The WASP Question – Again

New York

David Brooks takes a whack at this

“Through most of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Protestant Establishment sat atop the American power structure. A relatively small network of white Protestant men dominated the universities, the world of finance, the local country clubs and even high government service.

Over the past half–century, a more diverse and meritocratic elite has replaced the Protestant Establishment. People are more likely to rise on the basis of grades, test scores, effort and performance.

Yet, as this meritocratic elite has taken over institutions, trust in them has plummeted. It’s not even clear that the brainy elite is doing a better job of running them than the old boys’ network. Would we say that Wall Street is working better now than it did 60 years ago? Or government? The system is more just, but the outcomes are mixed. The meritocracy has not fulfilled its promise.”

In the Northeast, the Yankee was knocked off his throne by the Jew and the Irish Catholic around the mid-twentieth century when JFK was president.

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  1. Excuse the typo: It’s Ston “E” lifter, not Stonlifter. Forgot the “E”. Typing too fast.
    “E” for Evasive. That’s Ston “E” lifter : “Evasive”, or does “E” stand for Stonelifter being “Equivocal” : Or, does “E” stand for Stonelifter being both Equivocal and Evasive, which Stonelifter most surely is, “Exceedingly” so.

  2. “Yet, as this meritocratic elite has taken over institutions, trust in them has plummeted.” – It is because merit does not describe how they got into power, nor how they have chosen to maintain power. Lastly, their use of power has not been all that confidence inspiring either.

  3. @ I don’t think Vatican II had so much to do with it other than block-busters working in tandem with the fair housing ordinances. White Catholic ethnic neighborhoods were destroyed. White flight to Protestant suburbia was generated by these Catholics who scattered in all directions….”

    I didn’t really mean they necessarily converted, but in reality WHITE catholics are the biggest lost of religion in the u.s.a now, according to Pew.

    Catholicism, however, is the biggest gain due to non-white catholics being Imported.

    The genuine assimilation of White catholics is interesting, but in some ways, both were pressured by Vatican II ecumenicism, and both are harmed by it, imo (the total dumbing down of their religion).

    The military catholics in the South (such as you and countless others) has meant SOME of them learn new truths previously withheld from them (such as your experiences you relate). Others may see those things, but may not have your honesty to admit it was not the southerners who pulled the wool over their eyes (like realizing the monetary aspects of the south, what a center of the country, ideologically it was, etc.)

    To the northerner, the South seems very different. To the Southerners in the northernized south, it does not seem like the south at all, sometimes.

    If only all northerners in the south were like you.

  4. @ …..”Encouraged by the Jews, the WASP elites self-destructed spiritually with liberalism and biologically with contraception.
    EM Jones describes this process in detail. Kevin MacDonald states that it was “murder” rather than suicide, and he makes very good points, but the fact is that WASPs (in the US and elsewhere) got the liberal virus way before Jews rose to power in America. No Jew forces you to contracept your own children in the bedroom, it is your own decison. Have you heard of the Lambeth conference of 1930? Do you know what happpened there?….”

    I’m still thinking about this.

    Yes I know about these things, and I’ve read all K. Mac, etc. And am very aware of Jews, worked with them, studied with them— I’m a WASP. And isn’t that what we do, according to everybody?

    (Note: the catholics on the SC must have worked with jews and studied with jews and since they make up ALL THE WHITES —except the 4% wasp— in NYC, [and other cities like Chicago, etc.]—- I think posters here will find the Jewish-catholic intermarriage in nyc to be VERY HIGH, higher than wasps.)

    Anyway, to the point:

    This seems a repeater problem to think about—

    “Liberalism” in the classic sense of Jefferson HAS NOTHING TO DO with the “liberalism” of transplant communist party members.

    However, imo and experiences—- catholics and orthodox christians, coming more recently from europe, see them as THE SAME.

