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  1. “Irish Identity” Irish (read northeast) are almost unilaterally Democrat. They’ll do whatever their commie, kid-diddling priest tells them to. Now the Irish-descent outside the northeast more or less follow general white voting patterns in their areas. It’s the northeast core that got off the boat, moved into the nearest tenement and stayed that’s the problem. That place really is a sewer. I think it was John here who called the Kennedy’s shanty Irish, he was dead on. The media calling them “Camelot” had to be a stroke of conscious irony.

  2. The media called it Camelot because Kennedy consciously cultivated the press and was always inviting Ivy League columnists and publishers to the White House and the family compound in Hyannis Port. He buttered them up and they covered up all the sex, booze, and drugs from the public.

  3. Guys,

    Don’t take Metro-Pope John+ too seriously. He’s actually got a lot of good points, but his weird anti-Catholic thing sometimes gets a little freaky. Just pick the kernels of corn out of the turds he posts and glean what nutrition you can from them.

    As for the white-on-white warring, it’s got to stop. Whether based upon ethnicity or religion, infighting only aids the Enemy. (Example: Ireland.) Each time you think, say, or do anything, ask yourself “Is this going to help the White cause?”

    We should also reach out to anyone who will fight with us. Black nationalists, Israelis, Mormons, any peaceable ethnic-nationalist or religious-nationalist group is a potential ally. Any organization that shares our goal of deconstructing the Federal Power and building a “Switzerland” of peacefully-coexisting ethno-nationalist “cantons” in its place is on the team as far as I’m concerned.

    For the record, I am a Catholic of German ancestry, and I have nothing but respect for the Orthodox.

  4. @Fr. John:

    “Only took me Vatican II, sodomitic priests, and a bunch of gay organists to dissuade me in my teens and twenties. Then J2P2?s bowing and scraping to the YKW’s at the 1986 Assisi Antichrist Fest in Italy, and I said, ‘basta!’”

    So, you were born and raised Catholic and became disaffected? What religion did you switch to? I’m curious, because I have been referred to Eastern Orthodox and if that is where you went I wouldn’t mind more information.

    I do not come from one of the founding families of the USA. My father’s people were the first wave early-to-mid-19th century immigrants and my mother’s people were the second wave early 20th century immigrants that came until immigration was severely curtailed by the 1920s.

    Both sides were Catholic, but my father’s side of the family impressed me as much more “WASPier” than my mother’s side. I don’t know about now, but then the WASPs were a lot more racially, tribally, and culturally confident than they are right now and all the new immigrants tried to imitate them.

    My mom and her siblings went to Catholic school not only to learn proper English, but to get a good private education to be more marketable to WASP employers and she would tell me how you couldn’t enter the home of an immigrant family and not find an etiquette book written by Emily Post.

    The voting trends were very Democrat ward boss type voting when they lived in ethnic enclaves in the city, but the government initiated Fair Housing ordinances and encouraged block-busting by realtors who wanted to buy up ethnic neighborhoods dirt cheap and sell them at a profit to Negros moving in. The ethnic Catholic Whites moved out to the suburbs where they assimilated into the WASP neighborhoods out there. Many of them converted to Protestantism to fit in or married Protestants. I also think no-fault divorce was the catalyst to making Catholics leave the church, too.

    In any case, if Kennedy et al had not tampered with immigration, you’d see a natural progression of these White Catholic ethnics to full assimilation into the WASP system. By the fourth or fifth generation in America, they all become Protestant.

    I think the Irish are still a little dotty for the Democrats, because JFK being their presidential standard-bearer. But give the Kennedys another decade out of power and that will change, too.

  5. I actually think the video was correct.

    He went there and said things that he knew was going to piss them off so that he could gain the support of implicit white racialists without explicitly advocating racialism.

    And I think he’s going to succeed in it.

    His goal of course is to win the election and this is a tactic he is using to achieve his goal.

  6. I’m not saying he will win the election, but he will gain the support of implicit white racialists because of what he did.

    but I don’t like implicit racialists, I prefer people who admit that racial differences exist but accept them.

  7. @Metal Gear/Iceman

    Exactly. Romney is cleary smarter and more strategic than any of these diaper-soiling reactionaries could imagine. But he’s rich, still has all his hair, raised a good family, and has kept his marriage together. So he gives most your garden variety, dysfunctional low-life “white nationalists” every reason to hate him.

  8. I would like for you to be correct on that Chris. The problem is voting for anyone is buying a pig in a poke and you don’t know what you paid for until have you ponied up the cash

  9. I’m Catholic, I actually have sympathy for the IRA. However, as much as I like aspects of this group they have acted in ways that liberated niggers. I wish the Irish no harm though. The current negrification of Dublin and Cork is a very disturbing trend right now.

  10. This entire charade is exactly what Cambria is talking of over at his blog. Sorry I missed it, and didn’t quote until now. But I forgot to read last week’s post, because of being in teh car for ten days….

    Here’s his ‘take’ on this whole thing.

    “As Yogi Berra once said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” It’s the old infallibility debate. During John Paul II’s reign of terror, the papolators squelched all opposition to John Paul II’s liberalism by playing the Pope card, just as the mad-dog liberals trump all opposition by playing the race card in defense of Obama. What will happen when a black man becomes Pope? That could cause a schism; there will be two Popes.

