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  1. O’Donnell is just trying to cover for the uncivilized behavior of the blacks at the NAACP speech. This is why it was a good idea for Romney to go. O’Donnell, and Democrats like him, are showing just how desperate they have become.

  2. The point is really that in today’s elections, any possible pro-white sentiment is so encoded as to be virtually incomprehensible and easily misinterpreted.

    Although Duke’s time has passed, the only future for our people is a new candidate who is as explicitly and unashamedly pro-white.

  3. @Joe

    As the YKW trolls flood this site, and others similar, the only interpretation must be positive.

    YKW are worried.

    And they should be.

  4. Catholics have a proven track record of voting for BRA and voting anti WASP etc. Pointing that out doesn’t make one a troll

  5. No. Anglo-English. Look at the surnames of the shrill media whores at O’Donnell’s paygrade. Tweety, Hannity, O’Reilly, O’Donnell, Norah O’Donnell…it’s a cavalcade of Irish Catholics who worship the Kennedys and niggers. By the way I can trace the Irish side of the family to Boru’s brother and a variety of notorious Catholic bishops and Fenians.

    Buchanan is the only honest Irish voice in the American media

  6. Romney is very English in his bearing. Indeed Romney is a place name in Kent I think. That’s about as English as it gets. It’s where the Anglosaxon was created.

    The name itself means “Rom’s Isle” in Old English.

    Anyway, America’s Irish Catholics are preternaturally hostile to Anglos. They competed with WASPs for those media sinecures and won.

  7. Romney’s milquetoast identity will be his undoing. He has never stood for anything and he never will.

    One wonders how many unpaid aides lurk on WN sites desperately looking for ways to repackage their failing candidate to be more appealing to whites.

  8. Stonelifter says:

    Catholics have a proven track record of voting for BRA and voting anti WASP etc. Pointing that out doesn’t make one a troll

    Not to mention Chrissy Matthews who said, “I Felt This Thrill Going Up My Leg” As Obama Spoke.

  9. It’s so transparent when YKW on this try to divide Catholics from WASPs.

    A WASP-Catholic detente is their worst fear.

    They’re right to be afraid.

  10. Matthews, or Tweety as he is also known is the epitomy of Irish Catholic mediawhore.

    Romney is probably doomed anyway, but O’Donnell is real POS worthiper of the darkies. He’s taking ethnic antipathy to a point where he becomes a race traitor.

  11. Are you fugging serious? O’Donnell is the one sucking up to the black commentators! Not me. Did you watch the clip Justin?

    I’m somehow a Jew if I point out exactly what is motivating O’Donnell in his pro BRA broadcast?

  12. Let me explain something to certain YKW trolls, and especially this site’s broader audience.

    Many, even most, Irish-Catholic and Italian-Catholic Americans are completely on board with the WN agenda. YKW know this and they are desperate to drive a wedge between Old Stock/WASP Americans and the Catholics.

    Unite, and find the path to victory!

  13. Wiki on Pat Buchanan: His father was of Scottish, English, and Irish descent and his mother was of German ancestry.

    Exact same pedigree as my wife. That’s why I can’t win an argument.

  14. We’re going over the falls. Romney will paddle towards the edge while Obama will fire up an outboard.
    You and yours prepared for WAR?

    We’ll be voting Romney and continue our preps for a few more years hopefully.

  15. Except media whores like O’Donnell that is, or that Senator guy (Ted) who sponsored the 1965 Immigration Act. Yeah except them. The Cops, construction guys etc are a different story admittedly. But the reporters from that background are universally excremental.
    Not a good one in the bunch.

    I’m not aware of many Italian journalists so I can’t speak of them. Generally the Italians keep close knit.

  16. Show me the “honest media types.” Buchanan is (was) the only honest voice in the media period. Fuck you and your Irish bashing “John.” As if WASPS and Germans like Anderson Cooper and Olberman are somehow “honest” media types LOL.

  17. “I’m not aware of many Italian journalists so I can’t speak of them. Generally the Italians keep close knit.”

    Tune in to CNBC, Fox Business, or Bloomberg and they are all over the place.

  18. The truth is the core of our new American people will come from the broad white middle class, which includes WASP/Old Stock descendants, and Irish- and Italian-Catholics.

    Be very suspicious of anyone attempting to drive a wedge between us, as they are undoubtedly advancing a YKW agenda.

  19. Murph,

    how else can you explain O’Donnell et al’s universal hostility without some reference to ethnic rivalry? It’s not simply ideological on his part. He has a very specific track record and powerbase. His brother is a well known attorney. Tweety has relatives in politics too. Take a look at what they get up to and say.

  20. Justin,

    the thesis of this blog is that there will be no America. Do you not see the flag on the top right?

  21. If Cooper is a Vanderbilt he’s a degenerate just like W. Tower Jr.
    A case study in regression to the mean and shirt-sleeves to shirt-sleeves is that family.
    Commodore is honorary WASP. Hero.

  22. The Vandebilt part is what got him his job. “The Coopers of The Hamptons” eh? Buffy come in room.

  23. I comment here from time to time….I thought this was a site for white Americans to rally to to preserve our race. Instead it’s become a site for various factions…for example..”the founding race” to attack all other streams of whites who may have immigrated here after 1776. A prime example of this nonsense is Dixiegirl and the the so called Fr.John+ who claims to be some kind of orthodox (I guess) priest. Anyway…this site has become worthless…the majority of the commenters battling over which European ethnic group is better or whatever..Sayonara….

