Jacksonville Flash Mob


Exactly one year ago, I predicted that we would start seeing things like this in The Tea Party Diaries:

“Last summer, there were race riots in Birmingham when the projects exploded, which forced Gov. Scott Beason to dispatch the Alabama National Guard to restore order. A few months later, the Wal-Mart on Eastern Boulevard in Montgomery was looted by a “flash mob” of 800 black youths, although eye witnesses claim the crowd was much larger.”

This is a preview of The Day EBT Card Stopped Working.

Note: In this case, it is a flash mob causing chaos for the sake of causing chaos. In the future, it will be flash mobs robbing businesses out of necessity as the welfare state collapses.

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  1. Is there any difference between this and a zombie horde?

    You could interice footage of this in any The Dead movie without noticing.

  2. The comments are also gold.

    There’s a welfare officer on there saying that white trash are the majority of her “clients” and that anyone noticing the blackness here is a bigot. Who yah gonna believe? Ms Gieger or your own lying eyes? Gold. Solid gold.

  3. There are so many people who grew up —experienced a whole childhood and young adulthood— without ever being able to imagine a scene such as that. Who never heard of violence in their towns, didn’t lock their doors, could concentrate on thinking, reading, living arts (“home economics”), and much more.

    I don’t think you have to be that old to recall it, just not from anywhere near any of the cities.

    Now every place is supposed to be like the cities.

    I think many of the “elites” (self-described), really don’t know any better. They SAY they are from “ghettos” after all.

    So, even if governance saw this and many things like it, they would probably think it’s just normal. They might not connect their job to creating a climate where people can live the way Americans used to.

    Or maybe they just can’t do it. Marxism insists that all problems are due to not having more money, and fails to account for the troubles with combining radically different populations (many of them) with central planning and redistribution of all income.

  4. Marx really was just writing a guide for vulture capitalists Dixie. Engles was a factory owner too. Soviet era Deomags (superstores) were no different than Walmarts. cheap crap made by slaves. What’s interesting is that nigs can’t adapt to central planning. They can’t see that the Walmart is there for them. Instead they are ripping it to bits.

    This scene should trigger a napalm strike or a CBU, these people are a disease. Instead the cops do nothing.

  5. @Crypto Aryan

    Asians and Jews and their actions are protected under the law. White people aren’t.

  6. The first thing I noticed was the watermelons. You know watermelons are racist now too. They dont have any black seeds in them anymore. Those filthy racists took out the black seeds!

  7. http://www.torontosun.com/2012/07/17/toronto-police-fear-retaliatory-vengeance-after-scarborough-shooting

    Summer BBQ in Toronto Canada = 20 shot, 2 dead:

    One handgun was seized after gunfire erupted around 10:42 p.m. Monday at a barbecue on Danzig St., in the Lawrence-Morningside Aves. area. The high volume of shots suggests they were firing semi-automatics.

    Based on information given to police, Blair said gunfire was exchanged between two men, leaving two “innocent” people dead.
    Shyanne Charles, 14, of Toronto, and Joshua Yasay, 23, of Ajax, who became Toronto’s 27th and 28th murder victims of the year, were pronounced dead where they fell.
    In addition to them, 23 others — aged 22 months to 33 years — suffered varying bullet wounds. Another woman was injured in the rush to escape.

  8. … Shyanne Charles, 14, of Toronto, and Joshua Yasay, 23, ..

    No mug shots yet, but “Shyanne” and “Joshua Yasay” are good solid WASP names. NOT.

  9. Coincidentally and stereotypically enough on the drive home today I got behind a negress and her pickininny and on their vanity license plate there was a picture of a watermelon over on the left hand side. I got a little chuckle out of that.

  10. One Moses in the comments said it’s just “keids” inspired by Project X which is a film about flashmobs! A diary about Project X is obviously the thing to do.

    It’s gold.

  11. This is also Related to “Step Up: Revolution.”

    Who said the revolution won’t be on TV? It’s on Youtube.

  12. Well Toronto used be the cleanest safest major city in North America.

    Left unsaid, of course: it also used to be the whitest.

  13. Hunter,

    Thanks for posting the link I sent you via email.

    Blacksonville, Florida mayor Alvin Brown is the first black mayor of Jacksonville..

    Blacksonville had a sheriff by the name of Nat Glover for a long time and the crime was pretty bad. Glover lost to Rutherford, a white sheriff, and he has been cracking down on crime but Brown is having pension issues with Blacksonville just like Scranton, Stockton, Bakersfield and other cities going into bankruptcy but is somehow managing keeping layoffs from officers from happening but the spooks are chimping out.

    I moved out of Blacksonville in 1996 as I was the smart white kid bussed almost 30 minutes to a run down school to boost sagging test scores. There, I learned the dangers of multiculturalism such as don’t look apes in the eye, when you confront them don’t act confrontational but say “I’m sorry” then sorta move on your way, and never turn your back to them.

    With race pimps like NAACP President Isiah Rumlin and Congresswoman Corrine Brown, who everyone should look up on YouTube especially with her infamous “Go Gata” speech in front of Congress where she sounded like an illiterate simian and the video has subtitles for her, it’s no wonder they chimped out in front of 3 pallets of waddymelon.

    Where the chimp out happened at the Wal-Mart used to be lower class white neighborhoods but according to my law enforcement sources, after Katrina is when Jacksonville got some of NOLA’s finest citizens fleeing the sinking ship like rats but boosted our crime.

    As for WJXT / News4Jax, they are an “independent” news station that runs CBS programming but no CBS News. Folks used to post on N4J so much when they ran Disqus that after so many phone calls to Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and the webmaster of News4Jax could not do his job, they did Facebook integration where you see some of Blacksonville’s finest defending “dey cuzin”.

  14. I live outside Jacksonville and this Walmart is in an all black area. So, the terrorized patrons were predominantly black with a few other minorities mixed in. I’ve been in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for the past few days and only found out about this flashmob via Amren. I hate to leave Gatlinburg – which is predominantly white – and head home to Blacksonville which the poster above appropriately named her. On the lighter side, some of the comments at the Jacksonville Time Union were quite hilarious.

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