Kunstler on The Drowning Pool

New York

It looks the same way down here in Dixie:

Over here, in this sorry-ass edition of America, the election will look more and more like a World Wrestling Federation staged dumb-show between two catamite hostages of a foul corporate oligarchy. Imagine that horse’s ass Mitt Romney spending the next four months denouncing Obama-care, modeled on his own health care reform in Massachusetts, while Obama pretends he has a grip on an economy where the rule of law is absent due to Obama’s own omissions and negligence.

And if you can’t stand that spectacle, just look around at America itself: a wasteland of futile motoring and discount shopping populated by depressed, overfed clowns bedizened with sinister tattoos, pretending to be Star Warriors. No nation ever seen in human history ever laid such a disappointing egg. Only to have it fry on the sidewalk.”

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  1. Jackson,

    I don’t know why you don’t like Kunstler.

    What is inspiring about the Kunstlerian view of the world is that multiracialism and liberalism are part and parcel of a greater dysfunctionality. Suburbia has no future, but that also means that multiracialism has no future; the Union has no future. And thank God for that!

  2. “And if you can’t stand that spectacle, just look around at America itself: a wasteland of futile motoring and discount shopping populated by depressed, overfed clowns bedizened with sinister tattoos, pretending to be Star Warriors. No nation ever seen in human history ever laid such a disappointing egg. Only to have it fry on the sidewalk.”

    All made possible by Kunstler’s people, and which Kunstler would immediately turn against if they ever found their balls again.

    Kunstler would unquestionably be a slaughterer of the Romanov’s in a different time. It’s just not where the money is right now.

    Kunster is a filthy filthy jew. And a decent author and artist. But a filthy jew nonetheless. Let’s not forget that.

  3. Haha, yeah Kuntsler is a, well you know…

    But he nails it on the over-tattooed, pierced hideous beasts and their excremental garbage that passes for “culture” today. And yes, all pushed by the our favorite tribe. There is no “alternative” lifestyle or depravity practiced in mass by the American people that wasn’t first trail-blazed by a jew. Something wicked this way came…

  4. Not sure what he means by “Star Warriors”. Was it just the first pop-culture reference that came to mind?

  5. Yes, that was a weird reference. He’s had some problems with metals poisoning.

    Jews are not superhumans. It doesn’t mean you can trust them — they have a stellar track record of subverting movements from within. But it does mean that some Jewish individuals can have second thoughts about anti-whitism. Jews are mere mortals, and not every Jewish mortal is upholding Jewish supremacy like Atlas. Kunstler has written about being disturbed at seeing local white kids adopt ghetto culture. Read a little closer — what he’s saying is he’s disgusted at seeing local white girls paired up with negro bucks. He’s not a cold blooded, crocodile-hearted psychopath like Sumner Redstone/Murray Rothstein, purveyor of miscegenation propaganda.

    We should talk about this and acknowledge it. If we just dismiss and say, “all Jews are Sumner Redstone” other people will see Kunstler and say, “well, that’s not quite true.”

    Some on our side say, in effect, “we have Fort Aryan and we have to guard it from anyone who is not us saying things that we believe. Pat Buchanan is a greater enemy than Tim Wise! Kunstler is the same as Sumner Redstone!”

    But we don’t have any Fort Aryan any more. Now we are the feral wolves, stateless and howling on the tundra. It is our turn to subvert Fort Semite. Someone like Kunstler represents the Jewish “enemy within,” among the Jewish tribe. He’s not the enemy among us; he’s the enemy among THEM. Even though he doesn’t explicitly name the Jew as the Jew, he names many Jewish individuals as the wreckers of civilization. Thus he subverts them, he subverts Fort Semite.

    We have to think of ourselves as spies. I urge you to read Aquarium by Suvorov


    And the Ostrovsky books, and this:


    It is up to us to go among them, to subvert them, to become the Fifth Column. We have the ability; only our own lack of creativity and adventure stops us. also, learn foreign languages — Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic. It’s a lot more fun than just being an Amerikwan.

  6. Kunstler may be one of those Jews who is having second thoughts about the Anti-White agenda they have been pushing all these years. Maybe he has figured out that there is truth in that old saying about how one is better off with the devil he knows than the devil he doesn’t know.

    I still want to smack him for his corn-pone Nazi dig. The way he carried on, one would think that some hayseed fascist marched his kosher keister down to the farm and forced him to do chores at gunpoint.

    This is the same kind of stupid bile that little Timmy Wise likes to vomit up. You don’t like Mayberry? Don’t live there! After all, didn’t “G-d” create New York and its concrete jungle for feral banksters to prowl and run free?

    You think with all the money that the tribe loots that they could reserve enough from buying politicians to get something worthwhile … like a life!

    Life is too short, Mr. Kunstler and stress can kill you. You will be less likely to be bothered by “corn-pone Nazis if you stay in New York or Los Angeles.

  7. “G-d we are so Holy. Please G-d destroy the goy G-d. Please G-d. Burn them in the fires of their own stupidity G-d. G-d are we not chosen G-d. Then burn them in the Fires G-d. Put them in ovens G-d. Make soap from their skin G-d. Oops what did I say G-d? G-d I mean because that’s what they want to do to us G-d is what I meant to say G-d. Yeah that’s it G-d. What they want to do to us G-d. Oh and G-d deserve I not a few small sheckels G-d for diverting the goy G-d? Sure I do G-d. Please for a good Jew G-d. Are we not chosen G-d? And perhaps G-d after collapse G-d you will bless us to eat goy baby meat omelets G-d on holy day G-d?”

