Slavery: A Positive Good (2012)


“But I take higher ground. I hold that in the present state of civilization, where two races of different origin, and distinguished by color, and other physical differences, as well as intellectual, are brought together, the relation now existing in the slaveholding States between the two, is, instead of an evil, a good – a positive good.”
– John C. Calhoun, 1837

Is there a positive case for the domestic institution of negro slavery?

(1) In slave societies, negroes were a wealth generating economic asset: America’s slaves were worth more than its railroads, banks, and manufacturing industries combined.

In 1861, the average slave was worth $800. In 2009 dollars, a single slave purchased in 1861 would be an asset worth $135,000.

(2) In 1860, 49.8 percent of the population of Barbour County (AL) were slaves.

(3) In 1860, there were 2,717 free families in Barbour County (AL). There were 1,143 slaveholders. 42.1 percent of free families were slaveholders.

(4) In the Lower Chattahoochee Valley as a whole, there were 47 slaveholders who owned over 100 slaves. If the average slave was an asset worth $135,000, then each one of these super planters in 1860 had a fortune in slaves alone worth a minimum of $13.5 million dollars.

(5) In the Lower Chattahoochee Valley, there were 270 slaveowners who owned 50 to 100 slaves. If the average slave was worth $135,000, then each one of these middling planters had a fortune in slaves alone worth a minimum of $6.7 million dollars.

(6) In the Lower Chattahoochee Valley, there were 1,193 slaveowners who owned 20 to 50 slaves. If the average slave was worth $135,000, then these lower tier planters had a fortune in slaves alone worth a minimum of $2.7 million dollars.

Obviously, the planter class in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley was stupendously wealthy by modern standards – those numbers don’t include their non-slave property or investments and are based on the minimum number of slaves required to belong to each tier.

In 1860, there were 1,150 planters in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley. The planters were only 17.3 percent of slaveholders though. How’s that compared to the stock market?

(7) In the Lower Chattahoochee Valley, there were 1,637 slaveowners who owned 10 to 19 slaves. If the average slave was worth $135,000, then these upper middle class slaveowners had a fortune in slaves alone worth $1.35 million dollars.

(8) In the Lower Chattahoochee Valley, there were 1,485 slaveowners who owned 6 to 9 slaves. If the average slave was worth $135,000, then the typical middle class slaveowner had a fortune worth $810,000.

(9) In the Lower Chattahoochee Valley, there were 4,100 slaveowners who owned 1 to 5 slaves. 47 percent of slaveowners in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley belonged to this group. Every one of these slaveowners had at least one slave worth $135,000.

(10) In Barbour County (AL), 42.1 percent of free families were slaveowners – surely, the great majority of them were middle class slaveowners, while only a small minority were planters.

How much is the average negro household worth after 147 years of free society? The average negro household is worth $4,995.

As we have learned from Paul Kersey, the average single black woman in America has a net worth of $5, which is over a 99 percent depreciation in value from 1861. A third of blacks have a negative net worth. They are effectively bankrupt after 40 years and countless billions of dollars of wasted Great Society redistributive spending.

Freedom failed doesn’t quite capture the magnitude of the social and economic disaster that was abolition: it is more like freedom was a world shattering catastrophe that nearly crippled American civilization.

In free society, the average White household might have a net worth of $110,000 in 2012, most of which is locked up in the value of their depreciating suburban home – with both parents working in order to pay income taxes to a federal government that redistributes their wealth to millions of idle tax consuming negro voters.

In slave society, if you owned one slave, you had an asset worth $135,000 in 2009 dollars not counting your property or home, those slaves worked in direct proportion to the leisure time of a single male slaveowning patriarch, and there was no income tax because the government was funded with a revenue tariff.

(11) That’s the rub: under slavery, the negro was a fabulous wealth generating economic dynamo, the ownership of which emancipated White families from the drudgery of wage labor and significantly contributed to our national prosperity.

