The Southern Heritage Non-Preservation Movement


The Rainbow Confederates at the SHPG claim to be “preserving our heritage,” but their words and actions show this is transparently ridiculous in light of Southern history.

Howard Schuman’s Racial Attitudes in America: Trends and Interpretations is the most comprehensive study ever done of Northern and Southern racial attitudes. In 1958, 4 percent of Whites nationwide approved of racial intermarriage, 96 percent disapproved. In 1963, 62 percent of Whites nationwide supported anti-miscegenation laws, while 38 percent opposed them.

In 1942, 54 percent of Whites nationwide supported segregated transportation, 46 percent opposed segregation. In 1942, 68 percent of Whites nationwide supported segregated schools, while 32 percent supported integrated schools. In 1942, 2 percent of White Southerners supported integrated schools.

In 1942, 42 percent of Whites nationwide believed that racial differences were attributable to the environment rather than heredity. By 1946, 53 percent of Whites nationwide believed that blacks were as smart as Whites, the first time in American history that the White majority was recorded as believing in racial equality.

So, when the “Southern Heritage Preservation Group” claims to be “preserving our heritage,” they are telling a demonstrable falsehood: the anti-racist posturing of these Rainbow Confederates is clearly and indisputably the “heritage” of the Baby Boomer generation, and it did not become mainstream in the South until well into the 1970s and 1980s.

It has nothing to do with the Confederacy, nothing to do with the Jim Crow South, and nothing to do with “Southern heritage.” On the contrary, it has everything to do with conforming to political correctness and their own life experience in BRA in the late twentieth century.

I’m issuing an open challenge to any Rainbow Confederate to come here and dispute these facts.

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  1. They’re all yellow-bellied cowards, Hunter. You know that. They hide behind the false ‘orthodoxy’ of the modern ahistorical memes, and they know it. When they claim that ‘the past was wrong’ they are merely showing the temperocentrism, vis a vis the reality of race and the South’s biblical and historical view of things.

    They’re ideological Yankees, frankly.

  2. I would love to see those same stats, at the same time, in only Southern states. It would be absolutely shocking to these douchenozzles.

    Or maybe not. Controlled opposition and all…they most likely know what they are doing.

    F*ck em.

  3. I think it’s too simplistic to say “they’re all yankees” or “they’re all this…. or they’re all that”. The problem is too many “christians” [ or just white people in general] join secret societies. The real problem is the white big-shots in secret societies [ the lower degree types are just naive useful idiots]. And idiots they truly are.
    Talmudic jewish thought [ not Torah ideals, which I wouldn’t have a problem with at all] are passed through into the general christian culture via freemasonry and freemasonry’s branches of various secret groups. Freemasonry serves as a Nexus Meeting Point for those so-called jews and those so-called christians with no scruples whatsoever and no true faith in anything but “power, prestige, and possesion” : The 3 P’s satan tempted Christ with, as we see who exactly rules the material world ; A world the old-fashioned Catholics referred to as ” a vale of tears”.
    ” freemasonry + egyptian gods”
    ” fremasonry + egyptian symbols”
    ” freemasonry + the egyptian rite”
    The real religion of our ruling class is the religion of ancient egypt. I wouldn’t have such a problem with it [ though would still be opposed to it] if they were honest about it, but they’re not. They use both christianity and torah judiasm as a cover. They care not about either. Their real religion is money and power, and their true religion is plastered all over our [ their?] money. It’s right there in our faces every day on our paper money: The symbols of the true religion of our ruling class, in spite of whatever church, congregration, or synagogue, they say they belong to. That’s just for show. That’s why Reagan had no qualms about signing the noahide laws [ google it : noahide laws + come ansd see”]. Unbelievable.

  4. Deep Southerners should probably have waged a low intensity war of national liberation in the 60s using the IRA and General Grivas’ campaign in Cyprus as general models. The main targets should have been in DC, NYC and Boston.

    I don’t know what could be done now.

  5. Deep Southerners and all white Americans made a giant tactical error during the racial violence in the 1960’s. The great majority of white Americans ran to the suburbs and to the country instead of taking a stand to fight for our urban [and quite a few suburban] areas. White America lost alot of power and influence because of it. If white Americans run away again from any possible future massive racial violence, we will lose the country for good; Especially as there’re now millions upon millions of third world foreigners in our midst and they will see very clearly White Amercans can’t/won’t stand up for themselves. It will be hell for white Americans if we run from from large scale racial violence again. The result of running away will be a greater hell than actually standing our ground and fighting back.

  6. Modern organizations such as SHPG are not to be trusted. We all know heritage preservation begins with people preservation. Anyone who defends the current anti-white status quo in any way is the enemy of our heritage and our people.

    Don’t expect fair debate from these folks. They are cultural Marxists and moral relativists who avoid reason and intellectual honesty. Otherwise, they would not peddle the bullshit rainbow Confederacy nonsense to begin with.

    The only good thing is their work will be over after they’re buried…the sooner, the better. They will be forgotten and Dixie will continue on her rendezvous with destiny.
    The Southern people are the heritage of the South.

    Deo Vindice

  7. Joe, I have to disagree with you on Freemasonry being the religion of ancient Egypt. Freemasonry is actually watered down Babylonian Talmudism. All the symbols used in the Masonic lodges are derived from the Old Testament or the Talmud. The famous square and compass symbol of Masonry is nothing more than a disguised Magen David. Traditions from other religions are used in Masonry, but it’s the Jewish element that dominates the sect.

  8. @ Confednnorth
    You make a good point, except Babylonian Talmudism is itself imbued with the religion of ancient Egypt. Freemasonry is inherently ancient Egyptian religion. The talmud, kabbalah,etc. derive from ancient Egypt as well. The secretive and the negative aspects of judaism, and christianity* as well, derive overwhelmingly from the ancient egyptian religion. I stand behind everything I ever said about freemasons and secret societies.
    * All the mixed messages in the new testament. The book of revelations.

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