    Maybe the time will never come when we have two Popes, but let’s not delude ourselves about the fact that we do have a black Pope. Obama’s election and his continuance in office is the result of the religious fervor of white Americans. If white people did not worship the Noble Black Savage, Obama would not be our Presidential Pope.”- http://cambriawillnotyield.wordpress.com/2012/07/07/honor-bound/

  11. Well, another piece of evidence to support Romney trying to appeal as explicitly as he can was some whiny article by some multi-culti about how disgustingly, homogenously White the people in his campaign video were. I saw the video in question and not a single person of color was featured.

    I had figured that had to be an oversight, considering that chuckleheaded idiot Karl Rove who architected the GOP’s Mexican and minority strategery for Bush. But maybe Romney is smarter than his old man or McCain-Bush. If that is the case, he’ll dangle a Hispanic candidate like Rubio or go for a double-hitter with a woman minority, but in the end, he’ll have a White, very right-leaning VP male. If he does that, he’ll do much better than his idiotic GOPredecessors, because I think most White people are sick and tired of women and minority politicians.

  12. JFK was a loyal American and a good president. He wanted to abolish– or at least diminish –the power of the federal reserve bank. The bank is a private institution. Contrary to the name, the bank is in private hands and is not a branch of the US government : Not at all. In addition, JFK was against Israel becoming a nuclear power and was taking steps to hinder the Israeli nuke program. For these two reasons, JFK was assassinated by the Mossad, with alot of help from Washington insiders, including Lyndon Baines.
    His Catholicism has nothing to do with anything ( it was nominal anyway); Being of Irish descent had nothing to do with anything. JFK’s policies — his goals for the country– were inimical to the bankers who are the real rulers of his country, and JFK’s policies were inimical to the agenda of the Israelis —> Who have a burning desire to take over the whole Middle-East and turn it into another type of giant slave labor camp as the jew/commies turned Russia into the Soviet Union: A giant slave labor camp.
    JFK was assassinated by the Mossad with the help of Washington insiders, including Lyndon B. Johnson. Johnson was a traitor to this country, not JFK. JFK was working to lessen jew/commie influence——>That’s Exactly why JFK was assassinated.
    Immediately after his assassination, the jews in the US went to work big time pushing for the most radical policies for the USA. All radical policies based on jew/talmudic /communism. The assassination of JFK was a coup d’etat : A jew-talmudic-communist coup d’etat. That’s for sure. And Johnson was very much involved with those who staged the overturning — the jew commie coup d’etat –of the US government into a communist government.

  13. Excuse the typo: “real rulers of this country”, not “his country”. Though JFK very much had the best interests of this country at heart. Lyndon didn’t see the US as “his” country however ; Lyndon saw the US as a jew/rothschild/commie colonial outpost that should be ruled by Jerusalem : As we currently are because of the coup d’etat :
    The assassination of JFK in 1963.

  14. joe we already laid some info on jfk that had you change your mind about him. you confirm your troll status with every post

  15. JFK was shot by a communist sympathizer.

    JFK had no bone to pick with Israel. Joe Kennedy was super hostile to WASPs. He hated anything remotely Yankee or English. Like father like son.

    JFK self consciously campaigned in poor black rural areas. There is footage of him going to black shanty towns in a flashy caf and posing with po’ American Bantu on his poverty tour. I will provide links. LBJ was just following through with the agenda of BRA.

  16. I’m not mixing up the campaign and bobby’s tour here btw, just pointing out the wider family dynamic of black worship they suffered from. Can’t find footage of the 1960 campaign. But I recall JFK visiting shanty towns in Miss. RFK just repeated the same optics.

  17. Kennedy and MLK.

    However, Kennedy’s campaign did take advantage of an opening when Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., the civil-rights leader, was arrested in Georgia while leading a civil rights march. Nixon refused to become involved in the incident, but Kennedy placed calls to local political authorities to get King released from jail, and he also called King’s father and wife. As a result, King’s father endorsed Kennedy, and he received much favorable publicity in the black community. On election day, Kennedy won the black vote in most areas by wide margins, and this may have provided his margin of victory in states such as New Jersey, South Carolina, Illinois, and Missouri. Both candidates also argued about the economy and ways in which they could increase the economic growth and prosperity of the 1950s and make it accessible to more people (especially minorities)”

    wiki source. Kennedy was in league with the civil rights agitators.

  18. I’m not royalty like “Stonelifter” [ The Stone King] and “John” [ Caesar Johnannii Gloriosii ] ipso fact I’m not worthy : boo hoo hoo hoo hoo
    My blood isn’t blue, blue, blue, boo hoo hoo hoo hoo like you 2 poo poo-s

  19. @Lew
    Lame try. I never read any of Piper’s work, about JFK, Israel, or any other subject period. Try again to deflect and/or sling a type of ad hominem wise-guy remark : This attempt is pretty lame Lew.

  20. Not trying be a wise guy. It looks to me like you clearly stole some of Piper’s ideas without attribution. Who are your sources then re: Israel/JFK?

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