Left Behind in Chicago

Trayvon's Baby Pictures Looked Nicer

Beverly LaHaye wrote a series of very popular, mediocre novels describing life in America for those “left behind” after the good, righteous Judeo Christians were “RAPTURED” out of this sinful world. Well, those of us “left behind” here in Chicago are noting some truly bizarre racial, crime stories here in the city of Barack Obama and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel.

This week Chicago experienced two crime stories that reflect rather poorly on my 2nd City, and could be taken from Dante’s Inferno – describing the ever worsening inner rings of Hell.

Killers Caught Posting Video of Their Murder on Facebook

Black Ex-Cons Film Rap Video, Knock Out Game Randomly Attacking Whites

The first story describes the increasingly common incident of Chicago teen thugs assaulting and killing a guy (poor Mexican man with 12 children!) in an alley. The (blackish mongrels) teen thugs were apprehended because they filmed their assault/killing and posted the video on their own social networking page. Yeah, Chicago has some dumb **# killers.

The second Chicago crime story describes the late night, entertainment pursuits of some Black ex-cons: they rented a large limo – headed for Wrigleyville (where White 20s hang out) and apparently were filming a rap video of the Black brothers playing the knock out game – jumping out of the limo to randomly attack unsuspecting White people:

“Following the attacks, a 27-year-old man was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center with head injuries, including a broken jaw, police said. Two other men, 22 and 27, also were injured and spoke to police, but were not taken to a hospital.

The most seriously injured man told police that three people came up to him and began punching him in the face, sending him to the ground, police said. The 22-year-old also was punched in the head by three men, he told police. The other 27-year-old was punched in the head and chest, also by three people.”

Surprisingly, some of the press reports revealed the races of the attackers and the victims. Some Chicago Tribune stories published photos of the Black ex convict, racist thugs that made them look like….. Black, ex convict, racist thugs!

In response, I am sending this letter to the editor:

“Dear Sirs,
I strongly object to the Tribune’s choice of photos in the Wrigleyville mob attack story. One photo made the suspects look like dangerous, violent, Black African American ex-cons! The Trayvon Martin story shows that the American public prefers to see child photos of Black African Americans in the news. I’m sure that these Black African Americans arrested in the Wrigleyville mob attacks didn’t always look like hostile, dangerous ex-cons. Couldn’t the Tribune have contacted the families of the suspects to find photos of the suspects when they were ten or eleven, or at five and six years old? We all need to work hard to combat RACISM – Chicago’s #1 problem. Sometimes, all it takes is a little imagination and creative use of deceptive child photos.


Morris “Moron” Rhon
Chicago, IL


  1. This will probably be posted on their lunchroom bulletin board. As a joke they keep to themselves.

  2. “Yeah, Chicago has some dumb **# killers.” – They are doing it for status, why kill if they intend to hide the fact that they’ve done so?

  3. That was a good letter, Jack. Keep it up. As much as reading that sort of thing enrages the pious niggerlover it’s fair to imagine a point where he catches himself, pauses, and begins to just why in the world he does believe so fervently in wasting his life away — and that of his race — in the futile pursuit of uplifting the savage, worthless, black-assed, ape-faced, white-hating nigger animal?

  4. These responses and the ones on the O’Donnel thread will not overthrow this system. As of now the Left still holds the moral highground and all of America defers to them. The day they no longer hold the moral highground then their terrorism will be seen as that, but judging from the responses on these “Nigger Atrocity” threads our little group of posters is not all that sure in themselves.

  5. Here is a story from KosherRepublic and I followed the link to the TV station which allows facebook comments. Basically on the facebook thread some Sassy Mammy plays Uncle Remus to the upity white children and no one there can handle her since they have been trained (very well) to be obedient to moral authority.

    Note to you shriekers, you have to destroy this noxious notion of black moral superiority before you will have a positive effect society wide with your shouts of “nigger.”

  6. I can only hope that these “yoofs” continue to post their recreational activities on face book, YT, etc. Better yet, I hope the postings go viral.

    Nothing like hanging your assumed “moral superiority” with your own rope.

  7. What? Are you saying that all Blacks are as sweet as that turd pie maker in “The Help”?
    This is shocking news, Jack.

  8. I would say your basic “Muurican” especially a leftard is more terrorised of being called “racist” than being assaulted by the thugs in the picture. Now that is authority.

    On the alt-right we deal with neo-Nazis who dream of the next reich and its authority well it has nothing on the word “racist.” I bet your average politically aware German was less afraid of the Gestapo then an “Murrican” is afraid of the word “racist.”

    Just another cruel day in the empire. All some group like the LOS would have to do was say they will promise relief from the word “racist” and their ranks would swell. But they dwell on side issues and offer nothing but some wordist claptrap that only interests a few people.

  9. Blacks are evil. You have to illustrate morals before you can be moral. When have blacks ever illustrated they are capable of moral behavior to each other? Never. They live by the same moral code they had in Africa. The Head Bonobo code of ethics.

  10. Yeah Jim go shout “nigger” at them. They are nothing but the tool used to beat whites into slavery.

  11. @RRS

    I’ll shout ‘NIGGER’ until I lose my voice. And I don’t give one damn about “positive effects on society” or what anyone thinks.

