Preview: California’s Collapse


San Bernardino declares bankruptcy. This comes in the wake of Stockton and Mammoth Lakes declaring bankruptcy within the last two weeks.

“SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — The Southern California city of San Bernardino has voted to declare bankruptcy.

The City Council in the city of 210,000 people decided to seek Chapter 9 protection Tuesday night, making it the third California city in less than two weeks to make the rare move. It would also become among the largest in the nation ever to declare bankruptcy. Stockton, the northern California city of nearly 300,000, became the biggest when it filed for bankruptcy June 28.”

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  1. .”The sewed the wind, let them reap the whirlwind”

    See, I’m not so sure they did.

    Prop 187 was what got Pete Wilson reelected (the last repub gov’r). Then Mariana the Busybody struck it down.
    Mariana the Busybody was appointed by Jimmy Carter, the guy from Georgia.
    California in 1976 did NOT vote for Jimmy Carter.

    (NOT that I hate the South. If anyone’s been screwed by the anti-White agenda, it’s you guys. I’m just sayin’, most Californians were not on board with what the traitorous jews did to us.)

  2. @ barb and @ anon
    yeah yeah yeah……
    When you’re through complaining because I mentioned some truth ( google Boris Borisov) , and when you’re through standing in front of an abortion clinic putting an end to the “white genocide” you’re sooo concerned about ; Then go to your local army recruiting station and go tell the young white men ( and young white women) joining the military that they’re volunteering to give their “white” lives for an enemy government : An enemy government whose policies are leading to the “white genocide” you say you’re sooo concerned about.
    Reading an article about American history ( or any kind of history) , however un-nerving, however ugly, is Not “white genocide”. It’s just reading something that happened in history. I’m sure the readers don’t need to be told this– but some people who post here can’t seem to see that reading an article about history is just reading an article about history. Reading an article about history in NO way can be considered “white genocide”, or any kind of genocide period. It’s just reading some history, that’s all. It’s amazing to me that this is even controversial in the first place.
    Vivere Est Cogitare
    [ To Live Is To Think]
    The more info one has, the more one has to think about. The more life one has.
    @ barb—> As I was born in Italy to a long line of Northern Italian Tuscans, your ancestors have nothing to do with my “existence” in this world. Your ancestors had no say in my “being allowed into the USA” either. That’s because your founding stock ancestors handed over ALL monetary control and ipso facto ALL control and the final say about ALL government policies to the Jew big-shots. They make ALL the decisions in this country and have done so for a very long time, at least from 1913 . Whether your ancestors supported immigration, didn’t support immigration, or were neutral about the subject , really doesn’t matter. They had no say, ipso facto your ancestors didn’t “consent” to my being here in the USA. Not at all. Ipso facto, I owe your ancestors Nothing. Especially as you are so imperious and so underhanded in trying to twist and distort my post about “Boris Borisov + The American Holocaust” in hopes the readers might perhaps forget I ever mentioned him and his work : Google: “Boris Borisov + The American Holocaust”.
    Learn an aspect of American history you will never hear mentioned in any of our abridged history books. ALL books in this country are abridged– especially the history books. Thank God for the internet. More and more Truth Is coming to Light.

  3. jew joe isn’t any kind of native born and reinforces my point that we shouldn’t allow European immigration either

  4. Look up the “mariana pfaelzer award”. When you aid and abet the invasion of an alien ethnic group to ethnically cleanse a state of your chief competitors they name an academic award after you!

  5. While it’s true jewish radicals ( with the help of many non-jewish whites) managed to get abortion legalized , the law just makes abortion available. The law doesn’t demand one get an abortion. One can blame the jews for abortion– I have no problem with that. But, that’s just half the story. The other half of the story is the collective behavior of us white Americans.
    Same with “easy divorce” laws. The law allows easy divorce. The law doesn’t require any married couple to actually get divorced however. And by the way, one can’t truly blame the jews for “easy divorce” laws. White “christian” Americans started agitating for easy divorce back in the early 60’s. Not jews.
    My point in mentioning the white non-jewish role is so the readers in the cyber-world gallery of “OD” — especially new readers to this site– may start thinking about the issues in a more balanced and deeper way. Only a deep and true examination of the issues will lead to amendment and betterment. Constantly mentioning Jews as the source of all our problems is absurd as well as a lie. White non-jewish Americans are just as culpable for the mess the country is in. That’s why Hunter Wallace has an ongoing expose of all the different types of white traitors. My point of view is not in any inimical to the goal(s) of the webmaster or to “Occidental Dissent” at all. My comments bring another focus to the subjects being discussed.
    The posters here who try to smear me with ad hominem remarks can do so until the cows jump over the moon for all I care.
    Virtus Tentamine Gaudet
    [ Strength Rejoices In The Challenge]

  6. For my part, since there are atleast two of us Anons now and I should pick a different nick, I think Joe geniunely believes what he is posting, and it is up to HW to decide who and what he wants to allow on his site.

