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  1. They’re just hoping his families mexican ties will motivate Latins. Not the working class “mexicans,” but families of displaced cubans, that kind of thing, especially with Rubio.

    They’re playing the hispanic votes, and that’s all. He’s a corporate party mexican, basically.

  2. “It’s NOT self-hatred. It’s a pride, vanity, and hubris that rivals that of Lucifer.”
    – Denise, that was brilliant.

    Molon- I believe the term is (or should be) “LaTRINO”.

  3. Molon Labe says:
    Denise, he will pick a negro or a latino..

    Pat Buchanan went that route when he chose negress Ezola Foster as his running mate in the Reform Party. A desperate move. His top choices wouldn’t commit. Blacks were not impressed and his loyalists were not exactly ecstatic.

    Romney will choose someone he thinks will snag more undecideds from whatever demographic that would be.

    It does not really matter as the V.P. is pretty much an ornament unless the Prez dies in office.

  4. Apuleius,

    Re: your Romney as Snooze Button fix – NOTHING will stop the collapse. Nothing.

    We – meaning Whites, but our crowd in particular – cannot survive 4 more years of Holder.

  5. Molon Labe says:
    Okay then he will pick Connedskeeza Rice..

    Congoleeza said she’s not interested.

    Rubio has too much baggage. He ticked off many yammering about Amnesty.
    Some say the stories of his famiy escaping Castro have flaws. His own status as a legal citizen has been questioned. Romney won’t go there. To win over Miami he’s implied jews are in his ancestry. He avoids the subject. Slippery dude.

    Rand Paul? He’d like to take an axe to the goverment like a lumberjack to a tree. Cool.
    Paul Ryan? Facts and figures wonk on the budget. Bright guy
    Eric Cantor? Hope not.

  6. Niggers at NAACP behaving just like niggers behave everywhere else: instead of a muted or chilly reception or two handclaps at the end, they were loud, vocal, obnoxious and acted like the petulant slow children their iq’s show them to be.

  7. As a former Mormon, I really hope Romney didn’t pray for revelation about partaking in this reverse-minstrel show and this is just political chicanery, because if he did and felt he received a revelation about this, that means he’ll be die-hard committed to BRA’ing on, just like Bush and his subprime loans for blacks and mestizo invaders.

  8. Why even waste time at the Spearchunkers convention. Concerned about black unemployment? Hell the jigs love unemployment, other wise they’d have to work!

  9. Why do the Republicans constantly chase after the black vote? They are but 13% of the population, of that maybe 7% can probably vote and of that 7%, 95% are going to vote for Obama.

    The only reason that comes to mind is that Republitards truly believe that whites have no legitimacy of their own whatsoever.

  10. He wasn’t chasing after their vote. He went because Reagan did. Reagan told the Negroes to their face, “I don’t come today with a handout”.

    Condoleeza Rice is a good choice and I couldn’t oppose that on any intellectual or political grounds. But I’m the kinda old fashioned New World White that fumes when I see Beyonce bursting seams in Givenchy or a jabbering AA baby wearing sperrys and fake nantucket reds. I oppose her candidacy on admittedly irrational and ‘racist’ grounds I suppose.

  11. a 5% uptick in White voters brings a much larger number of votes then a 15% uptick in negro voters so from a mathematical standpoint catering to negros doesn’t make one bit of sense

  12. “…the black vote? They are but 13% of the population, of that maybe 7% can probably vote….” AmeriKa is black run, indeed. Who REALLY runs it?

  13. The above question stands, and is restated: Can that 7% or less really “run” AmeriKA, or run it alone?

    Re: the NAACP address: It wasn’t all booed. I saw only a few minutes of the speech yesterday: specifically, the part where he was promising “higher (healthcare) benefits to (people of) lower income and lower benefits to higher income,” which brought on loud clapping and cheering. I suppose they cheered all his promises to DO EVEN MORE and they booed any hints at restraint throughout the speech.

  14. More on the booing, thanks to Kievsky on the other thread: “Rachel Maddow said, ‘It seemed like Mitt Romney wanted to get booed at the NAACP this morning.’ She explained, ‘He wanted to wear that around his neck like a badge of courage. It looks like he is not wasting any time in doing so.’ Later on MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell suggested that the Romney campaign intended to get booed so that the video could play ‘in certain racist precincts where that will actually help them.’ ”

    I heard booing once, but also two or three sessions of applause and cheering, for some of his promises, during a few minutes I happened to watch. (I didn’t turn on the TV either, just passed nearby.) And the above question stands: Can that 7% or less really “run” AmeriKA?

  15. Congoleeeza. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a week. Oh man I hope Mitt gets her for something. That will be all we really need to know, won’t it? As a tell, it’s worth at least 5 Rubios.

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