    William Kunstler

  8. A new idea for the WN movement:

    No debt.

    Easy to say, but how to implement? Well, what do we get into debt for? Housing and transport — houses and cars.

    Learn to share housing and transport, and you can get out of debt a lot faster, and eventually even earn residual income by owning Working Assets outright. In other words, YOU get the “interest” instead of You Know Who.

  9. No debt is hardly a new WN ideal. It’s been frequently preached for years and years. I know how I pulled it off, but frankly few people are willing to work that hard because they now think debt is normal. Living with strangers or even family in the same house…. clearly suggested by someone who’s never read or known any one trying commune living

  10. Being debt free is nice but really wealthy people learn how to use debt. After all, in the US, debt is money.

  11. debt might be money but it is not wealth. I did that smart money/ smart debt thing at one point in my life and the reality is, I didn’t own anything I “owned”. I had no debt, could withstand a sharp decline in income or in the economy. If renters moved out, I was stressed. Slow month at the bar, I was stressed. Now I own everything I own ( what’s left after divorce theft). I can charge not to much more then property taxes on the homes I own and it brings me extra income. I don’t have to worry about covering a note on the farm land I own either so I can roll with the punches of being a farmer better then others. I’m not worried about inflation or wage stagnation and what have you because everything I own, is debt free. I am free by default. Or free as we can get in BRA

  12. Agreed, Kievsky.

    Here’s another idea, one that I wouldn’t have even considered 20 years ago, before I
    realized how anti-White society is:

    If you are desperate and cannot make your payments, do NOT take on a 2nd job to pay it. Welsh on the debt. Because the banksters created 90% that money out of thin air, with risk to themselves of only 10%. But they want YOU to pay back the whole amount plus interest.

    Sure, you won’t be able to borrow for a while, but eventually you will. Meanwhile you can use the debt relief to get your life back on track. We don’t have debtors’ prisons. The worst that will happen is lots of annoying phone calls. So get a prepaid tracfone and disconnect the other number.
    If it’s a house that will be lost, before you stop making payments, rent the new place.
    If it’s a car, look for a much less expensive one to buy with cash or get a bicycle.

    Do NOT take student loans, though, as those will NEVER go away. Student loans are the true albatross. If you already took them out, suck it up and move back in with your parents if you must to pay them off.

  13. I used to be debt free as well. But I realized you can get used to carrying paper, and it is a way to make money, and it feels somewhat good to be using the rotten system instead of being the only sucker in the room playing it square.

    I will be debt free again someday, maybe. But whites shouldn’t be afraid to carry paper. It’s the people that carry the paper that hold the cards. Ask the Fed. As Trump says, owe the bank a thousand bucks, the bank owns you. Owe the bank a billion bucks and you own the bank.

  14. “But I realized you can get used to carrying paper, and it is a way to make money”

    As long as we are being mindweapons here, I’ll point out,
    for the really adventurous, some folks use credit to buy precious metals. (Trading debt for something real that can’t easily be foreclosed on, if you do a good job covering your tracks.)

    I’m NOT recommending this. This ain’t for the faint of heart. And if you’re going to do it, DON”T buy futures. MF Global has shown, the banksters will just steal it from you.
    Borrow cash, buy gold at a coin shop for cash, hide the gold NOT in a safe deposit box.

  15. Go to North Dakota and work in the oil fields. Save up for a multifamily house or apartment building, read some books on property management (the Kiyosaki book is pretty good) get your building in a walkable, new Urbanist SWPL college town if you can afford it. I know of a town where multifamily buildings are still cheap, but it is a SWPL town. I’m not going to say what town it is here, but suffice ot say they are out there. You could buy a building in this town for about 200k, let a property management company manage it, and get an income/build equity, or even live in it.

  16. Borrow cash, buy gold at a coin shop for cash, hide the gold NOT in a safe deposit box.

    Where do they have cash for coin shops? I’ve only heard of Cash4Gold, but not heard of any private shops.

  17. @ Tom

    I’m sorry. I wasn’t clear. What I meant to say was, borrow money, in cash (Federal Reserve Notes, commonly called “dollars”).
    Take those FRNs to a gold/silver coin shop and use that to pay for gold/silver coins.

    What cash4gold is, they buy the gold YOU have (and underpay you for it. i.e., most likely a scam)

    If and when you want to trade your gold coins for FRNs take them to gold/silver coin shops and shop around for who will give you the most FRNs for your PM coins.

  18. You can be as debt-free as you like but if you don’t own gold/silver coins, bars, and shares – and take physical possession of the coins/bars – when this hellhole implodes you’ll have nothing! The system is going down, down, down…

  19. Barb, great idea to promote the precious metals. I followed the late Bob Chapman who was a champion against the system as he tried to warn as many people (worldwide) as possible about the economic implosion ahead which will effect all nations. He started doing this way back in the 1960’s. He said he saw what was going on back then (a former military intelligence officer then he got into finance and owned his own brokerage firm). Everyone should listen to old clips of him on YT and get his first rate info. He just passed away in June. His 2012 clips were not as good as prior years because he was ill. He was an awesome human being and I miss him dearly. A true patriot looking out for the common man.


    Here’s a good clip to get an idea (his advice is priceless):


    Just look at what tributes he received in the guest book (it will give you an idea of his character and integrity):


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