  7. Take care there stone. I’d like to see France, UK, Belgium, Germany and the US (or bits of it) to become escape hatches for each other. I would probably be careful with Latins though. Joe if he isn’t himself Jewish suggests the ethnic pride of Italian people is a source of friction.

  8. @John
    I know you’re appalled by “friction” because you called me “wop” yesterday [ and not for the first time. You have done so many times] for presenting a different viewpoint concerning the war of 1861. How quick you were to call me a derogatory name simply for presenting another viewpoint ; One you didn’t agree with it. I have no problem that you didn’t agree. I like debate after all. I learn alot from the debates here at “OD” and always learn something new from those I debate with. I appreciate that.
    I do take issue , however, with how quick you are to stoop to ad hominem remarks against me ( including remarks about my ehnic background) if I say something you happen to disagree with. My “ethnic pride” as you say, is not the issue here. Not at all. The issue is how quick you are to use ad hominem slurs against me if you happen to disagree with me. That’s the issue: That’s the only issue.
    I will continue to speak my mind in spite of your ad hominem remarks.
    So really, you’re not as concerned about “friction” as you feign.

  9. Joe you are also a source of fiction.

    The census data Borisov uses doesn’t suggest a 7 million strong holocaust. Even the active civil war only killed about 1/2 million. Borisov is just engaging in a Russian v Ukrainian spat.

  10. @John
    I have no idea about the Russian/Ukranian spat you mention. If you wish to post a link I’ll read it later. I’m presently in the middle of something right now. Provide a link and/or if you can explain a little bit about the Russian/Ukranian spat and how it affects what Borisov wrote about the American depression in the 1930’s, I’d be interested in knowing. Plus, I’ll have a basis to do an engine search on the matter. If you have the time, I would appreciate it.

  11. Joe says, ”

    “….My ancestors weren’t “allowed” to immigrtae here because the founding stock was so full of wonderful qualities. The immigrants were “allowed in” as a means to sell you down the river. And it was your founding stock ancestor-lawmakers and big-shots who wanted it that way. That’s why they opened the country up to massive immigration.
    What’s going on today is just a continuum of what started in the 1840?s. And it was all put in motion by your founding stock ancestors. Not my ancestors….”

    There’s some truth in that. But my ancestors (you would consider me “founding stock”) were not homogenous and unified, to be sure—- why some of them fought to leave “the union.”

    And so, they are not really the “founding ancestors,” but rather those among them who either a) were not of the same blood, but were the handful of others who formed fifth columns, or b) were genuine traitors—founding stock who had no loyalty to their families

    Really, I think you will find that most were in the first group. That explains why the “union” army was Foreign Born.

    —- But Joe: just look at what you, yourself, are saying. First, you are hellbent on blaming white genocide on the founding stock (even as you say there isn’t one).

    Then, due to your own anger —presumably at Anglos, which is to say at the propaganda against them, which is all you and most people have ever known— you use that to justify continuing their genocide (now, making the case that extinction is what they deserve).

    Frankly, I bear no other groups any malice. Nor do you owe me anything.

    But you should be honest about your hatred of the founding people—– if only due to the fact that so many other people LOOK like them, lol. In the verve to get rid of the Anglo-Saxon, so many others seem to have forgotten that, to many non-europeans— we all look alike.

    And that is your own just deserts.

  12. barb says:
    We should research this.

    Is Mariana Pfaelzer, who struck down Prop 187, the SOS initiative, the final, monumental, desperate act of White Cali to save itself, a jew? Or married to a jew (which amounts to the same thing)?

    According to Wikipedia she is an American jew. Who woulda thunk it?

    How often have we seen the victories of millions of White voters overturned by jew judges?