    To a Southern “liberal” (I don’t mean the current marxist-informed anti-white), the ‘liberalism’ of the american democrats, or jewish communists, or socialists— is very foreign.

    My gut says the southern american sense of it is rooted more in the Northern European TRUTH SEEKING. Gnosticism (at least in the sense of seeking knowledge as a pathway…not their working out of theodicy)…

    The jewish communist “liberal” schtick— is rooted in the POWER seeking of a managerial class. The idea is rooted in select readings from Judaism, the “Torah”… in the idea they are the only covenantal people, chosen by God to “name the animals” like Adam, and to thereby redistribute their wealth, etc.

    Their “liberalism” is really their “supremacy,” over the others. Their self-appointed role as redistributive “elite.”

    No two things could be more different.

    A new word should be used to separate the 1900 Eastern Europe influx and its “liberalism” FROM THE SOUTH and its tradition.

    The confusion over this is at the root of much politics.

    And the (some of the) newer-to-the-country catholics did the natural thing—- and Interpreted the Southern situation via the terms, ideas, experiences they had in Europe.

    The end of which was that Jefferson became the Queen or Marx, depending on who they didn’t like.

    What was said above about the Irish is true— sadly, they read the Americans as if they were English. There was truth in it… but with some important differences. The Irish translation of the North-Ireland scene onto Americans is one of the most befuddling things.

    In college, I had friends who would talk about it. For the first time, we met Irish from big cities who hated us on sight. WE HAD NEVER HEARD of northern ireland, ulster, or anything!

    What a fiasco.

  5. In the Northeast, the Yankee was knocked off his throne by the Jew

    Up to this point, you are absolutely correct.

    and the Irish Catholic around the mid-twentieth century when JFK was president

    At this point you go off the deep end.

  6. What was said above about the Irish is true— sadly, they read the Americans as if they were English

    If the Irish really see the American WASP as being no different than his British cousin, then why would so many Irish have come to America? In Ireland, George Washington and the other Founding Fathers are seen as heroes because they fought AGAINST the British.

  7. The Irish translation of the North-Ireland scene onto Americans is one of the most befuddling things.

    That is because it only exists in your imagination.

  8. For the first time, we met Irish from big cities who hated us on sight.

    You mean they could tell you were WASPs and not Irish just by looking at you?

  9. I think posters here will find the Jewish-catholic intermarriage in nyc to be VERY HIGH, higher than wasps.

    True, but Catholics who intermarry with Jews are seen as traitors by other Catholics. Let me assure you that the average white American Catholic is more anti-Jewish than the average WASP. For example, look at the Christian Zionists, a Protestant group. Where is their Catholic equivalent?

  10. After Vatican II, imo, any one of them worth their salt had to have become an honorary protestant, maybe—- in the sense that they could now see clearly (one hopes) what protestants had been viewing for 1500 years (or more but that’s another story)— maneuvers of their high officials that were questionably really based in Christ.

    Oh spare me the nonsense about the superiority of Protestantism. Remember it was the Southern Baptist Convention – a Protestant group – that just elected a black president. At least the Catholic Church does not have a black pope.

  11. …… more like when the Irish-Catholic JFK was assassinated in 1963 by the Mossad/CIA with the avid support of Lyndon Baines…… than mid- 20th- century 1950: 1963 is more accurate to say. I must say……

  12. @Jim Walker
    Wait 5- 10 years. There’s talk coming out of the Vatican the next papal padre may be African–black african — there’s a possibilty. The big-shots in the vatican are suggesting the possibility already.

  13. Brooks sounds like Murray on culture. What the clear-thinker, Clytemnestra refers to as caste confidence is woefully lacking and the country is of course suffering as a result. Where else has this happened in the western hemisphere? Jamaica. First the Rasta cult was tolerated by a brittle British elite, then came the patois and socialism, then complete breakdown. The impact upon quality of life is felt not by the resort-goers but by American families with winter homes, mostly around Mo’Bay.