  24. Many, even most, Irish-Catholic and Italian-Catholic Americans are completely on board with the WN agenda. YKW know this and they are desperate to drive a wedge between Old Stock/WASP Americans and the Catholics.

    and yet they vote for BRA much more often then WASP’s. I’m not following the logic

  25. “and yet they vote for BRA much more often then WASP’s. I’m not following the logic”

    Actually they don’t. I posted some statistics from PEW Research a while back that indicated that Irish Catholics split their vote 44% Democratic and 44% Republican in 2008 and voted more Republican than Democrat in the 2010 Congressional elections.

  26. a recent trend, 4 years old, doesn’t offset all the other years of their voting patterns.

  27. Rudel,

    if i’m not mistaken there’s a missing 10-12 % in the Irish catholic vote. Other than that
    they already did their damage with the Kennedy Cult in the 1960s. Also it’s an even split. So they do vote differently than the Average white. As a subgroup that means the rest of the white are compensating for their equal wash.

  28. Stonelifter,

    might I suggest you run for office someplace? You have a very quick and clear way of expressing yourself.

  29. They were the backbone of the Democratic Party in the urban cities of the Northeast and Midwest for 100 years but they have been drifting more towards the Republicans since the late 1970’s. There is a gender gap in there too with Irish Catholic males being more Republican than the women.

  30. “They were slow on the uptake then?”

    I don’t consider becoming a Republican as moving upward in any way, shape, or form.

  31. This O’Donnell specimen is really something, ain’t he? Check out the faux embarrassed head shake when corn-row dude with the barber pole necktie went on about the kitchen cabinet bit. Even the blacks on the panel were laughing, this guy decided he’ll put on a grave face to show mock horror.

    And he goes on to say it’s racist if you’re not on NAACP’s side. This network is worse than Fox News in its comic idolatry of its party of choice and ridicule of the so-called other guys. ‘Worst reading of an audience in history?’ Exaggerate much, pal?

    Personally I bet not even the majority booed. Boos carry, and only a handful of booers are needed to take over a speech or throw the speaker off.

    Whether or not Romney intended to pander to whites by setting himself up to be booed, most of us aren’t that dumb to fall for such gimmicks.

    And by the way, let me get this straight, did corn-rows suggest that it would be OK for Obama to be paternalistic to blacks? If not, what of Eric’s ‘my people’ shtick? And Obamacare is a slur? Man, these people see racism everywhere. We’re not allowed to call a bad program by a universally accepted shorthand? Hey, as the sole ‘achievement’ of Obummer in 3 and a half years, I’m pretty sure he approves of the moniker.

    An aside: major laughs hearing Charlie whatever from CBS interviewing the Doofus In Chief and hearing the latter mention his greatest mistake was focusing too much on getting policy right and not telling Americans a story and giving them confidence and blah blah blah. BHO: my mistake in my first term…in my first couple years…

    He actually replaced ‘first term’ by ‘couple of years’. Sure, brother, only a couple of years. We haven’t given you enough time, yet. Keep at it, hoss. You might eventually do something useful. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, after all.

  32. Does anybody remember that song by Alabama that goes something like:

    If you wanna play in Massachusetts,
    You gotta have a nigger in the band

    I think that’s how it went. It should be Mitt’s theme song.

  33. LOL, thank you for that John. Maybe one day. Right now I have 87 days left on this contract, then it will be full time father, grandfather and uncle work for a year or two. Hunting, fishing, riding my horse, watching my dogs run and the boys grow before I tackle a new project.

    The gender gap is there with WASP’s too, and pretty damn sizable if I remember correctly. I want Catholics to change sides, and I’m not dismissing a change in their voting habits regarding 2008, but it will take more then one or two election cycles for me to accept it as something long term

  34. “A WASP-Catholic detente is their worst fear.

    They’re right to be afraid.”

    Justin- I’ll grant you that. Let the Catholics follow their Bibles, and not a Bishop-King over in a small principality in Italy, and I’d be all for it. But catholics (people who have faith in the church of the ages) and “Catholics” (people who follow the Church come hell or high water) are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS.

    That is why I call the second group Romanists and Papists. They aren’t following Christ- they are following J2P2 or Benedict [Arnold]- fallible men who often are shills for the YKW or the Illuminati (I can’t believe I am saying this, but hey, if Makow can bring it up, and he a Jew turned Evangelical, there must be some merit in it…), rather than ‘servants of the Servants of Christ.’

    IF we could return to a concrete belief in Christ, the Ten Commandments, and Western Culture- even CATHOLIC western Culture, I’d be “pickled tink” – but that’s not what the USCCB is after- they are after socialism masquerading as ‘caritas’ and ‘concern.’ For that, I have no time…. nor does any true American Patriot.

  35. Jim Bob- Why leave? Don’t you WANT to expand your narrow minded horizons?

    What part of ‘study to show thyself approved’ don’t you get? If Rome and her minions are not helping the cause of Freedom, and the White’s own self-interest, why pretend that they are? I can no longer act as though Rome was some sort of ‘gender neutral’ player in the genocide of my White Race kith and kin. Turns out, that most of them are- or were- Protestants. So my ancestors knew that Rome was not the place to be.

    Only took me Vatican II, sodomitic priests, and a bunch of gay organists to dissuade me in my teens and twenties. Then J2P2’s bowing and scraping to the YKW’s at the 1986 Assisi Antichrist Fest in Italy, and I said, ‘basta!’

    Only a fool would stay in a cult like that, after those destructive decades.
    Either stay or go away. It’s your choice. But a mind is a terrible thing to waste. I only wish you and others like you would WAKE the EFF UP. But only the grace of God- or a massive chimpout, and the Catholic Bishops saying we need to ‘feel compassion’ for those animals, is going to finally ‘wake up’ those people who SAY they want to be WN’s but really don’t give a crap about their own race.


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