Miami Zombie Attack Prank on Tosh.O


H/T Henry Wolff

Bitching about the “racism” of Tosh.0 at Salon:

“It seemed to put to bed all of the racist garbage that was rising to the surface, reawakened like Rip Von Winkle. …

Tosh rose to fame for being the host of Comedy Central’s show Tosh.0, which pokes fun at You Tube videos.  ..

A show like this could not have existed in the 1990s, yet here we are, two decades later, moving forward – or behind?”

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  1. What would have happened after the War Between the States if, to add misery to misery, a “war crimes” tribune made up of former slaves tried and hung the Confederate leadership, smeared their names for eternity? This happened to Germany. Even today I read an article that some 97 year old Hungarian is being accused of Nazism. I find it very, very incredible that all these years they’ve hunted the Nazis to the end of the Earth, but not been able to find one person, NOT ONE, who orchestrated the gulags, starvation of Ukrain, or the purges. Amazing.

  2. also the notion that the french wouldn’t have lost their culture under German rule is false. Conquerors change the conquered. We see that played out time after time in history

  3. Yes I know it was carrying small arms munitions.
    The cowards had the option of seizing an unescorted passenger ship and exposing its smuggling, or wholesale slaughter. They chose totalenkrieg over chivalry. What could have been a great photo-op for the Kaiser turned into a watery grave for over a thousand of the best of our race. That act remains inexcusable to this day.

  4. Tamer: It was a legit target. It was carrying ammo to a belligerent during wartime. What kind of sick assholes sneak ammo across on a ship carrying passengers, THEIR OWN COUNTRYMEN!! Moreover, America would have done exactly the same thing had the shoe been on the other foot.
    Stonelifter: IMO France falling to Germans would have been much better than France falling to North Africans. But something tells me that the “allies” won’t be concerned with storming the beaches of Normandy to free France from turd world occupation.

  5. Tamer: Want to talk about chivalry. Read about the Laconia incident. German u-boats were attempting to rescue allied survivors when US aircraft chased them off, even under the Red Cross colors. Amazing.

  6. better? most assuredly any group is better then moslems, but the point was french culture wouldn’t have changed/ would have been persevered, and that simply isn’t the historical norm.

  7. Now we’re talking about Boer War. Fascinating.

    Boer concentration camps were horrendous, disease widespread. This was the case in British military camps of the time as well in SA. Things get a bit gnarly in concentration camps regarding disease, especially during wartime – as I’m sure you German apologists are well aware.

    What differentiated British society from German was the existence of an outcry – even during time of war – that led men and women of conscious (Hobhouse,Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,others) to investigate and inform the public on the matter. The German nation is incapable of healthy self-criticism; it is alternatingly the most overbearing or hesitant of the Western nations. Warmongers or self-haters.

    British society was in outcry over concentration camps thousands of miles away in Africa; decades later the German turned at most a blind eye to forced labor and concentration camps in his own country. Now they are still guilt-ridden. Brute or wretch.

    Americans would have sunk a German passenger ship for carrying rifle rounds you say? I hope you’re wrong. If that was the case though it’d find no excuse from me and it’d be a source of national shame. I’m sure you have a great justification for the Zimmerman telegram as well. Your gang, right or wrong.

  8. Tamer and Stonelifter: Just peel the onion back on WWI and WWII history. You will see there was much, much more to the story than anyone ever imagined.
    Concentration camps?? When you are at war and potentially hostile or disloyal groups are among you, there’s no choice. Didn’t America inter Japanese? I have no qualms with that, it’s a logical, temporary solution until the threat is passed.
    Also, I’m not apologizing for anyone. The war was bad for both sides, a total waste. From what I see today, the Allies died for nothing, they killed the Germans for nothing. There is plenty of blame for both sides.
    Slavery is the hammer used to browbeat whites into submission in America. In Europe, it’s WWII. There is not reason for this. Never give the Marxist enemy the morale high ground. If you surrender it for WWII, there will be logical conclusions drawn about the War Between the States as well.

  9. The Allies are responsible for the current anti-White world order. They are responsible for the UN. They were champions of diversity even before it started.
    IMO Germany invaded France to prevent it from becoming an African colony. It was well on it’s way, even then.

  10. You are confusing me with others. I’ve stated it is a complex issue. I have not said one word against concentration camps, or sinking ships carrying war materiel or Germans acting to reunite German people after being divided when loosing WW1. I’m neutral on the 1st topic, but would prefer not to do those things to Whites ( yankees excluded). There are smarter ways to go about the 2nd point, and the third point is a righteous thing.

    I’ve condemned:
    1)Germans actions in the usa, as I have with all White ethnic groups not of Founding Stock– the Germans were not a major part of Founding Stock and not well liked by other Founding Stock ethnic groups
    2) Their unfounded superior attitude/ willingness to tell others how to live
    3) Germans trying to expand at the cost of other White people
    and laid out the fact Germans declared war on the usa for WW2.