  13. @Dixiegirl
    I never said there wasn’t anything such as white genocide. What a ridiculous comment on your part @ Dixiegirl . I specifically talked about how the founding stock lawmakers sold the country down the river by opening the country up to massive immigration : In the 1960’s opening the country up to massive immigration to the third world even. I mentioned abortion. I mentioned how young white men ( and women) are volunteering to join uncle sam’s military: Ipso facto volunteering to sacrifice their lives for an enemy government. I most certainly addressed the issue of white genocide. And I did so in a manner that’s very clear to any objective and fair-minded reader that I’m not at all happy about white genocide.
    I never said, nor implied in any way, that I want to see the founding stock go “extinct”. I said the founding stock has done more harm to themselves than anyone else : That doesn’t imply at all I want to see the founding stock go “extinct” ; I do not : I never said nor implied any such thing.
    Still, that’s a collective decision they must make. It seems to me by what I’m seeing the founding stock is deciding towards extinction. The phenomenon transcends whatever I may think. Again, I do not want to see the founding stock go extinct — but it seems many of the founding stock do. I don’t know why. I think it’s very sad. I know many who post here know this already, but many of the newer readers in the cyber-world gallery perhaps may not.
    I mention it so we all can think about our collective behavior as a race and work towards amendment and betterment. I was very clear about that throughout, in spite of your desperate attempt to distort my words because I spoke some truth.

  14. “never said, nor implied in any way, that I want to see the founding stock go “extinct”. I said the founding stock has done more harm to themselves than anyone else : That doesn’t imply at all I want to see the founding stock go “extinct”

    Oh, please. If that were true you wouldn’t be peddling furiously to deflect blame from the jews for all they are responsible for.

    Who CARES how much damage the founding stock did to themselves?

    We who are alive are here now, and we, here, now, who are trying to stop and reverse our imminvasion/genocide going on right now, at the orchestration of the jews, our problems now are due to jews who shout us down as rayyyycccissssss, and, say, in effect, ” Anyway, you, Whitey, don’t deserve to live because your ancestors did stuff to each other/others.” And my people are being destroyed by this, and I’m not going to let YOU say it unrestrained.

    These jews destroying us are the ungrateful traitorous descendants of jews let in by ancestors and OWE us gratitude. If you truly had ANY feelings for us White Americans, the people of the country you pushed your way into, you would understand and sympathize with US. Not the jews and not other Italians.

    We don’t get any gratitude from them — or you.
    YOU are aiding and abetting them in the browbeating of us. Shut up you TRAITOR.
    YOU were let in by US. You OWE us. You INGRATE.
    Do Shut up or go back to Italy.

    (And to anon, I’m trying to be a leader and an example here for my people who’re only now waking up to racial consciousness. They need to know that the jews and their enablers demanding and pushing our genocide are the bad guys and that White Americans need to finally gather their nerve and tell them to Shut Up.)

  15. Joe- you’re confusing John (no title, nor cross +) with me.

    I called you WOP. And I would do it again, and again, just to irk the pants off you.


    Smelly, short, dumpy, ugly, NEW YAWK garlic eating WOPS, whose IQ’s usually are lower than the Average Nordic by One StD, were those whom the Founding Stock Anglos didn’t want in the first place, and who – to this day, live in overwhelmingly DEMOCRATIC, UNIONIZED areas of the USA- prime candidates for the lies and machinations of unions and the Obamanation.

    I consider the Nordic Italians like Opera singer Katia Ricciarelli to be ‘true Italians.’ It’s the ‘Danny de Vito’ types that are not- merely the ‘niggers of the Neros, more like it- that make me wanna puke; they’re utterly brash without the IQ to back it up, consider themselves to be regenerate, when all they really are is merely Romanists. Joe probably looks like de Vito’s cousin… or his sister.

  16. In the interest of completeness re Prop. 187, the judge’s decision was the “sixth game” (penultimate not final game) of the “playoff” which white Cali residents lost. So the judge deserves part of the blame for letting her atavistic racial prejudice sway her decision. C’mon, Cali didn’t have the right to restrict benefits to Cali citizens? Deciding that they don’t only makes sense if you always see everything through the prism of “whats good for us?” even if “whats good for us” translates into petulance, i.e., giving the white gentiles a hard time every chance we get!

    Re: the “sixth game” reference: white Cali residents lost the “seventh and final game” when Gray Davis – the yt-ist yt you’ll ever see (perhaps in all of history even) – turned traitor and decided not to appeal Judge Pfaelzer’s decision.

  17. @Fr. John+

    Italians discovered this country, you fucking phony prick. And BTW, “Joe” is a KIKE troll, not an Italian. Go babble on a street corner with your buddy Nathaniel Kapner.

