The Gathering Storm Within The GOP

American Thinker

BRA’s Thinker contemplates the dissolution of the Union:

“Though all conservative hands must be on deck for Mitt Romney between now and November 6, there is little doubt that from that day forward, America will witness the final foundation-shaking battle in a long war — namely, a fight for the heart of the Republican Party. Either the current, longstanding GOP establishment will finally cede control of the official banner of political conservatism, or the traditional two-party system, and with it the American republic, will dissolve.”

Give us disunion and we can have a normal country again.

If Dixie was an independent nation, there would be no Civil Rights Act of 1964, no Voting Rights Act of 1965, no Immigration Act of 1965, no Roe v. Wade, no DREAM Act, no Obamacare, etc.

The South voted against all those things. We got all of those things solely because of the existence of the Union. Switching parties won’t solve anything because Dixie will still be submerged within the Union.

Why is the Union sacred? In the Northeast, a black governor can preside over the gay marriage of a 70 something year old Jewish congressman.

The Union is a not only a bad marriage for the South. It is a forced marriage. It is an illegal marriage created at gunpoint during the Reconstruction era by puppet negro controlled state legislatures.

The White majority in every Confederate state voted against rejoining the Union. In South Carolina, less than 200 White people voted to rejoin the Union.

The Confederate states had to rejoin the Union because they had seceded from it – this proves that the states are sovereign and are capable of leaving the Union, if they had never left the Union, which was the pretext of the invasion, rejoining it would have been unnecessary.

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  1. “Does Israel accept converts?”

    Glad you asked.

    From the State of Israel Secretary of State home page:

    “Israel happily accepts all serious converts to Judaism as automatic citizens. However, to make the vetting process easier, the State of Israel recognizes certain life achievements that are the sign of any good Jew. If a potential applicant has: Killed one or more Christian in the last six months, committed fraud in excess of one million dollars in the last year, or is currently under indictment for any crime indicative of moral turpitude in any western nation, the process will be fast tracked. We welcome you to Israel!”

  2. part of the idea favoring secession is we would be free to pick political leaders that reflect our values, and who are responsive toward our concerns vs ones who are acceptable to BRA and yankee “morality”

  3. “What’s to keep Dixie from being run being forcibly shut down from the outside like South Africa?” – They lost their own will(thanks in no small part to insurgents from within), and turned over SA to the ANC, and that is basically the only thing that would take down the South.

  4. Now that we have seen how useless blacks are… I think a racist regime in the south would attract much opobrium. Unless slavery were actual brought back.

  5. If Dixie ever does rise they will need nukes, not just a strong army. Progressives are kind of crazy and will cheerfully spend other peoples lives to achieve their tribal war vs, Conservatives.

    Making sure that Dixie has a small Force de Frappe ensures that neither the North nor any foreign Janissaries will invade.

  6. In regards to Parson Brownlow, even the GOP has refused to recognise him as being a Republican up to this very day. I had an ancestor who felt his cruel tyrannies and joined the first KKK to fight for white supremacy and the rights of Tennessean whites on my dad’s (sadly now liberal) side.

  7. I can’t see what is wrong with imagining what the future might be for an independent South and what circumstances might facilitate its formation. Perhaps we need to encourage more imagination in our leadership.

    One thing is for sure. Our elected “leaders” seem hell bent in leading us off a cliff. So I wouldn’t expect any true leadership to arise from that quarter.

    The stage has already been set. Negro criminality and violence will only increase in the coming years. Our present government will gain more of those things that it subsidizes. Negro violence is subsidized in BRA. In the aftermath of recent flashmobs and cannibal attacks, does anyone think we shall see a decrease in the frequencies of such incidents over time?

    One thing is sure. Without the federal government interference, the negro problem could be solved overnight. The primary obstacle to the defense of our people is clear for all to see. Unfortunately, denial of this reality appears to be a comforting delusion shared by many in BRA.

    Deo Vindice

  8. Landshark- URL please? Killing a Christian is enough to ensure Israeli citizenship?

    (Sounds like a joke, but, with the Protocols as Truth, you never know…)

  9. Fr. John, I think there are literally cases of murders (of Christians or others) granted citizenship there…

    Mark Rich and his wife I think were the fraudsters. She’s back in Austria though.

  10. South Africa isn’t a good comparison to the South. Not only do you have the “Blacks” ie Bantus, but even there you have the (expected) tribalism of the mainly Xhosa ANC vs the Inkatha Zulu party. And then you have the smaller tribes, like the Pedi idiot Malema who aligns with the ANC, while Tswana speakers look to Botswana, and Sesotho speakers look to Lesotho (while enjoying the benefits of white designed and funded infrastructure in SA) and then there’s the small tribe, the Venda, who often collaborated with Apartheid and thereby had recognised independence for their Bantustan, and were doing quite well economically until the ANC in 1994 shut down their little capital. And then you have the Afrikaans-speaking Coloureds who are sick of the Eastern Cape Xhosa moving into their Cape Town shebeens. I think the Afrikaners will be able to play these groups and gain their volkstaat in the next decade, especially as the ANC’s corruption is starting to piss off other blacks, especially the Zulus.

    In contrast, it seems like Blacks in America have grown far less diverse than they were even 50 years ago and just more “black.” You don’t hear much about Creoles, Redbones, Yazoo African Bluebloods, etc so I don’t think a race war in the South could be won by divide-and-conquer. It would have to take one a far more brutal character like the Rhodesian Bush War against the overwhelmingly majority Shona of Rhodesia (or Zimbabwe, to name that abomination). However, we have numbers, skill, intelligence, and the firepower on our side. It’s the feds who are the would-be danger, not blacks. Just go for a horse ride in some bedsheets, and you can keep them in line.

