Lil B – Violate That Bitch


Are rappers worthless? No, they are just a reflection of free negroes making economic choices in the free market:

Note: Why are rappers millionaires? Why is the Nike Air Yeezy II selling for $2,000 on E-Bay? Why are there reliably liquor stores, fried chicken restaurants, dollar stores, title pawn stores, beauty supply stores, pawn shops, and car washes in black cities and neighborhoods?

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  1. Hell with this nigra, Murrica goin to war. Some bus full of jew tourists got blowed up in Bulgaria of all places, or so they say it was explosives.

    Damn ol Obama git us into a war us real Murricans such as myself gonna half to git a bumber sticker cuz we kickin butt.

  2. Funny how in the beginning it calls another man a fag, and in the same breath, invites that same man to its black dick.


    I wish they were never born.

  3. That is how the Negro thinks about homosexuality. The dominant position is not homosexual and the inferior or submissive position is homosexual. It isn’t rational of course but little the Negro believes is rational.

  4. Di anyone else click this post strictly for the comments? I ain’t even gonna watch it, I’m gonna check back later to read more comments. I’m expecting some doosies.

  5. The nigger likes sticking his pistol up a waste disposal chute. This serves as a subspecies definition.

  6. The point of the video is that it makes no sense. He’s rapping in front of a dumpster because it is corner. The bass is over the top and the lyrics are ridiculous.

  7. Alienated Evaluation Level explains it. Or perhaps a Stochastic Ebony Quotient.

    A entire new dictionary of economic terminology would have to be written to answer.

    AEL X SEQ/2= $2,000 for Air Jordans.

  8. Any video editing wizards out there?

    I was thinking of making a video for youtube but I dont know how. This is my idea though. Take the footage of that holy saint whose name shall grace the road signs of all the most vibrant communities filled with high character content individuals, Martin Luther King, and intersperse it with footage of that Jamaican dagger dancing video that has been going around for several years now.

    Start the video with MLK saying: I have a dre.., and right in the middle of “dream” edit in footage of those blacks dry humping in that dagger video for a second or two. Then go back to King paused with his mouth open but no audio. You want it to look like King just got a glimpse of that humping right in the middle of his speech. He is shocked and stands there with his mouth open watching in disbelief. Stay on King for a couple seconds like that, and then back to the humping. Now back to King but he is now saying: “judged by the content of his chara…” and do the same thing as last time going back and forth with King holding his mouth open and the dry humping. Once that is done get footage of King looking down sad as if he just realized his speech is worthless. It doesn’t have to be moving, just a picture of King looking down at his notes. You want it to look like he is thinking about what he just saw along with what has been coming out of his mouth. Then back to the humping for a bit, and finally footage of King walking away from the podium.

    That description is a little bit convoluted, but hopefully you get the idea. If somebody who knows video editing can do the magic and produce a wonderful contrast video it could be effective since it is funny in an ironic SWPL kind of way.

  9. It’s pretty obvious this negro is a homosexual; talking about his victim being a cross dresser, wearing a lavender shirt.

    Yep, he’s just another negro three dollar bill.

  10. I never thought of car washes as being something associated with blacks or poverty in general. Are whites supposed to keep their cars dirty?

  11. The point is the car washes are in ghettos.
    The Niggers have shiny cars but live in slums.
    This allows them to escape their dismal communities while displaying the rims on their tires.

  12. Niggers are getting rich at rap because society gives Niggers a pass to sing about things that we’d call Humans “sexist” or “misogynist” for. Eminem was a “homophobe” for using language both more artfully and mild than Niggers to describe homosexuals. John Mayer can’t even tell Playboy about his conquests ie “Benetton heart and a fuckin’ David Duke cock” without being called racist/misogynist.

    In the English speaking world, Niggers have sole access to a musical market niche: unapologetic explicit sexual lyrics and innuendo. They have a monopoly on this subgenre and sometimes have clever lyrics and good beats to match. That’s why.

  13. Rap is also a two-tier market.

    Ex. The song “Pop Bottles” by “Birdman” actually contains a clear anti-violence message ie “rather pop a bottle before I pop a gat” and is targeted at a white and striver-Negro audience. It’s a catchy “getcha going” song about winning a basketball game and ejaculating on the face of models wearing Marc Jacobs sunglasses. “flirt with hoodeats, then too models”.

    The same producers release a version of “Pop Bottles” by Jim Jones. It’s about selling coke in Miami and murder. “start with straight shots, then pop hollows”

  14. Bebo – that’s a terrific idea for a video – but you are making one ellemental mistake – Matchin Lootin Coon wouldn’t be shocked one wee little bit by Raew Nigra Highjinx.

    He was a full on Commie, he wanted speshul prib-le-jez for Nigras, and basically wanted to bang da White Wimmenz all day long. That high toned “moral” crapola – dem pritty Mountiantop speeches – wot dun come outta his mouf – dat put dere by dem Jooboys. Jess lak Obammy.

  15. Denise is of course correct. The effect of such a video on SWPL would only strengthen the MLK mythos. SWPL already know the avg. Nigger on the street is cretinous. The education must shatter the false idols of BRA; not cast them as loftily apart from their race, tether it to them and watch them fall.

  16. Yeah, I know MLK was a phoney, but he is the only person allowed to be disappointed in Negro behavior. Everybody else has to praise it. It also shows how ridiculous his speech is.

    Maybe I’ll learn how to use some of the free video programs and make it.

  17. .

    Great…now I gotta clean out my eyes with jalapeno juice and my ears with battery acid, ……rap sucks.


  18. Tamer: I live in a fairly affluent neighborhood. 80% white, upper middle class income bracket. We have car washes all over the place. Yuppies need to wash their SUVs just as much as the nogs need to keep their rims shiny.

    The other examples make sense as they’re typically associated with lower-income neighborhoods and blacks. We have maybe one pawn shop in the entire zip code here.

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