Under free society, the negro is the single biggest economic albatross in the United States and a civilization wrecking menace to public safety who through the genius of liberal democracy can vote himself a living from taxes and fees on the income and property of White families.

(13) Libertarians: What planter ever emancipated his slaves based on the assumption that liberating them would increase his wealth and make his plantation more productive?

(14) As a commodity, slaves were used as a store of value like gold and silver or stocks and bonds: a single slave in 1850 was worth $80,000 whereas a single slave in 1860 was worth $135,000.

(15) Paul Kersey writes:

“Black unemployment rates are directly correlated to the fact that a great many Black people are unemployable in America’s service economy, save for government/public jobs. Not institutional racism.”

The only known solution to this problem is slavery.

There are any number of industries where the millions upon millions of negroes who have an IQ less than 85 could be profitably employed today as slaves.

They could be put to work immediately as stoop laborers in the construction industry or in the fields harvesting fruits and vegetables. Alternatively, they could at least be hooked up to bicycles and used to manually generate cheap electricity to promote America’s goal of energy independence.

Even today, a slave society could find some use for them. Black women could be employed as domestics as they were in the Jim Crow South. They don’t have to become welfare queens shacking up with Mr. EBT to breed little Ja’Quares Walkers or Trayon Omar Washingtons in the Booker T. Washington housing projects.

If negroes were enslaved in such a way, we could empty our prisons, raise property values, raise per pupil spending on White students, slash law enforcement and court costs, fund an expedition to Mars, and slash the soaring cost of healthcare by curtailing epidemic black obesity.

(16) As far back as the 1830s, free negroes in the Northern states were notorious for elevating crime, destroying property values, and burdening prisons and other social services.

In free societies, the cost of negroes is socialized whereas it was privatized in slave societies: abolition eliminated natural masters (who provided employment for White working class overseers) who had a vested economic interest and legal responsibility for curtailing destructive behavior and promoting productive labor.

(17) Any student of the discipline of negro management in the Old South could have told you that emancipating slaves, blaming White people for all their various failings, and giving them access to drugs and firearms was a recipe for disaster. See the 21,000 black people who have been murdered by other black people in Detroit since 1969.

(18) In 1850, a slaveowner could have told you that the return on investment on negro education was quite low because of biological racial differences in intelligence.

(19) In 1850, a slaveowner could have told you that abolition and the politicization of the negro was a recipe for disaster based on previous experiments in abolition in Haiti and the British West Indies.

(20) Slave society promoted conservatism and racial solidarity in the Old South. It also created an indigenous elite that had the wealth and political power to resist the encroachment of the degenerating effects of liberal capitalist democracy.

Note: Virtually all the social ills that are commonly blamed on slavery are actually a consequence of freedom.

Slave societies didn’t tolerate or meekly subsidize negro criminals or flagellate themselves with racial guilt. The negro had no status as a citizen or a voter. He wasn’t a huge drag on our national prosperity as he is today in the 21st century.

Slavery was a positive good. It was a successful social system that broadly distributed wealth among Whites, created an elite invested in white supremacy, cultivated a moral sense based on the cult of honor, and most importantly, acted as a brake on the consolidation of power in Washington.

The success of slavery proved to be its downfall. It was a rival economic system that inspired enormous jealously, fear, and envy of the Slave Power in the North. As we all know, that’s what brought about the War Between the States, destroyed the White Republic created by the Founders, and set America down its path to the present racial disaster.

That’s not the fault of slavery though. It is the fault of slavery’s professed enemies.

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  1. In free society, you have a nigger in the White House, who is effectively the master of White people who work on his plantation, which is the United States.

    The White slaves work for their black master who confiscates their wealth through the IRS and redistributes it to black people through EBT, Section 8, TANF welfare, and Section 8 housing.

    In slave society, the niggers worked on plantations for White people wouldn’t have to … and we have some people here like Joe who consider that system to be the catastrophe!

  2. I have to go with Joe on this one Hunter – Black slavery was bad for White North America, it’s never worked for Whites to import, use NW slave labor, or now we have a slightly different, but very similar system of importing millions of low wage, NW illegal alien workers.