    The point about a Force de Frappe is dead right. BTW, does anyone know how nukes are moved around in the Armed Forces and which units deal with them? If there were a rebellion, having a brigade with several White Nationalists who could hijack a couple would be invaluable. *Please note that I am not encouraging nuclear terrorism or violence against any race or the US government by posting this.*

  11. Good luck hijacking uncle sam’s nukes. Even you get your hands on say, “a couple” [2] nukes, uncle sam has something around 25,000 nukes to play with. Then there’s the nuclear submarines to consider.

  12. …… And B-52’s, lots and lots of em’, all loaded with ordinance, nuclear and otherwise….
    Good luck.

  13. @ Matt, talking about the majority-minority nation:

    “It will be that way for at least another decade or so….”

    Why? Why do people accept genocide as a fait accompli? Just because t.v. said so?

  14. “The point about a Force de Frappe is dead right. BTW, does anyone know how nukes are moved around in the Armed Forces and which units deal with them? If there were a rebellion, having a brigade with several White Nationalists who could hijack a couple would be invaluable. *Please note that I am not encouraging nuclear terrorism or violence against any race or the US government by posting this.*”

    There are something like tens of thousands of stockpiled warheads all over the country(we only reduce deliverables I think), it may simply not be possible to secure them all. That said, if secession ever looks like an actual possibility the federal government will damned well try, and for good reason.

  15. At this point in history, Southerners who want liberty and freedom would do better right now to get involved in politics at the local level. From neighborhood organizations and town councils to as far up as you can. The more Southerners who get involved this way, the better chance you have. Talking military options is legitimate, but don’t let it be your only option. And yes, I know the political system is very corrupt and you’ll be fighting an uphill battle. You’ll be fighting an even greater uphill battle by going military against uncle sam. Plus, you Southerners, like all white Americans, need to get your family life in order first, and start having more white children before even a hope of winning any war with uncle sam. There’s not as much family loyalty in the modern-day , real- world south as I hear online, unfortunately. In reality, family life/loyalty has greatly devolved in the South, as it has all over the country.
    You’re not going to win any war if so many don’t even have loyalty to their own families (difficult to have loyalty if one comes from a broken family). Also, you’re not going to win if so many white Southern women are running to abortion clinics to abort [kill] their children. I know Northern women (and women all over the country)are doing the same, yet uncle sam has alot more firepower in every aspect of war to make up for the loss of Northern white children to abortion. Southerners don’t have that “luxury”, for lack of a better word. In addition to fighting northerners, you’ll be fighting the mid-west, and the west also. The US is not just north/south anymore.
    We’re not talking bull-run [1st or 2nd]. We’re talking extremely destructive warfare/weaponry : A 100 x A Million more times more destructive than the weapons available in the 1860’s.

  16. A “force de frappe” is a triad of air-sea and land-based nuclear weapons. Uncle Sam could deliver a force-de-frappe on the South that would make Sherman’s march to the sea look like a trip to an amusement park. Uncle Sam can deliver a force-de-frappe on the South before the Southerners could get their hands on even one of Uncle Sam’s nukes.

  17. Lew says:

    The GOPs anti-middle class economic program is always going to repel substantial numbers of Whites. The sad fact is that Obama and the Democrats’ economic program better serves White interests than the GOP one (unless you pull down north of 300K and earn most of your income from capital gains or financial speculation).

    Oh brother! I heard the same rhetoric spouted over and over by commie union leaders and thugs, lefty teachers, gay activists, jew professors, La Raza members, pro illegal immigration retards, Occupy freaks, Che Guevara shirt wearing sloths and assorted losers in Wisconsin everyday for months who joined forces with Jesse Jackson and many other anti-White black activists.

    A video of Jesse Jackson singing “We shall overcome” with his union brothers and sisters in Madison Wi. protesting Walker.

    All classes of Whites, finally woke up, smelled the coffee and joined forces to take back our government from the blood sucking leeches.

    We defeated them in the election TWICE. The first time in the general election, the second in the phoney, unlawful, bogus recall attempt.

  18. Yes Tabula “perchance”. You don’t have plenty of “ordnance”. You don’t even have close to the ordnance you’ll need if you go up against uncle sam. You overlooked all my other very common sense points. I know all my common sense points are difficult to truly refute. So I understand. Certainly I do.

  19. no one, that I can tell, is advocating direct military conflict with the federal govt. It would be suicidal. The fed’s wouldn’t use nukes. It would cost to much politically, in the union and outside the union.

    There are a number a of effective tactics and weapon systems the us govt is not using against hajjis that the union wouldn’t hesitate to use on White Southern men because we aren’t a protected or valued class in the leftist world view. They refrain from using those tactics and weapon systems to curry favor, or more accurately less disapproval, from leftist, other hajjis and Europeans. The same leftist, hajjis, Europeans etc that deplore the fed’s use of force in hajji land would cheer the use of force on rural, God fearing Southron White men.

    The only way we could reliably gain our liberty via direct military conflict is if we could count on the federal forces to not engage Southron people. That could be them joining us or refusing to fire on us. Would that happen in numbers large enough to work in our favor? I don’t know and you don’t roll dice on shit like that when the answer is “I don’t know”

    Lucky for us, we don’t have to use direct military conflict. All we need to do, is gather numbers, marshal our strength and let the unsustainable BRA crash the union for us . Once the crash begins, we began lobbying at the local level. When all the world around you is going to hell in a hand-basket, people start looking for leadership. Real leadership. You’ll be that leadership be default if you are calm, have a plan and some resources to share

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