    To this day, there is still no deeper wound that is inflicted on them, then when they hear a white man call them a nigger. So I’ll happily gut them any chance I get.

  12. I don’t intend to do anything of the sort. What do you intend to do?

    Do we bitch a bit too much here? Yeah. But come on, this is preaching to the choir. Most of us come here to commiserate. We have to play a good game and fight the good fight all day at work, out in public, etc. You’ve got to let off steam somewhere.

  13. I’m not going to argue with you Chris if you think shouting nigger is going to collapse BRA then go ahead shout it.

    But tell me why you won’t use the phrase “anti-white?”

  14. Robroy,

    I have not yet begun to denigrate our little darklings. Also I’ve flipped a few people to overtly racist views. Perhaps they were mere dormant things but it works. One sorry DWL at a time.

  15. The day they no longer hold the moral highground then their terrorism will be seen as that

    Anti-racism is a racist code-word for anti-white. The way to knock them off their high horse is to constantly call them white-hating racists (because they are) and lay the blame for black violence in general and black and other non-white violence against whites in particular at their feet (because that’s where it belongs). Call what happened to Detroit the war-crime that it is and blame the Left’s white-hating racism for it. When a substantial number of whites do this on every story like these, when a substantial number come to as casually believe and state that Leftists are white-hating racists as Leftists casually believe it about milk sop Republicans then you know we are in for a change. As long as black crime isn’t made political then nothing will change, it will just be a long series of daily outrages.

    I’ve used the word war-criminals and that (along with traitors) is accurately describes them; it also takes away the middle ground. When you bring their mass-murder and all the other atrocities they’re guilty of sponsoring to the table it forces people to choose sides. That’s why establishment CONServatism won’t touch the issue with a ten foot pole, it changes the paradigm. How can you go on with business as usual with people who have been exposed as mass-murderers and rapists, whose victims include large numbers of children? The refusal of so many whites to see themselves as victims, usually self-portrayed as some sort of noble sentiment, is just a cowardly desire to avoid conflict with power and possibly upset the economic cart. Victim-hood must take root, the Left’s hatred of whites is irrational and unquenchable and people must not be allowed to pretend otherwise in the name of keeping the peace, that is the key.

  16. But think John if we could remove the Sword of Racist from over the heads of whites.
    Romney would win in a blowout if he condemned the psychopaths like O’Donnell and Obama for abusing people with the word “racist.”

    Hell overnite OD would become tailing edge of thought, and our buddy Hunter would have to work hard to become the leading edge again.

  17. Just to clarify the racial identities of the two crime stories.

    The first story describing the two thugs who video taped their assault/killing of a 60 year old Mexican man were Hispanics – though one has strong, Black negro features.
    The pair have Latino gang affiliations.

    Chicago gangs are segregated between Latino and Black African Americans – there were some/one White street gangs in the 70s and 80s, but they are no longer in existence. There are a couple of White biker clubs/gangs in working class suburbs, but the city is divided between growing Hispanic street gangs and leaderless Black African American gangs. It looks very likely that Chicago will soon experience the Hispanic gangs turning on the Black gangs and just terrorizing, ethnically cleansing many areas of Chicago of Blacks – same thing that has happened in metro Los Angeles.

  18. @RRS

    “But tell me why you won’t use the phrase “anti-white?”

    If we’re talking about how we convey our racial perspective in our everyday lives, then to be clear, I never said I won’t use it, but it’s true that I don’t. It sounds too whiney. It’s like trying appeal to a sense of right and wrong, in an enemy that clearly hasn’t one. I don’t mind stooping to my enemy’s level. In fact I quite enjoy it.

    We all agree that as a distinct race, we’re in an existential war. So I personally fight the way I fight best. I’m old enough to know what I am and what I’m not. I have neither eloquence or the discipline to write excellent blog pieces like Hunter does here, and I’m not interested in playing verbal ping-pong with people who are too far gone to convince otherwise. So I use slurs, profanity, I go for the jugular, and I don’t care how it makes me look. Somebody has to the dirty work.

  19. Seems to me, it’s all good.

    “Nigger” is good for deliberately poking blacks and blatantly pro-blacks.

    “Anti-White” is good for mostly good-hearted, but go-along-to-get-along, slightly confrontation-avoidant Whites who’ve not yet awoken from the MSM brainwashing that blacks are just White people with an extra dose of melanin. Those of us Whites who are only anti-racist because that’s the default of society, (as engineered by msm), for that particular crowd the Mantra is effective.

    Wisdom is understanding your audience.

  20. I agree Jack. At a certain point Rahmbo will give the various Cholo gentlemen the green light to begin a clearance. Block by block, street by street.

    This anarchic Teen, Youth stuff is bad for business, legal or illicit.

  21. The subject of this post is current Black/Latrino vicious crime in Chicago. This post has nothing to do with ancient Egyptian circumcision practice or the Catholic Church conspiracy theories.

  22. Gee. I thought “Left Behind in Chicago” was about the jew/commie Chicago mob; You know, the jew/commies in Chicago who groomed the african-born commie Obama for the presidency, who said anything about circumcision and Catholic church stuff ?

  23. Great post, as always, Jack. I read about the murder posted on Facebook and was aghast. I don’t know why anything they do surprises me anymore, however.

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