    Unapologetic cultural supremacy and by extension, defacto racism is necessary for an elite to achieve positive social outcomes in the multi-racial state.

  14. JFK wanted to end the Federal Reserve Act Charter of 1913– or at least work to diminish the power of the privately -owned* and controlled central bank has over the USA — ipso facto JFK was assassinated for trying to put an end to:
    * The Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned, it’s not a branch of the Federal Government. Even the name of the Federal Reserve Act 0f 1913 is a LIE.

  15. Joe – I’m not going to answer your bizarre comments directly on this forum. Because, even if I did, this is Hunter’s blog, not mine.

    And, as I’ve finaly gotten around to looking at my spam filter over at MY blog, I note that you spoke completely differently over there, to me, in private. Why would you be so ‘two faced,’ hmmm? Now, maybe those spam comments you wrote on my blog, were before I started my WOPWOPWOP meme here at OD, but it would appear to me, that every time I start to mention either modern jew-friendly post- Vatican II “Catholi-schism,” or the eternal culpability of the Deicides (i.e., the people whom St. John says are NOT ‘jews’- Rev. 2:9) you go off your bloody rocker…..

    which can only mean one possible thing. Either you are an Italian Jew (oxymoron, I know) or just plain insane when it comes to iterating your honest opinions on the internet.

    Now, I know the first exists- I’ve lived in Italy, and I’ve read the stuff about Grand Rabbi of Italy Toaff’s grandson (Ariel) and his book, “Blood Passover.” I include the link for all concerned below, for it clearly points out the eternal “guilty” verdict on European Jews, and their ritual murdering nature. [The Christ Killers [Jews] engaged in sacrificial ritual Talmudic murder during the Middle Ages, which caused the Roman church to canonize one or more children sacrificed so- which our dear RC Lynda can corroborate, I am sure. And, for which much ink has been spilt in Vatican II ‘elder brother’ columns to deny that fact. Yet it is the owning up of their cultic bizarre talmudic religion, which the grandson of Italy’s Jews’ book confirms!]

    This guilty verdict on the race of the Christophobe, also therefore gives much credence to former Jew Henry Makow’s comments about child sexual abuse and ritual murder today, at his blog… and by the same race- but that’s another story.

    Hunter, I am afraid that everyone else on this blog is correct. Joe is either mentally unstable, or merely a Jewish troll of Italian background, sent here to deflect we White Anglos from our mission- the restoration of a homeland for US and OUR posterity, and for no one else.

    If you do ‘filter’ this blog, I would suggest Joe be ‘filtered out.’ He’s clearly overstayed his welcome. Of course, I don’t mind personally. The Fathers say, ‘When a heretic accosts you to dispute the True Faith, after two or three such instances, leave him in his heresy.’ One learns to ‘move on.’ But maybe your mileage may vary. I don’t want to tell you how to run your blog, and I am thankful you allow my comments to appear from time to time. But Joe’s latest rant (and all the new rants that will come from this response!) is clearly that of someone who is ‘ganz verrueckt’ as the Germans say.

  16. Ian Paisley has very strong ties to Protestants in America’s South. I can elaborate on this MrWalker. The Catholic Irish in Ulster DELIBERATELY modelled their terror and protest campaign on MLK.

    Most actual Irish people in Ireland pay attention to British and American Imperialism. Kennedy literally got on a phone to release MLK before he was elected President! Nixon wanted none of it.

    The 1960 election was epoch making. A nasty Scots Irish type, with a Riever name was defeated by a freckled shanty Irish alcohol smuggler.

    The margin of victory in many states was the MLK endorsment of Kennedy.

