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  1. I have drawn a line in the sand with these twits and those like them. How do these morons believe this swill they keep shoveling? Have anyone of these fruits read the states secession documents? True historical scholars. And for the record I am a redneck and I work every damn day to feed my family and provide a home. I also apparently pay a shitload for the lifestyles of a bunch deadbeat darkies. I suppose I owe them seeing as how I didn’t build my business alone…….. The sooner this abortion of a union is dissolved the better. Sorry for the rant folks.

  2. It’s disgusting to witness the shame these folks exhibit. I’m proud of my heritage and for what my family fought for and it sure wasn’t so a bunch of guys that play Johnny Reb dress up could run around apologizing for the sacrifice of blood and life.

  3. I joined their page and tried the mantra on them. Plus I posted a pic of MLK at the foot of Abe Lincoln’s idol. We’ll see what happens. lol I don’t think we should right off everyone who belongs to such a page. Most people probably join it for positive reasons. They are just misled by those promoting an anti-White agenda. In some cases, those promoting that agenda don’t understand what they are doing – they’re just doing what they have been told makes them respectable. They might think they are actually furthering the cause. In some cases. Certainly not all. Anyhow, I’m trying to plant some positive messages. We’ll see how it goes.

  4. Good luck with that. Hopefully you can get a word in edgewise between all the posts talking about Black Confederates. I had to leave the group last year because I couldn’t take their empire worship and groveling to our enemies.

  5. I just read his response to the “mantra”. Yeah, that guy is so far down the rabbit hole it’s not funny. He’ll cut fence and head to parts north when the the shooting starts.

  6. I don’t have the stomach for it. I started reading that cats posts and he sounds like every college professor I ever had. What’s worse is he claims to be Southron…….asshat.

  7. He must have limited exposure to the darkness. Nobody I know can be in close proximity and not come away changed.

  8. For what it is worth, I used to be very much like that guy. I grew up in the suburban south but my exposure to darkness was only in very limited circumstances like football practice. There were very very few of them in the schools I attended until high school and by then I was segregated away from them as there were very very few of them in the AP classes. I didn’t really know what I was talking about and I too wanted to believe in the Rainbow Confederacy. It wasn’t until years later that I finally threw all of that away and the key to it was living in Memphis and then joining the Army. Memphis showed me what real black rule looks like and how ‘And what then?’ really is the negro creed as the only thing that seemed to matter to Established Negro government in that city was the renaming of Jeff Davis Park or Forrestt’s grave by the UT medical complex. In the Army, I saw up close and personal what happens when Peak Negro is reached in the chain of command with a black CO, DCO, CSM, Company Commanders and platoon leaders. It was an absolute debacle and it almost destroyed my career. I don’t doubt that Roden is a wolf in sheep’s clothing but Palmetto is right that there are many there on those boards who just don’t know what they don’t know. Many of them are salvageable but they must be approached softly. The brainwashing against ‘racism’ is very strong and they will instinctively flee when anyone brings up anything that can sound ‘racist’. I think a proper approach involves simply comparing what the old Americans said about the negro juxtaposed with what we actually live with here everyday. Remind them of crime statistics. Remind them of failing schools having failed because of the inferior raw materials (students) there. Remind them that they don’t need to see Django Unchained to see blacks kill whites..they merely need to turn on the six o clock news in AnyCity USA. Then hit them hard with the wisdom of the Confederate founders WHO KNEW IT WAS ALL INEVITABLE if they lost and tales of Reconstruction.

  9. “Black Confederates, multiculturalism, and fighting racism.”

    I’m not southern, don’t know much southern history, and haven’t participated in any of these forums. However, based on what I have read, I always associated the South in the pre-civil rights era with a large amount of “race mixing” and multiculturalism, certainly more than anywhere else in the USA. Black nannies breast-feeding white babies, white families going to black neighborhoods for weddings and funerals of those who worked for them (I think I read about that in David Duke’s book), Charlie Rich learning music from black sharecroppers, Strom Thurmond’s girlfriends, and so on. I also read an interesting essay by Zora Neale Hurston written in forties or early fifties , opposing the NAACP and desegregation, basically calling for black self-advancement and voluntary rather than coercive association between the races.

    Arguing that the South was not a gulag for black Americans would seem to be very helpful, and historically accurate.

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