    Those folks who pretend that these NW illegal aliens will all be “happy workers” and will never demand things like White tax payer funded public schools, White tax payer funded health systems or that NW Mexicans will not simply take over political control of once beautiful White American cities like Los Angeles – that’s just Libertarian non-sense.

    We Whites have to do our own work and all Whites must treat White workers with fairness and respect and see to it that White workers earn a living wage. You can call that “socialism”, but so what? This type of “socialism” was part of the very positive German National Socialist economy that boomed without Black/NW slave labor/low wage labor and without Jewish usury finance capitalism.

  3. jack,

    1.) Slavery was quite successful. The system wouldn’t have thrived otherwise.

    2.) The immigration system we have today is the same Northern low wage, cheap labor system that brought millions of European and Asian immigrants to America in the 19C and 20C.

    3.) Illegal aliens are free laborers, not slave laborers – as free laborers, they work to subsist or accumulate capital, and the capitalist dumps all the costs of his laborers on society at large, whereas in slave societies laborers were chattel and bound to private masters who are legally responsible for them.

    4.) In slave societies, private masters had to pay for subsistence, for healthcare, for education, if it was provided at all, for all the other costs of slaves, not to mention the costs of violent crime.

    5.) In free societies, there us no private master, and all the costs are absorbed by the public while the marginal benefits accrue to the employer and the illegal alien.

    6.) In the Northern states, you have public employee unions who make similar arguments, who have aligned themselves with non-Whites to boost their own career prospects at the expense of taxpayers.

    7.) The German economy boomed because it had been artificially depressed by hyperinflation and economic chaos. The sane is true of the American economy in the 1950s.

  4. Vermont and Mississippi illustrate the respective merits of slavery and anti-slavery.

    Which state has caused us more trouble? Vermont has been at the forefront of every ridiculous egalitarian reform – universal suffrage, anti-slavery, women’s suffrage, feminism, civil rights, gay marriage – in American history since the 1770s.

    In contrast, Mississippi has been the epicenter of racialism and conservatism.

  5. That’s a myth.

    There were poor Whites in the South. They lived in places like Appalachia, the hill country, the piney woods and swampy areas. They engaged is subsistence agriculture.

    They lived in precisely the areas where the plantation system was non-existent. How was slavery a disaster for them? There was very little slavery in Appalachia. Those areas were and still are overwhelmingly White.

    You’re an illiterate hillbilly living in the fucking mountains. There are thriving communities of slaveowners in the lowlands and river valleys. So naturallly, the prosperity of the lowlands is responsible for the backwardness of mountain areas, except that it wasn’t and abolition proved it.

    Slavery hasn’t existed in the South in 147 years. Owsley County, Kentucky has the highest rate of food stamp usage in America. West Virginia is one of the biggest food stamp states.

    The hillbillies who live in those areas have always had their own peculiar way of living. Back in the Old South, they lived about the closest thing you can have to an autonomous existence.

    Abolition devastated the lowlands and river valleys. If anything is true, it made the mountains and hill country poorer than they ever had been before because the wealth of the lowlands evaporated.

  6. Hunter Wallace says:
    July 14, 2012 at 12:39 am
    The lunatic ideas about race thrive in precisely the areas that were old strongholds of anti-slavery.

    Jack Ryan responds:

    OK, but Vermont wouldn’t have lunatic, anti slavery, anti White immigration policies now if there wasn’t Negro slavery somewhere in North America. Whites in the South could have used their brain power, high IQs to invent the tractor about 50 years sooner than it was invented and implemented. Negro/Black slavery just simply rubs a high percentage of Indo European White people the wrong way. Maybe, if we never became Christian, it wouldn’t be so bad. But, come on folks, let’s be realistic. We’re not bringing back Black/Negro slavery in the South or anywhere in North America in the 21st century. So we have to work for ways to improve the situation, given realities in the here an now.