  18. @barb
    Go tell it to the young white men and white women volunteering to sacrifice their lives to an enemy government (uncle sam) and go tell it to all the white women running to abortion clinics to kill their white children. The Jews aren’t putting a gun to the heads of white American women forcing them to kill their babies, nor do the Jews put a gun to the heads of any young white men and young white women to volunteer to sacrifice their lives for wars based on lies. Neither do the Jews put a gun to the heads of white married couples and force them to get divorced.
    Posting some info about ” Boris Borisov + The American Holocaust*”is not anti-white in the least bit. Sharing information about history is not anti-white by any stretch of the imagination ; Well, only if one has an imagination to distort and deflect from the truth as you’re doing along with @ Fr John , the self-proclaimed holy and blessed preacherman who has nothing better to do than to resort to ad hominem slurs because he , like you @ barb , can’t handle some truth. Not my problem.
    * GOOGLE: Boris Borisov + The American Holocaust

  19. @ Fr John + : the self-proclaimed holy and blessed preacherman:
    If the founding stock anglos didn’t want Italians to immigrate to this country, why then did they allow so many Italians to immigrate here? It’s not like the Italians launched a military invasion of the US. The founding stock anglo lawmakers were the ones who allowed Italians in the country in very large numbers in the very first place. Anglo founding stock owners/CEOs of large American corporations used to place advertisements in Italian newspapers requesting Italians to immigrate to the US . Funny thing for the anglo founding stock to do if they didn’t want Italians coming to the States. And that was even before the founding stock sold the country to the Jews in 1913 for 10 cents on the dollar.

  20. A :All Jews are liars ( according to many who post here).
    B: Joe mentioned truth , ipso facto “Joe” is a Jew because all Jews are liars, even though “Joe” mentioned truth and didn’t lie to us , he’s still a Jew.
    Some posting here really need to straighten out their thinking and the premises upon which they come to their twisted and distorted conclusions. Not for my sake. Do it for own sake. Your thinking @ Denise is just as twisted and distorted and just as desperate to avoid the truth as the others I have replied to in this thread.

  21. @Joe

    You still talking, Immigrant Infiltrator? You were told to shut up or go back to Italy.

    You’re not wanted here, not by me.

    I have to state this, lest you try to use my tolerance of you being here, the way my GG grandpappy tolerated immigrants, as an excuse to bring in ever more traitorous infiltrators like you, just like the jews are doing to us today with bringing in illegal alien mexicans over our vociferous objections, feeling themselves entitled to do so just we let THEM in.

  22. @barb
    You’ll just have to keep “tolerating” me like your GG grandpappy did. Your GG grandpappy’s fellow founding stock lawmakers and fellow founding stock big-shots invited the wops to immigrate here to the US in the first place. The wops didn’t launch a military invasion of your “precious” founding stock land. You don’t sound as “tolerant” as you feign : You’re very upset and very “intolerant” because I mentioned To All Readers:
    Google: Boris Borisov + The American Holocaust

  23. “You’ll just have to keep “tolerating” me like your GG grandpappy did.”

    Taunting, now?
    So jew.

  24. “You’ll just have to keep “tolerating” me like your GG grandpappy did.”

    Taunting, now?
    So jew.

    Yeah, *I* didn’t invite *you* to United States. Go back to Italy, traitorous wop.

  25. @barb
    It’s true you didn’t “invite” me to the United States. It’s also true you’re not the Queen of the United States, and it’s also true you do not have any say whatsoever in how this country is run and managed. So of course, you’re not the one who “invited” me to the United States. I never thought for even one second it was you who “invited” me to the United States. You’re very full of yourself.

  26. Robroysimmons,
    Or whatever your name is, the locals never liked jarheads or squids, you tended to stay around and infect our neighborhoods. You were transients at best.
    “stone” lifter, I’ll move back to my ancestral homeland in AR anytime I want, and you’ll be able to do nothing about it. You ain’t the only one compadre…

  27. Look at all the wondeful things Joe’s people have given us..Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, John Gotti, the Black Hand, Cosa Nostra, Mafia, loan sharking, numbers racket..illegal drugs, union corruption..

  28. Take care there stone. I’d like to see France, UK, Belgium, Germany and the US (or bits of it) to become escape hatches for each other. I

    Hell no John! Those places are dead and weak. we don’t them infecting us. One of or big problems is embracing European social democracy. We don’t want and cannot survive anymore leftist/ socialism

    European immigration since the 1840’s or so has not made us a better or stronger nation. They helped propel all the anti -liberty horseshit we are dealing with now. They have not been good for us and I cannot see how a new wave of it would benefit me or mine

  29. “So of course, you’re not the one who “invited” me to the United States.”

