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  1. He’s got a good technique to. Moving forward, not charging, careful aim. He’s also in grandpa camo. Does he get free coffee and broadband for life.

  2. Judah Philip Benjamin and Edward Carrington Elmore are my heroes, dudes.
    They kicked butt. Too bad that god- DA%^*#!!@^%$$$$%MNED !!!!!! Robert E Lee was so F U %*&^@!!@%$$$%KIN!!!!!! incompentent: Robert E Lee undermined and usurped everything Judah and Eddie were trying to accomplish, god bless their hearts. A Tragedy Oh My God ; Yankees in Tara : I’ll never go hungry again!!!!!! If I have to lie, steal, cheat, be disambiguous, be nice to the yankees, volunteer to be a mercenary grunt for the yankee army, I’ll Never Go Hungry Again!!!!

  3. trolling this thread about the guy taking it to the cons is a new low even for slow joe the jew troll

  4. We should heavily arm all grandpas. This is a good security solution. They can sit around Shooting the s**t all day and protect businesses. Just give them some coffee and a donut.

  5. Unfortunately and not for lack of trying he did not turn them into good Negroes. He needs more target practice and perhaps a larger caliber. But good effort none the less. It’s appreciated.

  6. We have seen what are today’s limits of BRA with Grandpa John Wayne. No nigger shitstorm like Zimmerman’s case being used to politically/socially destroy whites. I suggest a counter attack, we taunt the anti-whites and dare them to stick their heads up.

  7. There is no way they could spin this event RRS. Leastwise not for White people. I’m sure all the negros think the evil old White man just went crazy because of all his hate; and the gun worked it’s evil mind mojo on the old man too, but there isn’t any way to spin this one like the zimmerman event

  8. Yep, he kicked the negro thugs collective asses but good, but was under-gunned. Looked like a .380 auto, he needed a nice .40 or .45 compact to do the jog.

    Kahr Arms has a nice, lightweight .40; let’s buy him one.

  9. Good going grandpa, give’m hell. The best part was when one of the negroes runs over the other. Can just here him,”Got outta my way nigga!!!”.

  10. Stonelifter says:
    very cool; now wasn’t there some folks claiming Whites won’t fight back?

    Yes, Stonelifter it was very cool. I like it, but that scene is about as rare as a black
    “Jeopardy” champ.
    Oe of the many reasons I’m ecstatic over the fact that Republicans took control of Wisconsin’s legislature is the passing of Concealed Carry. The Rats didn’t have the votes to block it, although they tried their damndest putting up of plenty of obstacles.

  11. I cannot remember the fella’s name but it’s estimated Americans use a firearm to defend themselves up to 2.5 million times a year, and with an estimated wounding/ killing 200,000 cons. That doesn’t seem like a rare event to me

  12. Epic Grandpa! I think this video is going to inspire many people to arm up. Even people not experienced with guns see this and think: “Maybe I could do this, too.” Grandpa led the way. We have no idea what a precious resource are old Whites are.

    I wonder what caliber he was using.

    Yeah, that Kahr .40 looks like a nice little concealed carry resource. Reminds me of the Kimber Ultra Carry (.45).

  13. It needs to be set to music:

    One little two little three little Trayvons
    Four little five little six little Trayvons….

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