    It’s 2012 not 1856.

  7. jack,

    That’s like saying: if there were no women in America, or the institution of patriarchy, then the men of Vermont wouldn’t have become feminists and supporters of gay marriage and abortion.

  8. jack,

    The slaves were brought here from Africa in the 1600s and 1700s – if the price of slaves had remained high, it would have spurred mechanization. As I said above, the mechanical cotton picker was invented in Memphis in the 1850s.

    Unfortunately, the fanatic abolitionist movement triumphed in the 1860s, and the price of labor and cotton plummeted because the Union Army had destroyed the Southern economy.

    Blacks were made into citizens with voting rights. They were not deported along the lines of Lincoln’s bullshit about colonization. A labor hour resulted and mechanization languished for decades as a result.

  9. jack-

    Black/Negro slavery rubs a high percentage of Indo European White people the wrong way, because we instinctively know what a danger it is to have large numbers of our natural enemy situated in our midst. Their physical presence alone correctly sets off every threat warning in our biology.

  10. “313 Chris” makes an Excellent point : There’s excellence in Truth. There’s nothing excellent about a country full of our racial enemies, though. Disaster.
    History shows that every group of people ever thrown into slavery were eventually freed– one way or another. Those who started the slave system in the capitals of Europe and here in America were not naive or in any way ignorant of history. They knew what the consequences were going to be for future generations [us]. They didn’t care. Very sad.

  11. Well, people can debate history, for ever.

    And it is of course, perfectly understandable and even desirable to defend the history of your/our own unique White Indo European people.

    Hunter Wallace has every right to defend the South – in the past, present, forever. The South is one of my favorite places in the world and I lived in the South for ~ 6 years. It’s like living in France – yeah, you had better learn and respect the history, the culture and you’re going to stick out a bit as not a local, but if you do make the strong effort, I think living in both the South and France are great things to do.

    That said.

    We’re not bringing back Black slavery in the US South or anywhere in the world – anybody seriously promoting this policy isn’t being serious.

  12. 313Chris says:
    July 14, 2012 at 1:28 am

    Black/Negro slavery rubs a high percentage of Indo European White people the wrong way, because we instinctively know what a danger it is to have large numbers of our natural enemy situated in our midst. Their physical presence alone correctly sets off every threat warning in our biology.

    Jack Ryan responds:

    I wish that were more the case. Instead I see White Indo European people, particularly White women as not being able to look at human suffering – our White people can’t even stand to see animals suffering, so how can we expect White people to look at human slavery in our midst, without trying to change it, help the slaves, share the Christian faith, give them food, medicine, education – it’s the “do gooder” impulse in Whites and we’re frankly stuck with it – so the solution is not to have millions of poor, suffering Blacks, non Whites in our countries so do gooders have to go off to Haiti or Africa to do their do gooding.

  13. Brutus,
    I think many of these robotic advances are also being perfected on our wound warriors with replacement limbs. What better way then to use real humans to perfect real human movements. Just like in , “I Robot”.

  14. I wonder what fantasy world the yankees live in regarding slavery and how it aided them

    without slavery yankees wouldn’t have had access to cheap raw materials for their fledgeling manufacturing base and would have had a harder time competing with the more industrialized Europe

    without tariffs from Southron exports there would have been no federal money for the internal improvements up north. Those tariffs were made possible by slavery. Those tariffs also allowed yankees to buy Southron raw materials at a disccount

    The protectionist tariffs ensured yankees a domestic market, and protected yankee shipping interests. Tariffs made European goods, which were often of better quality at lower price, more expensive giving the yankees another edge in commerce. All possible because of slavery

    How would those things have played out without slavery?

  15. Send the blacks back to Africa and the Mexicans back to Mexico. If we’re going to enslave anyone we’d be better off enslaving nominally white ethnic groups like Jews, Southern Europeans, and Eastern Europeans and turning them into a new Helot class.

  16. Slavery is obsolete today.

    2 percent of the population works in agriculture. 98 percent of them are White. See Jobs Black People Hate and Triumph of the Will in the archives.