    Germans made their decision to do those and paid the price for it. It’s how the world works. Anything past that, and your reading into things

  11. I find history pretty interesting, and there is obviously a lot we don’t know, weren’t told, and is in general being kept from the public discourse. WW2 is always a good one for generating a gigantic thread with a ton of info I’ve found on plenty of forums, and I could contribute some as well. That said, I’ll attempt to rerail the thread:

    Humor has always had elements of taboo, and BRA can’t squelch it. Tosh.O kneels before the appropriate powers now that he has the viewership that he does, and isn’t particularly a threat to it. still Chapelle dropped out, according to his own words, when he made it acceptable for whites to laugh at the poor behavior of blacks. The article itself is of course deeply flawed, America was, is, and always will be, 110% racist no matter what is done.

  12. So Wayne, should the allies let the Germans steam role them or should they have fought back to persevere their own nations and right to self determination?

  13. Germany invaded France to help the French? What the …..

    Lets put it this way, I’m going to kill off some of the young men in your family, take over what passes as the economic and political system of your family… but don’t worry, it’s for their own good.

    Now how much sense does that make?

  14. Re: “the Germans were not a major part of Founding Stock and not well liked by other Founding Stock ethnic groups”:

    My people on my German (half) side were settled here long before the Revolution, and many of these little towns in this part of this state were settled FIRST by Germans, and the Scots-Irish and even the English arrived LATER. One of the nearby colonies (New Netherlands) was founded and settled by closely German-related non-Anglos who spoke a langauge more German- than English-related. Some of the Dutch founding stock are still represented in the population of counties just to our north, and to our south I’ve personally known descendants of the original settlers of New Sweden, who came BEFORE the Anglos to that area — who are also more closely related to Germans than Anglos, don’t you think?

    Germans came to your state as well, Stonelifter, VERY early on, before Scots-Irish came. Amish, and other Germans. Jacob Amman himself settled and died there.

  15. Very high percent EARLY, in our state, but the Quaker gatekeepers in charge made it appear somewhat less by Anglicising many of their surnames, such as Mueller became the Millers.

  16. Hunter writes about the heavy German immigration in the nineteenth century, going especially into the Midwest and West, and in the far north there was a lot of Scandinavian immigration, even some Dutch (Netherlandish) — but around here Germans WERE original founding stock — and even the non-Anglo Dutch and Swedes, who despite their VERY small percentage share of today’s population, Stonelifter, WERE in fact the original founding stock of their colonies.

  17. What % of Founding Stock did they make up?

    From names in the 1790 U.S. census, historians estimate Germans constituted nearly 9% of the white population in the United States American#Colonial_era

    By 1790 there were more Ulster Scots then Germans, and more negros then both groups, but negros aren’t Founding Stock. _States#Population_in_1790

    In your state doesn’t mean much over all 13 states, and there were very few Dutch etc as well. Your German superiority bullshit is just that, bullshit. Ben Franklin didn’t think much of y’all and the more y’all post here the more I agree with him. Outside introducing the rifle, Germans have been shit for the nation. They love big governments telling free people how to live. We don’t care for that down here. Get over it.

  18. “From names in the 1790 U.S. census, historians estimate Germans constituted nearly 9% of the white population in the United States” — yes, the classic surname approach to minimisation! Allow a little more for all the Anglicised official surnames.

    Consider that in some areas the percentage was much higher, even a majority, and that in some areas they were the first to clear the land and found towns and villages, in the colonial era. In the colonial era, PRE-1790, it is estimated there was about one German settler to every two English, and Scots-Irish and Germans were roughly equal when averaged over the thirteen colonies — and yes, Africans were by far the largest immigrant group even when averaged over all thirteen colonies, and the Dutch and Swedes taken together made up only about 2% of all colonial settlers, though a much higher percentage of their own, respective colonies.

    “Ben Franklin didn’t think much of y’all and the more y’all post here the more I agree with him. Outside introducing the rifle, Germans have been shit for the nation.”

    Ben Franklin was disappointed at their neutrality in the Revolution, but they fed Washington’s army. William Penn had a much higher opinion and travelled to Germany to encourage more of them to come.

    They love big governments telling free people how to live. We don’t care for that down here.”

    I’m at least as much against government telling people how to live.

  19. “Germans have been shit for the nation.” Germans are the largest non-Hispanic white ethnic group in the United States.

    “Get over it.” Or at least get back to ToshO.

  20. At the end of the linked video, Dan Tosh’s guest says he’s “not racist and I love black people and black girls.” Tosh replies, evidently sincerely: “You and me both.”

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