  17. @Fr John
    Do catholicmites who don’t shop at Brooks Bros for waspishmite type haberdashery and their complete wardrobe period ever get a slice of Aunt Bee’s heavenly apple pie at that Great -Chosen -Church -Picnic -In -The -Sky ? Or does God just throw ill-attired catholicmites back into the arms of the eternal whore of babylon? Doesn’t sound like she’s the type to bake opies, oops,excuse the typo: Pies.
    Does other types of pleasures other than apple pie await the non -Waspish Brook Bros- attired catholimites? Or no? I need to know for I do very much want to be a “chosen one”. Are there any type papal bulls concerning this matter I can read perhaps learn to be a more-better catholic? Or, should I just do it the jewish and protestant way and just make the “bulls…” up as I go along? Or no?

  18. Why would that have emigrated to America? They came to duke it out with southerners and once they worked their way with Tammany hall style machines they displaced the older elites.

    The civil war was a chance to kill off men who closely resembled their old landlords in Eire and then replace.

  19. @Fr John
    “Lerne leiden ohne zu Klagen”
    [Learn to suffer without complaining ]: To paraphrase, and as per Robert Oculus III’s advice to us.
    What does “ganz verrueckt” mean? One is to translate foreign words and expressions: I think it’s a rule here at Occidental Dissent.

  20. I request that Joe’s commenting privileges be taken away. He’s violating OD comment guidelines in 80% + of his posts.

  21. The Irish came here because they were hungry, and when they got here, went to work being anti WASP/ anti Founding Stock. Don’t like that that statement because your Irish? Get over it your. Your people acted the way they acted.

  22. Stonelifter’s comment above works for me, too.

    There are some informative posts on this thread, Anglo-Protestant American’s being one of them. As for many of the other comments, there seems to be confusion as to just who is a ‘Yankee’? Is he one of the fabled (and mostly extinct) ”WASP elites” of the old New England stock? Some comments seem to be directed at that group, while others, referring to ‘Yankees’ seem to mean any American from a Northern state. The latter definition was the one most often meant when I was growing up. And the two groups referred to, meaning old moneyed New England families vs. any Northerner, are as different as can be. Can we agree on a working definition? It seems not.

    As for the hated ‘New England elites’, they are no more. There is no inbred ‘WASP elite’ because such people became very cosmopolitan very early on. They intermarried first with wealthy Dutch colonial stock people and later with other rich people from various European origins: people like the DuPonts, the Rockefellers, et al.

    Many White Anglo-Saxon Protestants are just everyday Southron folk. Yet because the Scots-Irish meme has caught on, nobody thinks Southrons are English these days.

  23. I still don’t know what “ganz verrueckt” means. Does anyone know? Well, someone here knows, but he ain’t sayin. GEEZZ. I always translate to English when I use a foreign word or expression. It’s an “OD” rule. That’s one guideline I always follow. I don’t know how some can be so inconsiderate to the readers and so goshdarn fippant about the rule. It’s not like anyone is asking you to clean out the garage, or mow the lawn, or anything like that, all ya’ gotta do is just translate two [2] foreign words into English. GEEZZ.

  24. This mostly atheist, post-Protestant, YKW-wise, born-and-raised Southern Dixie secessionist, related to real-life Klanners, completely, 100% endorses what dixiegirl is saying here about the “immigrants” especially the Catholics and the anti-WASP types.

    It only became a “meritocracy” after we were kicked out of power? What a joke!

    Wallace is digging up bones talking about “Yankees” who haven’t run the north since FDR. The liberal Republicans who waved the bloody shirt haven’t run things up there since Calvin Coolidge. All the anti-Dixie sentiment since FDR has been pretty much a YKW (and their immigrant Papist partners in crime) phenomenon.

    Dixie has all but forgotten it was the “burned over district” of New York that promoted radical egalitarian Christianity. Christianity in Dixie was tradition, not religious fanaticism. Darkies were taught Christianity to civilise them. Bible-thumping Protestantism is an import from the Northeast – when a nation is defeated in a war, the first thing they do is adopt the religion of the conquerors. The Zionist Dispensationalism of the modern South is nothing but a product of Yankee (now YKW) imperialism.