  17. Is slavery permanently gone?

    Slavery actually never went away. We developed superior machine slaves that could do the same work more cheaply and efficiently than negro slaves.

    The machines are chattel like human slaves. They require maintenance. They even require a special kind of food – cheap and abundant hydrocarbon energy.

    2 percent of the population works in agriculture. How did we get to that point? The only thing that made it possible was the development of the oil, coal, and natural gas economy.

  18. Slavery created the industrial revolution.

    The first use of the word Factory in the English language was in Jamaica. The commercial farming of Sugar, Tobacco and Cotton created the surplus needed to mechanize. CLR James was right that the modern world was built on the back of the leashed black. However the modern world is being killed by the free black.

    The only problem is that we didn’t deport blacks or push them into the surf With rocks tied round the necks once we were done with them.

    We are about the enter an age when we must begin the conquer again slices of Africa to get at resources like oil, Uranium, gold, diamonds and farmland. This time we cannot afford to be so humane.

  19. Commercial slavery on an industrial scale was a neccessary condition for the industrial revolution. Black radicals often offer up this theory. It’s probably correct. Django Unchained really is a destructive force. Django in shackles was an economic good.

  20. @singlemalt ——-> and single brain cell :
    Reality dude: Think Reality. Ask your mommy what the word “reality” means. Maybe she’ll tell ya’ — if she has the patience to deal with a whittle boy with one brain cell.

  21. “The machines are chattel like human slaves. They require maintenance. They even require a special kind of food – cheap and abundant hydrocarbon energy.” – The word robot comes from a word meaning slave, but that said capital investment is treated differently by the economy as a whole than a slave laborer.

    “Commercial slavery on an industrial scale was a neccessary condition for the industrial revolution.” – The British did quite well without slavery, and cotton existed before them. It was important for America, given that America had several great powers breathing down her neck(in a sense, like Haiti and her return to slavery), but for progress overall, no.

  22. The Germans and the Scandinavians did fine for themselves without getting involved in the slave trade.

  23. @Fr John
    If the bible is god’s word, and the bible truly sanctions slavery, how come the bible doesn’t mention that every group of people thrown into slavery was eventually freed one way or another, and the erstwhile slave populations always posed a problem for the regions they lived in, how come the bible doesn’t mention how such a population of former slaves should be dealt with? God had to know that all groups of people thrown into slavery would eventually be freed one way or another– he’s omniscient, right? How come god didn’t mention this? How come god didn’t mention the negative effects of slavery on the average working-class/middle-class people of a country/region where the big-shots had slaves? How come god didn’t mention this aspect of slavery?

  24. @Hunter:

    “Southerners were not murdered in their own beds by their slaves.”


    My understanding is half a million Negro slaves were imported into North America. By the time the Civil War started, their masters had raised a crop of more than cotton and tobacco. They had multiplied like rabbits.

    When the Dutch and the English first settled the southern tip of Africa, they initially had to deal with a small, nearly extinct Negroid tribe called the Khoi-Khoi San. They could have very easily imported White peasant labor from Europe to work their farms and their mines. They chose instead to import Bantus as slave labor.

    Thanks to their hubris and shortsightedness, their descendants, female AND male are being raped, robbed, tortured, and murdered. Google South African farm murders. Its the Knoxville Horror one thousand fold. Now if the South was an ocean away like Haiti or South Africa, I wouldn’t care. If you would rather be murdered in your beds then make them yourselves, so be it.

    But the South shares the North American continent with the North, so frankly, Scarlett, I DO give a damn, because I have no choice. My ancestors were never involved in or benefited from slavery in any way. I see no reason why my descendants should have to make reparations or suffer the consequences.

    Can you kindly explain to an ignoramus like me what noble Southern principle it violates or violated even back then to use free WHITE labor rather than importing an alien race of slaves that would be a hostile, destructive force to ALL White Americans?

