If Condoleeza Rice Is The Nominee…


There is a meme going around that Condoleeza Rice can’t be the nominee because she is pro-abortion.

The Drudge poll shows otherwise. Sarah Palin has come out and said that abortion shouldn’t disqualify Rice who would be “wonderful.” Even Rush Limbaugh is saying that abortion shouldn’t disqualify Rice:

Don’t forget that we are living in BRA. Herman Cain almost became the Republican nominee:

And if Rice is the choice, that’s bad?

I’m thinking, “What the hell is going on out there?” If that’s true, if there are a bunch of you people sitting around there thinking you’re not gonna vote ’cause Romney’s the nominee and if he chooses Condoleezza it’s over, then I have lost touch with you!

I have lost touch with you. I don’t understand that at all.

Note: There is absolutely no way that I am voting for Condoleeza Rice or Marco Rubio under any circumstances. I’m not inclined to vote for Romney even if he doesn’t pick Rice or Rubio.

Please note that I actually voted for Romney in the Alabama Republican Primary. If I have soured this hard on Romney since May, what about all the people who voted for Ron Paul or Rick Santorum?

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  1. Amen, Brother.

    Why vote for a nigger, when you can have a nigger?

    That about sums it up. At least Obama is a man. Condi Rice as the Prez? You know, if I had wanted a woman for Prez, I would have voted for Hillary. (shudders…..)

  2. Stop pandering a pick a governor who has driven down unemployment. Biden won’t be able to cope in debate. The Gov can attack Dog Obama all day.

  3. I think it’s been established that Rice is not going to be Romney’s running mate. The whole thing was a stupid rumor, probably started by someone from Obama’s campaign, intended to try and demoralize white voters and further alienate Romney from them.

  4. It’s obvious that Romney is playing Moneyball. Sometimes the picks don’t make sense in Moneyball. I would not count Rice out. What is really the cost? MAYBE 1% of fence sitters? And what would be the cost of picking someone we might like? Probably 5% of some fence sitters facing the other way.

    It does not look like Romney can win. But that’s what they said about the Moneyball team too.

    And Moneyball doesn’t give a crap about what the fans think.

  5. Insanity: doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. Regardless of the Drudge poll (be careful with polls and what they imply; or more what people who make up polls try to imply), sure, pick a daft affirmative action ex-Bush insider and expect that to play well with conservatives on election day. What, Hunter, you voted for a RINO?

  6. I usually do a write-in for president, and only show up to vote for whatever else is on the ballot. Congolisa’s name on the ballot changes nothing for me.

  7. It would surprise me if Mitt picks Rice or, alternately, Rubio. Both are necons, and the Tribe would welcome either, so they’ve got that going for them, but both are racialists and view the world through the lens of their respective race/ethnicity. I don’t think Romney is serious about the two, since he likely recognizes (dimly) how these choices would play out within a more traditional faction of his base. And in moments of self-awareness he probably realizes that it would make him look more desperate, and more ridiculous than he already does.

    That being said, the pandering of party Republicans to negroes and Hispanics seemingly knows no end, and their self-flagellation is boundless. So who can say what he will do? Nevertheless, I expect the VP choice will be a mainstream white neocon. Not that in the end it will matter much. By hook or by crook, we’ll likely have 4 more with the Obamanator.

  8. I’ll take a racially explicit Martian for VP if that is what it takes. This country gets a racially explicit president it will get hotter than Detroit in the 60s but with nowhere to run. Even Obama has to pretend to be post-racial to win, but the day that farce drops will be a great day.

  9. Unlike Todd, I had decided to hold my nose and vote for Romney. Congo-Leeza in the VP slot is a deal-breaker. I’ll write in Ron Paul.

  10. get off your high horse, not voting romney only benefits obama not your deluded self-aggrandizing ego which thinks it’s doing “the right thing”.

  11. I only recently started voting, and now I remember why I never did it, but I’m determined.

    Apparently, you can write people in, so that seems the right thing.

  12. @ Chris: “I think it’s been established that Rice is not going to be Romney’s running mate. The whole thing was a stupid rumor….” I agree, and like I said an absurd impossibility and a distraction while we have realistic matters to discuss.

    @ Hunter: ” If I have soured this hard on Romney since May, what about all the people who voted for Ron Paul…?” I know many of them are even MORE convinced NOW that they were right then — now that we are forced to support the more evil slightly lesser evil that you and most other Republican voters chose for us. Romney is what he is and remains what he was, no change.

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