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The latest from the Jew at the Southern Heritage Non-Preservation Group:

(1) First, the Klan, White League, White Line, and Red Shirts were real Confederate veterans who actually fought in the war unlike this Jewish social equality activist.

(2) Second, Longstreet and other scalawags were condemned as pariahs by the real Confederate veterans for supporting Reconstruction.

If racial equality was so popular, why did the ex-Confederate states reject the 14th Amendment? Why was the overthrow of negro infested Republican governments hailed as the Redemption of the South?

(3) Third, blacks were never citizens of any Southern state prior to secession or during the Confederacy.

(4) Fourth, the Black Republicans were considered objectionable in the South precisely for their advocacy of abolition and social equality.

(5) Fifth, the Southern states justified secession on the basis of defending slavery and white supremacy.

(6) Sixth, Robert E. Lee himself advocated the expulsion of negroes from Virginia before Congress which he said reflected the will of Virginia.

(7) Finally, there is no factual correspondence between “Southern heritage” and the “Southern Heritage Preservation Group” which would have been denounced as “Black Republicanism” in the real Confederacy.

Their counterfeit version of history is false and opposed to real Southern heritage which proudly celebrated Dixie as a White Man’s Country.

It is easily discredited and invites ridicule upon the Confederacy while simultaneously delegitimizing the actual Confederate cause as immoral for being insufficiently Negrophile.

Note: Southern Poverty Law Center and Southern Heritage Preservation Group – what’s the difference?

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  1. Strange the anti-whites should talk about Cherokee Confederates. It wasn’t but a few months ago or so that the Cherokees were saying that Negroes were not Cherokees.

    I wonder if Rodel is as open about Jewish identity as he is about Southern identity? Something tells me he isn’t.

  2. That Jew Rodel is not fighting “racism”, he is using blacks to attack the Celtic people of the South. It is jewish ethnic/racial warfare disguised as “fighting racism, etc.”

  3. Roden-t should look into the Hmong Confederates. They were an auxilliary blowpipe regiment that fought to the last man at Vicksburg.

  4. I’m more concerned about the White Caucasian so-called Christian race than other groups of people. Are we, collectively, ever going work to change ourselves ? That’s the real challenge. If we already know fully well the Jews are never going to change, then the challenge before us is to change ourselves.

  5. So true about Longstreet.

    His truly one unforgivable act after the war was that he led black troops against Confederate veterans and other Southerners in the White League at the Battle of Liberty Place in New Orleans in 1874.

    The SHNPG are channeling the spirit of Thaddeus Stevens.
    Carl W Roden says,

    “They are as much Southerners as we are. Indeed I might point out that those Native tribes were Southerners well before our own Confederate ancestor’s great grandparents were.”

    So Carl’s definition of Southerner is anybody who lives on the land in what once was one of the Confederate States of America with no requirement of blood descent or cultural identity. If everybody in the North moved to the South tomorrow they would be Southerners because they live on the land. If everybody in China and Mexico moved to the South tomorrow they would be Southerners too.

    When people use the word “Southerner” or “Southron” to describe themselves what do they really mean? The word Southerner by itself really means nothing. It’s an adjective, a modifier, a relational term. You can only be Southern in relation to something else being Northern. So what is the unspoken implied word that people mean when they use the word Southerner? It’s obviously American. It’s used to distinguish Southern Americans from Northern Americans.

    So that then leads you to your next question, who are Americans? Are we just describing everybody who lives on the North American continent? Well no because then we clearly wouldn’t be “Southerners” because the people in Mexico and Central America dwell much further South than we do.

    So who are the Americans being referred to here? In an ethnic sense they are the people who are blood and culturally descended from the original 13 British colonies. Southern Americans would be the people and states that are descended for the most part from the colonies of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

    So the Indians were not Southern Americans many years before the grandparents of Confederate soldiers as Carl claims because no such cultural identity began to form until many years into British colonization.

    Of course people today also use the term American to refer to United States citizen which is understandable because at one time American ethnicity and United States citizenship were very closely correlated. Now that is no longer true though and people should do their best to separate the terms back out from one another.

    Carl and those like him use geography and citizenship alone to define who is a Southerner. These ideas are the enemy of Southern ethnic nationalism.

    The concepts of civil and proposition nationalism must be doused with rhetorical gasoline and burned to the ground.

  6. Regarding the black kid and his confederate flag: I honestly do not have a hard time with this at all. More power to him. I wish him the best of luck with it and while his people are not my own, I harbor him no ill will.

  7. Maybe the black kid with the confederate flag will lead all the negroes in America back down South from whence the negroids originated in the first place. I don’t have a hard time with this at all. I harbor the negro child with confederate flag a-flyin’ proud and noble, no ill will. In fact, I wish him all the luck in the world. More power to negroes carrying the flag of the confederacy! After all, ” his “negro” people are not my own” after all.

  8. Phil is correct. I used to believe in fighting racism too, until I noticed that anti-racist is a code word for anti-white. Then I found out about human biodiversity.

    Also, I can’t believe how some Confederate generals turned on their people after the war. They could at least have retreated to their vegetable gardens like Diocletian.

  9. ….Carl and those like him use geography and citizenship alone to define who is a Southerner. These ideas are the enemy of Southern ethnic nationalism….

    Recently a nyc transplant to the south told me he felt he shared all the southern “values.” He felt very comfortable in the south, more so than the north, and really couldn’t tell the difference between himself and the southerners, (in his opinion).

    He had construed “southern” to mean “traditional” in the sense of the mainstream Republican party… i.e., he was heterosexual, pro aggressive war, anti abortion, felt the empire had done right by him, and basically saw fascism as “the free market.”

    Most people today are too shallow to understand the word, “Sensibility.” It’s a word that should be brought back. No one could have had more of a Northeast Sensibility than he and his wife.

    Maybe rather than Southern Culture, we should say, “the southern heritage and sensibility.” —the summation of expression of a people, their books, arts, intellectual schools, history, trajectory to the country, manners, home arts, relationship with nature, ideas about ways of being in the world, cooking, etc.

    But most people are too shallow nowadays to even know this exists.

    The wife did not have any idea where her family was from on the globe and she had never considered this as at all problematical, nor did he.

    One’s history was just a thing in the way of making money, and being HUMAN. It doesn’t get more yankee than that, imo.

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