    I have asked you repeatedly what plan was in place for the South once the industrial revolution produced cheaper technology that made your “farm equipment” obsolete. Deafening silence, crickets chirping. GRRR. I understand the implications, and that does not generate much sympathy for The Glorious Cause.

    However, I will be more than happy to support your position on Negro slavery especially if the country breaks apart and the South secedes, Hunter.

    Providing y’all reclaim your property from Detroit, MI, Camden, NJ, Gary, Indiana, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum.


  25. y’all set them free y’all deal with them

    it’s called economy of scale and picking cotton is horrible work. The heat before a/c is hard, hard hard on Whites and a whole lot of other things your not taking into account. We’ve posted how the north benefited from slavery a few times. All of these things have been laid out. Spend sometime reading. You can disagree but the info has been put on the table, so to speak.

  26. No Clyt,

    The Afrikaners stopped being hardcore. That is all. They gave up when they actually had all the trump cards.

  27. ” I’ve studied the Haitian Revolution: of the hundreds of slave rebellions in the Caribbean, the Haitian Revolution was the only one of them that ever succeeded. It succeeded solely because it was inspired by the French Revolution and was supported and legitimized by the Jacobins in metropolitan France.

    Napoleon succeeded in reconquering Saint-Domingue and the French Caribbean. Slavery was restored in Martinique and Guadeloupe. Toussaint L’overature died in a prison in France.

    Unfortunately, the return to war with Britain left the LeClerc expedition in Saint-Domingue stranded and cut off from reinforcements by the Royal Navy. French soldiers were decimated by disease. LeClerc himself died of disease and his troops surrendered to the British.”

    If the French had used free White labor, they wouldn’t have had to worry about being stranded and cut off from reinforcements.

    If the South had used free White labor, they wouldn’t have (and shouldn’t have) been able to claim each slave as three-fifths of a person to get representation in Congress.

    Negro slavery only benefited the rich elite; those who financed it and those who used it. It robbed a White working class that was already being squeezed by immigrant European labor for the factory jobs up North to have migrant farm work as another option and earn competitive wages. It robbed the White working class of their own financial security, not to mention, safety. When machete-wielding slaves escaped the plantation, the poor, non-slave-owning Southern yeoman’s family was in as much if not more danger than the plantation owner. Negro freedmen didn’t move into the neighborhoods of Boston Brahmin when they ventured North of the Mason-Dixon line.

    Those who used Negro slaves were no different from those who use illegal Mexican alien labor today. They could have hired Whites, but chose to go with colored labor and defer the costs of that labor on the Whites they refused to hire. It’s that simple.

    You do not understand that using Non-White labor screws over working class Whites twice. They do not get the work so they can afford to support their families and they ultimately have to absorb the short-term and long-term costs of Non-White labor. Welfare and crime.

    I would appreciate it if you consider the fact that we ALL can’t afford to live in antebellum mansions and be waited on hand and foot. Most of us have to work for what we can get and it have been nice to do so without having to worry about obsolete Southern “farm equipment” mugging us on the streets and invading our home to take it away from us.

  28. Clyt,

    A very gutless answer my dear. Segregation served as a solution to the feral black. Until DWL and hebes demanded integration. Then came equality. Now comes supremacy. The thing is whitish fanatics created BRA. They use it to rob everyone.
    This has nothing to do with overseers and owners. They had the blacks under control…until equality fanatics destroyed the control mechanisms.

  29. look at the numbers HW posted; working class Whites where doing very well in the South. And slavery got started when Whites died at high rates in the South. You are simply not looking at the whole picture and the reality of the world back in the day. You are simply looking at one aspect of the issue, with your “perfect 20/20 hindsight”.

  30. @John:

    “The Afrikaners stopped being hardcore. That is all. They gave up when they actually had all the trump cards.”

    The point is, John, that the situation did not remain static. The situation never does. You had hardcore Afrikaners bring in an alien labor force and then their successors in government guzzled the Marxist koolaid and their descendants are paying a hideous price that could have been avoided if they had never used alien labor to begin with.

