Jim Goad on Racial Politics


In my own three attempts at picking the next president, I chose Gore, Kerry, and Chuck Baldwin purely out of hatred for W. and McCain.

Mitt Romney almost had my vote until he reversed himself and starting talking like a sissy on immigration in May and June.

Goad’s latest here.

I’m not into team sports, so I’m not a Republican or Democrat,nordo I consider myself left-wing or right-wing, despite the fact that most team-playing Idea Drones have a neurotic need to scamper around with their Baby Label Juniors slapping labels on everything.

I sat out the 2008 election but voted in five presidential elections before that one, and I’ve never voted for anyone who ever got elected. The only time I ever voted for a Republican was in a 2010 local Georgia election, and it wasn’t because the person I voted for (a chick) was a Republican, it’s because my Congressman (who won again anyway) is certifiably retarded. People who think that islands can capsize if you put too many soldiers on them shouldn’t be holding public office, no matter their color or party affiliation…

At the very least, maybe you should take your holy thumbs out of your holy asses and try to realize that when you throw a deck’s worth of race cards at your opponents every day—then, without blinking or seeing any irony, talk about openly and specifically appealing to blacks and Latinos and women and gays and Muslims and everyone except the cartoonishly villainized Straight White Male—somebody somewhere is going to poke you in the eyes like Moe Howard and call bullshit on your hypocrisy.

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  1. Jim Goad is so fucking cool. He one of the few alt-right people (along with yourself, Hunter) that I go out of my way to make sure I read everything it is that they post because I konw it’s going to be good.

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