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  1. I lust after the day when over-his-head-Obama becomes the next Hoover.

    I would say that a lean white nation carved out of the blubbery corpse of America would be posting > than Chinese numbers. There is a certain testosterone fueled edginess to Americans that European whites had murdered out of them in the wars.

    Isn’t it sad that we had the means to go to the moon in the 60s but 5 decades later we cannot?

  2. You know what I look forward to? The day when we can speak freely and organize freely in public. Much of the White working class already agrees with us.

    Even Alex Linder says that we are not able to organize because the YKW’s stop us from organizing using their leveraged money power and police state power. A bad enough economic collapse, and these powers go up in smoke, and we are free.

  3. We have been in a recession. Government has been cooking the numbers for inflation, growth, and unemployment. All with the willing help of the national media.

  4. “I lust after the day when over-his-head-Obama becomes the next Hoover.” – Hoover atleast acted responsibly and didn’t flood criminals with American taxpayer dollars.

  5. It is important for our people to feel there is no electoral way out of this predicament of white genocide because:

    A) There isn’t


    B) Only by a program of practical politics can we reverse the tide,

    to include things like economic sabotage of the system. Romney et al. would try to stabilize the multi-cult and run it “properly” and there is even a slim chance that they could do it. But that would still mean an American Brown Out within 40 to 60 years: two to three generations. The Brown Out is irreversible in one generation unless radical, extra Constitutional, action is taken.

    In the words of Tim Wise, tick-tock, tick-tock.

  6. Not really true Afterburner. Worse case scenario we leverage our superior minds and retreat to a smaller area we can control. So long as people have 3 kids most of whom live to adulthood, Whites can build numbers and easily reclaim as much land as they need the old fashioned way.

    They can do this right in the middle of NAM town if they have to.

    And yes some worry about YKW and the Neo-Cons is justified but YKW has few children save for the Orthodox, a group I like Occulus don’t see as a threat. The YKW birth rate is something like 1.2 where 2.1 is needed to replace with US Whites hitting about 2.0 . In addition nearly half of all Jews are mischlings , another group that by itself (some are more White than Jew, some are not) is not a serious threat unless they carry YKW memes

    The issue is really the Latinos, the Asians (most economic and the fact they carry culture memes that erode trust) and in an immediate sense the Blacks who are more violent though less numerous percentage wise than any time since the 40’s (they were about 10% then and are now maybe 12% of the population)

    Also note this is not the first time races have fought over the US and it won’t be the last. Current archaeological evidence (Kennewick Man is the best known example) and legends of course (which are not evidence) suggest Whites have been here before.

    Odds are the Asiatics we now call American Indians these days wiped them out and this tussle has been going back and forth for centuries. If we choose to be aware its a fight we can win.

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