    Dixie and the remnant of the Puritan Yankees are both in the same position now, they reconstructed us, and then they were reconstructed by YKWs and Papist immigrants. You talk about the “New South” well look at the “New North.” It’s not old time WASP Yankees making movies like “The Help” or “Django Unchained.”

    Here’s a suggestion: listen to the lyrics of the Johnny Rebel song “Keep A’Working Big Jim” and ask yourself why that was included on the “For Segregationists Only” album despite JFK being a Yankee integrationist. Dixie was conquered, and then Yankeeland was conquered. If anything, Yankeeland has been reconstructed worse than Dixie was, and they barely fought back.

    Bob Whitaker has a few things to say about fanatics who only read one book, that used to be chained to the wall, and ignore reality in favor of whatever the Official Book says. The Good Lord helps those who help themselves. The era of the Wordists has passed. Deal with it.

    TOS wants ten good Jews to “name the nigger” – if you can’t see through that song-and-dance routine, you’re hopeless. Denise is right about that one, so is Joe. Accept their apologies for being born north of the M-D.

    Anglo Protestant American says:

    The old ethnic Yankee that was descended from English colonists is not in charge in the North at all anymore. Not only does he not rule New England he doesn’t even make up the majority of the population of New England.

    Exactly. Get it yet? If Dixie secedes next year, it will NOT be WASP Yankees trying to stop us. If anything, they will be begging for refugee status. Time for Dixie to grow up – complaining about Obama rings quite hollow considering we voted overwhelmingly for the Connecticut Yankee in a cowboy hat, and will be voting for a ticket that includes Condi Rice next year.

  25. Joe says:
    I still don’t know what “ganz verrueckt” means. Does anyone know?

    Google translator: completely / totally crazy
    strong-mad {adj}

  26. “Their “liberalism” is really their “supremacy,” over the others. Their self-appointed role as redistributive “elite.”

    Tikkun olam. Excellent insight.

    “No Jew forces you to contracept your own children in the bedroom, it is your own decison.”

    An extended phenotype. The parasite does not not “force” the cricket to drown.

  27. ‘Ganz verreuckt’ – wholly or by means of insanity.

    Your rant is here being described as the work of a complete whackjob.

    But it sounds better in Latin: caput tuum in ano est.

  28. Maybe : But not really. I don’t but your “maybe”. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 Is Reality. I’m opposed to the Federal Reserve. You @ Stonelifter know this : You labeled be a “jew-troll” on this thread of commentary just because I’m opposed to the Federal Reserve and because I posted a link about it for the readers. So, there’s no “maybe” involved here. You’re just perturbed ’cause I gave the readers some Real information.

  29. Joe @ Jew operant education – your link on the Fed: purgamentum init, exit purgamentum.

    The goyim you are seeking to instruct on this Messageboard should have a look at Congressman Louis T McFadden, Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency.

    “Mr Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks. The Fed Reserve Board, a government board, has cheated the government of the USA and the people of the USA out of enough money to pay the debt. The depredations and iniquities of the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Bank, acting together have cost this country enough money to pay the national debt several times over. This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of the USA; has bankrupted itself and has practically bankrupted the government. It has done this through the misadministration of that law by which the Federal Reserve Board and through the corrupt practices of the monied vultures who control it. Congressional Record, House of Representatives; 1295-96. June 10, 1932

    The Church forbids usury and the ownership of nations by Jew Money Trusts and monetized debt over nations for good reason – as above. Nations reject the social Kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ at their peril.

  30. yeah yeah yeah……..
    When the South Bronx was being burned to the ground in the 1960’s, Bronx-Catholic petitions of “Succor” to the the Archdiocese of New York City were flushed down the Cardinal’s most eminent toilet bowl in Manhattan. No help was forthcoming for the Catholics there– not even for the devout elderly.

