Straight Outta Compton


Maybe they will rap about bankruptcy now?

“COMPTON (CBS) — The city of Compton is reportedly facing bankruptcy following an announcement at a City Council meeting Tuesday night.

During the four-hour meeting, two senior financial officials told council members they have to decide whether to file for bankruptcy by September 1.”

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  1. Why they haven’t been bankrupt for years must have been a miracle of state and federal funds, there cannot be any tax base whatsoever.

  2. I hear Compton is majority Hispanic now but that Negroes are still the majority on the city council. Hispanics don’t like this apparently.

  3. I’ve heard it’s also a nicer place to live nowadays too (though not necessarily a nice place to live). A Mexican who grew up there was telling me about a white/hispanic couple who moved in next door to his friend. Niggers are a spent force in Compton, and soon probably all of LA.

  4. @Bernie
    At the rate niggers kill, overdose, rape and abort one another, I’m amazed that they’re still around, whinging for snivel rights.

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