    The Afrikaners basically rolled the dice with the future safety and well-being of their descendants by relying on Non-White labor, believing that nothing would change and that a small minority of Whites could always keep a huge Negro population under control. This was stupid and short-sighted, because the one constant IS change.

    You cannot deny that Rhodesia and South Africa would not be thriving with their cities clean and intact if the TPTB had just imported free White European peasant labor instead of Bantus. Instead they consigned their future descendants to two more hellholes in Africa.

  31. The average white in the south probably benefitted substantially from the presence of slave plantations nearby. Artisan work probably flourished for the skilled man. Slave did not fill every niche in the plantation. There’s no way habadashers and cobblers and skilled carpenters and tailors etc were blacks. They were only there as muscle or house maids.

    The hillbilly probably was better off too as there were virtually zero tax demands on him. So he could hunt and fish and whatnot unmolested by authority.

  32. John, there WERE NO “control mechanisms”. Ever hear of the Nat Turner Rebellion? Hell, ever hear the Michigan State Prison Riot? There is no such thing as “control” when it comes to niggers. Keeping them in line is futile, and exhausting in the long run. And whatever short-term economic benefit their labor may provide, is more than cancelled by the long-term damage that their presence brings.

  33. @Sam:

    “South Africa’s far-right leader Eugene Terre’ Blanche was recently butchered in the same fashion by his farm workers.”

    Moreover, not even the people who dug his grave or covered the coffin with the earth were White. They were … you guessed it … Negro laborers that his White church had hired.

    Several of these farm murders leave survivors behind. The Negro servants are usually tied up, but unharmed. Speculation is rife that the Negro servants give these robbers information and even access to the targeted homes.

    The irony is, that there are poor, White starving Boers living in shanties who could do the menial labor and patrol the property. Yet even after all these farm murders where the collusion of the Negro farm laborers and servants is strongly suspected, the Whites won’t hire other Whites.

    Go figure.

  34. A huge number of whites did emigrate and settle South Africa. Huge numbers. There are 10,000,000 whites there now. Enough to carve out a big country. The problem the Afrikaners had was the tetsi fly that killed their cattle north of the Zambeze. They trecked in but could settle no further. I think they’d have wiped out the niggers as far north as the Congo if they had the drugs or resitant breeds they needed. It’s only since antibiotics and malaria medicines that the blacks down there multiplied. It was a substantially white nation up until quite recently. All the cities were white. The area around cape white as well.

    They lost their nerve.

  35. Mixed it up with percentage. They are about 9.5%. my bag. Apologies.

    Anyway in 1901 whites were 21% of the population.

    Colony Cape Colony Natal Transvaal Orange River
    Colony Total Percent
    Black  1,424,787 904,041 937,127 225,101 3,491,056 67.5%
    White 579,741 97,109 297,277 142,679 1,116,805 21.6%
    Coloured 395,034 6,686 24,226 19,282 445,228 8.6%
    Asiatic 10,242 100,918 11,321 253 122,734 2.4%
    Total 2,409,804 1,108,754 1,269,951 387,315 5,175,463 100.0%
    % of S.A. 46.6% 21.4% 24.5% 7.5% 100%

    Whites only lost ground Post ww2 and with modern medicine. They were in good shape up then. (For some reason I thought there were 100,000,000 living in SA today, therefore the 10,000,000)

  36. Also white unemployment is at 4.1% even today. So basically I’d like to know about these Shanty Afrikaners pleading to work on the terre blache farm.

  37. Re: Clytemnestra

    (1) If the Union is preserved with the Northeast, I am sure it will come to that one day, but otherwise, blacks wouldn’t be a problem here were it not for their Northeastern allies who are notorious for their crank ideas and chronic inability to mind their own business.

    (2) The White population also multiplied like rabbits. Those days are long gone though.

    (3) The United States and Britain muscled South Africa into dismantling apartheid after the Cold War ended.

    (4) It was Britain that quite literally forced Zimbabwe on Rhodesia.