  31. @Stonelifter
    I never said you were against the Federal Reserve Act exactly. What I Said: I said you @ Stonelifter labeled me a ” jew troll” cause I’m against the Federal Reserve. You were very adamant about labelling me a “jew troll”. Funny that : You label me a “jew troll” for mentioning my opposition to the Federal Reserve ; I call you on it : Now somehow you’re opposed to the Federal Reserve also. You didn’t mention any kind of opposition to the Federal Reserve Act when I posted the link about the Federal Reserve to All the readers : You @Stonelifter labeled me a “jew troll” because I posted a link about the Federal Reserve to All readers of “OD”.

  32. Gee. The pope is praying mightily Uncle Sam gets rid of the Federal Reserve banking system. That’s Is : When the pope isn’t trying mightly to run cover-up operations to protect all the pedophile priests and all the bishops, cardinals, priests,etc : Ad-Nauseam. When the pope isn’t running cover-up for the pedophile priests, the pope is running cover-up operations to hide and conceal all the financial scandals of the “blessed” church that supposedly according to @ Lynda doesn’t care for $$$$$.
    The church doesn’t care for $$$ -Riches -$$$ : That’s why the catholic church is one of the richest institutions on the planet and owns banks in Italy/Europe . The Catholic Church Itself Is Involved In Banking. The banking practices of the Banks Owned, and the banking practices of the Banks the catholic church Owns Shares in [ Lot’s of shares] Are No Different In Any Way Than The “Jew” banks. No Difference. The catholic church Itself Practices Usury and Fiat Money.
    Have no idea where this pure and holy catholic church @ Lynda keeps going on and on and on about: Besides being very tedious, it’s not the truth. A few official documents here and there from the church doesn’t prove anything. Official American documents state the US is a Republic ; That’s hardly the truth, not really : The real truth is quite different than that. Just like the real truth of the catholic church is much different than the reality of Her pratices, Her agenda, and Her “official” documents. The real proof is in the pudding : Proof is in the reality of life, of history, of the present day.
    The reality is : The catholic church, on a high level, is very much tied into the world’s banking system : Willingly and Lovingly so : Very Much So : It’s always been that way.

  33. Judaic Operant Education @ Joe.

    Your snarky irrelevances in no way invalidate the teachings of the Church on faith and morals. To the reprobate mind, human tragedies are the occaision for toilet bowl comment – as if this explains the fact that the Church (as well as every other Western institution) is in crisis due to take-over by a hostile elite (wouldn’tjewknowwho).

    Sic friatur crustum dulce.

  34. I call you a jew troll because you fit the bill and I’m fair certain you hits on the fed are camouflage

  35. Lyndiia Bullshittii Gloriosii Eternium est “Ad-Nauseam” ; Catholicii Churchii Bullshitti Gloriosii “Ad-Nauseam” : Verii Eternium “Tediousium” est “Bullshitti-Mendacitii”.
    Wordium est Lyndiia est Vox Nihili [ Voice of Nothing ].

  36. you bring no new knowledge; just anti White gibberish and I’m no where near the only person here calling you a troll of some sorts

  37. Every post Slow Joe makes is a little troll toll; He’s “administering the oppression” of his co-ideologists in Rome and the David Icke forums by running papist and conspiratorial interference.

    Slow Joe destabilizes discourse betwen New World Whites on this site. His posts should be restricted to Latin as part of a harm reduction strategy. His foreign ideas belong in a foreign language.

