree with you, which is no doubt shocking after my 10,000 words of Cassandraizing.
    But let me explain:

    See, I trade gold stocks. One thing you learn, fast, is to understand the other side of the trade. You don’t have to believe it, but you have to understand it. You have to understand why your thesis might be wrong. If you are overconfident you are right, that you couldn’t possibly be wrong, THAT’s when you lose your shirt. Complacency is dangerous.

    So when the Peak-Oil-is-BS abiotic-oil-will-save-us Pollyannas start singing Happy Days are Here Again, I feel beholden to point out what the real threats are.

    China is a significant threat, circling overhead for when the White Genocide program has weakened us that they can swoop in and feed upon the carcass.

    For Peak Oil to save us, there’s a needle to thread: We must have enought suffering that White Racialist Consciousness is forged. It’s been prosperity that has anesthetized us as a race that we are as far gone as we are. The prosperity must end for Whites to realize, you can only count on family, and stop it with the silly Other-Worship.

    But we can’t be complacent, because too much energy shortage gives China the opening they’ve been planning salivating for.

    My true thoughts are: I am shorting BRA and long, extremely bullishly long, White Man of Christian Heritage.

    But we mustn’t be complacent, or we could lose. And lose big. Lose our existence as a people.

  14. Barb, you are right that the record number of single mothers raising sons is not the optimum thing for the White race. However, you act like this is a relatively new phenomenon. Thanks mainly to wars and/or disease, White women have raised sons by themselves throughout the millenia. Those boys still grow up to be formidable fighting men.

    I know this for a fact, because I interviewed an older White male who ended up being the sole support and defender of his mothers and his sisters at the tender age of eleven years after his country’s civil war had wiped out all the men in his family. They had died when he was so young that he knew nothing, but he learned damned quickly as will any White male; even the ones you would think are the most beta.

    I know that the Bushes are not popular, and I imagine everyone remembers the hilarious Dana Carvey spoofs on George Bush, the elder. But if his biography played out in a movie or a television series, you’d have some cool action hero actor playing him. Yet you have to admit that he looks as beta as can be. Teddy Roosevelt, Mama’s boy. Ernest Hemingway grew up under Mommy’s thumb. Both incredible macho men in the warrior tradition. Yes, it is the duty of a White mother to nurture her son to the best of her ability, but there is very little she can do to damage him unless she’s a complete and total psycho.

    The reason is that it’s in their blood. They are natural born warriors and that is why ZOG is scared shitless of them. According to Islam, Noah prophesied that Ham would be the father of servants and menials, Shem would be the father of priests and apostles while Japheth would be the father of warriors and kings.

    I realize that Hunter is dedicated to his Confederate culture, but I would love it if he researched our common father, Japheth whose name translates to beautiful and was worshipped as the god Jupiter by various European pagans.

  15. Clytemnestra I recognize Western White women have bought into the anti White male cultural marxism in large numbers and are our enemies in many ways because of it. Lucky for White men, there are options, like Eastern European women and science and economics for use to side step Western White women

    No brab I am unhappy that you make your anti White man digs on a post about peak oil, and I want to warn White men what supposedly pro White men, White woman are like. Other men here have picked up on it as well. You are the only one not picking up on it.

    barb, your personal experiences does not counter statistics and research on why women divorce. The links to which I have posted many times. I do relay my personal experience but it is backed up by research as being common and “normal” divorce trends for White women. You ignore the research because it is not in the best interest of White women for White men to know the truth about “our” women. I mention the research and point out common, but subtle anti White man attitudes because it is in the best interests of White men to know these things and recognize them.

    I’ve also proposed courses of actions that would produce White children and reduce the risk marriage 2.0 You dismiss all forms of child production that reduces the risk to White men. You don’t give a damn about White men or White children compared to White women keeping their leverage over us

    All of the above is irrelevant to the basic point at hand which is, there was all types of examples you could have used that was gender neutral or focused on White women to make your peak oil point. However, you elected to make a dig on White men. Revealing how you think about us in your inner most places, vs what you say when your actually trying to portray yourself as pro White men

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