    (5) The history books show we actually were murdered by ex-slaves – who were armed and turned against us by Yankees, who marched into battle with them, and who later gave them citizenship, voting rights, and civil rights.

    (6) The North is free to continue to exist as the United States … it can carry on with electing Obama as president for a third term, and worshiping niggers, and passing the DREAM Act and gay marriage.

    (6) There is a place that imported free White laborers exactly as you suggest – the Northeast, which imported Jews into America to work in its factories, and now looked at how fucked up that place is today.

    (7) I’m convinced that an independent Confederacy would have solved the problem. I think we would have come up with a better plan than making them into citizens, giving them voting rights, and elevating them over Whites.

    (8) BTW, Sen. John Tyler Morgan and Sen. Theodore Bilbo spent decades in Congress arguing for sending blacks back to Africa.

    (9) Blacks ceased to be our property when they were confiscated as contraband by the Union Army.

  38. I’ll admit the US and UK did pressure the SA whites. It’s a shame the whites there accepted the betrayal.

  39. (10) Who were these free White laborers? Who in France would have signed up to work as plantation laborers in Saint-Domingue?

    (11) The South never should have joined the Union. That was the biggest mistake in our history.

    (12) In the Lower Chattahoochee Valley, which is the example I used above, 17 percent of slaveowners were planters.

    (13) If the White working man was so unhappy in the Old South, why didn’t he move to Yankeeland to live in such an obviously superior society?

    (14) Maybe the White working man thought it was a better idea that the negro slave should work instead?

    (15) How many White Southerners died in slave rebellions?

    (16) Illegal aliens are free laborers, not slave laborers.

    (17) Maybe Southerners didn’t think it was a good idea to have their own society overrun by Irish and German immigrants?

    (18) South Carolina was by far the wealthiest of the American colonies with the broadest distribution of wealth.

    (19) Northerners had problems with welfare and crime. That wasn’t our major problem here until Reconstruction.

    (20) Few slaveowners lived in antebellum mansions.

    (21) Unlike the Wall Street elite that lives in the Hamptons, the planter class actually had some degree of racial loyalty to their own communities.

    (22) If obsolete Southern farm equipment is robbing you in Detroit or Philadelphia, then all I can say is that you reap what you sow.

    After all, you people literally marched an army in here for the sake of “liberating” these poor niggers, then you alone made them into American citizens for they could vote for the Republican Party, and you gave them voting rights and civil rights which elevated them to equality with White people, and top it off, you literally invited them to move to Michigan and New York.

    You even rolled the red carpet out for them by repealing your own anti-miscegenation laws!

  40. Following up on that the British bits of SA did not enslave to any great degree. Same basically holds true for the Afrikaner part.

    As to hunter’s points they appear solid. The North literally marched armies into the South and butchered white people there. The blacks were not capable of self liberation. It required fanatical whites (Yankees) and opportunistic foreigns (Irish and German) to slaughter whites and free blacks.

  41. excluding Whites killed by the negros armed and trained by damnyankees, did rebellious slaves kill more Southron White families or has negros gone feral since the damnyakees liberated them killed more Southron White families?

    that same question can be applied to raping Southron White women and any other crime stat you can think of.

    excluding negros armed and trained by damnyankees; did rebellious negros acting up before 1861 get softer punishments or harder punishments in the South then yankee law will allow us to punish feral negros in the here and now?

    Look what happened to nate turner and his ilk in the South compared to how often feral negros are released to harm Whites again in this day and age of yankee lead BRA.

    a world of difference on the answers to all those questions

  42. Nat Turner’s spree is objectively indistinguishable from the Rodney king riots. Or the time the blacks burned down the Bronx. Or the time they burned down Detroit etc etc.
    Give the black an inch and he takes a mile. Give in to one demand and ten more demands pop up. The body count in Chicago in a week is the same as Nat’s orgy of killing women and kids.

    The black is simply on the warpath at all times unless controlled by slavery.

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