  38. @Tamer of Savages
    At least I provide the readers with an English translation of any foreign word and expression I use. I don’t leave the readers in the dark: Some posters don’t have the consideration to translate their foreign words and expressions into English : Rude and inconsiderate. I translate my “foreign” words into English. Please don’t restrict me to writing my posts in Latin, please. Then I won’t be able to practice my German. Das ist schrecklich : [ that is terrible]
    The name of the Vatican -owned bank is “Credito Artigiano “. Google it. It’s the truth. Lots of scandals emanate from this catholic bank. Lots. Google it. It’s the truth.
    Google : ” catholic church + banking”
    As I’m speaking against the catholic church, the charge I’m working with vatican “co-idealogists” in Rome or anywhere else, is absurd as it is mendacious.
    Never suggested the readers read David Icke. Just yesterday, in a reply to “Lew”, I mentioned David Icke is “Off-the-Wall”. That’s the only time I ever mentioned David Icke. And that was in reply to “Lew” who brought David Icke up in the first place in the commentary thread. I didn’t bring it up : Lew did. After “Lew” mentioned David Icke, I replied by saying, David Icke is “Off-the-Wall”. How you come to the conclusion this is somehow supporting or agreeing with David Icke is beyond me . You need to take reading lessons big-time. The charge is ridiculous and again, mendacious : More mendacity.
    As far as being called names: “Das ist mir wurscht” [ I couldn’t care less]
    As far as you @ Tamer being a tough guy in New York City: “Es ist mir egal” [ I don’t care].
    I’m from the Bronx, I’m not impressed, I don’t give a shit [ poo poo as +Fr John+ would translate the word “shit” : As in I don’t give a “poo-poo” [ Shit].
    Providing a link to the readers about the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is not “destabilizing discourse between New World Whites” — or any kind of Whites. More mendacity from @Tough Man Tamer of Savages.
    Providing a link to the readers about the Federal Reserve Act [ and providing google search terms for info about the vatican being involved in banking (big-time)] is providing information and facts to my fellow Whites ; In the New World, and from wherever any particular White reader of “OD” may be : The “New World”, Europe, Australia,etc. : The whole of The Occident.
    ” destabilizing the discourse” is a ridicluous and absurd charge : “OD” is not a James Bond movie, and all I did was provide the readers with facts and true, real information.
    Toughii Manii Tamerius est Savagee est Bullshitti- Mendacitii.
    [ @ Tamer is perturbed ’cause I mentioned some truth, and had the nerve to post a link for All the readers of “OD” and provide some google search terms for All the readers of “OD”: Instead of just writing Bullshitti Eternium posts like @ Tamer does : Tamer’s posts : No real, true facts and information for the readers].
    Coram Publico [ In View of the Public]

  39. Apology to Lew. The poster who first mentioned David Icke yesterday, the one I responded to by saying David Duke is “Off-the-Wall”, was “John”. Not Lew. Sorry about that Lew. This doesn’t change at all the gist of my message in reply to Tamer. The discussion with John about the David Icke matter is under “Trayvon Martin, Real Racism, and the Zio-Media”.

  40. “White Socialists like Todd won’t be happy until we’re wearing armbands.

    Try to snuff out good people at your own peril.”

    I’m not sure where I advocated Socialism, Tamer of Savages. What I did is state that the elites that David Brooks was writing about deserve to be overturned and dealt with for what they actually are, which is an enemy. What the Jewish elites are doing is just as damaging to America as any aggressive war in the long term. Should they get a pass because they have been largely passive aggressive up to this point?

  41. @Fr John
    There were many tribes in the ancient Middle East. One tribe we don’t hear too much about , however , is the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians held the Hebrews in slavery. As the Jews own the Federal Reserve Bank, and the Jews were slaves in Egypt [The Jews celebrate their deliverance from slavery in Egypt every year at Passover] Why would the Jews plaster American money with the symbols of the religion of the ancient Egyptians : The religious symbols of their former slave-masters ? What would Patriarch Shem think about this strange state of affairs? What would Patriarch Shem have to say about so many white Caucasians– Christian and otherwise– joining secret societies– being freemasons?

  42. @Fr John and/or Lynda
    Would Patriarch Shem support the Federal Reserve Act of 1913? Yes or no : and why yes, or why no.
    Who exactly is Patriarch Shem anyway? And what does he have to do with modern-day Americans?

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