    Oh, but you’re all about telling us White Americans to examine “our” faults because immigrants were allowed to immigrate at some point by some White Americans.

    Well, if I have to accept that I share a fault because some White Americans let Italians in, then I’m correcting that fault by telling YOU to leave.

    You don’t get to have it both ways. If letting in immigrants is “our” fault, all of us White Americans, that “we” need to examine in order to save ourselves, and that the jews alive in America today who have worked diligently to undermine attempts to evict the imminvaders aren’t responsible for the fix America is currently in because some Whites let them in and some Whites beat up on other Whites at some point in the past,

    then *I* get to fix *my* fault by telling YOU to leave.

  30. @Stonelifter,

    Why is it that the more capitalistic the USA becomes the more multi-racial it becomes as well? I don’t think socialism is the problem. The Reagan revolution of 1980 has been a horrid disaster for whites in America. The demographic changes in America since 1980 have been astounding.

  31. Barb: Joe understands perfectly that HIS ancestors came to the land our ancestors built FOR us because either a) they couldn’t cut it in the old country or b) they recognized that OUR ancestors built a much better civilization.

    His schick about “not putting a gun to head of whites” is pure bullshit too and he knows it. He knows who controls the media and the universities. He knows who runs cultural Marxism. He knows, moreover, that propaganda works, otherwise all the big companies wouldn’t spend billions on advertising every year. He is being disingenuous to the hilt because he is anti-white and anti-Southern.

    Joe is also being very coy when he says that easy divorce didn’t force whites to divorce or easy abortion didn’t force the whites to have abortions. He knows full well that we whites had laws that WE agreed to and they were fine. Why were they changed?? Who influenced them? Why, being only approx 3% of the population, is there a Jew fingerprint on every leftist endeavor. Joe is a liar and a concern troll.

  32. Thank you, Wayne.

    Joe-the-wop-jew, and a hundred other jew-apologists like him, the basic personality flaw that makes them noxious to White Americans is their lack of loyalty and ingratitude.

    For so long we’ve listened to the complaints of jews and, being nice, and trusting — which is the only fault of Whites that has played any part in our demise — we thought if we changed a bit, they’d be happy.


    What we know now, after 60 years of trying, is that they will NEVER be placated, because their complaints were never anything but a ruse, anyhow. Their TRUE intention was to demoralize us so they could steal our country from us.

    So White Americans now need to understand, when the culture-of-critiquing crap and the “helpful criticism” starts, they simply should to be told to SHUT UP, you disloyal, traitorous ingrate.

  33. The story of Esau’s birthright makes a perfect correlation to Joe’s wanking that “nobody held a gun to our heads”.

  34. we don’t have a capitalistic economy now, we have a state controlled economy where the govt is involved in every aspect of your business. Your argument is failed at the start but it was leftist like Kennedy who opened our borders in 1965 and it was other big govt/ big business progressives that flooded us with them in the 1840’s. If you go back and do the reading, the arguments from 1840’s is the same as toady on this topic with the same battle lines being drawn the same groups as pro’s and con’s on the same topic for the same reasons

  35. another thing about jew-joe; he bitches about White folks mercenary spirit yet his parents left the land of their birth to chase money and a better life in a nation built by better men then his sire. Sounds down right mercenary to me

    another example of what a hypocrite it is

  36. I think we need to have another white looking nonwhite racial classification: Californian. All the utopian crusading and smugness of a Yankee, the subversion of a Jew and a splash of fruit

  37. @yt —> And Everyone Else Here Hassling Me Over Contrived Made-Up Bullshit :
    You forgot surfing. I like to listen to the beach boys and go surfing every once in awhile. Usually around Half Moon Bay ,CA beaches : About 20 -25 miles south of the leftist stronghold we call San Francisco.
    What do “you all” think about Boris Borisov’s lucid work on the economic depression of the 1930’s? What do “you all” think about the federal reserve act of 1913 article I linked to in my above post?
    Oh! By the way :
    Life in England and Northern Europe was always Paradise. The founding stock immigrated to the new world ’cause they lived in Paradise in England and in Northern Europe. All other immigrants immigrated here ’cause their countries are a mess. But, England and Northern Europe was always Paradise. That’s why the English and Northern European immigrants came over in very large numbers, tripping over themselves to immigrate here : That’s why they couldn’t wait to get the hell out of England and Northern Europe– they wanted to escape “Paradise”.

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